The 00's: Year Three

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Valentine's Day 2004

It was Saturday, February 7, 2004. It was afternoon. I was hanging out at the playground down the street from where I live with Steve, Kevin, Nathan, Brad, Amanda, Ariana, and Jessica.

I and Steve walked up to Nathan with a nice-looking fourth-grade female. “Hey, Nathan.“, I said. “Hey, you two. What’s up? Who’s the new chick?“, Nathan said.

“This new chick is your potential new girlfriend.“, Steve said. “Nathan, we’d like you to meet Jordyn. Jordyn, this is Nathan.“, I said. “Hi, nice to meet you, Nathan. Your two friends told me a lot about you.“, Jordyn said as she shook hands with Nathan.

“Hi, nice to meet you two.“, Nathan said as he shook hands with Jordyn. “But why are you two becoming Cupid all of a sudden?“, Nathan asked. “Because you’ve been complaining over and over again that you don’t have a girlfriend like us.“, Steve said. “So, we just thought that we should help you not be single anymore since it’s only one week left until Valentine’s Day.“, I said.

“Hey, thanks. This has got to be one of the nicest things you two have ever done for me.“, Nathan said. “Hey, don’t mention it.“, Steve said. “Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve both got a weekend to enjoy.“, I said.

I and Steve walked away. Nathan and Jordyn just stood there without saying not even one word to each other. “So, may I ask why you have a male name?“, Nathan asked.

“What? Oh, no. My first name is not spelled like the basketball player. It’s actually spelled J.O.R.D.Y.N. Replacing the letter a with the letter y makes it a female name.“, Jordyn said. “Cool. Can you do that with other male names as well?“, Nathan asked. “You sure can.“, Jordyn said.

“So, let’s get to know each other a little better.“, Nathan said. “Okay, sounds cool with me.“, Jordyn said. “Are you an NBA fan?“, Nathan asked.

“Oh, totally. I’m a huge Pistons fan.“, Jordyn said. “Hey, what a total coincidence. So, am I. Hey, we just found something we have in common. Are you a hardcore Detroit sports fan?“, Nathan said. “I sure am.“, Jordyn said.

“Hey, me too. Another thing we both have in common. For someone with such a unique female name, you look really pretty.“, Nathan said. “Thanks. And you look really handsome.“, Jordyn said. “So, you wanna go sit somewhere and officially declare this our first date?“, Nathan asked.

“Sure.“, Jordyn said. “Okay, come on. Let’s go find a good place to sit and chat.“, Nathan said. Then Nathan and Jordyn got their first date started.


It was Tuesday, February 10, 2004. It was evening. I was down in the basement of the apartment complex with Two Seconds To Detroit.

“Hey, everyone, I have a huge announcement to make!“, Nathan said. “Guess who’s not single anymore.“, Nathan said. “Congratulations, Nathan.“, Amanda said.

“Thanks, Amanda. Now, I won’t be single this upcoming Valentine’s Day. I really feel like this is the girl I could spend the rest of my life with.“, Nathan said. “The rest of your life with? Dude, she’s your girlfriend. Not your wife.“, Ariana said. “Yeah, but who knows? We just might get married one day and start a family.“, Nathan said.

“And I just wanna thank Jamal and Steve for introducing me to her.“, Nathan said. “Hey, that’s what friends are for.“, Steve said. “Yeah, we’re all really happy for you.“, I said.

“Now, I gotta think about what I’m gonna get my girl for Valentine’s Day. Do any of you have suggestions?“, Nathan said. “Get her a computer.“, Brad said. “Come on, you know I can’t afford that. Can I please get realistic answers here?“, Nathan asked.

“Jamal and Amanda, what do you two usually give each other on V-Day?“, Nathan asked. “Nothing. This Valentine’s Day will be our first Valentine’s Day as a couple.“, I said. “Yeah, but I do wanna know what you’re getting me on our first Valentine’s Day.“, Amanda said.

“I’m giving you the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ever. A surprise.“, I said. “So, you’ve got nothing.“, Brad said. “Ooooh, I’ve got it! Is the surprise nothing?“, Jessica said.

