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The 00's: Year Two

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The second installment of The 00's series.

Children / Humor
Joseph Butler IV
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Amanda Falls In Love

It was early September of 2002. The school was shortly about to start yet again. It was the first day of the new school year that morning.

Kevin was now in 5th grade, I and Steve were in 3rd grade, and Cody upgraded from Kindergarten to 1st grade. Matthew was now in preschool, and not yet old enough to enter Kindergarten yet. That moment was only one year away from him.

Amanda and Nathan were in the same grade as I and Steve, so they were also in 3rd grade. Ariana and Brad were just one grade above me and Steve, so they were in 4th grade. The alarm clock in Steve and Kevin’s room proceeded to wake them up to get ready for the first day of the new school year.

When it went off, Kevin woke up and turned it off. Then both Steve and Kevin woke up from the sound of the alarm clock. Steve did some stretching and yawning shortly after the alarm clock woke him up.

“Good morning, Kev.“, said Steve. “Good morning bro.“, said Kevin. “I guess it’s about that time to start another year of school again.“, said Steve.

“Yep. I’m gonna go start getting ready.“, said Kevin. “Same here.“, said Steve. Then both boys started getting ready to kick off another year of elementary school.

Later on, Steve and Kevin arrived near the dining room table to have the most important meal of the day which was breakfast. Kevin went ahead and poured himself a bowl of cereal along with some milk to go with it. And Steve did the same thing Kevin did after Kevin poured himself some cereal and milk.

They then both sat down and started eating breakfast. Anna then arrived near the dining room table. “There go my two handsome 3rd and 5th graders!“, said Anna.

“Good morning mom.“, said Kevin. “Good morning mom. And thanks.“, said Steve. “You guys excited to finally start another school year?“, said Anna.

“I’m usually pretty neutral about first days at school, but since this is my final year of elementary school, I’d say I’m pretty happy about starting a new school year.“, said Kevin. “I’m pretty excited too.“, said Steve. “That’s wonderful to hear guys.“, said Anna.

Then Kevin Sr. arrived near the dining room table and sat down with a newspaper and a cup of coffee already in hand. “Well look who it is?! It’s our new 3rd and 5th graders!“, said Kevin Sr. “They grow up so fast, don’t they?“, Anna asked her husband.

“Too fast.“, Kevin Sr. told his wife. “And I’m also really excited that Cody is finally gonna start 1st grade today. And then next year, Matthew will be in Kindergarten!“, said Anna. “And it was a pretty decent summer while it lasts, but now it’s back to business.“, said Kevin.

Then Cody arrived near the dining room table and sat down at the dining room table. “And there goes my handsome 1st grader!“, said Anna. “Hey, Cody.“, said Kevin. “Hey, buddy! How does it finally feel to be a 1st grader?!“, said Steve.

“Eh, it doesn’t feel any different from Kindergarten.“, said Cody. “Well, a new year never feels any different fellas, but as time progresses on, you’ll soon experience a great amount of change.“, said Kevin Sr. Then Matthew arrived near the dining room table and sat down.

“And there goes my handsome little preschooler ready to start his last year of preschool before Kindergarten!“, said Anna. Then Steve and Kevin got finished with breakfast. “Alright, the bus should be arriving to pick me and Steve up any minute now.“, said Kevin as he was checking his watch.

“Then I and your mom will drop off Cody and Matthew before we both head off to work.“, said Kevin Sr. “It’s been a long time since that morning routine honey.“, said Anna. Then the school bus arrived from outside.

“Alright, that’s our ride!“, said Kevin as he got up. “See ya mom! See ya dad!“, said Steve as he got up. Then Anna kissed both of her two eldest sons goodbye before they both went off to start their new school year.

“Have fun at school today guys! Stay out of trouble! See ya!“, said Anna. Then Steve and Kevin exited the apartment complex and got on the school bus. I was already on the bus before both of them got on it.

Steve sat down next to me, and Kevin sat down behind me and Steve. “What’s up?“, said Steve. “What’s up?“, I said.

Then the school bus drove off. “Man, it sure was a stressful summer!“, I said. “Yeah, I couldn’t believe the news either when they said you had to go to summer school this past June.“, said Steve.

“I have to pay more attention to my schoolwork this year, and try to avoid any bad grades that could potentially put me back in summer school next summer or worse.“, I said. “And I think I know what you mean when you say worse.“, said Steve. “Nobody wants to get left back in elementary school. I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy.“, I said.

