The Beauty of Diversity

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The Beauty of Diversity

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Chapter 1

This is Ally, a fun, cute little quokka.

Quokkas are from a small island located in a far corner of Australia, the land of kangaroos and koalas.

The quokkas are considered to be the happiest animals on earth, as they never stop smiling! And this island is the only place where you can find them.

Every day, Ally sees plenty of visitors from all around the world. Everyone wanted to visit the happy quokkas!

There were people from France, Italy, Argentina, China, Japan and so many other places! And everyone was different; they each had their own beautiful, diverse accent and style.

Ally had never been outside her little island, but she was starting to realise that the world is so much bigger than her small home, and it was filled with beautiful different places!

Full of curiosity and enthusiasm to discover the world, Ally decided to take a trip to see what was beyond the island.

This was the first time that she had ever travelled abroad, far from her own home.

After a long flight, Ally finally arrived to Kenya, a large country in Africa.

She started exploring this new land around her.

She was immediately captivated by this beautiful oasis she was in.

Everywhere she looked, she saw animals of all kinds: powerful rhinos, tall giraffes, majestic elephants, fast zebras, energetic monkeys, outgoing meerkats, and even some curious vultures!

She had never seen these animals before!

The oasis was filled with green palm trees and baobab trees. In the middle was a beautiful lake with crystal clear water from which an elephant was drinking. Chattering monkeys were building a new tree house, and the giraffes were picking food from the green trees.

All these different animals were living in harmony in this oasis; everyone was doing their part!

Ally quickly decided that she wanted to be a part of this beautiful place, so she took her little backpack and started walking through it.

Ally was ready for this new adventure, and nothing would stop her!

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