My little move

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Lily doesn’t like it when she moves in with her new stepdad in the countryside

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𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚟𝚎

As we drove down the long beautiful driveway, I couldn't help thinking how wonderful it looked. Lush green grass, trees filled with flowers and golden apples, bushes bursting with flowers of all sorts. Peter must have seen look of awe on my face because his mouth twisted into a smug smile. I tried my best to pretend that I wasn’t enjoying the new move so far but Peter laughed and said “Ha, I knew you would love it Lily, your mum and I picked it especially, your room is going to be decorated however you want, the house even has a 50 meter long swimming pool, and a spa!”
“It’s alright.” I grumbled, but then I saw the happiness on mum’s face and decided to at least try, for her.

We pulled up in the main driveway, with a large fountain as its centrepiece, I finally got to have a proper look at the house. It was breath-taking. It had an off-white colour to it, with a hard slate roof and massive oak doors, it look like a palace! Mum looked like she wanted to cry, she hugged Peter and gave him a big fat sloppy kiss, “Oh Peter, this is incredible, I don’t know how you managed to do this!”
“It’s all for you darling, don’t worry, being a multi millionaire has its good points.” He boasted proudly,
“And, oh Lily! This is simply marvellous, don’t you say, I know moving schools and everything has been hard for you, but at least say thank to Dad!”
“He isn’t my Dad.”
“Oh come on sweetheart, don’t be such a pain, just this once?!”
“Ugh, fine,” I managed to spit out.
“No problem kid, now, the removal truck is gonna be here in two minutes or so, let’s go inside and check it out!”

A week later we had settled in, everything had arrived and the house was full of new expensive furniture, Peter had bought me a super king sized, four poster, white bed, he’d also bought me chairs, dressing tables and all sorts. He had got some big burly men to move everything in, at first the men seemed alright, but then when I went outside so explore the garden, one of them was smoking and offered me a cigarette, of course I refused and when I told him that I’d tell my mum he made a rude gesture. Luckily, going to a rough public school full of older boys has an influence on you and I knew plenty of rude things that even grown men might not know, so I made a rude gesture back, grabbed the pack of cigarettes out of his hairy hands and stomped on them. He seemed surprised but I screamed for mum and Peter and when they heard my story they immediately fired the man and reported him to the local police for offering a minor illegal objects. Mum, had been a bit flustered after the situation and if any of the men had come within a one meter distance with her she would flinch away, she was terribly glad when they had left and went around spraying disinfectant in the house.

Mum and Peter were already looking for new schools when summer ended, of course, with Peter being a global movie star, our move was on the front covers of a lot of magazines. Two months ago my mum had married blonde haired, tan faced, shiny teethed muscular Peter Ellis and it had caused havoc. My mum was very pretty with auburn hair that fell in waves past her shoulders, she was slim and had the most dazzling blue eyes, she was a worker at the small co-op down the road at our old flat, so sometimes after school I would nip round and pretend to be browsing through the sweet aisle while sneaking knowing glances at mum. Of course her job didn’t pay very well so we didn’t have a lot. But then one night, it was mum’s birthday and we had celebrated at home but she wanted to go to the pub to have a bit of fun, it just so happened that Peter Ellis was there, staying for the weekend with his rich mates. He immediately fell in love with mum and they started going out. Two years later here we are.

Peter woke me up this morning. He burst into my room all bright and happy, he whipped open the curtains, “Wakey wakey Lily, I hope you have your swim suit unpacked because we’re going swimming today!”
“Ugh, what’s the time?!”
“Seven thirty.”
“WHAT?! Peter, it’s the summer, seriously?”
“Oh come on, it’s not that bad!”
“Humph. As long as you don’t start telling me this is father-daughter bonding time, I’ll do it.” Peter seemed like he about to say something but I had obviously cut him off. He seemed quite put down by this but he walked out anyway leaving me in piece for five more minutes before he returned to annoy me once more.

After getting ready and having a shower I climbed downstairs and into our modern kitchen. I sat on one of the two hundred pounds stool and waited until mum had finished cooking our bacon, it was the best bacon ever, soft yet crunchy, it wasn’t to salty but not to plain. It was amazing. Mum and Peter said that it was going to be a family bonding experience today and I was not looking forward to it. This was not going to be a good summer.

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