Dad & Daughter

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chapter -15-


Riya opened the eyes slowly and looked around. Her vision was below normal and she felt nausea with some chemical stench. Turning her head and eyes to either direction, she tried to assess where she was and realized of impending danger being under the custody of unscrupulous criminals. She tried to get up, but the limbs were failing to execute her commands. Closing eyes, she recollected what was all that happened, since he got into the car with Rohit, frame by frame.

As the car driven by Rohit covered a short distance, a car pulled out from behind and hampered the forward movement by stopping just in front, at an angle. Riya wondered looking at the audacity of that driver and cursed for causing hindrance on that crowded road. Within seconds, she saw one person getting out of that in a jiffy and running to Rohit’s car. Without asking, that person opened the door and sat in the front. Rohit was seen dismayed by the callous act and asked. “What are you doing?”

That person without showing any sign of decency said. “Don’t ask me anything vakeel sahib. You drive ahead.”

Rohit drove and stopped the car on the side of the road. “What do you want? Surendra Singh, just get out of my car.” He was furious.

Surendra Singh laughed aloud showing his teeth outside. The villainous look was horrifying. He looked back at Riya and said. “I want her. The prize your Gupta has to pay for treachery.” He wielded a revolver on Rohit’s side and commanded. “Just proceed.”

Rohit could feel the metal struck to his belly side and looked down to confirm the danger and grunted and put the vehicle into motion.

“You know why I am doing this. Your Gupta had promised me to take my brother out of gallows and extracted fifty lakhs. And what had happened? His promises were all false and the gallows remain.” His wicked laughter was reverberating in her ears. She closed her ears with fear and imagined of the impending danger in the hands of that ruthless criminal. She felt like crying aloud to attract the attention of the people in moving vehicles and on the road, but she knew that would not bear fruit as the prevailing noise level outside was enough to drown her crying which would hardly go out from the airconditioned car with all glasses rolled up. She decided to be cleverer by not showing antagonism and kept engaged in conversation with the aggrieved.

“What happened uncle?” She tried to be merciful.

Surender Singh looked at her and smiled. Glancing her from top to bottom, he said. “You are looking more beautiful than I saw you last time. Cute.” He giggled.

Riya could not remember to have seen that person at any time in her life earlier, but decided to be affirmative and looked at him with a mock smile. “This could be a mistaken identity.” She thought. “If I say, I have not seen him earlier, wouldn’t that hurt him thinking of belittling, and wouldn’t he become violent?” She asked herself without an answer.

“Your lips and eyes are mesmerizing and any man would like to have them.” He mumbled. “Oh, sweet honey!” He exclaimed with a flying kiss.

Riya acted shy and lowered face.

He directed Rohit to drive and at a lonely place, he took the wheel. Before starting, he made Rohit and Riya smell a piece of cotton smeared with some chemicals. Riya knew she was losing her senses.


Riya was awakened from her deep thoughts by the creak of the door that was bolted from outside. She suddenly turned attentive and looked at the door and saw that huge figure of Surender Singh slowly pacing into the room with a cigarette in-between lips.

Surender Singh stood at the bedside and looked at her and adored the beautiful sculpture lying in front of him. “Wow!” Passing his gaze all over her body he said, “sometimes, I used to blame God for showing partiality to some – majority non-attractive and make only very few adorable.” He laughed. The villainous laughter pierced through her ears and she covered ears without showing hatred.

“What have you brought me here for?” She asked without losing the tinge of respect she planned to paint.

