Ginger Bread

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Author's Note

Author’s Note

Gingerbread is a broad category of baked goods, which are flavored with ginger, and sometimes sweetened with honey, or sugar. Gingerbread food brands vary, ranging from biscuits and cookies to cake.

A gingerbread man is a human being shaped gingerbread biscuit or cookie. Gingerbread biscuits can also be in other shapes or designs and as well all know kids love cookies and biscuits.

Children fantasy stories are usually about magical people or beings that exist in strange fantasy worlds and as such I have combined the appeal of children’s fantasy and love for sweet things to teach an important lesson.

I have written this children fantasy story about gingerbread and a young girl, Hailey to show how kids sometimes hold on to things that are theirs, not wanting to give or let go. Hailey tried to hide from her friend after making an agreement which she ought to fulfill. But Hailey learned an unforgettable lesson afterward.

I want kids to learn about giving, after reading this book. I want them to know that no matter how sweet, and desirable a thing is, when shared with others it makes it better. This story is to encourage children to avoid selfishness and embrace giving.

And as you finish the book, we would love to hear your honest review and great feedback.

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