Ginger Bread

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Hailey felt her feet leave the ground steadily, and the next thing she knew, she was in the air flying with the gingerbread man. The astonishing and breath-taking children storybook is finally here! Featuring captivating and enchanting story tale chapters by Oscar Ugboh narrations. Ginger Bread story will leave the readers entangled in the antics of Hailey and the Ginger bread man eye-popping trip to the cave.

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Chapter 1: Hailey

On Wheat Street, Auburn Avenue lived a pretty young girl named Hailey. Hailey is 7 years old, and she lives with her father, mother, and brother, John. John is 5 years old, and looks big for his age.

Hailey’s father is an accountant, and he works in a bank while her mother is a teacher.

Hailey’s best friend is Molly. Molly lives a few streets away from Hailey’s house. Molly is also 7 years old. Hailey, Molly, and John attend The Bridge School, which is not far from their home.

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