The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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Storming the Castle

The dragons had been freed from their chains, and they were nuzzling up to their masters. Yther was purring contentedly like a cat as she rubbed faces with Awyss, Tambrith and Famri were allowing Ashan and Oshan to pet and stroke them without flinching once. The dragons had clearly missed their masters.

‘There’ll be time for all that later,’ muttered Owyn, ‘they’ll be changing the guards for the dragons soon.’

The Dragonlords mounted their dragons as if it was the most natural thing in the world. They didn’t need saddles or even harnesses, they just clung on with their legs around the dragon and put their hands on either side of the neck.

Oshan helped Owyn on to the back of Tambrith and Owyn clung on tightly around Oshan’s waist. Powyn though still looked highly sceptical. Flying on a dragon didn’t look particularly safe.

‘You’ll be fine,’ assured Ashan holding out a hand for Powyn, ‘Famri’s harmless, she’s not going to hurt you!’

Powyn looked at Eirwen who gave him a firm nod.

‘See you on the other side,’ said Powyn giving Eirwen a quick hug before getting mounted on Famri behind Ashan.

‘Of the battle or with my parents?’ asked Eirwen.

‘Who knows,’ laughed Powyn.

‘Come on Famri,’ whispered Ashan in Famri’s ear, ‘it’s time to be free.’

Famri gave a soft roar and started to flap her wings gently. They started to lift off the ground slowly only a metre or so off the ground. Powyn looked like he was trying to change his mind and was going to jump off, but it was too late, Tambrith and Yther were in the air too now, and they were a good ten metres off the ground.

As they got higher in the air though, Powyn seemed to be getting less nervous as his face lit up with amazement in the early morning light. He was flying!

Soon they were at the same level as the castle walls and some of the knights who had just taken over on guard duty on the castle walls had their mouths hanging open. This wasn’t impossible, the dragons were free, and there was Dragon Lords flying on them.

‘Black Knights!’ called Owyn clearly.

‘Tell your king,’ he said contemptuously, ‘that we are fighting for our kingdom back. You can surrender now and join us, or fight, the choice is yours.’

There was now half a dozen knights listening to him all completely gobsmacked.

‘Intruders!’ yelled one of the knights, ‘call out the guard! The dragons are free!’

Owyn merely, rolled his eyes at the panicking knight, and took his hands from around Oshan’s waist he pointed his hands towards the knight and bolts of lightning came bursting out of Owyn’s hands and hit the knight. The knight shook for a moment as the lightning hit him and then lay on the ground unconscious in an enchanted sleep.

‘Cool!’ exclaimed Ashan and Oshan nodding at Owyn approvingly.

‘Bar the gates!’ yelled one of the other knights as they ran away, ‘Call out the guard!’

There was the sound of clanking armour as the knights ran around the castle in panic, and there was the sound of a drawbridge being shut from inside the castle gates.

‘Well, that went well,’ smirked Owyn.

‘How are we going to get in now?’ asked Gaelaeth.

‘Well, the gate is wooden, and we’ve got fire,’ said Eirwen, ‘we can deal with that.’

‘And the drawbridge?’ asked Elthered.

‘I’ll sort it!’ called Awyss flying off on Yther.

‘You ready to have some fun?’ asked Tim turning to Emma.

‘Yeah!’ exclaimed Emma excitedly.

‘Stand back!’ called Elthered pushing all the others back as Emma and Tim got ready to cast their fire spells.

Spurts of fire came flying out of Emma and Tim’s door and soon the wooden door in the stone wall protecting the castle was burnt to a cinder.

‘Traitors!’ said a knight getting out his sword to fight them even if he was twelve against one.

‘Don’t be a fool,’ muttered Hazel walking up to him.

She blew her magic straight into his face, and the knight fell into another enchanted sleep.

‘Six down,’ said Erik stepping casually over the sleeping knight’s body, ‘one hundred and twenty to go.’

‘But where are the others?’ asked Emma as they walked towards the drawbridge.

‘Getting ready for us,’ said Stefan, ‘they know we’re here now.’

‘How?’ asked Emma.

‘Well for the first thing,’ said Elthered, ‘those other knights will have roused the others by now. There are also three angry dragons flying around the castle.’

‘And also,’ said Gaelaeth pointing upwards and stringing his bow.

There were now two dozen archers standing on the battlements of the castle, they were all pointing into the courtyard at them. The knights were going to try and kill them before they even got into the castle!

Erik, Stefan, Llewel Onvyr and Ardryll strung their own bows, but they were too late!

The archers on the battlements loosed their arrows and the arrows rained down on the courtyard.

‘Duck for cover!’ yelled Tim.

Emma was gazing transfixed at the arrows falling from the sky

Eirwen threw herself on top of Emma and tackled her to the ground. Emma’s knees were slightly scraped from stone but neither of them got hit by the arrows.

But Onvry one of the elven warriors had been hit and didn’t get back off the ground.

‘Onvry!’ yelled Ardryll shaking Onvry’s body.

‘He’s not dead,’ said Elthered checking Onvry’s body, ‘he’s asleep.’

Eirwen picked up one of the fallen arrows and looked at the tip of the arrows.

‘Don’t touch it!’ she said quickly as Gaelaeth tried picking up one of the other arrows to inspect it.

‘They’re poisoned,’ she said, ‘they’ve been dipped in Nightshade if you get hit with one it’ll send you straight to sleep.’

Gaelaeth flinched as he stepped away from the arrows, and drew his own bow to aim at the archers.

The Elven warriors, Erik and Stefan fired arrows at the archers defending the battlements and they all hit their targets.

Remarkably, Erik and Stefan’s arrows flew straight through their targets killing them, only for the arrows to come flying straight back to Erik and Stefan who both caught their arrows before restringing them.

‘Incredible,’ said Llewel amazed.

The other archers now decided to try and aim at the dragons and their riders instead.

Bolts of lightning came shooting down from Owyn’s hands knocking out another four archers.

The archers loosed their arrows and there was now fifteen arrows flying straight at Owyn riding on the back of Tambrith.

Surely not all of those arrows could miss their targets.

Just when the arrows were about to hit Owyn though, Emma felt a sudden gust of wind.

Powyn was no longer clinging onto Ashan for dear life but was holding up both his hands, the arrows frozen in middle air inches away from his father. He was controlling the wind!

Powyn jerked his head and moved his hands and sent the arrows straight back to where they’d been fired from. The last fifteen archers were put into an enchanted sleep, having been hit by their own arrows.

‘Well done Powyn!’ called Eirwen waving her hand excitedly.

‘Gods above Powyn,’ said Owyn shaking his head, ‘you just saved my life!’

‘I did, didn’t I?’ muttered Powyn who was impressed by the extent of his own powers.

‘So we’ve dealt with those buffons,’ said Elthered, ‘but we’re still not in the castle.’

At that moment, the drawbridge was lowered, and Awyss stood innocently with her arms folded leaning against a wall.

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