The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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Tim The Enchanter

‘Hi sweetheart,’ said Sam coming into the room.

‘Mum!’ exclaimed Emma rushing over to Sam.

‘I’ve missed you,’ said Emma giving Sam a huge hug.

‘It’s only been four hours Ems,’ laughed Sam hugging her back.

‘I was gone for days!’ said Emma, ‘nearly a week!’

‘That can happen,’ nodded Sam, ‘one time, I was in there for three months!’

‘Three months!’ stammered Emma.

‘You don’t age at all in the book,’ said Sam, ‘you can’t.’

‘That is so weird,’ muttered Emma.

‘Its magic is what it is,’ laughed Sam.

‘So,’ said Sam settling herself down on top of Emma’s bed.

‘What did you get up to today?’

‘We rode for days to reach the hidden cave,’ said Emma, ‘and then as the full moon came into the sky, a glowing door spiralled onto the back wall of the cave.’

‘Woah!’ said Sam who was always a great listener and gave all the right responses.

‘Then we went down the passage, and we came to another door. The door was answered by a young wizard called Powyn. They hadn’t even introduced me properly when Powyn and Eirwen started snogging!’

‘Uggh!’ protested Sam, ‘that’s disgusting!’

‘Was that some kind of weird password or something?’

‘No,’ giggled Emma, ‘he’s her boyfriend.’

Emma told Sam about all the different wizards and sorceresses that she had met. For some reason, when Emma described Tim, Sam burst into wild hysterics, and she was rolling on the bed.

‘Tim!’ gasped Sam who was struggling to breathe from laughing so much.

‘Tim the Enchanter!’

‘What’s so funny about that?’ shrugged Emma, ‘I know compared to the other names it’s a bit weird but.’

‘What did you say his power was again?’ choked Sam.

‘He can throw firebombs,’ said Emma, ‘it’s really cool.’

‘It’s not cool,’ said Sam as she stopped laughing and started searching for something on the laptop, ‘it’s hilarious!’

Sam had searched Tim The Enchanter into YouTube, and a video came up instantly.

‘Just watch this,’ laughed Sam, ‘you’ll understand.’

It was an old video with a lot of people dressed up as knights, and there was a particularly weird wizard.

The wizard, called Tim, looked a lot like Emma’s friend Tim, apart from the fact that Emma’s Tim didn’t wear two sets of ram horns.

Tim the Enchanter seemed to have the strangest of behaviour, he would stop on the middle of a sentence to throw a volcanic explosion, and now and again he would wave his staff around which seemed to be a flame thrower!

After watching the video, Emma thought that Tim the Enchanter as portrayed by John Cleese was very funny, but she didn’t think he seemed like a very nice person. Whereas even if Emma’s friend Tim was a bit energetic or excitable, at least he didn’t feel like he had to cause explosions every ten words, and of course Emma’s Tim didn’t have a Scottish accent.

After a while, Sam went downstairs to go and get started on dinner, and Emma started to write about her adventures in the book.

She had only just finished writing out the title, The Last Sorceress and The Amulet when she realised that something was missing.

She had always been fairly good at art in school, and what this book needed was illustrations.

‘Mum!’ called Emma over the bannisters.

‘Yes, Ems?’

‘Do we have any colouring pencils?’

‘I’ll take a look,’ called Sam.

Sam came back up to Emma’s room a few minutes later with about a dozen coloured pencils tied together with a rubber band.

‘I think we’ve got these for when Meg’s nieces and nephews come round,’ said Sam.

‘Has Mummy got a big family?’

‘She’s one of five,’ sighed Sam, ‘the youngest and the only girl.’

‘It’s a nightmare when we all get together. I swear there’s got to be nearly thirty of us.’

‘Makes me glad to be an only child,’ muttered Sam going back to making the toad in the hole downstairs.

Emma was slightly confused as Sam went downstairs. Her Mum seemed to hate having a big family, but having a family was all Emma had ever dreamed of. She supposed if there were nearly thirty people at family events it might play up with Sam’s social anxiety so Emma could understand that she supposed.

Emma was sketching a picture of Eirwen and Elthered sparring against each other on the title page and then started to write down about her adventures occasionally adding the odd illustration and colouring it in.

‘There anybody home?’ called Meghan as she came in through the door and took off her coat.

‘Mummy!’ exclaimed Emma rushing down the stairs and throwing herself in for a huge hug.

‘Hello there Cariad,’ chuckled Meghan, ‘have you had a good day?’

‘It was amazing,’ beamed Emma, ‘we met Amy.’

‘Is she trying to invite herself around for dinner again?’ laughed Meghan.

‘You bet,’ said Sam getting the dinner out of the oven, ‘she’s coming around on Wednesday evening. Bringing pizza with her.’

‘Oh alright then,’ chuckled Meghan, ‘as long as she gets extra mushrooms on mine.’

‘She always does,’ nodded Sam.

After dinner, Emma brought her pencils downstairs with her, and she had a stack of plain paper. She wanted to make sure she remembered which wizard and sorceress were which, and she wanted to do this before she forgot all their names and powers.

She started by drawing Tim so that Sam could see the difference between the version in the book, and Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Then she drew Powyn with Eirwen their arms around each other.

She was halfway through drawing a picture of the three Dragon Lords with their flaming red hair when Meghan looked at the drawing in interest.

‘What are you doing dear?’ asked Meghan.

‘Just drawing,’ shrugged Emma trying not to make a big thing about it. Meghan didn’t know about the book.

‘You’re very good,’ beamed Meghan, ‘and you’ve got such an imagination. Is that a dragon in that one?’

‘They’re characters,’ said Sam quickly, ‘from The Hobbit.’

‘Oh,’ said Meghan in realisation.

Meghan had never read Lord of the Rings, or ever watched it properly, so the wizards and Dragon Lords and half-elves that Emma was drawing seemed like they fit straight into Middle Earth and Tolkien.

‘We’ll have to get you some better art materials,’ muttered Meghan going back to watching the news.

‘Quick save,’ mouthed Emma to Sam as they both smirked.

‘I know,’ whispered Sam.

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