Ginger Bread

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Chapter 8: Hailey learns her lesson.

Hailey was sad after Bin finished his story. She faced the gingerbread man and said to him. “Thank you, gingerbread man; I will never withold help and gifts from anyone. Henceforth, I will always give Molly and John whatever they ask.

The gingerbread man smiled, and he clapped his hands. “Remember to keep your promises, Hailey.” “Now close your eyes and make the wish to return to your school.”

Hailey thanked the gingerbread man and closed her eyes, wishing to return to her school. On opening her eyes, she found herself back in the store. Hailey quickly ran to look for Molly.

“Hailey! Where have you been? We have been looking everywhere for you.” Hailey refused to tell Molly about the gingerbread experience.

Instead, she replied,

“Molly, I am sorry for trying to eat the gingerbread cookies alone.” “I have learned my lesson.” Hailey continued, giving the pack of cookies to Molly, “Here is the rest, you can have it.”

Molly was so excited that she hugged Hailey.

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