“But on the bright side, you ended up not getting left-back, and get to move on to the 3rd grade with me, Amanda, and Nathan. You just got to avoid another round of summer school this year.“, said Steve. “Yeah, I just wanna enjoy my next summer vacation with no schooling whatsoever.“, I said. “In other news, it’s my last year of elementary school. It’ll be the last year that all three of us attend the same school together.“, said Kevin.

“In other news, nobody cares!“, said Steve. “So, how’s the dog been over the past three months.“, I said. “He’s been good. He’s gotten bigger ever since we first took him in last year.“, said Steve.

“Have you got your own games yet Jamal?“, said Kevin. “No, not yet. That’s still one thing that hasn’t changed this past summer.“, I said. “Well, who knows Jamal? You might see yourself owning a PlayStation 2 by next fall.“, said Steve.

Then after that conversation ended, all three of us finally arrived at school for the first time that school year. I, Steve, and Kevin got off of the school bus and headed inside the building. Once we arrived inside, we had to go inside the school’s main office to get our new class schedules.

Then once we got our new schedules for the new year, all three of us headed back outside. “Well, now that I’ve got my last class schedule of elementary school, I must head off and make sure that I find myself in junior high next year. See ya guys!“, said Kevin. “See ya, Kev!“, said Steve. “Catch you later Kevin!“, I said. Then Kevin went on to start his last year at Robert Burns Elementary School.

Then I and Steve looked at our new class schedules. “Looks like you and I will be in the same class most of the time.“, said Steve. “Yeah, and my first class of the new year is also your first class of the new year.“, I said.

“Well, I guess we better not waste any more time before 4th grade starts.“, said Steve. “Let’s do this!“, I said. Then I and Steve went to our first class of the new year.

I and Steve soon arrived at our first class of the day. All of the other 3rd graders were talking and playing around before the teacher arrived. Then Nathan and Amanda spotted the both of us.

“Well, look who it is?!“, said Nathan. “What’s up Nathan?“, said Steve. “Hey.“, I said.

“So, what have you two been up to this past summer?“, said Amanda. “I had to make up for my bad grades back in summer school. You two don’t remember?“, I said. “Oh yeah! That totally slipped our minds dude.“, said Nathan.

“What about you Steve?“, said Amanda. “Oh, there’s way too much to mention. I have been watching a lot of Tigers baseball.“, said Steve. “Well, that’s good to hear.“, said Amanda.

Then our female teacher arrived, and the whole class suddenly quieted down. “Alright everybody, welcome to 3rd grade. I’m well aware all of you don’t know me. Anyways, I’m gonna be one of your new teachers for this school year. And from now on, we’re gonna be moving on from the multiplication last year to division.“, said the teacher. “So, with all that being said, please get your textbooks out and turn to page seven please.“, said the teacher. Then the rest of the classroom did just that.


It was recess time later on that day. All of us got outside for the first time that school year to enjoy some much needed fresh air after being inside all day. Then Amanda quickly approached Ariana sitting on one of the swings.

“Ariana, I need to talk to you about something.“, said Amanda. “Ok, I’m all ears. What do you need to talk to me about?“, said, Ariana. Then Amanda sat down on the other swing next to Ariana.

“If I tell you this, I would appreciate it if you kept it secret.“, said Amanda. “Sure, Amanda. What’s on your mind?“, said, Ariana. “I think I’m starting to like Jamal.“, said Amanda.

“Ok, now there are all different types of like. Which one are you referring to? Friendly like? Classmate like? General like?“, said, Ariana. “Like like.“, said Amanda. “Oh, that type of like.“, said, Ariana.

“Well, that’s awesome Amanda! Have you ever thought about telling Jamal how you feel?“, said, Ariana. “I have for a long, long time. I started developing these romantic feelings for him over the summer months, and seeing how much older he’s gotten at the start of 3rd grade was the final straw for me. I’m just afraid that if I tell him how I feel, he might turn me down and we’ll never be boyfriend and girlfriend.“, said Amanda. “Well, do you want to be Jamal’s girlfriend?“, said, Ariana.

“Yeah.“, said Amanda. “Well, you shouldn’t be afraid of rejection. There’s no reason to be. You are a beautiful young lady, so there should be no reason Jamal would turn you down.“, said, Ariana. “So, what should I do?“, said Amanda.

“You should tell him how you feel, and ask him to be your boyfriend. Now, he might say no and still wanna be friends. Or he might not wanna be in a relationship yet since all of us are still in elementary school. But he might just say yes to being in a romantic relationship with you. Knowing Jamal, any of those scenarios are more likely to occur with the desire of something more than just being friends.“, said, Ariana. “So, can you help me muster up the courage to explain these feelings I have for him?“, said Amanda. “Of course, that’s what friends are for.“, said, Ariana.

