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This story is about how your life can change so much in 9 months. It was a great pregnancy until the baby was born with Down’s syndrome but now no one would change a thing, and just remember everyone’s perfect in there own way.

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The beginning

This story starts two days before Easter 2017,my auntie and uncle had came around to our house to give us a “early Easter present” and as a kid it’s probably like “ooo chocolate” or “ooo cake” but this was the best surprise of my life. What they really gave us was a cousin, they’d said my auntie was pregnant. My heart was beating so fast in joy and I even had some tears! I could t believe there was going to be a baby in 9 months. We were always asking my auntie questions about the baby and as we didn’t know the gender of the baby yet we named them “Baby D” as my auntie and uncle's last name I’d Dolman. I was actually so excited thatI decided to spend all day writing a list of girl baby names and boy baby names and I decorated it with color and it wasn’t just a list it was 3 pages each and I mean that’s a lot for just baby names. Me and my family if 5 went on holiday with are nanny and grandad to center parks in Liverpool, but as we were there my auntie and uncle found out the gender of the baby, it was a BOY ! I was hoping it was a girl but now he’s in the world honestly it’s the best thing ever.

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