In The Middle Of Us

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It’s Christmas break, and while everyone else is relaxing, a girl named Amy is still fighting her way through 6th grade. Her little brother, Todd, who is three years younger than she is, gets dragged into the mess, and sometimes makes things take a turn for the worse. Amy makes new friends along the way, and they battle their way together through the hard times. But Amy’s done something horribly wrong - something that not even friends can help change - or can they? Find out when you read “In The Middle Of Us” by Mikayla Vaughn.

Children / Humor
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Chapter 1: Relaxing... or not.

Why? Why did it have to be me? Out of all the people on this dumb Earth, why did I have to be the one?

3 weeks before...

I’m in the living room, watching Spongebob, and I haven’t got a care in the world for what comes next. It’s the first day of Christmas break, and man, am I glad that there is no school for the next two weeks. No school, no tests, no Melinda. All I’m around is a bowl of buttery popcorn, mini KitKats bars, and nice mug filled with hot cocoa to the rim. No problems. Just me and my delicious snacks.
Last Saturday, I was at the park with my little brother Todd, and we heard something weird. It kind of sounded like a screaming chicken? I don’t even really know what to call it, but it sounded weird. Just weird. No labels required.

Todd of course decided to be himself, and wanted to go see what it was. Our mom was talking on the phone with someone from her work, so I was the only one left to go with him. I just wish this ride with Todd at least had a seatbelt. I thought to myself. “C’mon, Shinger” I said. Shinger’s his nickname. It’s cause he always plays around and sings when he’s in the shower, so I combined the words “shower” and “singer” and made “shinger”. I was gonna say “Shownger” but that I came to see that would probably hard to say all the time.

On our adventurous journey, (or that’s what Todd called it anyway) we passed by a the ice cream man, a man walking his dog, and a street-full of houses. There were posters everywhere, a huge candy store, and a little local shopping mart called “Poodles and Noodles” a big dog on the front of their logo. As we passed more and more houses, the noise grew louder. Now it was easier to tell what it was. It was only some girls at a party screaming.

“Really, Todd? You made me walk all the way over here for this!” I said, Boiling with anger. “I didn’t know what it was.” Todd replied. “Hey, isn’t that the mean girl from your school, Melinda?” He asked me. I looked closer at the girls. It was her. I’d hoped she hadn’t noticed me. “We gotta go.” I said, nervous. “No way!” Todd screamed, excited. “There’s cake over there. I just gotta get me some of that!” “Actually, no Todd, you don’t. I promise you’ll live without another dose of sugar for the next hour. Besides, we’ve got Twinkies and DingDongs at home.”
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