“No, the surprise is something.“, I said. “Hey, Steve, what are you giving to me on Valentine’s Day?“, Ariana asked. “Well, is it a surprise, Steve?“, Brad asked.

“No, it isn’t a surprise, Brad.“, Steve said. “It’s a super surprise.“, Steve said. “So, I guess this means that you super don’t have anything.“, Brad said.

“Ooooh, I’ve got it! Is the super surprise super nothing?“, Jessica said. “Shut up, Jess!“, I and Steve said at the same time. “I wonder what Amanda and Ariana are gonna give to Jamal and Steve on Valentine’s Day.“, Brad said.

“A mega surprise.“, Amanda said. “An ultra surprise.“, Ariana said. “Mega nothing and ultra nothing. Got it.“, Brad said.

“Ooooh, I’ve got it!“, Jessica said. “Shut up, Jess!“, Amanda and Ariana said at the same time. “Hey, what about Kevin? He has two girlfriends to worry about this year.“, I said.

“A double surprise.“, Kevin said. “Oh, here we go with this again.“, Steve said. “Is the surprise double nothing?“, Brad asked.

“The surprise is double something. Now, it’s not Valentine’s Day yet. So, could we please get off the subject and get back to doing music?“, Kevin said. “Oooh, I’ve got it! Kevin is giving his two girlfriends two guitars.“, Jessica said. “Jess, one more word about Valentine’s Day and you’re getting a timeout. And that goes for all the other single people in here.“, Kevin said.

“Well, that announcement makes me even more glad that I’m not a single guy anymore.“, Nathan said. “Okay, everyone. Let’s rock. Let’s roll.“, Steve said. Then all of us continued doing what we were previously doing.


It was Wednesday, February 11, 2004. Brad was at recess on the school playground. Jordyn walked up to Brad.

“Hey, aren’t you one of Nathan’s friends?“, Jordyn asked. “Jordyn? Hey, I didn’t know you go to this school.“, Brad said. “Yep, I sure do.“, Jordyn said.

“So, how have things been with you and Nathan?“, Brad asked. “Oh, things have been great.“, Jordyn said. “Hey, speaking of Nathan, he also attends this school.“, Brad said.

“Oh, I didn’t know that. Maybe I’ll run into him eventually.“, Jordyn said. “So, do you like going to this school?“, Brad asked. “I think this school is okay.“, Jordyn said.

“Listen, I have a secret that I want to share with you.“, Jordyn said. “Oh, yeah? You can trust me. I’m good at keeping secrets. What’s your secret?“, Brad said. “Okay, this might surprise you. A lot. But here’s goes nothing. Brad, ever since Nathan introduced you to me last Saturday, I’ve been getting these feelings.“, Jordyn said.

“Feelings?“, Brad asked. “Yeah, feelings.“, Jordyn said. “Okay, what type of feelings?“, Brad asked.

“Romantic feelings. Brad, I love you.“, Jordyn said. Jordyn started kissing Brad (her lips touching his lips) and Brad was really surprised by what just happened along with what was happening. Brad and Jordyn continued kissing some more.

Then as the kissing continued, Nathan saw the two making out and walked up to them. “What in the world is going on here?“, Nathan asked. The kissing quickly stopped.

“Oh, hey baby. What’s up?“, Jordyn said. “Don’t ‘hey baby’ me. Brad, what is she doing here?“, Nathan asked. “Oh, um, it turns out that she actually attends school here.“, Brad said.

“Yeah, I see that.“, Nathan said. “Now, why were my girl’s lips on your lips?“, Nathan asked. “Oh, well, it’s a pretty funny story.“, Brad said.

“It is? Oh, well, entertain me.“, Nathan said looking unhappy. “Well, see, she was choking on a piece of gum. I was just doing mouth-to-mouth to try and suck the gum out from her throat. We weren’t kissing or anything.“, Brad said. “Wow, choking on a piece of gum? I never knew that was possible.“, Nathan said not believing anything Brad was saying.

“Nathan, I-“, Jordyn said. “Hold on.“, Nathan said. “Well, Brad, I’ll believe you. Thanks for saving my girlfriend from a piece of gum.“, Nathan said.