He laughed aloud. “That question I liked.” He looked around inside the room. “Where were you going with that wretched advocate in school uniform?” He leaned forward to kiss her and she tactfully avoided. “What a girl of your age and beauty will be for?” He chuckled. He paused. “You know, my brother is in jail. You know for what? For killing a minor girl after satisfying his lust.” He again paused. “He is married but has not lived a life like any other married man. The torture and harassment from wife, my Bhabhi, made him deranged and he was after young beautiful girls after that. He never left, any victims to leave the room where he had enjoyed, alive. He is a psychopath. Ruthless killing! He never left any pieces of evidence to live to avoid getting caught. And finally, he was caught.” He turned morose. “That was due to his ill luck. He was awarded the maximum possible punishment of the land – to be hung till death.” He heaved a sigh. “You might say, he deserves. You are right. He deserves. Such ruthless animals in the form of human beings should not be let out. They deserve such a severe punishment.” He looked at her and asked. “Wouldn’t you be scared of such people? Yes, I am sure. But, the fact is diametrically opposite. He is innocent. He is mentally deranged and doesn’t talk coherently. The crime committed by others from an affluent society was put on him. My brother could not prove that in front of the law and the sheer closeness with those criminals made him the scapegoat and he is inside the jail waiting for the day of hanging. Mercy petitions got struck down at different stages. But, this Gupta gave us hopes and drained fifty lakhs from me.” He wailed. “He lost everything in his life. His wife disowned him. His children made him a rapist and refused to talk even. The only property he owned was a small house that he had to sell to feed this Gupta to get wriggled out of the noose, but that also failed.” He rubbed his eyes. “After seeing his miserable married life, I decided to remain a bachelor. I will not marry. But, whenever I get a chance…” he smiled with discrete intention. “If you cooperate. Otherwise, you know what I would.” Wickedness was overflowing in his eyes.

Riya knew what would be the outcome of her being brought over there and she thought of ways to get out of the clutches of his wiliness, fighting tooth and nail. She knew, acting humble was the only way to buy his sympathy and decided to play like a puppet in his hands.

“What are you going to do with me?”

He chuckled. “What a man would do to a girl when brought along to a house with no one else other than that person?”


“You will be a pawn in my hands. I will move you to my will. You will remain here with me till your father gives me that amount back, which he had charged as his so-called appearance fees at Supreme Court.”

Riya could confirm his mistaken identity. She knew she was brought there thinking that she was the daughter of Gupta. She did not know how to tackle the situation. “To tell the truth?” She questioned herself. “If so, what would be her fate? Having identified his intentions and bringing her up to that place with all hardship, wouldn’t the revelation hurt him making him mad. The behavior wouldn’t be as seen now.” Her mind started getting overloaded with confusion. She decided not to correct him.

“I am not a criminal or don or underworld king. I am like any other ordinary person who craves to get little sympathy demanded by my brother as he desires to live further.” He cleared his throat. “I will inform your father to bring and give the amount he had siphoned out from my brother. Then, I will leave you free. Otherwise, I will keep you for a few more days until I am satisfied and finish you off. I should not make a witness live as a threat. Or else, I too will have to face the noose.”

She was sure that whatever he was blabbering was false and his sole desire was to capture sympathy for wilful obligement, which she was guarding sacredly.

“No problems. I am with you. You must try your best to get that amount back. I will support you.”

He was happy to hear those words. With a grin, he walked towards the door winking. “I will come back after a while.” He gave a meaningful glance and moved out opening the door slowly.


Gupta was worried about Riya and blamed himself for forcefully sending her in the car with Rohit. “She had repeatedly refused to go with him, but my compulsion being a close friend of Maya made her get landed in whole trouble.” He soliloquized.

Looking at approaching Maya, he said. “I doubt if the car has met an accident. I am sure, Rohit is not that irresponsible to be away from getting connected on mobile for so long. He is from a respectable family background and I am sure, he would not have run away with her, falling prey to her striking beauty.”

He was restless with thoughts to find ways to get her extricated; whatever be the cause.

“By now, they would have reported to the police and the search might be on.” Sitting by him, Maya said.

“Yes. But, from where they will start? They might harass the parents of Rohit, but what those poor beings will know of this until Rohit contacted them?”

The mobile sounded. Gupta grabbed that and answered. “Yes.”

