Dear Diary

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This is about a girl who documents her life in a diary but there are problems, can she overcome those obstacles

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Chapter 1: Wednesday, 3rd February 2016

Hi, I'm McKenzie Billard and I'm not doing this willingly, I was forced to get a diary by my mom. Something about an addiction to the Beverly Heels' Girls. it's only a 2 hour show. Yes it's it's that long. Ever since I got devices mum won't stop checking my mail and correcting it.

Anyway, this is the the month of February and I'm not taking a valentine. My be my best friend Melissa and I have agreed to have a friend only Valentine's because somehow we never get a yes or asked and end I'm going alone. I hate to say it but not our best years in February. James will join us but he's taking a girl called Sarah. SHOW OFF!! Okay so I'm a girl with a friend and a life. What else is there to know? So today there was a new girl in the classroom and her name was Tammy. Even her name's I'm suspicious Mel (Melissa) said we should sit with her and that was really weird. I could feel the quietness of the hall paying attention to Tammy's flawless everything. WHICH IS FAKE!!!!

She's so fake and then take to the highest for, level. I actually think she has another identity. Anyway there's a difference between sit at lunch and ignore Kenzie (me). Please tell that to Melissa. I am no longer calling her M.E.L. it's not appropriate anymore. I guess she's so caught up with all the excitement she's forgetting her friend who's 13, in Middle School, oh and has known her for 7 years fullstop I hope she doesn't forget Valentine's day it's are friendaversary. I just realised I haven't told you about my family. I have a mum, Dad and two really annoying yet fun sisters. I'm under the eldest who is 16 and her name is Amanda and my youngest sister who is innocent yet so guilty, Emily. Mum's name is Maria and dad's is Lawrence. He goes by is for some reason.

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