“Um, you’re welcome.“, Brad said. Nathan started walking away. “Nathan, wait!“, Brad said.

Nathan started listening to what Brad had to say. “Jordyn wasn’t really choking on a piece of gum.“, Brad said. “She wasn’t. Well, what were you two really doing?“, Nathan said.

“Okay, fine! You got me! We were making out, but it’s not what you think!“, Brad confessed. “Jordyn, I need to talk to Brad for a quick second. Do you mind walking away for a little bit?“, Nathan said. “Nathan, I’m sorry.“, Jordyn said.

“Please.“, Nathan said. “I’m really sorry, Brad.“, Jordyn said. Jordyn started walking away.

Then when Jordyn was gone, Nathan stopped staring at Jordyn walk away, and started staring at Brad. Brad looked at Nathan. Then Brad started running and Nathan started chasing Brad.

Brad was being chased by Nathan all around the school playground. The chasing continued. And it continued some more.

Then Brad quickly got behind Steve. Nathan ran up to Steve. “Brad, I know you’re back there! Come here so I can make sure you won’t be living to see another Valentine’s Day!“, Nathan said angrily.

“Leave me alone! She kissed me! I didn’t want to kiss her!“, Brad said. “And there you go telling another lie!“, Nathan said angrily. “No, I’m telling the truth this time!“, Brad said.

“Tell it to my fists after I’m through with you!“, Nathan said angrily. “Steve, you gotta help me!“, Brad said. “Alright, you two, what’s going on?“, Steve asked.

“Ask the girlfriend stealer!“, Nathan said angrily. “I’m not a girlfriend stealer! I’m trying to explain what happened to you, but you won’t listen!“, Brad said. “Girlfriend stealer?“, Steve asked.

“I did not steal Nathan’s girlfriend. Nathan’s girlfriend stole me if that makes any sense.“, Brad said. “That makes no sense at all! You’re a terrible lier!“, Nathan said angrily. “Nathan’s girlfriend came up to me and kissed me. I had no intentions of kissing her. She fell in love with me after I was introduced to her by Nathan. I’m not a girlfriend stealer.“, Brad said.

“That lie is just as believable as the choking on gum lie!“, Nathan said angrily. “Wow, I had no idea she also goes to this school. It sure is a small world.“, Steve said. “Steve, could you please get out of the way so I can lay a beating on this jerk?“, Nathan asked.

“No, Nathan. I’m not gonna let you do that. Violence is not the answer here.“, Steve said. Steve got between Nathan and Brad. “Now, you two are gonna talk, listen to everything each other has to say and get past this. I don’t think Brad would steal your girlfriend. He just doesn’t seem like that kind of person to me.“, Steve said.

“And how is he not that kind of person. I saw both of them with my own two eyes.“, Nathan said. “Because I’ve known him for the past seven years. And you have too.“, Steve said. “Come on, Nathan. Just listen to what your friend has to say.“, Steve said.

“I just lost a friend. Don’t talk to me ever again.“, Nathan said. “Come on, Nathan. You don’t mean that.“, Brad said. Nathan walked away.

“I’ll go talk to him.“, Steve said. “Don’t. This friendship is officially over. Dude, how could we possibly let a girl break up our friendship?“, Brad said. “Hey, don’t worry. There are plenty of other potential friends out there to take Nathan’s place.“, Steve said.

“I feel so terrible right now. This Jordyn chick was bad news.“, Brad said. “I’m so sorry. This partially my fault and Jamal’s fault as well. We should’ve never set Nathan up with a cheater. And now Nathan thinks you’re the cheater.“, Steve said. “Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go somewhere and be sad.“, Brad said. Brad walked away and Steve continued feeling sorry for Brad.


It was Thursday, February 12, 2004. It was lunchtime at the school lunchroom at Robert Burns Elementary School. Steve, Cody, Amanda, Ariana, Jessica, Nathan, and Brad were eating lunch.

“Hey, Nathan. How are you doing today?“, Brad said. Nathan ignored Brad as he was eating. “I said, how are you doing today?“, Brad asked.

