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Everything will be okay. All you need is a friend, a good book and a warm cup of tea.

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Marsaia Cherry
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It was mid December and our semester was beginning to end. Her and I went down to the library to finish our final art project.

We spent the day looking through the nonfiction section to find books on monsters and vampires, reading deeper and laughing.

After that, we went to the art gallery upstairs and admired the worlds we found in the canvases. We laughed at one painting in particular that was just five colourful polka dots.

We stayed in the library, we would've stayed all night if we could have.

A sanctuary is a place to seek refuge or safety. It's a place where you feel calm. The eye of the tornado.

The library was our sanctuary. There were no annoying little brothers or tedious math problems. There were no judgmental classmates or mean older siblings. There were no mirrors or scales telling what was wrong with us. There were no angry parents or harsh teachers, no tears or cuts. There were no worries, no tomorrows, and no going home.

This was our home. This was books, art, iced tea, warmth and us. We could be ourselves or whoever we wanted to be instead of the two dimensional characters that we played at school.

When we were at the library, nothing could hurt us or bring us down.

Eventually it had to close for the night and we had to leave.

We walked home together in the dead of night all by ourselves, but I wasn't scared. I knew that as long as we had eachother and our sanctuary, we would never be alone.

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