The Last Sorceress and the Amulet

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Emma put away all her books on the shelf apart from the Hero’s Journey, which she put on her bedside table so she could have another adventure tomorrow.

She then headed down to the kitchen, where Sam was busy getting started on a shepherd’s pie. Meghan was a vegetarian, so she was going to be using Quorn meat rather than beef.

Sam was singing to herself, as she took the pan of potatoes off the stove, that she had just finished boiling.

‘Do you want me to mash those for you?’ asked Emma taking the pan of potatoes from her.

‘If you don’t mind,’ said Sam going back to the filling, ‘don’t forget to add plenty of cheese and butter. The recipe’s up on the laptop.’

Emma looked at the recipe and began to grate the cheddar, before adding the butter and cheese to the potatoes and mashing them all together.

Whilst Emma was doing this, Sam was standing by the oven stirring the mixture of Quorn mince, onions, peas and carrots and singing the strangest of songs to herself.

'My name is Angus Prune, and I listen to I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again!

My name is Angus Prune, and I never miss, I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again!

Well I sit in my bath, and I have a good laugh, cause the sig tune is named after me!

My name is Angus Prune, and this is my tune, and it goes ISIRTA! I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again!’

Who in the world was Angus Prune? Wondered Emma as Sam started singing the song again.

Then Emma remembered that she was going to try and find some recordings of that show for her Mum. You never know what you could find online these days.

As she finished mashing the potatoes, she went onto YouTube on the laptop and typed I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again full episodes, into the search bar.

She doubted anything was going to show up, but she was wrong. The first thing that appeared, was a video called ISIRTA- I’m Sorry I’ll Sing That Again full album, and then there was a playlist of videos, with about sixty episodes of the old radio show.

‘Mum!’ called Emma from the table.

‘Hmm?’ muttered Sam as she got an ovenproof dish out of the cupboard and poured the filling into it.

‘I think I’ve found something you’ll like,’ beamed Emma.

Emma clicked on the first video, and there was an old crackly recording of a record singing about something called Full Frontal Radio.

‘No way!’ exclaimed Sam at the end of the first song.

‘How did you find this; I’ve got that record upstairs.’

‘It’s on YouTube,’ shrugged Emma.

‘You are amazing!’ said Sam hugging Emma.

Sam and Emma sat down together at the kitchen table and spread out the mashed potatoes on top of the filling, whilst listening to the old songs.

Sam showed Emma how to flatten the potatoes with the back of a fork, and by the time that Meghan got back from the hospital, the pie was browning in the oven, and they had listened to some songs that made no sense whatsoever, but were surprisingly catchy, such as The Beatles parody Denmark Street.

Emma’s favourite song so far though was The Ferret Song which was sung by John Cleese.

It was completely ridiculous, and John was singing about how he had a ferret sticking up his nose and how it affected his sense of smell.

Even though the songs were insane, and the whole cast seemed to be crackers, that was what made it so funny!

They were just reaching the end of the Julie Andrews song, which was worshipping the famous actress when Meghan got back home.

‘Is there anybody in?’ called Meghan as she came in the front door.

‘Mummy!’ exclaimed Emma leaping up from the table and rushing through to the hallway to hug her.

‘I’ve missed you,’ said Emma giving Meghan a huge hug.

‘I’ve missed you too Cariad,’ laughed Meghan hugging her back.

‘Have you two been cooking?’ asked Meghan as Emma and Meghan went into the kitchen, ‘because it smells fantastic.’

‘Dinner’s in about ten minutes,’ said Sam who had paused the video that she and Emma had been listening to.

‘You’ve even done the washing up,’ exclaimed Meghan surprised.

‘I helped!’ said Emma.

‘You two spoil me too much,’ said Meghan shaking her head.

Sam got the shepherds pie out of the oven and served it on plates. There was still a portion leftover so that Meghan could take some to work with her tomorrow.

Emma and Sam told Meghan about finding the ISIRTA videos online, and how cool it was. But Meghan had never heard of it.

‘It came out in the sixties and seventies,’ shrugged Sam, ‘so I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of it.’

‘Sammy,’ chuckled Meghan, ‘we weren’t born until the eighties!’

‘Yeah I know, I used to listen to my Dads records of them,’ said Sam.

Meghan still looked thoroughly unconvinced.

‘They’re really cool Mummy!’ said Emma, ‘you should try them!’

‘Who’s in this fantastic radio show then,’ laughed Meghan giving in as it was two against one.

‘John Cleese,’ said Sam.

Meghan rose her eyebrows in interest.

‘Jo Kendall, David Hatch, Bill Odie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke Taylor.’

‘Full House!’ called Meghan.

‘I spot The Goodies,’ smirked Meghan who even though she found some of Sam’s old taste in television a bit weird, could always find time for The Goodies.

‘Who are The Goodies?’ asked Emma.

‘You’ll find out after dinner,’ beamed Sam.

‘If you’re getting the DVD’s out, she should take a bath first,’ interjected Meghan.

Emma tried to protest, she hated baths, her hair didn’t even need washing!

‘I hate baths,’ muttered Emma, ‘besides I washed my hair yesterday morning.’

‘You can have a bubble bath if you want,’ said Meghan, ‘as long as you take one.’

‘What about my hair,’ said Emma, pulling at her hair which was starting to come out of its plaits, ‘it’ll get wet!’

‘Come here,’ laughed Sam.

Sam quickly unpinned Emma’s plaits from that morning and brushed her fingers gently through Emma’s hair and then replaited Emma’s hair and pinned it up in a spiral.

‘Now you can enjoy a nice deep bath, and your hair won’t get wet,’ nodded Sam.

‘Thanks, Mum you’re the best!’

Emma went to go and get out some clean pyjamas, and Sam ran her a bath in the huge bathtub with plenty of scented bubbles.

‘Mum,’ asked Emma as Sam ran the bath, ‘how are you so good at doing hair if yours is so short?’

‘Well,’ said Sam, ‘until I went off to uni my hair was very long, almost waist length. Then I cut it all off when I was about eighteen. I used to plait my hair every single day, now I do Meghan’s instead, and now I do yours too.’

Once the bath was run properly, Sam left to go and find The Goodies DVDs, and Emma got in the bath and soaked in the luxuriously deep and warm bath for ages until the water started to cool.

She then hopped out of the bath and got into her pyjamas and headed downstairs.

Meghan and Sam were both sat on the sofa, and Oscar the cat was sat on Sam’s lap purring loudly.

Emma curled up on the sofa next to Meghan, and Sam put the DVD on.

Sam and Meghan introduced her to The Goodies, and Emma was able to put some faces to some of the voices she had heard on the videos earlier.

She loved The Goodies, and her favourite was Tim Brooke Taylor, who Meghan always said looked like a choir boy with his light blonde hair.

After the first disc, Emma started to yawn widely.

‘Bed!’ said Meghan firmly as she saw Emma yawning.

‘But I’m not tired!’ protested Emma.

‘If you don’t go to bed,’ said Sam, ‘you won’t have any energy for adventures tomorrow.’

‘Adventures?’ said Emma confused.

That’s when Emma remembered her new book and rushed up to bed straight away. She fell asleep thinking about all the exciting adventures she might get up to the next day.

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