Ginger Bread

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Chapter 7: Bin

In the middle of the cave, Hailey saw a shadow of light. This indicated that someone was nearby. They followed the light, and Hailey saw a young-looking boy. Hailey was afraid of him at first, but he spoke.

“Don’t be afraid of me. Come closer.”

Hailey drew closer to him, then he continued.

“My name is Bin. I was once like you. I was an only child, selfish, and cunny. I refused to share my things. Then one day, a girl on the street asked me for some food, but I refused. I didn’t want to share it as usual. I didn’t know she was dying. The following day she was found unconscious. This helped me to see that selfishness never pays. I have remained here in gingerbread hills to share my story with girls like you.”

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