The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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The Golden Summit

The rest of the week passed by in a similar fashion. They would take it in turns to keep watch over the camp during the day whilst everyone else slept and then at sunset they would start riding again.

They made steady progress to the castle travelling through forests or climbing mountains on the edge of the kingdom using the road less travelled so they were less likely to be spotted.

Owyn would always tell Emma about each part of Aeolgoyryn as they rode through, what kind of people lived there and all the heroic tales from Aeolgoyryn’s past.

They were avoiding riding through the large towns so rode around them because they didn’t want Gryffyn to know that they were coming. Sometimes though they rode past farms on the edge of the forests or in the mountains. As they were travelling by night though none of the peasants saw them.

After six long nights of riding, they reached the bottom of another mountain. It was the biggest Emma had seen yet, and it seemed to reach all the way up to the sky. The other side of this last mountain and they would be there.

‘The Golden Summit,’ nodded Owyn beaming as he gazed up at the mountain. They started up the mountain path and their horses climbed slowly.

As they climbed Owyn told an enraptured Emma and Awyss about the mountain. Awyss already knew the story, but she loved hearing it anyway.

‘This mountain is called the Golden Summit because of the magical properties at the top of the mountain, that were there at the beginning of time.’

‘Magical properties?’ asked Emma amazed.

‘It is rumoured that the trees at the peak would grow apples of solid gold,’ said Owyn, ‘and the rivers used to run with liquid gold.’

‘Woah!’ exclaimed Awyss.

‘Is any of this actually true?’ laughed Evae turning to Hunith.

‘Evae!’ laughed Hunith shaking her head.

‘Even I’m not that old! So I’m afraid, I do not know.’

‘What is at the top then?’ asked Ashan.

‘Something even more magical,’ said Powyn looking meaningfully at Eirwen.

Emma was even more curious than she usually was and couldn’t wait to see what was at the top. It had to be pretty spectacular to be more magical than solid gold apples and rivers running with gold.

They reached the peak of the mountain and the moon shone down on the mountain and it was the most pure and magical thing she had ever seen.

On one side of the mountain was a beautiful city. The buildings were made out of white marble which shimmered and glistened in the golden moonlight. The towers and spires of the largest buildings towered majestically over the other buildings.

On the other side of the mountain was a great castle, by the castle was a vast sea that seemed to go on for an eternity. The castle seemed to be made of a material which shone quite as brightly as the marble but in some mysterious way more ethereal and magnificent than the city, but Emma couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.

Emma’s mouth was hanging open, and Eirwen had a smile on her face that carried all the way through to her eyes.

‘To the East is the city of Illananor,’ said Owyn.

‘It was built by the first elves, a thousand years ago. Elves and Mortal men have lived in the city in harmony for hundreds of years, living together in peace, and defending the city side by side for generation after generation.’

‘And to the West,’ nodded Powyn, ‘is the Celestial Palace and the Great Western Sea.’

Emma then realised why Eirwen and Powyn were so excited, and Elthered’s eyes were shining with tears. They were home.

‘It’s beautiful,’ breathed Emma, but it didn’t seem the right word.

‘It’s, it’s….’

‘Magical,’ finished Eirwen.

‘The Celestial Palace is not built from marble like the city of Illananor, but it was forged from sea stone.’

‘But where are the cracks?’ asked Emma, ‘sea stones are no bigger than pebbles, I saw them at the beach one time.’

‘Magic,’ said Stefan abruptly.

Emma looked at him confused hoping for a further explanation.

‘The Celestial Palace was built for the first-ever king of Aeolgoyryn by the Magic Wielders hundreds of years ago,’ explained Erik.

‘I’m afraid that this is where I leave you,’ said Hunith nodding solemnly.

‘May the Gods and Fates preserve you.’

‘Until we meet again,’ nodded Erik as Stefan gave her a slight bow.

Emma had been so entranced by the beauty and magnificence of Illananor and the Celestial Palace, that she had almost forgotten the reason they had come all this way for a moment. They had come to fight for the kingdom and if Hunith was staying here their journey was very nearly at its end.

‘Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you Hunith?’ asked Evae peering at Hunith nervously from beneath her hood.

‘You are young Evae, and you are a valuable asset,’ said Hunith, ‘I, however, am not.’

‘You are valuable!’ interjected Ashan and Oshan.

‘I have done my job,’ said Hunith, ‘I foretold the battle and saw the coming of Emma. I will see you all anon.’

‘What if you’re wrong Hunith?’ stammered Ashan.

‘What if we lose?’ asked Oshan.

‘What if we all die?’ agreed Awyss.

‘Hunith’s prophecies have always been right until now,’ said Owyn.

‘And if I am wrong,’ said Hunith calmly, ‘I shall see you on the Other Side.’

‘The Other Side?’ asked Awyss.

‘The Other Side child,’ said Hazel gently, ‘where your parents wait for you.’

Emma had just realized why Awyss, Evae, Ashan and Oshan were reluctant to leave Hunith behind. They thought they wouldn’t see her again.

‘We’ll be fine,’ assured Elthered.

‘And if we’re not,’ said Powyn taking Eirwen’s hand, ‘I wouldn’t want to go any other way.’

Eirwen blushed slightly in the moonlight and smiled back at him in the moonlight.

‘Good luck my friends,’ said Hunith.

‘May the Gods and Fates protect you,’ said Hunith.

‘May the moon and stars look over you,’ continued Tim, Stefan and Erik.

‘Until we meet again,’ finished Owyn patting Hunith on back before starting to walk his horse down the mountain path.

The others followed him, Evae somewhat reluctantly and before long the turned a corner and Hunith was out of sight.

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