Dad & Daughter

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I have come across some people hiding their physical deficiencies, for fear of being looked down upon with mercy, considering them to be incapable to lead normal activities with vigour and vitality.

In defence forces, the health condition of officers is identified with their medical category which has a governing factor to determine fitness and further promotion. The ailment which has bearing on the determination of medical category is guarded by some overambitious officers as secret and they resort to treatment from civil doctors without visiting Military Hospitals for fear of getting medically downgraded and losing further promotions. Such an attitude might drag them to any dangerous situations. Apart from the loss of promotion, the loss of life itself can be the result, causing immense damage to the immediate relatives.

I have weaved this story on a wide canvas depicting the care and love a XII standard daughter gave to her father when he fell prey to his senior officer’s instigation to commit financial misappropriation to meet his urgent medical needs.

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