Tiger Dreams

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"This had better be good."

Her father stormed into the room, face like thunder, and Ella hadn't even told him the bad news yet..


Ella rushed to the side of her mother, the woman lifeless in her arms, looking up, Ella saw her father, not crying, but staring at the floor. When he raised his head, his eyes were like ice. Ella felt her heart race, as if a leopard were chasing her at full speed down the sand, with no where to go, to escape its claws that would rip her apart.

"What did you do?!"

Her eyes filled with tears of horror. He thought SHE did this?!

She couldn't find anything to say, she did nothing but cradled her mother in her arms. "I didn't do anything.."

Her father growled a cruse under his breath, and simply walked out of the room, without looking back to comfort his daughter.

"You should have."

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