The 00's: Year Three

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The End of The Early 00's

It was Wednesday, December 31, 2003. Steve was in his room playing video games all by himself in the afternoon. Then a knock was heard at Steve’s door.

“Hey, Steve. It’s me. Is it okay if I come in?“, I said. “Sure, go ahead.“, Steve said. I came into the bedroom.

I closed the bedroom door from the inside. Steve paused his game. I sat down on Steve’s bed.

Steve sat next to me. “So, what’s been up with you lately?“, Steve asked. “Nothing much. How about you?“, I asked.

“The same.“, Steve said. “So, I guess this is finally it. The last day before the early 2000s comes to a close.“, I said. “Yep, I sure am gonna miss all of what the early part of the decade had to offer.“, Steve said.

“Yeah, me too. And I can’t wait to see what the middle part of the decade has to offer.“, I said. “And we both had some great and not so great times being best friends in the early 2000s.“, Steve said. “We sure did. There are so many early 2000s memories inside my brain that I don’t even know where to start.“, I said.

“Well, if you don’t know where to start, why don’t we start back in September of ’01 when we first met?“, Steve asked. “Oh, yeah. That’s a great place to start.“, I said. “Yeah, we were both single. And we were both just starting second grade. I remember it like it was yesterday.“, Steve said.

***2001 FLASHBACK***

At the end of the school day, I got off the bus. As I walked back to my new home, another kid walked off the bus after me. It turned out he lived in the same apartment complex as me.

“You live here too?“, the kid asked. “Yes, I do. I just moved here.“, I said. “You’re the guy my friends have been talking about.“, the kid said. “What friends?“, I said. “Amanda, Ariana, Nathan, and Brad”, the kid said.

“You know them?“, I asked. “I’ve known them as long as you have.“, the kid said. “Wow! I didn’t know that.“, I said.

“Yeah, they’ve been bragging about you ever since we first met them. My mom sent me to the same daycare center back when I was 3.“, the kid said. “My mom sent me to the same daycare as well.“, I said. “Well, I guess you already know my name because of my friends from daycare back in the day. What’s your name?“, I said. “My name is Steve. Nice to finally meet you for the first time.“, said Steve. “We should hang out sometime.“, I said.

“That’s a great idea. Maybe over the weekend? I have to spend a lot of time studying this new term in math called multiplication.“, said Steve. “That’s fine with me. I got a lot of studying to do on multiplication as well.“, I said. “Cool. See you then.“, said Steve. “Alright.“, I said. And then we went on our separate ways.

***2001 FLASHBACK***

“And then we became best friends. And we still are today.“, I said. “And we still will be in 2004.“, Steve said. “Also, the math we had to do was a lot easier back then.“, Steve said.

“So, what’s another precious memory we both should look back on from the early 2000s?“, I asked. “I remember the first time we got Dexter.“, Steve said. “Yeah. Man, I love that dog.“, I said.

***2001 FLASHBACK***

It was the day Steve’s family was finally getting the dog. All the brothers just came home from school and daycare. All the boys were sitting in the room. And then their parents suddenly came in with the dog who was locked in his cage waiting to come out.

“Is that the dog?“, said Kevin. “Yes, it is.“, said Steve’s dad. “And you said it was a boy or a girl? I forgot the gender.“, said Steve. “It’s a boy.“, said Steve’s mom.

The dog was a small Shih Tzu puppy since it was only twelve weeks old. Its color was mainly white. And then Steve’s parents finally released it to roam around. And as you can imagine, it roamed around to wherever it wanted to go. Then it scratched itself as the dog was itching.

“The dog is all white.“, said Steve. “And we’re about to bring in its crate in a little while.“, said Steve’s dad. “That crate will be its new room from now on.“, said Steve’s mom. “Well, we hope you kids like him.“, said Steve’s dad. Moments later, their parents got the crate.

***2001 FLASHBACK***

“And I also remember the time Two Seconds To Detroit was born. The band was formed as a result of an all-boy and all-girl rock band merging to make one rock band.“, I said. “Yeah, never underestimate the power of a childhood rock band.“, Steve said. Another flashback began.

***2001 FLASHBACK***

Later on that day, it was after school. The two former rock bands came together in the basement of Steve’s apartment complex. I came along to record the new band’s first-ever performance.

