Ginger Bread

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Chapter 5: The Gingerbread man

Hailey was afraid. She was too scared to open her eyes. But as the bright light dimmed, Hailey opened her eyes and saw a huge gingerbread man standing in front of her. Hailey could not believe her eyes. She screamed!

But the gingerbread man remained. The gingerbread man was huge, and he looked exactly like one of the gingerbread cookies.

Hailey then looked around her and saw that she was no longer in the school compound. She was on a large field with her gingerbread cookie standing tall in front of her. “No..this can’t be happening. This can’t be real!” Hailey screamed.

But the gingerbread man remained looking at her. “Do you still want to shout Hailey?” He asked.

“Who ...what are you?” Hailey asked, frightened.

“I am a gingerbread man, and I have come to see you.”

Hailey became more afraid. She began to scream, calling out for Molly, her father, and her mother, but no one heard her.

Suddenly, Hailey began to regret hiding from Molly. If she had easily surrendered her gingerbread cookies to Molly, this wouldn’t have happened. She then looked at the gingerbread man and started to plead.

“I know I have been bad, but please let me return to school. I promise to give Molly my gingerbread cookies from now on.”

The gingerbread man laughed.

“No, Hailey, you cannot go back yet. I will like to take you to the gingerbread hills so that you can meet someone; his name is Bin.” The Gingerbread man replied.

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