Ginger Bread

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Chapter 4: Hailey hides from Molly.

The following day, after their tests had been submitted, Hailey knew it was time to fulfill her promise and give her gingerbread cookies to Molly. But Hailey didn’t want to do this. She wanted to eat her gingerbread cookies all by herself as usual. So, she decided to take the gingerbread cookies to a hidden place to eat and then lie to Molly that she had no cookies.

Immediately the bell was rung for recess, Hailey had hidden the gingerbread cookies in her pocket. She lied to Molly that she had to pee, and then ran outside the class before Molly could offer to follow her.

Hailey ran towards the school’s store. It was very quiet there. Satisfied with herself, Hailey brought out her gingerbread cookies, and as she was about to start eating, one gingerbread man fell. Hailey bent to pick it up but suddenly, a flash of light which almost blinded her appeared. Hailey covered her eyes and began to scream.

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