The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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Elves and Dragons

They reached the bottom of the mountain and turned towards the castle.

As they turned though, four snow-white horses came cantering into the road blocking their path. Each of the riders had waist-length white blonde hair and each reader was aiming a bow and arrow at them. They each had pointed ears like Eirwen’s. They were elves.

‘Who goes there?’ shouted one of the elves,

’Who dares to invade Illananor under the cover of night?

‘Lower your bows defenders of Illananor,’ said Eirwen in a clear commanding voice.

Emma didn’t know how Eirwen seemed so brave and authoritative when she had arrows pointed at, Emma was terrified.

‘Who goes there?’ asked another elf, ‘what’s your business here?’

‘It is I,’ said Eirwen slowly lowering her hood.

‘Eirwen, the Rightful Queen of Aeolgoyryn.’

‘All hail Queen Eirwen!’ said the elf who seemed to be in charge bowing his head and lowering his bow.

The other three elves lowered their own bows and bowed their heads.

‘All hail Queen Eirwen!’ called the other elves.

‘Keep it down!’ hissed Owyn, ‘we’re trying to keep a low profile.’

‘My name is Gaelaeth, this is Lewel, Onvyr and Ardryll.’

‘It is an honour sir Gaelaeth,’ said Eirwen respectfully.

‘The honour is all ours, your majesty,’ said Gaelaeth bowing again.

‘You are here to defeat the Usurper King?’ asked Gaelaeth in a surprisingly calm tone.

‘Yes,’ said Powyn, ‘but we’re trying to stay undercover for as long as possible.’

‘Our bows are yours, your majesty,’ said Gaelaeth pulling his horse next to Tim’s.

‘Until the death,’ agreed Llewel, Onvyr and Andryll taking their places.

‘Your service shall not be forgotten warriors,’ said Eirwen.

They continued along the road in silence and stopped when they heard the distant sound of a dragon roaring.

‘Famri!’ exclaimed Ashan, ‘she’s calling me!’

‘You lot can tell the dragons apart from their roars?’ asked Powyn.

‘We can tell our dragons apart,’ said Oshan, ‘well our parents' ones.’

‘They’re the only ones left,’ muttered Awyss.

‘We have to leave the horses now,’ whispered Owyn, ‘we’re getting close.’

They left all the horses by the side of the road tied to trees and continued along the road on foot nobody muttering a word.

Then they saw the castle; three dragons were guarding the gate, two were the size of minibuses one was red and the other green, the last dragon was smaller than the others only the size of a small car and silvery-grey. Each of the dragons was chained to heavy bolts and chains to stop them from flying away.

The bright red dragon was screaming at the top of its lungs and blowing streams of fire wanting to be free, the chains though seemed to be fireproof.

‘Shut it you,’ grumbled a surly-looking knight hitting the red dragon with a spiked mace.

The red dragon cowered and whimpered in pain.

‘Tambrith no!’ called Oshan.

Ashan had to cover his brother's mouth, but the four knights guarding the dragons didn’t hear Oshan’s shouting over Tambrith’s cries of pain.

Tambrith calmed down as Famri the green dragon nursed his wounds gently.

The mood was low in the sky now, it was only an hour until sunrise. If there was any time to attack it was now.

‘You know what to do,’ said Owyn gently nodding at Evae.

Evae nodded and lowered her head revealing her enchantingly beautiful face. She walked out of the trees with an easy confidence and grace that she didn’t usually show.

‘Who goes there?’ asked one of the Black Knights raising his torch as Evae walked towards them.

‘I am just a young maiden,’ said Evae innocently, ‘I’m afraid I’m a bit lost,’ she giggled.

Three of the knights were staring at her with their mouths hanging open. But one of the knights was flirting with her.

‘Well, we can’t have that,’ chuckled the knight, ‘a sweet young thing like you. Please allow us to escort you into Illananor.’

‘A fair maid such as you needs a guard of honour.’

‘Thank you, kind knights,’ said Evae batting her eyelashes, ‘you are too kind!’

As Evae had been flirting with the knights using her magical powers of entrancement, Hazel had crept through the darkness behind Evae careful not to tread on any of the leaves so as not to give herself away.

When the knights were under Evae’s spell, Hazel stood next to Evae and she too was bathed in the torchlight.

‘Who’s the old hag?’ asked a different knight, ‘your Granny?’

Hazel merely smirked at them and raised her hand. She blew her magic at each of the knights in turn, and within ten seconds there were four knights in a deep enchanted sleep lying in the grass.

‘Well done!’ beamed Powyn as they all came out of the trees

‘Knew you had it in you,’ nodded Owyn, patting Evae on the back.

Evae had pulled her hood back up and gone back to her slightly shy and nervous self.

Ashan and Oshan were kicking the sleeping bodies of the knights.

‘What are you two doing?’ asked Elthered raising his eyebrows at them.

