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“Good morning Tinsel ,” said Darcey who was about to kiss her on the nose. Darcey and Tinsel were best friends and they like to do everything together. There was a little twist though Tinsel was a pony and Darcey was a human but they were still best friends. Darcey owned Tinsel because her mum has got a horse to called Peter and he was a grey and she got her own farm . Darcey’s mum was called Esther and Darcey’s dad was called Ben but Darcey like to call him Benyboy and Benyboy had three dog ,who always went to hunt or play in the fields , Their names were Teddy , Rosie and Bella (Bella was a softy ).

Let me tell you about their farm. When you come in you can see a huge outdoor school on your left side an on the right you can see the barn and the stables.The indoor school is right next to the barn because there’s a gate at the end of the barn and that is the entrance to the school . If you keep walking on straight you will see three big sheds one for the tack one for the food and the other is for keeping the head collars ,lead ropes and buckets but especially carrots.

Any way enough about Darcey’s family and the farm let me tell you more about Tinsel . Now you are probably wondering why Darcey chose Tinsel because there’s millions of perfect pony’s out there so why pick this one? Well let me just say that is a good question. There a little farm just 2 streets away and Darcey’s mum was best friends with the owner and the owner (who’s name is Jacki)bought Tinsel and well Esther decided to buy Tinsel . She was named Tinsel because Esther bought her around Christmas time.And well Darcey fell in love with her as soon as she looked into her eyes and so did Tinsel .Tinsel is not just a pony or friend but as long as she stays with Darcey and Darcey’s life she will always be family. Tinsel was a grey but she had light brown patch’s and a beautiful mane which always sparkled in the moonlight on a full moons.

Ok as munch as we love Tinsel l think I should tell you a little bit more about Darcey Ok. Darcey had very long,Dark blonde hair and her bedroom was filled with rosettes that she won with Tinsel .Her favourite subject was P.E. Every day she would get up brush her hair get dressed have breakfast and go to see Tinsel had she would always take a carrot or a apple but if her mum was baking flapjacks she would take two .One for her self and one for Tinsel.

It was Darcey’s favourite day of the year,Summer break and even the dogs like it because they get even more walks than usual. Darcey like it because she gets to spend more time with Tinsel. “Are you ready to go for a ride and jump logs in the field?” asked Darcey .
“Na na,” replied Tinsel. Darcey was now putting on tinsel’s tack. After that she put on her gloves and hat and stood on the block. The next second she on and heading to the fields. There was a jumps scattered around the field and they were like cross country jumps.They were like cross country jumps because they had small hedges logs fences and all of the things like that.

About 5 minutes later Darcey’s mum (esther)appeared around the corner and it looked like some kind of flier in her hand “Darcey Darcey you have to enter in this competition because you so good at cross country jumps,” said Esther out of breath. Esther handed the flier to Darcey. Darcey saw the flier along the top it said JUNIOR CROSS COUNTRY competition starts at the first of June .competitors must be 18 or under . Darcey thought about this for 2minutes and then said “What do you think Tinsel do think we will win ?”
“Na Na Na (we will win),”replied Tinsel.
“OK we will do it,” said Darcey looking at Esther.
“Great but you will need to practice every day Darcey,”said Darcey’s mum.

The the very next day at 12 o’clock Darcey was down the farm Tinsel was tacked and ready to train for the competition and so was Darcey. She went in the very first field where all the jumps are and an hour later Darcey’s mum came out in the field with a picnic basket and set down a blanket. “Come and have lunch,”called her mum getting out a ham sandwiches.Darcey sat down and enjoyed her lunch whiles Tinsel was enjoying her which was the lush-green grass. When the time was 3 o’clock Darcey’s parents always called her to come home so she didn’t spend every hour of the day practicing for the competition.

One day ,(the third day of practicing)Darcey said to Tinsel “only three days left,”.When Darcey was on the third day of training she seemed that she always rides at 12 and goes home at 3 o’clock. Some times Darcey thinks that she not going to win but then she has Tinsel to remind her that she can win this that we can both win the competition .

Today was the day of competition. The competition starts at 1 o’clock and Tinsel was in the trailer( a horse box ) and ready to go Darcey was in the back seat with Tinsel’s tack and grooming box.They left at 10 o’clock because it’s a hour drive so when they get there they can look around. Tinsel was fine in a horse box because Darcey and Tinsel always went to competitions and plus Tinsel has a lot of hay which keeps any horse intertained. Right?

A hour later, they arrived at the competition Tinsel was tied up out of the trailer eating the grass with her saddle on.Whiles Tinsel was eating Darcey’s parent were signing her in the competition she was checking the place out when she looked over to the fields (where the jumps where) she couldn’t believe that if she like it she could do this for another 8 years and she could maybe win. After her parent had her signed in they told her what the prize is for the person that won the competition. “OMG,”said Darcey amazed but I can understand the prize was 110 pounds.All Darcey thought about was what she could buy for Tinsel: new bride bade ,salt licks and bands (for plainting her pony’s mane and tail). Now all she was saying to her self was I have to win. “OK can I have number 82 go in the field ready to jump please
,said a man who was holding a microphone, number 82.”

A few minutes later Darcey and Tinsel were in the field ready to win the competition and as soon as the judge said go Tinsel and Darcey were quick as lightning. Bit of grass went flying everywhere and it was so hard to see that’s was how fast they were going. They were going over each jump like they had done it a thousand. Well they have at the farm but they weren’t this high though.Darcey could hear her parents cheering her on and when she went over the last jump she realised that that jump would not have been the same with out Tinsel.

Darcey was the last person to jump so Darcey brushed of Tinsel gave her apples , carrots and a big kiss.When she had finished that Darcey and her parent went to get a hot dog and it wasn’t very it was just opposite Tinsel and of course she got to eat the grass.After that, the judges had made up there mind about who won the show. The man with the microphone said “number 82 won the competition ,he shouted ,number 82 won the competition.”That was DARCEY Darcey WON the COMPETITION. As soon as Darcey heard she race to Tinsel and gave the biggest hug and kiss ever.Even Tinsel was happy she gave a “Na Na Na Na ,”. Tinsel truly was family.
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