“Gupta Sahib, I am Surender Singh. Brother of Jaspal Singh. You had promised to save my brother from the noose and took fifty lakhs. And you were clever to get out of that promise, probably taking money from the other party too. You know what is the reward for treachery.” He laughed aloud. “Now, you give me that amount back. Fifty lakhs, not a penny less. Your daughter is under my custody. She will have to face the fate as my brother did to his prey.” He again laughed. “She will be my prey. I will tear your daughter into pieces if the amount does not come to me within twenty-four hours.”

Gupta looked at his daughter. “Where are you speaking from?”

“From my mouth.”

“Where is Rohit?”

“I burnt him alive inside the car.” He laughed. “Lot many cars get caught in a fire while running. The police will treat that as one of those.”

Gupta could not imagine the fate of Rohit. With sadness, he bit his teeth. His lips quivered and realized he was on the verge of breaking down. Within a moment, he recomposed himself and asked. “Ok. Where should I bring the amount?”

“I will let you know by tomorrow evening. Keep that amount ready by then.” He cut the call.

Looking at the terrified face, Maya asked. “Who was that daddy?”

“One of the notorious criminals in Delhi, Surinder Singh has taken Riya, thinking her to be you. A mistaken identity. He has asked for fifty lakhs as ransom.” He hammered his forehead with frustration. “He is another rapist involved in several cases and had spent many years in jail. His elder brother was awarded death sentence for raping and killing a child of fifteen.” He stammered. “Both are criminals of the highest order. I am scared of Riya. He will not spare her.”

“Oh, God!” Maya felt alarmed. “How can you save her?”

“We have to think. I will report to police and let them alert the whole police stations in Delhi.”

“First, you inform Jayaprakash Uncle about this.”


Riya moved around inside the room intended to find means and ways to escape from there. She visited the toilet and looked outside through the ventilator, but there was no way to get out through the opening with strong grills or could not find any habitation nearby to shout to attract others’ attention. Disgusted, she moved back to the room and tried to open the door, but that was found latched from outside. Parting the window curtain, she looked outside. But for the grills, she wished she could escape from that jumping out. Dismayed, she moved back to the bed and sat thinking about her parents and Vinay.

Unable to bear the mental agony, she again got up and kept pacing in that large room. Saw a table with a few books and periodical and a fruit bowl with few apples garnished by neatly placed green grapes and moved towards that. Though she had a craving to grab a few grapes, she did not feel the palate and moved away with disgust for having to be under that custody wondering for how long and what would be the outcome. The tension kept mounting and she was scared of that going beyond the tensile strength and broke down. Suddenly, she succeeded to recover negating the bad luck theory and thought of ways how best could the recovery was possible. Knowing fully well that the route of escape was beyond imagination, she thought of finding out ways to get pulled out of the deceiving ambivalence without much damage; both mentally and physically. Her brain was clogged focusing on various methods suitable to be adopted in that outrageous captivity. A smile erupted on her beautiful but withered face, created by sudden mental calculation, and briskly walked towards the table and took the knife by the side of the fruit bowl. Examining the sharpness, she looked around to satisfy that no one was there to observe her, albeit her assurance of being lonely, she examined her school uniform to find a location to hide that weapon, to be used if she could ever get a chance.

The decision gave a respite and thanked God for showing the way to get out of the insurmountable situation if the luck favored. Suddenly, she felt a little cool and prayed closing eyes to give enough courage to execute as planned.

After a while, one maid entered the room with a tray containing food for Riya and placed it on the table. Looking at Riya, she said with a finger on nose, “From your uniform, I am sure, you are right from school. You should have changed your school uniform after wash or bath. There are enough nighties or gowns inside the cupboard” Moving close to Riya, she asked, “you are kidnapped or came willingly for money? I have heard, these days school or college students are for any game for money and intoxicants. Earlier days, girls used to safeguard their chastity as a great treasure, but gone are those days. If anyone loses chastity, she used to be ostracized and thrown out from the society. No one would ever even approach that family with a marriage proposal for that girl. That was the taboo, which everyone was scared of. Heaving a sigh, she requested Riya to sit near the table and have food.