“Alright, you guys ready to do this.“, said Steve. “Yeah. We’re ready whenever you are Steve.“, said Kevin. “Alright.“, said Steve.

Everybody was getting ready to get this thing going. Once we were all ready, Steve said “Three. Two. One.“. And then the band started performing “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind.

They were doing an excellent job while performing that song. Then they finished performing their first-ever song and became a legitimate unisex rock n’ roll band. “That was awesome!“, said Amanda. “Yeah, we did great.“, said, Ariana. “Did you get all of that Jamal?“, said Steve.

“Yep. I hope I can learn how to play a musical instrument one day, and join you guys.“, I said. “Don’t worry. You’ll eventually be in the band one day.“, said Kevin. “Other than that, we’re officially a legitimate band that doesn’t favor one gender over the other.“, said Kevin. “Now that we’re a legitimate band, you guys wanna do some practice? We can practice on any song you all want.“, said Steve. “It’s your call, Steve.“, said Amanda.

“Ok, great. Let’s get this rolling.“, said Steve. “Jamal, you’re still filming until the end.“, said Kevin. “Yes, sir.“, I said.

“Excellent.“, said Kevin. And they all continued to practice, and get better as a new rock band until it was time to resume normal life again.

***2001 FLASHBACK***

“Music has so much power.“, I said. “Totally. Another great memory was when my brother turned double digits.“, Steve said. “Yeah, and another musician showed up as well.“, I said.

***2002 FLASHBACK***

And the whole party was just stunned, shocked, and in total awe. “Wow! That’s Alanis Morisette! That’s her!“, said Kevin. “I just love her music! I can’t believe Alanis Morisette is actually at our apartment complex!“, said Steve. “And in our home!“, said Kevin.

“Good evening everybody! I hope everybody’s doing alright tonight. I want to dedicate at least a few songs to a very lucky young man on his 10th birthday this evening. So, happy birthday Kevin! Here’s to you on your 1st full decade of living.“, said Alanis Morisette. Then the famous singer started performing. The first song she performed was You Oughta Know.

She was performing that song and the majority of the party was dancing along to it and enjoying her performance. Then that song ended after several minutes of it getting started. And then the crowd applauded for a short moment before she switched to the next song.

The next song she performed was Hands Clean. She performed that song and the majority of the people at that party were really into that performance as well. Steve’s parents were also recording this moment with Alanis Morisette on a camcorder. When she got done performing that song, she had just one more song to perform.

Her last song of the night was Ironic. She performed that song for the whole party. And everybody there was loving every second of this moment where they were in the same apartment complex as Alanis Morisette herself.

Then she was finished performing after that song. The crowd then gave a big round of applause to Alanis Morisette for giving an excellent performance. It was truly an amazing experience for Kevin in a positive way.

Then Steve’s parents approached Alanis. “That was truly amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful performance!“, said Anna. “Oh, you’re so welcome!“, said Alanis Morisette.

Then Kevin ran up to Alanis. “Can you sign my autograph Ms. Morisette?!“, said Kevin. “Please, feel free to call me Alanis if you want.“, said Alanis Morisette.

***2002 FLASHBACK***

“Yeah, second grade turned out to be a pretty awesome school year for the both of us.“, I said. “Totally, but the third grade was a completely different animal. Amanda and Ariana actually fell in like with us.“, Steve said. “Yeah, it’s amazing how much a year can change.“, I said. “It’s amazing how much three months can change.“, Steve said.

***2002 FLASHBACK***

It was recess time later on that day. All of us got outside for the first time that school year to enjoy some much-needed fresh air after being inside all day. Then Amanda quickly approached Ariana sitting on one of the swings.

“Ariana, I need to talk to you about something.“, said Amanda. “Ok, I’m all ears. What do you need to talk to me about?“, said, Ariana. Then Amanda sat down on the other swing next to Ariana.

“If I tell you this, I would appreciate it if you kept it secret.“, said Amanda. “Sure, Amanda. What’s on your mind?“, said, Ariana. “I think I’m starting to like Jamal.“, said Amanda.