“Awesome! Thank you so much! What would I do without a friend like you?“, said Amanda. “I’m not sure. That’s why I’m so thankful we’re best friends and can be able to discuss our relationship issues with each other. And maybe one day, I’ll be coming to you for relationship advice.“, said, Ariana. “And I’d be happy to help.“, said Amanda with a smile showing on her face.


The next day at recess, Amanda and Ariana got together again to help Amanda explain her romantic feelings towards me. “Alright, there he is. Now, all you have to do is tell him how you feel.“, said, Ariana. “Ok, I think I’m fully ready to do this.“, said Amanda.

“Are you positive you’re ready to do this.“, said, Ariana. “I am. Wish me luck.“, said Amanda. “Okay, I will.“, said, Ariana.

Then Amanda walked over towards me while I was talking with the rest of the guys on the playground. “You can do this girl.“, Ariana said to herself as she looked on. Then Amanda finally approached me.

“Um, hi Jamal.“, said Amanda. Then my conversation with the guys sudden;y stopped. “What’s up to Amanda?“, I said.

“Look, I need to share something really important with you. And I want to know whether you’ll say yes or no. Ok?“, said Amanda. “Ok. Shoot.“, I said. “I...I...I, um....“, said Amanda.

Then Amanda started taking way too long to finish her sentence. “You...You...You, um...? You what?“, said Steve. Then Amanda got really nervous.

“Never mind!“, said Amanda. Then Amanda ran back to Ariana. “Man, what was that all about?!“, said Brad.

“Maybe she needed to go to the ladies’ restroom really bad.“, said Nathan. “I don’t think that’s the case, Nathan. She ran back to Ariana, and it looks like they are talking now.“, said Brad. “What a weird way to start off the new year.“, said Kevin.

“I couldn’t do it!“, said Amanda after she ran back to Ariana. “Why not?! Are you still afraid of getting rejected?“, said, Ariana. “I’m afraid so! Look, asking to be somebody’s girlfriend isn’t something you just ask on a normal day.“, said Amanda.

“Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, but if you don’t hurry up and make Jamal your boyfriend, it could only be a matter of time before another girl comes along and scoops him up. Then you two may never be a legitimate couple.“, said, Ariana. “Yeah, I get what you’re saying.“, said Amanda. “I should go back there and finish what I was originally going to say.“, said Amanda.

“That’s crazy talk. You can’t go back there now. It looks like you had an awkward scene with Jamal and the rest of the guys already.“, said, Ariana. “So, what do you suppose I do now?“, said Amanda. “I’m not really sure now that you’ve blown it for yourself.“, said, Ariana.

“Tell you what, it’s probably okay to wait a little while longer before spilling the beans to Jamal, so I’ll allow you to do so. But you still shouldn’t wait too long or you know what could happen.“, said, Ariana. “Right. That’s probably a good idea. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll wait a little while before telling him.“, said Amanda. “That’s the spirit!“, said, Ariana.

“So, what should we do while I wait it out?“, said Amanda. “Whatever you want Amanda. It’s whatever you decide the both of us should do.“, said, Ariana. “Let’s enjoy the rest of our recess time.“, said Amanda. “I’m way ahead of you there.“, said, Ariana. And the two girls enjoyed the rest of their time during the recess period.


The next day, Amanda and Ariana met at recess for the third time that week to further discuss Amanda’s feelings for me. “So, have you decided to tell him yet?“, said, Ariana. “Not yet.“, said Amanda.

“Although, I’m now starting to fall in like with Jamal. Yet I still can’t find the courage to let him know how I really feel without the fear of being rejected getting in the way again.“, said Amanda. “Wow. Well, it looks like V-Day came extremely early on this young school year.“, said, Ariana. “Right?“, said Amanda as she was agreeing with Ariana.

“And I’ve been having these thoughts over and over again of us getting married and having kids one day.“, said Amanda. “For real?!“, said, Ariana. “For real.“, said Amanda.

“You wanna explain these thoughts to me?“, said, Ariana. “Alright, fine. This is what I’ve been thinking about and daydreaming lately.“, said Amanda. Then Amanda starts describing it all to Ariana.

***2032 A.D.***

It’s early September of 2032. 38-year-old Amanda is almost done ironing all of the family’s clothes. Meanwhile, Jamal and Amanda’s kids are sitting on the couch playing futuristic video games with their minds on the Sony PlayStation 6.