Initially, Riya showed vehement dissent, but on repeated requests mingled with compulsion, she had to yield. Slowly she moved to the table and sat for food. Looking at the dishes, Riya said expressing hatred. “This is chicken curry. I am a vegetarian. If you have any veg curry, I will eat. Otherwise, I will be happy with the only paratha.” She picked one paratha.

“I will bring vegetable curry. Just wait.” She ran out and came back with vegetable curry.

Looking at her face, the maid said. “He has asked me to feed you enough. I think he liked you much.” She giggled. “Here, this room is for such girls brought from outside. He is married and has three grown-up children. They are being looked after well.” She paused. “This is his pleasure house. Most of the days, he brings one here. My job is mainly to feed the girls brought here. If somehow, he finds resistance from the girls brought here perforce, he will not spare them. I have heard, he finishes them off. His elder brother also is of the same type. Finally, he was caught. I am sure, this sahib also will be caught one day.” She suddenly turned gloomy. “He brought my daughter also one day here and spoiled. He gave me compensation.” She looked around and said, “If he sees any beautiful girl, he manages her to be with him in this bedroom. Either using force or by luring with money.”

Riya was shocked to hear her and was sure that what she said about Surender Singh would be correct. She wondered why Surender Singh tried to paint a different picture of himself? Was that to capture her soft corner and get into her good books by making to think about the drama was played only for getting money back from Gupta? Though she was jittered thinking of her future, she ate food peacefully. “I being the daughter of a valiant air force officer, should not buckle with such thoughts and should rise to the occasions to get salvaged from any slush.” She wrote in her mind in bold letters.

After the maid went away, Riya kept planning the methodology of her escape. She knew, she should win over him and be confident. Frequently prayed, for out of sheer emotional stress should not buckle by committing mistakes or breaking down with scare from her planned ways to escape from his clutches. She was aware, once the plans got upset due to any unforeseen reasons, the damage would be everlastingly making further efforts futile. Getting escape using strength was beyond imagination and the only route should be the door of love. Win over him with vehement love and affection! She kept weaving the ways, one after the other and came to a firm conclusion which brought a sigh of relief.

It was ten when the door was opened and Surender Singh entered with a bunch of jasmine flowers. Looking at the enchanting beautiful face of Riya glowing in the dim light, he approached her offering that bunch of flowers. Riya accepted that and smelt and took a deep breath to show ecstasy and exhaled with a smile looking at him. From his countenance and love lust eyes, she could confirm his desires for her.

“Did you have a bath?” He enquired, smelling her body.

“Yes, I washed.” She acted romantic.

“I contacted your father Gupta and he agreed to give the amount back. Tomorrow, in the evening, we will meet near Kutab Minar and exchange you for the amount.” Looking at her he showed his unhappiness. “But, I feel you are more worth than my brother or fifty lakhs.” He laughed with exposed teeth. “I love you. I am thinking, why not I marry you.” He laughed. “You are too minor for me, I know. But, still. You being so cooperative, I have started developing a special liking towards you.”

She remained a good listener, showcasing her jasmine teeth. Though her mind was on the point of bursting with the fume of anger, she tried to control emotions with great struggle.

He slowly made her lie down on the bed and disrobed himself. He saw Riya looking at his bare body without hatred and could visualize what was the emotional stream flowing in her immature mind. His heartbeat increased with the unusual friendly behavior and the impatience made him switch off the light and he entered the bed, showing haste.

Riya was quick to cover their bodies with a sheet. She shrieked to express her thrill over the ticklish movements generated by his hands running all over her body. Moments passed by. Riya knew he was at the pinnacle of ecstasy and that was the right time to get her plans executed and wielded the sharp knife she was hiding under the pillow to cut off his genitals.

