Surviving Middle School

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About an 11 year old girl aka me who is starting middle school a journey through he highs and lows through her sad and happy and her surviving.

Children / Drama
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First day

Well it was the first day it’s finally here. Hi got up and got ready I jogged zoom I knew no one. I zoomed in to 6 classes in one day it was so Jared and tiring. I finally finished but had hours of homework. I finished it and I ate a snack and sat in bed and laid there wondering if it would ever go back to normal I missed my old friends normal school and no masks. But this is life right now and it all happened for reasons.

A few days after we all got eachothers numbers we all started talking and became friends. It was hard for all of us but together we would get through it. We all FaceTimed in class to help and we looked out for eachother. We all became close like last year. It was starting to feel alittle normal.

After awhile I figured out that one of them was my neighbors it was cool. We met up and talked it was nice after we started to talk everyday. We had sleepovers and hung out after zoom we even did zoom together. She just moved to the neighborhood to so we bonded, it wa nice to have a friend near me. And before we new it......
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