Nathan continued eating and ignoring Brad. “Uh, hello? Anybody home?“, Brad asked. “Brad, Nathan told me that he’s ignoring you from now on after you stabbed him in the back.“, Steve said. “Dude, I did not stab him in the back! Jordyn wanted me! I did not want her! How many times am I gonna have to say this?!“, Brad said.

“Nathan, how are you so sure Brad stole your girlfriend on purpose if you don’t have any proof? I mean, all you saw was them kissing.“, Jessica said. “Brad? Who’s Brad? Never heard of him.“, Nathan said. “Come on, don’t play dumb. We all know that you’re pretending that Brad doesn’t exist.“, Ariana said. “And has never existed.“, Amanda said.

“Hey, if I give you my corn dog, will you stop ignoring me and start talking to me again?“, Brad said holding up a corn dog. Nathan continued ignoring Brad. “I’ll also give you my chocolate milk.“, Brad said. Nathan continued ignoring Brad.

“Come on, dude. You can’t ignore me forever.“, Brad said. “And what exactly would be able to stop him from ignoring you forever?“, Cody asked. “What if Nathan needs to give Brad an answer for Brad to save his life. Then I bet he’d stop ignoring him.“, Jessica said.

“Yeah, what if you needed to give me at least one answer to save your life?“, Brad asked. Nathan continued ignoring Brad. “I think what Nathan meant to say was that you aren’t saving his life right now. So, you’re not important to me, I don’t need you, and I’m gonna continue ignoring you.“, Steve said.

“Yeah, that sounds exactly like something Nathan would say if he wasn’t in ignore Brad mode.“, Jessica said. “So, Nathan, are you and Jordyn still together after-?“, Ariana asked incompletely. “I don’t want to talk about it! Leave me alone!“, Nathan said angrily. Nathan continued eating.

“Okay, fine, you win Nathan. I’m not gonna talk to you anymore. So, go ahead. Keep ignoring me for as long as you want. I don’t even care anymore.“, Brad said sounding upset. Brad continued eating. “Come on, Nathan. Are you really gonna let seven years of friendship go down the drain over one girl?“, Amanda said.

“Seven years of friendship with who?“, Nathan asked. Nathan continued eating. Then everyone else continued eating.


Later that day, it was after school. It was late in the afternoon and Nathan was reading a book at the playground down the street from the apartment complex while sitting on a wooden bench. Jordyn walked up to Nathan.

“Hey, Nathan. Mind if I sit down?“, Jordyn said. “No, I don’t mind at all.“, Nathan said. Jordyn sat down next to Nathan.

“Look, I think we need to talk about what just happened.“, Jordyn said. Nathan put his book down on the bench. “Okay, let’s talk.“, Nathan said.

“Brad didn’t kiss me. I kissed him.“, Jordyn said. “Really? Did Brad tell you to lie to me?“, Nathan asked. “No, I’m being completely honest. And now that you’ve heard it from me, do you believe me?“, Jordyn said.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to believe. All I saw were you two making out. So, either you kissed him first or Brad is nothing but a backstabber who steals girlfriends.“, Nathan said. “Look, I’m sorry. The reason I kissed Brad was that I started falling in like with him. After I laid my eyes on Brad for the first time, I changed my mind and wanted to be with Brad instead of you. I was gonna break up with you after kissing Brad, but you were already there. I was hoping maybe we could still be friends. Would that be okay with you?“, Jordyn said. “No, that absolutely would not be okay with me. You totally forgot about us whether Brad started the kiss or not. I thought you were the girl for me. But I guess I was wrong and out of my mind.“, Nathan said.

“I’m sorry. I totally understand where you are coming from. How can I possibly make it up to you?“, Jordyn said. “Okay, you wanna make it up to me? Fine, go away and never talk to me again.“, Nathan said. Nathan picked up his book and continued reading.

“And what about your friend?“, Jordyn asked. “You mean my former friend.“, Nathan said. “I’m sorry, my bad. What about your former friend?“, Jordyn said.