Then a knock is heard on Jamal and Amanda’s door. “Honey, I’m home!“, I said. Then Amanda walks over to the door to unlock it.

I walk in, and Amanda gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Hey, honey! How was work today?“, said Amanda. “Same as usual sweetie. Being a content writer was the best decision I’ve ever made years ago. I just love my job!“, I said.

“That’s nice to hear sweetie!“, said Amanda. “You know what time is it, honey? I forgot to bring my watch with me today, and my smartphone is malfunctioning, so I’ll need to take it to the nearest Apple store tomorrow.“, I said. Then Amanda pulled out her smartphone.

“It’s a 5:30. And I’ve already got something cooking for dinner that won’t be ready for at least one more hour.“, said Amanda. “Well, whatever it is, it smells absolutely delicious.“, I said. “Thank you so much honey!“, said Amanda.

“I’m gonna go check the mail while you’re getting dinner together.“, I said. “Ok, sweetie!“, said Amanda with a smile showing on her face. Then I go outside to check the mail.

I then head back inside the house. “Bills, Bills, bills, bills, and more bills. Thank God I have a job. Otherwise, all these bills would put us in debt faster than being an Xfinity customer.“, I said. “Anyways, I’m gonna go relax for a little bit before dinner.“, I said.

“Don’t belong!“, said Amanda as she blew a kiss toward me. I then blew a kiss right back to her. Then one of my future kids said something to me just before I left the living room.

“Dad, wait!“, said one of my future children. I then stopped myself. “What is it, son?“, I said.

“Do you wanna play Madden 32 with us?“, said my future son. “I’m sorry little fella. I don’t have the energy. It’s been a long day at work. Maybe I can play with you kids sometimes on a weekend or any other day I’m off. Okay?“, I said. “Okay, dad.“, said my future son.

Then I headed upstairs to go relax before dinner. “You know, back when I was a kid, you would never imagine games looking so real as they do today. And I use to love playing Madden myself back in my childhood. Those were good times back then.“, said Amanda. Then all of my future children continued to play on their PS6.

***2032 A.D.***

Then Amanda finished describing it to Ariana. “Wow, that is such a cool and awesome thing to daydream about. I don’t know, maybe you two might actually start a family one day. But as I said before, and I’ll say it again, you gotta stop being so fearful of the idea of Jamal rejecting you.“, said, Ariana. “I believe I’ll come around someday. And if not, then I guess it was never meant to be.“, said Amanda.

“What was never meant to be?“, said Brad standing behind both of the girls. “Oh, Brad! We didn’t know you were right behind us.“, said, Ariana. “We were just talking about how the possibility of the invention of the time machine was never meant to be.“, said Amanda. “Yeah, time travel totally goes against the law of physics.“, said, Ariana.

“Well then, I guess it’s pretty impossible to travel 30 years into the future, huh?“, said Brad. “Uh oh, you didn’t hear that entire conversation did you?“, said Amanda. “Nathan sent me to find out what was going on with you Amanda after what just happened yesterday.“, said Brad.

“So, you know my secret?“, said Amanda. “Of course I know, I’ve been standing here for a very long time.“, said Brad. “So, you’re not gonna tell Jamal or anyone else that Amanda is secretly in like with Jamal?“, said, Ariana.

“I’ve got to tell the guys. This is pure gold. Why would I let something like this go secretly?“, said Brad. “Okay, well, how about this? You can tell anybody else you know except for the guy I am secretly in like with. That way, you can share the secret with most of the guys, but not my potential boyfriend. Deal?“, said Amanda as she stuck her hand out to shake on it with Brad. Then Brad was convinced. “Deal.“, said Brad. Then Amanda and Brad both shook hands to make the deal official.


It was now Friday, September 6, 2002. I and the rest of the guys were shooting hoops at the school playground during the last recess period of the school week. “Hey guys, can everybody just follow me for a second?“, said Brad.

“Follow you? What are you talking about dude? Follow you to where?“, said Kevin. “Just follow me, dudes! I wanna share something really important with you all. Except for you Jamal. Why don’t you put in some practice until all of us get back?“, said Brad. “Why me dude?“, I said.

Then Brad was trying to think of something really good to say to me without lying. “Because...because you suck at basketball and need to practice on actually putting the ball through the net.“, said Brad. “Well, he’s got you there my man.“, said Steve.

Then I just sighed. “Fine.“, I said. “Great, this won’t take us long. I promise.“, said Brad.

Then all the other boys followed Brad while I was busy practicing my basketball skills. Brad and the rest of the males approached the females. “Okay, what’s this really important thing you wanted to share with us Brad?“, said Nathan. “Amanda?“, said Brad.