“Ok, now there are all different types of like. Which one are you referring to? Friendly like? Classmate like? General like?“, said, Ariana. “Like like.“, said Amanda. “Oh, that type of like.“, said, Ariana.

“Well, that’s awesome Amanda! Have you ever thought about telling Jamal how you feel?“, Ariana said. “I have for a long, long time. I started developing these romantic feelings for him over the summer months, and seeing how much older he’s gotten at the start of 3rd grade was the final straw for me. I’m just afraid that if I tell him how I feel, he might turn me down and we’ll never be boyfriend and girlfriend.“, said Amanda. “Well, do you want to be Jamal’s girlfriend?“, said, Ariana.

“Yeah.“, said Amanda. “Well, you shouldn’t be afraid of rejection. There’s no reason to be. You are a beautiful young lady, so there should be no reason Jamal would turn you down.“, said, Ariana. “So, what should I do?“, said Amanda.

“You should tell him how you feel, and ask him to be your boyfriend. Now, he might say no and still wanna be friends. Or he might not wanna be in a relationship yet since all of us are still in elementary school. But he might just say yes to being in a romantic relationship with you. Knowing Jamal, any of those scenarios are more likely to occur with the desire of something more than just being friends.“, said, Ariana. “So, can you help me muster up the courage to explain these feelings I have for him?“, said Amanda. “Of course, that’s what friends are for.“, said, Ariana.

“Awesome! Thank you so much! What would I do without a friend like you?“, said Amanda. “I’m not sure. That’s why I’m so thankful we’re best friends and can be able to discuss our relationship issues with each other. And maybe one day, I’ll be coming to you for relationship advice.“, said, Ariana. “And I’d be happy to help.“, said Amanda with a smile showing on her face.

***2002 FLASHBACK***

“Yeah, I don’t know what we would do without those two.“, Steve said. “We’d probably be with different girls.“, Jamal said. “Yeah, speaking of different girls, I remember when all those females wouldn’t leave you alone back on Valentine’s Day.“, Steve said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

It was Friday, Valentine’s Day, 2003. Recess was starting, and all the kids (myself included) walked onto the school playground to play, chill, and/or relax. I sat down somewhere to read a comic book.

Then a bunch of girls walked up to me. “Hey, cutie. Do you mind if I sit on your lap?“, one of the girls said. “No, I don’t mind at all.“, I said.

One of the girls sat on my lap as you might imagine. Then another girl got behind me and offered me fruit. “Hey, baby. You want a banana?“, the girl from behind me said.

“Sure, why not?“, I said with a smile. The girl from behind me peeled off the banana she was holding in her hand, licked it several times, and fed it to me. “So, it’s the big day today. Have you made up your mind about who your romantic other is gonna be yet?“, one of the girls said.

“No, not yet. I mean don’t get me wrong. All of you are beautiful. You really are. Unfortunately, I’m still undecided.“, I said. “Well, maybe some more fruit will help you decide what type of sugar you have a taste for.“, one of the girls said. That same girl had some grapes in her hand, licked them while I was watching, and started feeding me those same grapes.

“That’s nothing compared to the sugar I have in store for you.“, another girl said. Then that same girl had an apple in her hand, slowly licked it several times, and fed me the apple. “You like my sugar baby?“, that same girl said.

I gave that girl a thumbs up as I was still chewing. After I was done with the piece of apple, another girl offered me something. “Get with me, and you’ll have all the sugar you want from my mouth.“, another girl said. That same girl licked a piece of watermelon and fed it to me.

I was one sugary food away from choosing who my girlfriend was gonna be. Then the hottest girl of all the girls that surrounded me got behind me. “You’re one of the most indecisive guys I know. Maybe this will help you decide.“, the hottest girl said.

That same girl pulled an Oreo cookie out of the pack of Oreos she had with her. She slowly devoured one wafer of the cookie and started licking the creme filling that was on the other wafer. After she licked it, there was still creme filling on the wafer. She slowly was about to feed me what was left of the Oreo as she was touching my chin from behind me.

Then Jessica walked up to the crowd of girls carrying a beehive and a baseball bat. “Now batting for Amanda, number 11, me.“, Jessica said. Then Jessica tossed the beehive into the air and smashed it wide open with the bat.