There was a loud cry.

Riya got out of the bed and said. “At least, now- on the girls in Delhi will be safe from the clutches of, at least, one sex hungry dog.” She observed the blood oozing out from where he was pressing with both hands, wriggling in pain. He looked at Riya, with hatred and anger. He staggered to get up to grab her, but the bleeding was so profuse, he could not control his balance.

“Now on, you try to live like a normal human being.”

“I will kill you.” He howled.

“Come. I will shear off the remaining also.”

She picked up her school bag and opened the door and carefully stepped out scared of someone spotting her. She ran outside and saw light in a house. She knocked at the door. When the door was opened, she said. “I am the niece of Surender Singh. He is running a high fever. I have to have some medicine. I think it is chickenpox. Highly contagious. Where is the medical shop nearby?”

That person looked at the bloodstain on the white top of the school uniform and asked. “Why blood on your school uniform?”

Then only she realized her uniform was stained by blood in her act of punishing Surender Singh. Looking at that she said. “Ha, uncle. I got injured while cutting apples.” She said with concern.

“I will give you a paracetamol. You may give that to your uncle.”

“No uncle. We spoke to the doctor on the phone. He advised us to administer a few medicines. I have made the list. Just tell me where is the nearby medical shop?”

He explained.

“Can you give me your cycle uncle? I will be able to go and come quickly.”

“Oh, sure, you may take that cycle.” Looking at the cycle outside, he said politely. “It is not locked.”

After taking the cycle, she enquired. “Uncle, where is the nearby medical shop? I couldn’t get you properly.”

“Go straight and turn left. After two shops, you will find the medical shop. A medical shop where you will find most of the medicines available. It usually closes at ten.” He looked at the watch. “It will be opened.”

Thanking him, she set course in the direction as given by him. She found the medical shop and waited for a while thinking about what should be her next course of action. She walked straight to the medical shop and found many people in front of that. She asked the pharmacist for a strip of paracetamol.

Wondering why the school student in uniform with the bag tucked behind, at that hour, the pharmacist gave a strip as asked for. Looking at the bill, she could find out the location and knew it was not easy to peddle all the way home, which was too far and unsafe to be on the road alone at that hour. Thinking of ways to get home, she took out the small purse from her bag and paid the salesman. Very politely, she asked. “Can I make a phone call. I want to ask daddy if he needs any other medicine than paracetamol.” She whined to grab sympathy.

That person kept looking at her uniform and enquired. “You are a central school student?” Observing bloodstain, he asked. “Why this bloodstain?”

The unexpected query made Riya frown and she nodded in affirmation with a chuckle. “I got my finger cut.”

Looking at the innocence played by her, he shifted the land phone to the counter for her easy access.

Riya looked at him paying respect for being helpful and dialed Jayaprakash’s mobile number.

“Hello, daddy.” Her eyes were full of unbearable emotion.

Jayaprakash was thrilled to hear her voice and was quick to shoot out the most emotion-filled question, “where are you?”

Riya could see many eyes casting on her with whispers. Looking at a person standing with an eagle eye close by, she smiled. She knew standing there for long would be troublesome. “Daddy, I am in front of a medical shop.” She said the name of the place and the medical shop.

“I am just coming. We are in that area only, near that medical shop.”

Everyone could see the glee on her face and knew she had asked someone to come and pick her up. One person advanced and asked her. “You are that type, is it? Moving around in school uniform to attract men with the lavish offer? These days school children, below legal age, are much in demand.” He mocked at her and tried to touch her cheek. She slapped him with all her might and asked. “Don’t you have your sister at home to play with?”

That person felt ashamed and looked around with shyness. When he saw the jeep with red beacon and air force emblem gliding towards them and halting by her side, he backed out with a smile exhibiting his guilt.

“Daddy.” Crying aloud, she ran to Jayaprakash and grabbed him like a minor child to shed off her grief.


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