Surviving Middle School

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Back to normal but with a twist

After we heard the news about all of us going back together normal but at least still with masks. We were all so happy we got to see the whole class and all of our classes I was excited because I still already knew some people in the school. Like my old friend Lexie and Lizzie and Amelia and Chloe the girl who I met in my neighborhood. It was going to be so much fun and I know it will be a great start to this new year. So we all went back obviously still with our masks and it was really fun we had some nice times fun times and sad times. Sometimes got really hard and really tough but I made it through it because I’m still here today aren’t I exactly no matter how tough it is I got through it. Some days I don’t wanna be here and some days I did I knew that if I want to ended it then I wouldn’t of had all those memories.

And all this leads up to now we’ve been doing this back to normal schedule for quite a while now. Right now it’s January 15, 2021 although 2020 was such a bad year and it’s not so good at the start of this year either I mean yes we’re back to school normal. But we still have masks and we still have Covid and we stuff to social distance. And it’s tough when you get sick you have to go home is in the home and Internet sucks in your grades go down and then your parents get mad at you. Sometimes it’s really tough but we’re all going to get through it because in the end something will happen. So just so you know matter how tough it is you will always get through it and something I will turn out in the end because even the Cove it happened I met my amazing friends Carenza and Eliyse and many more.
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