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Luna hasn't had it easy. From a freak accident that left her with a permanent reminder of that night, to the panic attacks and nightmares that constantly plague her mind, it is hard to lead a normal life. On top of that, add her frail immune system and her exotic eye color to the mix and you have the recipe for disaster. But she is not alone. Fighting alongside her are her very protective six older brothers, including her lovely triplets. You heard me right, she is the only girl in this household. Crazy, right? Well, you haven't seen anything yet....

Children / Romance
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Luna Hart. Not only is she a triplet, but also the youngest duckling in the Hart family (and let me tell you it is not a small one...) With 6 overprotective brothers that would lay down their lives for her, you would think she was a sheltered little girl that has everything she might ever want.

Wrong. From her frail immune system to the death of her parents at the tender age of 8 years old, life seems to have it out for her. Unpleasant comments about her eye color and dirty looks are thrown her way but she pays them no mind. Her brothers are all she will ever need and want.

Her brothers. Anyone who looks at her the wrong way will get a sharp glare in return. They are a bunch of hormonal, moody, caring, overprotective, sweet, funny boys and Luna wouldn’t trade them for the world, even if sometimes they are a real pain the ass and tease her to no end.

Luna. Meaning moon in Spanish. Before the youngest and only girl of the Hart siblings was born the family was in a dark place. With their mother suffering from depression and their father finding comfort in alcohol when the bills came at the end of the month, things couldn’t get much worse. Despite all this, their parents still managed to love their sons but they could see beyond their fake smiles. Their sister’s birth was what brought back the light. She gave them a reason to fight. She is their moon. The one who guided them out of the darkness. The one who made them smile again. The name was only fitting.

Join Luna and her brothers as she goes through her ups and downs. She will battle her nightmares and panic attacks. She will smile laugh and who knows? Maybe she’ll even find someone to love...

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