Tiger Dreams

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Before dawn, Ella stepped off of the back door step, holding a single bottle of water, she made for the woods.

She had to go before she was seen, before her father got up.

"What in the heck are you doing?"

She felt a cold hand pull her back a step.

She said nothing, feeling her tears enter her eyes again. No. She had to be strong.

"I'm leaving."

She said simply, standing up for herself.

She heard her father scoff, his grip got tigher on her shoulder, and she felt like it was going to snap into two parts, and she would have to go to hospital.

"You're staying here."

Was all he said, before he seized her arm, and started to drag her into the house. Ella was shoved into the kitchen and she fell to the floor she had just washed yesterday.

She groaned in pain. Her ankle hurt.

"You are not leaving this house,"

Her dad growled as he locked the door. He turned to her, and glanced at her ankle, he smirked.

"Ella, my servant,"

This made Ella shiver,

"You are not leaving my house, ever."

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