The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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The Battle

‘Moons and Stars Awyss!’ exclaimed Eirwen, ‘how did you do that?’

‘Well, this lot are idiots,’ said Awyss. ‘They were so busy rushing around getting ready to fight you lot, that they didn’t notice a sweet innocent little girl.’

‘But how did you even get in?’ asked Hazel.

‘Yther dropped me off at the top of one of the towers, I grew up in this place, so I know all the secret passages. I slipped by unnoticed.’

‘You’re brilliant Awyss!’ exclaimed Emma giving her a huge hug.

‘Come on,’ said Erik, ‘we’ve still got to deal with the Black Knights and Gryffyn.’

‘They’ve broken in!’ called one of the knights as they realised the drawbridge was down.

‘Here we go,’ said Eirwen drawing her sword and standing back to back with Elthered.

‘Don’t forget,’ said Stefan, ‘stick to your pairs!’

At least forty knights came charging down the stairs into the second courtyard their swords drawn.

Erik, Stefan, Gaelaeth, Llwel and Ardryll drew their bows and at least ten knights were hit with arrows on the way down the stairs, the other Black Knights tripping over them in their rush down the stairs to reach the invaders.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, the elves put away their arrows and unsheathed their swords, the knights were fighting in one to one combat now as they were at a closer range.

Eirwen seemed to be fighting three different Black Knights at once, but she was more than holding her own.

There was still no sign of Gryffyn though, he was probably hiding somewhere.

Hazel and Evae rushed off running up the stairs at top speed. The knights didn’t notice Hazel and Evae slip past as there was so many of them.

They needed to find the servants quarters and make sure they were all safe. Just because their master King Gryffyn and his Black Knights were wicked, didn’t mean that they were. The servants were innocent.

Tim grabbed Emma’s wrist and started to pull her up a staircase.

‘Where are we going?’ asked Emma.

‘Where we can get a better target,’ laughed Tim as they ran.

Tim stopped on a balcony hanging over the inner courtyard where their friends were fighting the black knights, more of which were arriving by the minute, there had to be at least seventy knights in the courtyard now. But there was also a lot of knights on the floor either dead or asleep.

‘Now your job is to stop me from burning them too badly,’ said Tim.

‘If I set someone on fire you put them out again.’

‘Then why are we doing it in the first place.’

‘Because it’s fun,’ laughed Tim, ‘also it works as a great diversion tactic.’

Emma was confused but watched Tim.

Four knights were trying to fight Gaeleath and Llewel, and two more creeping behind them, about to stab the elves in the back.

Tim sent great balls of fire towards the two Black Knights creeping up behind the elves, and the Black Knights gave away their positions by screaming and jumping around in pain as they were on fire.

Emma sent water at them to put the two knights out, but Tim’s tactic had worked, Gaelaeth and Llewel killed the two knights before going back to fighting the others.

The battle was quick, because even though Emma and her friends were outnumbered nearly ten to one by the Black Knights none of them had magic.

Some of the Knights had been put into an enchanted sleep, others had been killed, but even more, had simply run away to the hills through the open gate.

Between people being set on fire magically, three angry dragons flying through the sky, and arrows that were acting like boomerangs and returning to their owners, the Knights were terrified and a lot of them ran away as fast as they could.

Most of the knights were gone, there was a few dozen left and they were all being rounded up, but Eirwen was getting angry now.

‘Where are you Uncle!’ she screamed as she slew another Black Knight trying to find Gryffyn.

‘Too cowardly to fight?’

Eirwen had been running through the castle looking for her Uncle followed by Emma, the rest of the group were trying to deal with the last of the Black Knights.

Eirwen stopped outside the throne room and saw that the door was bolted shut, a lot of the other doors had been left wide open.

‘Of course, he’d be in the ruddy throne room,’ she muttered, ‘he’s barricaded himself in.’

‘Stop hiding you coward!’ she yelled pounding on the locked door.

‘Most of this castle might be stone Eirwen,’ said Emma calmly, ‘but the doors aren’t.’

Eirwen gave Emma a nod as she stepped back from the door and Emma burnt the door and then put the fire out with her water powers.

Inside the throne room was a tall imposing man with a golden bejewelled crown on top of his dark hair and the same nose as Eirwen was sat on a golden throne, polishing his sword.

‘Hello Uncle,’ said Eirwen grimacing at him as she stepped into the throne room, ‘see you’ve made yourself at home.’

‘The proper way to address your King is your majesty Eirwen,’ smirked Gryffyn, ‘or did your parents forget to teach you manners?’

‘My parents are dead no thanks to you!’ said Eirwen drawing her sword and standing in a position ready to attack at any moment.

‘Don’t be ridiculous Eirwen,’ muttered Gryffyn.

'You and your freaky little friends are not going to win. Today my Black Knights will kill the last of the Wizards and the Sorceresses, and you will get exiled to Castra as you should have been two years ago.’

‘Today,’ said Gryffyn still creepily smiling at Eirwen, ‘I will secure my reign on the kingdom of Aeolgoyryn forever.’

‘Over my dead body,’ spat Eirwen.

‘So be it,’ said Gryffyn picking up his own sword and lunging at Eirwen who blocked him easily.

‘Get out of the way Emma!’ said Eirwen as she duelled her Uncle, ‘I don’t want you getting hurt.’

Emma nodded and ran to stand against the wall watching Eirwen and Gryffyn duel each other. Emma had never seen anything like it, they were both so fast on their feet and their swords were moving so quickly that all Emma could see was flashed of silver.

‘You’ve already lost Uncle,’ said Eirwen as they duelled, ‘your knights have been beaten, the ones that haven’t run away.’

‘You lie child,’ said Gryffyn, ‘my Black Knights would never run away, they’re too brave!’

‘Brave like you, you mean?’ laughed Eirwen.

‘So brave that you locked yourself in here whilst your knights fought for you?’

‘At least I didn’t run away,’ said Gryffyn, ‘I’m not the one who has spent the last two years sulking in the forest.’

‘Don’t you dare call me a coward!’ screamed Eirwen.

‘A coward sneaks into their brother's castle in the dead of night and kills him whilst he’s asleep.’

‘Gregor was a fool,’ smirked Gryffyn dodging another blow, ‘he was always far too trusting of me. He didn’t deserve to rule, he never wanted to. He didn’t want it so I took it!’

‘Don’t you dare speak against my father!’ said Eirwen her eye’s burning with rage, ‘King Gregor was a good king!’

‘Your father was an idiot, and his daughter runs around with Freaks.’

That did it. Eirwen pinned Gryffyn against the wall her sword at his throat in one swift move.

‘Yield Uncle,’ said Eirwen firmly.

‘You’re not going to win,’ smirked Gryffyn, ‘my Knights will save me!’

Eirwen was tempted to kill him, but she remembered her promise to Emma. She was not going to kill her Uncle unless she had no other choice.

Emma turned her head away from Eirwen and Gryffyn as she heard running out in the corridor.

‘Eirwen Emma,’ said Powyn breathlessly running in, ‘there you are, we’ve rounded up all the knights that are left. Have you had any luck finding Gryffyn?’

‘Oh,’ said Powyn taking in the scene and seeing Gryffyn pinned against the wall by Eirwen’s sword.

‘Your Knights can’t protect you now,’ said Eirwen.

‘Do you yield Uncle?’ asked Eirwen again more slowly this time.

Gryffyn glared at his niece and dropped his sword where it clattered onto the stone floor.

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