Ginger Bread

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Chapter 2: Hailey refuses to give Molly gingerbread cookies.

Hailey, Molly, and John take the bus to school every day, and they all play together during the weekends.

Hailey loves gingerbread cookies. It was her best snack, and she would never share it with anyone. Not even Molly. Each cookie is shaped like a gingerbread man, and Hailey particularly loved the gingerbread man shape.

Every day, Hailey takes gingerbread cookies to school. She prefers gingerbread cookies to chocolate cookies. John often threatens to take her gingerbread cookies, but Hailey usually warns him off it.

One day Molly wanted some of Hailey’s gingerbread cookies, but Hailey refused to give her. Molly felt terrible and stopped talking to Hailey. Still, Hailey wouldn’t give out her gingerbread.

Molly loves Hailey, so she stopped asking for gingerbread cookies from Hailey, and she forgave Hailey. They became friends again.

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