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Hollys Adventure’s

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Holly has lots of fun. Finding out what each day can bring.

Children / Poetry
Shane rossall
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Splashing in Puddles

Hollys day had just begun
As she looked out the window there was no Sun
Mum and Dad said don’t be sad
We’ll have some fun, that will make you glad.

As we saw the rain pour down
Puddles began to fill on the ground.
Getting dressed as fast as she can
Spinning around and around and around

Be sure to wrap up nice and warm
The wind and rain could make a storm.
Don’t forget your hats and gloves
Put on your coat and smile like you should.

But don’t forget your wellies mum said
I found them in a box in the shed.
Slip, slip on go the wellies
Time to go and splash, splash in the puddles.

Splash, splash, splashing so high
The sun began to shine in the sky.
The puddles began to disappear
I knew the next adventure was near.

So as the puddle began to fade
It was time for lunch, what shall we eat
Take off those wellies, and dry your feet.

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