The Coronavirus

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My life during the Coronavirus

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The Deadly Virus

My Life During Coronavirus

Chapter – 1 The Corona Virus

I was in bed. When I woke up, I heard about the new pandemic called the Coronavirus. I was shocked. I told my mom, dad, cousins and relatives to wear masks and gloves while going out. I was also thinking what has happened to Earth. I was calmed down when I saw the number of cases was 1 – 10 and no deaths. But after a few days, I saw the cases go up to 100+ and many deaths reported by the news in the UAE. By then online classes had started for me. I was surprised. I missed my classmates a lot. My father needed to go to the mall. I tried to convince him to go to the grocery because there would be less number of people there. But he then went and promised that he will take a bath and would not touch me when he comes back. So then I let him go. I did not know how long this pandemic will go on. I thought my life will be fun, exiting and amazing. But when the pandemic came, my life changed a million times worse !!!!. I was just with my mom and dad. It was jst three of us. It has been almost 3 months since I stepped the door mat. The pandemic was not amazing, fun or good. It was boring. No one likes to get the coronavirus. Not even me !!!!. I have been home for days and days. I sometimes get angry of the coronavirus. My life has now changed a lot and a lot.

Chapter – 2 What to do

I was just not doing anything. Just playing board games with my mom and dad whenever they are free. I am especially worried about my mom because she needs to go to office from last month. Now there is nothing to do during the Coronavirus. My life has changed a lot. I did not want this to happen. Not even once. I do not know when will this end. And I only have one question –

How did this pandemic ( Coronavirus ) start ?

I know everything else of the Coronavirus exept for one question. How did it start? I am bored because there is nothing to do. Nothing to say. Always here, here, here. Never ever went out since the Coronavirus started .

Chapter – 3 Online Learning

I started having online classes. I had everything online itself. I wanted to go back to school, but no choice. The only choice I have is to stay here and not go to school. I just went up to fourth grade. My best buddies are Divit , Johan , Akil , Arsh , Armaan and many more friends that I have. We have assemblies in zoom. M’am gives us links to join the zoom meeting with the password. I am already tired of online learning. I do not like the screen of the laptop or tab because:

It sometimes makes my head pain and I lose my focus.

It makes my eye pain.

It reduces my eyesight.

I pray to god everyday that this pandemic will be over soon and I can go to school and play with my friends. I do not know how much time this pandemic will be here. I want it to be over.. tomorrow , this week , this month or this year. I just want this pandemic to get over and never return. When the pandemic is no more, I will thank god and meet my school friends again and it will go back to normal.

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