The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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Eirwen the Brave and Powyn the Fair

The remaining Black Knights who had been put into an enchanting sleep by Hazel were exiled to Castra a deserted island far away from the kingdom of Aeolgoyryn. Neither Gryffyn nor his Black Knights were ever seen in Aeolgoyryn again.

There was much rejoicing in the kingdom, everyone from the lowliest chambermaid in the castle to the richest lord in the land celebrated the fact that they were free from the tyranny of King Gryffyn.

There was singing and dancing in the streets, and wine flowed like water. But the biggest celebration of all came a month later.

Eirwen was sat in her chamber and Evae, Awyss and Emma were helping her get ready for the big day. Eirwen had already changed into her coronation dress which was deep blue and embroidered in golden thread.

‘I miss trousers,’ grumbled Eirwen pulling at the long skirt of her dress, ‘I’ve got nowhere to hide my sword.’

‘I don’t,’ laughed Awyss spinning around the room in a cream dress with silver flowers embroidered on it.

‘A queen doesn’t need a sword,’ said Evae, ‘she battles with her wits, and her reasoning not her sword.’

‘Unless the kingdom gets invaded,’ laughed Awyss, ‘and then it’s back on with the trousers and it’s Eirwen the Warrior Queen.’

Evae shook her head as she carefully pinned up Eirwen’s hair. She plaited Eirwen’s long hair and pinned it in a spiral with sapphire encrusted hairpins.

‘There,’ beamed Evae looking at her work, ‘fit for a queen.’

‘Are we ready your majesty?’ asked Elthered putting his head around the door.

‘Ready as I’ll ever be,’ muttered Eirwen getting up her long gown trailing behind her.

‘Your parents would have been very proud of you, they would have loved to see the wonderful woman you’ve become.’

‘Don’t make me cry Elthered,’ laughed Eirwen, ‘my face will get all blotchy, half the kingdoms out there.’

‘I’ve done all I can to prepare you for today,’ said Elthered, ‘you’re ready.’

Emma and Awyss were Eirwen’s attendants and picked up the back of Eirwen’s skirt so that she could walk properly without it trailing behind her.

They walked through to the throne room where half the kingdom was indeed waiting. Anyone who was anyone had come to the Coronation of their young Queen. Lords and ladies were sat next to the palace servants who had been given today off to come to the ceremony.

The queens royal guard were standing at the front of the room in their new uniforms with the royal crest. Gaelaeth, Llewel, Onvry and Ardryll had been rewarded for helping in the battle for the Celestial Palace by being given the greatest honour of being the King and Queens bodyguards.

The dragons were flying outside the window being ridden by Ashan and Oshan. They were flying by the balcony so they could see the ceremony.

Right at the very front though was stood Owyn and a very nervous Powyn. Powyn was pacing back and forth muttering to himself. Powyn was dressed in the same deep blue as Eirwen.

Powyn looked up as Eirwen walked into the room, and all his worry and doubts faded away.

Eirwen walked down the aisle with Emma and Awyss holding onto her long skirt so she didn’t trip.

‘Today is a very important day for the kingdom of Aeolgoyryn,’ said Owyn, ‘many of you here present attended the smaller ceremony a few weeks ago when princess Eirwen married my son Powyn. But today is a far more important ceremony because today Eirwen and Powyn will be married to our kingdom.’

‘Do you both promise to protect the kingdom of Aeolgoyryn to the best of your ability for now and always?’

‘I do,’ said Eirwen.

Owyn looked meaningfully at Powyn.

‘Oh I do,’ said Powyn, who had been distracted as he was so nervous.

Owyn nodded and Eirwen and Powyn took their seats at the thrones and Erik and Steffan walked over with the crowns. One crown was silver and encrusted with sapphires shaped liked flowers, the other crown was gold.

‘I present to you Queen Eirwen the Brave,’ said Owyn putting the silver crown on Eirwen’s head.

‘And King Powyn the Fair,’ he finished putting the gold crown on his son’s head.

‘All hail Queen Eirwen! All hail King Powyn!’ called Owyn.

‘All hail Queen Eirwen! All hail King Powyn!’ cheered the congregation.

Eirwen beamed down at her subjects and Powyn smiled shyly.

It was going to take him a bit of time to get used to being king, that was for sure!

The celebrations went on all day, and that evening Emma was sat in the library with Eirwen and Powyn. Powyn loved books, and he had missed them whilst he had been away for two years, so he was trying to make up for the lost time.

‘I can’t believe I’m king,’ muttered Powyn as he came over to the table with a huge stack of books.

‘It’s mainly an advisory capacity,’ sighed Eirwen, ‘I’m going to be doing most of the ruling. I’ve been training for it since I was born.’

‘I know but it’s a lot of pressure,’ said Powyn.

‘You’ll do great,’ assured Emma, ‘you’ll be an amazing King. You’re not king Powyn the Fair for nothing.’

‘Usually fair means pretty,’ smirked Powyn, ‘and it’s usually used when talking about girls.’

‘It means you’re a fair judge,’ said Eirwen.

‘You treat people fairly, and you’re willing to help anyone. You’re going to be an amazing king.’

‘I’m sure you’re right,’ chuckled Powyn.

‘Emma!’ called a distant voice.

‘Ye Gods!’ said Emma, ‘I’ve got to go!’

‘To your own world?’ asked Eirwen.

Emma bit her lip and nodded.

‘May the Gods and Fates preserve you,’ said Eirwen hugging Emma.

‘May the moons and stars watch over you,’ said Powyn.

‘Until we meet again,’ finished Emma.

As she finished saying this the library began to fade around her, and Emma was back in her bedroom again.

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