A bunch of angry bees came out of the smashed open hive. All the girls that surrounded me immediately took notice and started running from the bees. Some girls screamed their lungs out.

A lot of the girls that originally occupied my space that Valentine’s Day got stung. I also was making a run for it, and Jessica was too. The entire school playground was witnessing what had just taken place when the sound of screaming elementary school girls caught everyone’s attention.

The rest of the gang stood somewhere on the playground watching and listening to the screaming girls running like there wasn’t gonna be a tomorrow. “Looks like Jess saved the day.“, Steve said. “Now everything is back to normal.“, Brad said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“I thought it was disgusting how they were feeding you.“, Steve said. “It wasn’t disgusting to me.“, I said. “That’s because you were enjoying it. But you’re with Amanda now and that’s all that matters.“, Steve said. “And the third grade ended on a positive note for the both of us.“, I said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

Later on that day, I and the rest of the gang (Jessica included) were outside the school auditorium after most of the kids left. “Well, what a year it has been.“, Steve said. “I know, this year has produced two romantic relationships. One which I’m a part of.“, I said. “This feels like New Year’s Eve all over again.“, Brad said.

“So, I guess there’s nothing left to do now but sleep in all day, stay up all night, and watch countless amounts of Tigers baseball.“, Kevin said. “Also, this school year has produced three romantic relationships. Not two. You forgot to count me and Stacy who will be moving on to junior high next year.“, Kevin said. “And it was you all who helped make the school year so much more fun.“, I said.

“Well, I guess there’s one last thing to do before we put 3rd grade, 4th grade, and elementary school to bed. Head home, and enjoy three months of hot weather.“, Steve said. “I say we end the year on the count of three. Ready? Here we go.“, Kevin said. “3...2...1...Summer!“, all of us shouted. Then all of us walked away from each other and started heading back home. And just like that, summer vacation officially started.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“And third grade was also awesome because we got to meet Jess for the first time and she eventually became a part of the gang and the band.“, I said. “Yeah, but what about fourth grade?“, Steve asked. “What about it? We haven’t finished fourth grade yet.“, I said.

“Yeah, but the current grade has been pretty awesome as well.“, Steve said. “Okay, how is the fourth grade more awesome than the third grade?“, I asked. “I can give you several reasons why it was. Let’s start at the beginning of fourth grade. You had your first kiss with Amanda. Then I had my first kiss with Ariana shortly after that.“, Steve said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

And without thinking about the consequences, my lips touched Amanda’s lips. We went in for the kiss and finally started kissing. We were kissing on the lips and we both enjoyed every second of it. It was truly one of the most romantic things we ever did together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The kiss lasted for about fifteen seconds. Then the kiss ended. “So, we finally did it. Our first kiss.“, Amanda said. “Yep.“, I said.

“How did it feel?“, Amanda asked. “It felt amazing.“, I said. “You?“, I asked.

“Same here.“, Amanda said. “Okay, so I guess this means that we’re the better couple.“, I said. “Yeah, I guess so.“, Amanda said.

“Let’s call Steve and Ariana.“, I said. “I think telling the losers the news can wait until tomorrow.“, Amanda said. “Okay, we’ll tell them tomorrow then.“, I said. “Great.“, Amanda said.

“So, you wanna hop back on the controllers?“, I asked. “Nah, now I don’t really feel like playing video games tonight.“, Amanda said. “Okay, well, you wanna watch some TV?“, I asked.

“Nah, I don’t really feel like watching TV tonight either.“, Amanda said. “Hey, I’ve got a few superhero comic books we can read together.“, I said. “Thanks, but no thanks.“, Amanda said.

And we still had nothing to do as we were both sitting on my bed. “Well, I guess it’s your call now. Whatever you want to do, I’ll be cool with-“, I said. Then Amanda quickly put her arms around me. I put my arms around her. Then we started kissing way longer than fifteen seconds.


“In your dreams. You two still haven’t been able to prove that you had your first kiss.“, Steve said. “Yeah, and we’re gonna have ours real soon.“, Ariana said. “Fine, you want proof so bad?“, Amanda asked. “I’ll give you some proof.“, Amanda said.

