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Do you want to teach your kid moral values? Are you looking for moral story books for kids Well, if you are familiar with the above two questions, then your quest is over here. This book will help you instill in your kid the virtues and moral values that you truly believe in; all while keeping him entertained with intriguing short stories for kids. In case your champ is accustomed to bedtime stories for kids ages 6-12, You can sit close to him and narrate the educational stories that this book contains. The entire theme of this book revolves around being a good citizen and responsible for oneself as well as society. This character-building book for kids magnifies the important lessons that shape your kid’s life in later stages:- 1)Importance of Being Honest 2)Why cleanliness is so important 3)How to find True Value of Ourselves 4)The place of parents in one’s life And many more…………………… Based on the widely followed concept, “Five-minute stories for children”, The stories have been written in day-to-day language, simple and easy to understand, especially for little devils. Every story revolves around a single concept; such as honesty, greed, respect for elders, etc. The children are likely to connect with the stories and their characters very easily, as the stories are based on real-life scenarios-rather than a fantasy world.

Children / Fantasy
Sachin Sarkaniya
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