‘Checking they’re really asleep,’ said Ashan.

Oshan gave the knight holding the spike mace one last good kick.

‘That one’s from Tambrith!’ spat Oshan glaring at the knight.

‘Poor Tambrith,’ exclaimed Awyss taking off her hood and rushing over to Tambrith to pet him.

Gaelaeth tried to reach out to stop Awyss from running up to the dragon, but instead of breathing fire when Awyss touched him, Tambrith started purring like a contented cat.

‘You want to be free don’t you old girl?’ asked Ashan tickling Famri between the ears, as Oshan massaged Tambrith’s wounds from the mace.

‘What’s the other one called?’ asked Emma, ‘the little one.’

‘This is Yther,’ beamed Awyss hugging the smallest blue-grey dragon around the neck, ‘and she’s mine.’

‘Yther and Awyss were born on the same day eleven years ago,’ said Owyn, ‘they have a very special connection.’

‘Yther’s Famri and Tambrith’s daughter,’ said Ashan.

‘The last breeding pair in the world,’ said Oshan proudly.

‘The last dragons for the last Dragon Lords,’ sighed Elthered.

‘I think it’s about time we freed them then,’ said Stefan.

‘Well we know dragon fire doesn’t work,’ muttered Eirwen.

‘We haven’t tried real fire,’ said Emma.

‘But we don’t have any,’ said Gaelaeth.

‘And if we want to attack at dawn we need to get on with it,’ sighed Owyn.

‘Have you idiots forgotten we’re magic?’ asked Tim.

‘Emma and I can throw fire!’

‘Good point,’ nodded Owyn, ‘worth a try.’

‘Ashan, Oshan stand back,’ said Eirwen.

‘Awyss stop cuddling Yther, we’re going to try and unchain her.’

Awyss gave Yther one last kiss before running out of the way. Ashan and Oshan put a hand on each of her shoulders. The three of them were muttering under their breaths. The three of them were muttering under their breaths, it seemed like they were praying or something.

Emma and Tim stood a few metres away from the dragons and prepared to aim for the chains.

Emma took a deep breath and let her magic fill her. She gave Tim a brief nod and then started spurting fire out of both of their hands. Tim’s fire came flying out in balls the size of cricket balls, Emma’s fire was like great jets.

But no matter how much fire they sent at the chains, the three dragons were still firmly restrained by the metal chains.

‘Bang goes that plan,’ muttered Erik.

‘Um guys,’ said Powyn smirking slightly and walking back over to the group, ‘have you tried the keys?’

‘Moons and stars Powyn!’ said Ashan impressed, ‘where did you get those?’

‘Off the guard,’ shrugged Powyn as if nothing could have been more obvious.

‘I mean he doesn’t really need them, he’s asleep!’

‘I love you Powyn!’ beamed Eirwen kissing Powyn and throwing her arms around his neck.

‘There’ll be time for all that later,’ said Stefan gruffly.

‘Sorry,’ chuckled Eirwen and Powyn as Eirwen got off Powyn.

Ashan and Oshan took the keys from Powyn and started to unlock the dragons from their chains.

‘We need to organise,’ said Owyn, ‘we fight in pairs.’

‘The Dragon Lords will be on their dragon obviously.’

‘We can take passengers,’ said Ashan.

‘Well Famri and Tambrith can,’ said Oshan.

‘Really,’ muttered Elthered thinking for a moment, ‘this could take some thinking.’

They were already going to be having an air attack because of the dragons, but the possibility of two extra flyers!

‘I think it should be Owyn and Powyn,’ said Evae.

‘What!’ stammered Powyn, ‘I’m not flying on a dragon!’

‘Wind and lighting come from the sky,’ agreed Hazel, ‘you two should fly.’

Powyn looked unimpressed but Owyn nodded his head in agreement.

‘You’ll be fine,’ said Ashan.

‘We haven’t fallen off yet,’ agreed Oshan.

‘Just because you two were born on dragons,’ muttered Powyn under his breath.

‘Hunith and Evae,’ continued Owyn, ‘you know what to do.’

‘Archers,’ said Owyn turning to the four elven warriors, Erik and Steffan, ‘take down as many knights as you can.’

Gaelaeth paired up with Llewel and Onvry with Ardryll. Erik also paired with his brother Stefan.

‘Eirwen, Elthered stick together and remember your mission.’

‘Kill knights, find Gryffyn, beat him one on one, and exile him,’ said Eirwen.

Emma had managed to talk Eirwen out of killing her own uncle but was now just going to exile him.

‘What about me?’ asked Emma.

‘You young lady have a very important job,’ said Owyn crouching down slightly to talk to her.

‘Stop Tim from causing too much damage to the castle,’ he chuckled, ‘he can get quite energetic and carried away when throwing fireballs so we’ll be needing your water powers.’

Emma beamed as the sun slowly began to rise in the sky.

It was time.

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