Amanda walked over to me, put her arms around me, and started kissing me on the lips for several seconds. “There, is that proof good enough?“, Amanda asked. “Woah, they did it. They actually did it. I can’t believe it.“, Nathan said.

“Dang it, Jamal, we wanted to be first.“, Steve said. “Sorry, Steve, a win is a win.“, I said. “Well, if that’s how it’s gotta be, I don’t mind being second.“, Ariana said.

“What the heck are you talking a-.“, Steve said. Then Ariana quickly put her arms around Steve and both of their lips were touching each other. That kiss also lasted for several seconds.

After that, the kiss ended. “Two kisses in one day?“, Brad asked. “Man, you two couples must really love each other.“, Nathan said.

“Wow, we just had our first real kiss. I feel like I just died, went to heaven, and got kissed by an angel.“, Steve said smiling. “Yeah, and you better get used to it from now on.“, Ariana said smiling and winking at Steve. “Okay, let’s get this music thing started.“, Kevin said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“Well, what else is there to look back on from this past school year?“, Steve asked. “You said that your Mom announced that she was pregnant for the fifth time around the start of this school year. Maybe we could look back on her mood swings.“, I said. “Hey, those aren’t positive memories. Why in the world would you want us to look back on my Mom’s mood swings?“, Steve said. “So I can better understand what life was like for my Mom back when she was pregnant.“, I said. “Okay, I guess we can look back on a pregnant woman’s temper tantrums and mental breakdowns.“, Steve said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

It was Tuesday, November 18, 2003. I, Steve, and Kevin were in Steve and Kevin’s room watching TV in the evening. Meanwhile, Steve’s parents were in a heated verbal altercation with each other.

The verbal altercation was clearly heard from Steve and Kevin’s room. Steve’s parents were angry at each other. “Hey, Steve, what are your parents arguing about?“, I asked.

“I have no idea.“, Steve said. “It’s the mood swings. A woman’s mood will be sort of off whenever she has another human being inside her stomach.“, Kevin said. “A little off?“, Steve asked.

“Okay, okay, a lot off.“, Kevin said. “Wow, so I guess this means that my Mom had a few loose screws herself when she had me in her stomach.“, I said. “I would be completely surprised if she didn’t.“, Kevin said.

“Okay, that’s it. I’m turning this thing off. I can’t watch TV if I can’t hear everything that’s going on.“, Steve said. Steve turned off the TV. “Yeah, good thinking Steve. Neither of us could hear anything that was going on either.“, Kevin said.

The argument moved into the hallway. “Well, you know what?! If that’s how you feel, you can sleep on the couch tonight!“, Anna yelled. Anna went into the master bedroom and slammed the bedroom door shut.

“Fine! I wanted to sleep near the dog anyways!“, Kevin Sr. yelled. “Fine!“, Anna yelled. “Fine!“, Kevin Sr. yelled. “Fine!“, Anna yelled.

The arguing stopped and Kevin Sr. turned around and exited the hallway. Dexter started barking from inside his crate in the living room. Dexter continued barking as Kevin Sr. entered the living room.

Dexter barked some more. “Oh, I forgot. This is the first time Dexter gets to experience Mom’s pregnancy mood swings.“, Steve said. “Poor dog.“, Kevin said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“And I predict there will be more of these mood swings from her in the new year as well.“, Steve said. “Yeah, the way that she’s been acting, I predict that too.“, I said. “Well, where is our next stop gonna be on our trip down memory lane?“, Steve asked.

“How about that time our girlfriends tortured us with no kissing until Dexter was put back in his crate?“, I asked. “Yeah, as much as I love Dexter, the girls really owned us that day.“, Steve said. “Big time.“, I said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

Both girls took another sip of Pepsi and sat both drinks down on the table. Both girls took another sip of Pepsi. “Aaah.“, Amanda said exhaling a little.

“Aaah.“, Ariana said exhaling a little. “This drink is so delicious.“, Amanda said. “And so sweet too.“, Ariana said.

“Oh, I totally agree. It must be all those grams of sugar.“, Amanda said. “Yeah, totally. I bet soda has way more sugar than candy and is a heck of a lot sweeter.“, Ariana said. “Well, if that’s the case, I guess soda should be considered a dessert from now on.“, Amanda said.

