Dad & Daughter

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Flying Officer Jayaprakash was caught in minor fraudulence he was forced to commit to helping his senior, Squadron Leader Khanna, to meet his immediate financial requirement. When this was surfaced, a court of inquiry was ordered by the Station Commander and in that Khanna gave a statement backing out his role, throwing the entire blame on the shoulders of Jayaprakash.

Jayaprakash was blamed in the court of inquiry and was apprehensive of impending court-martial throwing him out of service entailing in loss of all service benefits including pension. Visualizing the bleak future to fend for his living and education of his children, he was worried and remained morose. His grown-up daughter Riya, studying in twelfth standard, wanted to find ways to extricate her father out of this mess and contacted her friend Maya’s father, Advocate Gupta, a senior lawyer practicing in the supreme court. She was advised by Gupta to ask Jayaprakash to visit Khanna’s house with a secret recording pen in his pocket and talk of the impending dangers to his career, making Khanna admit his involvement in the wrongful payment. As said, she could get the recording done and after hearing the conversation, Gupta assured her all possible help, if a court-martial was ordered, to extricate Jayaprakash.

On her way back from there, she was kidnapped, thinking her to be the daughter of Gupta, by criminal Surendra Singh, who had given a huge sum to the advocate to extricate his elder brother, involved in a murder case, from gallows.

She struggled hard to get rid of the clutches of that miscreant. Will she ever be able to get out safely from there? The big question remains.

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