“I’m never talking to him again either. You two are non-existent to me. So, go ahead. You can have Brad. Just know that you two are strangers to me from this point moving forward.“, Nathan said. Nathan continued reading. “Okay, if that’s the way you want things to be, fine. I will have Brad. And there’s nothing you can say or do to stop me.“, Jordyn said.

“Who’s stopping you? Go ahead, have a nice life with Brad.“, Nathan said. “Fine, I will!“, Jordyn said. “Fine!“, Nathan said. “Fine!“, Jordyn said. “Fine!“, Nathan and Jordyn said at the same time.

Jordyn got up and walked away. Nathan saw Jordyn walking away. Then Nathan continued reading.

Jordyn walked to another bench on the playground and saw Brad sitting there reading a book. “Hey, Brad. Mind if I sit down?“, Jordyn said. “Go ahead.“, Brad said.

Jordyn sat down next to Brad. “Look, I’m sorry that I ruined your friendship with Nathan.“, Jordyn said. Brad stopped reading and put his book down.

“Apologizing to me isn’t gonna make me feel any better.“, Brad said. “It’s just that I started falling in like with you once I laid eyes on you.“, Jordyn said. “Well, if that’s the case, why didn’t you just break up with Nathan first and ask me out instead of just lip wrestling with me right there on the school playground where everyone there has eyes.“, Brad said.

“If it makes you feel any better, I want to be with you from this point moving forward. So, what do you say? I’m not with Nathan anymore, so we can do all the lip wrestling we want to. And we could also do some other pretty awesome things together on Valentine’s Day and after Valentine’s Day. So, what do you say? Do you want to be my valentine?“, Jordyn said. “Thanks a lot for the offer, but no thanks.“, Brad said. “What? Why not?“, Jordyn asked.

“You know why? Your cheating ruined a seven-year friendship. Don’t you get it? Seven years is a very long time. I mean, just imagine what forever feels like. That’s what seven years feels like.“, Brad said. “But I love you!“, Jordyn said. “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have cheated on my friend. Correction, a former friend. Therefore, no. No matter how nice a girl looks, I won’t be with her if she stabs any of my friends in the back.“, Brad said.

“I’ve got money. How much do you want to change your mind?“, Jordyn said. “Are you serious? You can’t buy my love. Love is not bought with money. So, keep your money. I’m still not interested.“, Brad said. Jordyn quickly stood up.

“Ugh, fine! Have it your way! But you’ll eventually change your mind and come crawling back to me and begging me for forgiveness! Just you wait and see!“, Jordyn said angrily. Jordyn walked away from Brad. Brad shook his head and started reading his book again from where he previously left off.


It was Friday, February 13, 2004. It was after school. Late in the afternoon, Nathan was sitting on a bench reading a book.

Brad walked up to Nathan. “Hey, Nathan. Mind if I sit down?“, Brad said. Nathan ignored Brad. Then Nathan stopped ignoring Brad.

Nathan sighed. “Go ahead, Brad.“, Nathan said. Nathan continued reading. Brad sat down next to Nathan.

Brad observed his surroundings. “So, it sure is a nice February day outside. Would you agree?“, Brad said. Nathan stopped reading and put down his book.

“What do you want?“, Nathan asked. “Well, it turns out that Jordyn wanted me over you and she asked me to be her boyfriend.“, Brad said. “Yeah, she also told me how much she was in like with you. Did you say yes?“, Nathan said.

“I said no. That girl was just bad news. I could never say yes to a girl who made me lose a good friend.“, Brad said. “Yeah, I hear you on that one. I also thought she was bad news. So, at least there’s one thing we can agree on while not being friends.“, Nathan said. “We sure did have some great memories while we were friends.“, Brad said. “Yep, we sure did.“, Nathan said.

“But I’ve now accepted the fact that you don’t want to be friends anymore. So, I’ll leave you alone with your book and stop talking to you from this point moving forward. Well, it was nice knowing you.“, Brad said. Brad stood up. “Wait. Sit down.“, Nathan said.

Brad sat back down. “Now, I’ve had some time to think about this whole mess. Now, I don’t know whether or not you kissed Jordyn or Jordyn kissed you. However, whatever happened, I guess I forgive you.“, Nathan said. “You really mean it? Does this mean we can be friends again?“, Brad asked.