Both girls continued to play mind games with us on purpose and we still didn’t give in. Then there was more silence. Amanda and Ariana took another sip of Pepsi. Amanda let out a huge burp that came from inside her stomach. Then Ariana let out a huge burp that came out of her stomach.

“Aaaah!“, both girls said exhaling a little. “Okay, whatever mind games you two are trying to play with us is not gonna work. The dog still stays where he’s at. So, you two can quit tempting us with soda.“, Steve said. Both girls took another sip of Pepsi. Both females let out another huge burp that came out of their stomachs.

“Aaaah!“, both girls said exhaling a little. Steve sighed in defeat. “Okay, okay, I give up! You girls win! Dexter, go to your crate! Now!“, Steve said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“You were definitely the weaker guy that day.“, I said smiling. “Shut up.“, Steve said playfully punching me in the arm and smiling. I laughed a little bit. “And of course, we can’t forget about this past Christmas.“, Steve said.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“Ha, ha, ha. You girls can laugh it up now, but we’ll get you next year.“, Steve said. “It has also been a great year as well. Amanda becomes my girlfriend, Ariana becomes your new girlfriend, and my first day at a new school wasn’t really all that bad back in September.“, I said. “And now it’s on to the middle part of the decade.“, Steve said.

“Speaking of middle, we both know another word that also starts with the letter m.“, Amanda said. “Oh, yeah? And what’s that?“, Steve asked. Amanda and Ariana had mistletoes and held them over our heads.

“Well, I guess every Christmas deserves a cherry on top.“, Steve said. “Did you remember to put on some chapstick?“, I asked. “Of course, I did. Did you?“, Steve said.

“Yes, I did. But how much is enough though?“, I said. “And how much is too much?“, Steve asked. “Ugh, just shut up and kiss us!“, Ariana said.

Amanda and Ariana went in and started locking lips with me and Steve. Then that got me and Steve to stop talking. Both mistletoes were still hanging over all four of our heads. The Christmas music continued to play in the background. And it all turned out to be an overall great Christmas the rest of the way.

***2003 FLASHBACK***

“Hey, I say we play our last Madden game of the early 2000s. Then we can just kill more time until the countdown starts.“, I said. “Hey, that sounds cool with me. I’ll start putting in the game.“, Steve said. I held two thumbs up. Then Steve started putting in the Madden NFL game. And we went ahead and played together.


It was evening and the countdown to 2004 was about to start shortly. At Steve’s place, I was hanging out in the living room with Steve, Steve’s family, Stacy, my Mom, Amanda, and Ariana. We were all watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2004 on ABC.

“Well, it’s all finally come down to this. Man, I sure am gonna miss 2003.“, Steve said. “Yeah, me too.“, I said. “It seemed like only yesterday we welcomed a new year, decade, century, and even Millenium back in 2000.“, Kevin Sr. said.

“And we both have this little one to look forward to in ’04.“, Anna said. “The early part of this decade has been so full of memories that I and Amanda decided to look back on some of those memories this past afternoon.“, Ariana said. “We did the same thing this afternoon. Did one of those memories happen to involve Pepsi and-“, Steve said. “Steve, not the time and place.“, I said. “On second thought, never mind.“, Steve said.

“Okay, silence everyone. The sixty-second countdown is about to start.“, Kevin Sr. said. The sixty-second countdown began on the TV screen. Then the countdown got closer and closer to the final ten seconds. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...“, everyone said in the living room.

2004 officially started and Auld Lang Syne started playing from the TV. Everyone in the living room cheered and celebrated. I and Amanda kissed, Steve and Ariana kissed, Kevin and Stacy, kissed, and Steve’s parents kissed.

Then New York, New York by Frank Sinatra started playing on the TV. Every romantic couple slow danced to New York, New York. The slow dancing continued and we were all having a fantastic time. The slow dancing continued some more.

The traditions of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were still strong even in the middle part of the 2000s decade. All of the romantic couples continued to slow dance and nothing negative was going to ruin such a positive moment for everyone that was there. Also for everyone there, it was truly a memory that all of us were gonna take with us for the rest of our lives and beyond. The slow dancing continued. Then, New York, New York finished playing as another great year was finally written in the history books.

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