Surviving Middle School

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Some Sort Of Normal

My mom got a call that morning that we would go back to school to days a week two days at home and one day we were to independent studies. Once we go back to school and then a new girl her name was Carenza we became really close we hung out our parents knew each other. And then after we became super close met another girl her name is Eliyse we also became really close with her and then we all hang out we had a bunch of sleepovers. All of are parents became super close and we hung out all the time in school and luckily we had all the same classes.Everybody in the west of the inseparable trioWe went to her Halloween party and we went trick-or-treating the other and we all had so much fun . When we have this we are you got even closer we were only known as the inseparable trio we were known as the trouble trio we did get into a lot of trouble we had so much fun while doing it I mean it wasn’t that bad of trouble I mean a few missing assignments but I mean the teachers took that way too much.

This went on for quite a while we kept going for two days a week we did independent studies and then we had online days where we zoomed in. And then Christmas came we were all so happy that this year was going to end We knew that the next year is going to be amazing we’re all going to spend so much time together and have a wonderful time. So for Christmas break I went away with my dad to New York I miss them so much while I was gone there but it made me realize how much the matter to me at the new year I made a video and made sure they knew how much I appreciated them and how much they made my year so much better. We got back and they announced we’re going to go back to school normal obviously with stuff to wear masks but at least it would be normal.
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