“We can be friends again. Shake on it?“, Nathan said as he held out his hand. Nathan and Brad shook hands. “Well, I sure am glad that we’re friends again.“, Brad said.

“And that no good chick is officially history. I thought about the seven years that we’ve been friends. I decided that from now on, we’re not gonna let any female break up our friendship ever again. Therefore, I’m not gonna let that happen and you should do the same. Deal?“, Nathan said. “It’s a deal.“, Brad said. “Good.“, Nathan said.

“Yeah, but what isn’t good is that we’re both gonna be single on Valentine’s Day.“, Brad said. “Well, who needs a girlfriend? We’re both still young. We haven’t even hit puberty yet. There’s still plenty of time for us to find Mrs. Right.“, Nathan said. “You’re so right. There’s still plenty of time to be single. So, we might as well enjoy it while we can.“, Brad said.

“Yeah, romantic elementary relationships are so overrated.“, Nathan said. “Totally overrated.“, Brad said. “So, now that we’re friends again, what do you want to do now?“, Nathan asked.

“How about we walk over to my place and watch some TV?“, Brad asked. “Great idea, Brad. Reading is also overrated.“, Nathan said. Brad got up.

Then Nathan put his book in his backpack, got up, and followed Brad. “And hey, once we make it to your place, let’s skip the Valentine’s Day stuff on TV. Okay?“, Nathan said. “You just totally read my mind, dude.“, Brad said.


It was Saturday, February 14, 2004. It was afternoon. Nathan and Brad were hanging out at the playground down the street from the apartment complex with me, Steve, Kevin, Amanda, Ariana, and Jessica.

“Well, we’re all glad you two are back to being friends again.“, Amanda said. “Yeah, we all had a feeling you two were gonna eventually become friends again.“, Ariana said. “We’re both glad we’re friends again as well.“, Nathan said. “We’re gonna be extra careful the next time I or Nathan get a girlfriend.“, Brad said.

“And I’m sorry for chasing you all around the school playground.“, Nathan said. “Apology accepted.“, Brad said. “Well, since I and Steve aren’t single for the first time on Valentine’s Day, our whole day is planned out with our girlfriends.“, I said.

“Yeah? What do you four have planned?“, Brad asked. “We’re not telling. It’s top secret.“, Steve said. “Hey, let’s continue spending our first Valentine’s Day together behind one of those bushes.“, Amanda said as she was holding my hand and smiling.

“Okay.“, I said. I and Amanda walked away to a nearby bush while holding hands. “Hey, Steve, let’s go ahead and do the same thing they’re doing.“, Ariana said as she was holding Steve’s hand and smiling.

“Okay.“, Steve said. Steve and Ariana walked away to a nearby bush while holding hands. “How in the world are they gonna enjoy their first Valentine’s Day together behind a couple of bushes?“, Brad asked.

“Maybe it’s just to talk or something.“, Nathan said. “No, it’s to make out until the clock hits Midnight.“, Jessica said. “Of course it is.“, Brad said.

Kevin’s second girlfriend walked up to Kevin. “Hey, baby.“, the girl said. “Oh, hey.“, Kevin said.

“Wanna make out behind one of those bushes over there on our first-ever Valentine’s Day?“, the girl asked. “I’m sorry, I wish I could. But I can’t.“, Kevin said. “Yeah, right. Come on.“, the girl said as she grabbed Kevin’s hand and walked away to a nearby bush.

Kevin turned his head around. “Help me!“, Kevin said only moving his lips. “Well, it looks like it’s just us three single people. So, Mondays. Am I right?“, Jessica said.

“Come on Brad, let’s ditch this place and go play video games back at my place.“, Nathan said. Nathan and Brad walked away. “Wait, you can’t just leave me here! I’ll be the only single person left on this playground! Come back!“, Jessica said.

Nathan and Brad didn’t listen to Jessica. “There’s no way I’m gonna be the only single person here on Valentine’s Day. I’m heading back home.“, Jessica said. Jessica started walking back home. Then Valentine’s Day continued after a friendship was fully restored.

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