“I like Jamal! There, I said it!“, said Amanda. “And by like, are we talking friendly like classmates like, or general like?“, said Steve. “Like like. And also in like.“, said, Ariana.

“Long story short, Amanda started developing romantic feelings for Jamal over the summer. Then those feelings became for real the first time Amanda laid eyes on Jamal at the start of the new school year. Now she’s fallen in like with him, and wants to be his girlfriend.“, said Brad. “Great, so what’s stopping her from asking Jamal to be her boyfriend?“, said Kevin. “She’s afraid that she’ll be rejected by Jamal if she does ask that question to him.“, said, Ariana.

“Maybe she has a fear of rejection because she’s so crazy about him.“, said Nathan. “Jamal and Amanda sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.“, Steve sang. “Well, if Amanda’s so afraid of asking, how about one of us do it for her?“, said Kevin.

“I’m not ready to ask him yet Kevin. Therefore, that won’t be necessary. But thanks for the offer.“, said Amanda. “Well, what do you suppose we do here Amanda. Jamal has got to know at some point.“, said Brad. “Yeah, or some other chick will come along and take him before you know it.“, said Steve.

“That’s the exact same thing I said, Steve. Jamal is very, very attractive. And a girl could come and snatch him up any minute now.“, said, Ariana. “So, what do you wanna do here Amanda?“, said Steve. Then the whole group, except for myself, just stared at Amanda awaiting her decision on what she wanted to do in this situation.

“Okay, I’ve made up my mind. And I’ve decided to wait until the right time to ask Jamal to be my boyfriend.“, said Amanda. “Okay, that’s cool. But are you completely sure about this?“, said Brad. “Yeah, we could go confront Mr. Bricks right now.“, said Nathan.

“Mr. Bricks? What kind of a nickname is that?“, said Amanda. “Oh, it’s the new nickname we gave him just this year since he sucks so much at basketball. Dude just can’t make a basket.“, said Kevin. “Yes, I’m completely sure. Now can we please just stop talking about it?“, said Amanda.

“Okay, we’ll leave it alone. But whenever you do decide to ask him, I think you’d two would make an awesome couple if it makes you feel any better.“, said Steve. “Thanks, Steve.“, said Amanda. “Hey, don’t mention it.“, said Steve.

“And let’s all start this new school year off on the right foot, and limit our past mistakes from last year.“, said, Ariana. “Totally. A new year is an awesome way to correct oneself’s mistakes.“, said Brad. “You guys can get back to playing now.“, said Amanda. “You bet.“, said Nathan. Then all of the guys headed back over to where I was practicing to continue shooting hoops with me included.


The next day was a Saturday, and Two Seconds To Detroit got together to perform. Two Seconds To Detroit was getting ready to perform in the basement of the apartment complex where I and Steve lived. All the band members were present along with me who was going to do my regular duties of recording.

Then Amanda ended up dropping something from her backpack. I went over to pick it up and hand it over to Amanda when she didn’t notice what had happened. “Amanda, this fell out of your backpack.“, I said as I handed over the piece of paper to her.

Then Amanda just smiled. And she was smiling and not responding a bit too long. Then she just blushed.

“Amanda? Amanda? Amanda?!“, I said as I was snapping my fingers at her. “What?! Oh! Yeah!“, said Amanda. Then Amanda cleared her throat. “Thanks for being an extra set of eyes for me.“, said Amanda as she put the piece of paper back in her backpack. “Don’t mention it.“, I said.

Then Ariana walked over to Amanda. “You’re gonna have to do an away better job hiding your romantic feelings. Luckily, he didn’t notice that you were falling for him this time, but I’d be real cautious next time.“, whispered, Ariana. Then Ariana walked away from a still smiling Amanda.

“Alright, places people! It’s almost time to get this thing rocking and rolling.“, said Steve. And as the band continued to prepare to perform, Amanda was still smiling from the previous encounter with me. “Let’s go Amanda!“, said Steve. “Oh!“, said Amanda. Then Amanda quickly continued to prepare herself.

“Alright, this song is called Silly Love Songs by Wings, and it goes out to anybody that likes someone. Or is in like with them. Or maybe even possibly loves them, but is too afraid to ask that special someone to be their other half without fear of total rejection. Alright, here we go! 3...2...1...“, said Steve. Than Two Seconds To Detroit started performing the 1976 classic made famous by Wings. They performed it very well. And they performed it so well, you could argue that Two Seconds To Detroit might become the new Wings one day.

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