Singing Starlight and the Cunning Fox

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This is similar and is a sequel to Little Red Riding Hood. I used this story for the story book writing competition

Children / Adventure
Saanvi Nayak
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Starlight and she lived in a beautiful village. Starlight had an amazing singing voice. She could sing five notes by the time she could talk. When Starlight was eight, her mom said she should visit her grandmother and her cousin, Little Red Riding Hood. Her mom told her she could show her new song that she sang to the village. Starlight agreed but right before she left, her mom said to ignore strangers that pass by her.

Starlight replied “Yes”, and she left.

Five minutes after she was in the forest, she met a Cunning Fox. Apparently, the Cunning Fox was good friends with the Big Bad Wolf and he did exactly what the wolf said incase he sees a human passing by the woods.

Fox asked, “What is your name and where are you headed?”

“My name is Starlight, and I’m headed to meet my grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood,” replied Starlight.

“Red Riding Hood? I’ve heard of that name,” the Fox mumbled.

Starlight exclaimed excitedly, “Red Riding Hood is my cousin”.

Then the Fox remembered that his friend, the Big Bad Wolf had talked about Red Riding Hood once or twice.

Fox asked, “Which street do they live?”

Starlight answered, “They live on Pine street”.

The Cunning Fox rushed off to Pine street while Starlight merrily skipped to Pine street as she was memorizing her song. By the time she reached her grandma’s house, she saw the Fox trying to get in the grandma’s bed. Starlight caught him red-handed and then sat there quietly on her grandma’s bed. Fox started to laugh, at the same time Starlight started to sing a high note. This high note was like a signal that Starlight was in danger so the whole village rushed off to the house and took the Fox. The two strongest men in the village, Lucas and Larry made the Fox as round as a ball and started throwing the Fox to one another and after that they made him as flat as a coin. Then they threw the Fox very far and the Fox was nowhere to be seen.

Then they searched for Starlight’s grandmother and cousin. It took a few minutes to find them and they both thanked the whole village for saving them. When Red Riding Hood, Starlight, their grandmother and the villagers settled down, Starlight began to sing, and they all enjoyed.

The End

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