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My little book of Magical tales

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This story I wrote is nice you guys can make your children read it.

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Magical tales

The lonely princess

Princess Amelie lives in a tall tower in the middle of a forest.she never sees anybody,or speaks to anyone .she is very lonely.One day ,she hears footsteps outside and runs to the door .

How amazing!A unicorn and her foal are standing on the path.At first ,the unicorn is shy and nervous.she won't let princess Amelie get close to having company so she is very quiet and gentle.

They spend the whole day together, and gradually the unicorn begins to trust Amelie.

As night falls ,Amelie begins to cry.
'I have had such a lovely day',she weeps.'you made me so happy, and now you must go. Please, please will you come to visit me again?'

The unicorn nuzzles Amelie's shoulder.'We don't need to have,'she whispers.'We are afraid of the forest, so can stay with you forever if you will have us? Amelie is very happy indeed.

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