The 00's: Year Three

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Steve's New Brother Or Sister Part II


“...your Dad and I decided to make some changes in this household now that we are all so close to the arrival of our new family member.“, Anna said.

“No!“, Steve said. “Then I’m not leaving.“, Matthew said. “Okay, this is your last warning.“, Steve said.

“Okay, this is your last warning.“, Matthew said. “What?“, Steve asked. “What?“, Matthew asked.

“Man, Matthew sure has been a pain in the but today.“, Steve said. “Man, Matthew sure has-.“, Kevin said. “Shut up, Kev!“, Steve said.

“Dude, first Matthew copies me, and now this?!“, Steve asked exhaustedly.

“Is it just me or are these changes starting to get out of control?“, Kevin asked. “It’s not just you.“, Steve said. All three brothers continued watching TV.

“We’re undoing all the changes we made going back to the switch to Chinese food every day.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Yes, thank God!“, Cody said. “Now, we can finally have pizza, chicken, and tacos again.“, Matthew said.

“I am. The baby is finally coming.“, Anna said. “Wow, well, we need to hurry up, get dressed, and drive you to the hospital. ASAP.“, Kevin Sr. said. Anna nodded in agreement.

Steve’s parents hurried up and left the living room to go get dressed. “Wait, if they are going to the hospital, who’s gonna watch over us while they are gone?“, Matthew asked. Then Kevin, Steve, Cody, and Matthew continued sitting on the living room couch.


It was Wednesday, May 5, 2004. It was early morning (overnight). On-campus at the University of Detroit Mercy, Steve’s cousin was sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Her flip phone started ringing. The ringing woke her up. She got her phone and flipped it open.

“Hello?“, Steve’s cousin asked tiredly. “Hey, it’s us. Listen, I and my wife are on the way to the hospital. Your auntie over here is currently in labor. Do you mind driving over to our place to watch our boys until we get back from the hospital?“, Kevin Sr. said driving. “Alright, I’ll be over there shortly.“, Steve’s cousin said.

“Okay, great. Thanks.“, Kevin Sr. said. Kevin Sr. hung up the phone. Steve’s cousin put her phone down.

“Ugh, why did she have to go into labor right now?“, Steve’s cousin asked. Steve’s cousin sat up on her bed. She stretched and yawned. Then Steve’s cousin stood up and started getting ready to head out.


Moments later in the overnight hours, Steve’s cousin was driving to Steve’s place while Alive - Chris Lord-Alge Mix by P.O.D. was playing from the car’s CD player. Steve’s cousin was a fan of nu-metal music. Steve’s cousin continued driving.

Her car started breaking down while she was driving. Steve’s cousin stopped the music. She completely pulled out of traffic safely to avoid collisions.

She made sure her vehicle was visible to other drivers. She exited her vehicle safely. “Oh, no. Why in the world is this happening to me right now?“, Steve’s cousin said.

She pulled out her phone and called the home phone at Steve’s place. The home phone in the living room rang at Steve’s place as Steve and his brothers were on the living room couch watching TV later than normal. Kevin got up, went to the phone, and answered the call.

“Hello?“, Kevin asked. “Oh, thank goodness you’re still up. Listen, my car just broke down. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it there. Therefore, you need to call your parents and let them know what just happened so they can get someone else to babysit you guys.“, Steve’s cousin said. “Okay, no problem. I’ll call them as soon as possible.“, Kevin said.

“Thanks for the assist.“, Steve’s cousin. “You’re welcome. But what are you gonna do about your situation?“, Kevin said. “Oh, don’t worry about me. I’ve got a cell phone, so I should be able to figure something out.“, Steve’s cousin said.

“Okay, well, good luck with that. Bye.“, Kevin said. “Okay, bye.“, Steve’s cousin said. Steve’s cousin hung up the phone.

Kevin put down the home phone. “Hey, who was that Kev?“, Steve asked. “It was our cousin. She said she can’t make it here because her car broke down. She told me to call Mom and Dad to get someone else to babysit us.“, Kevin said.

“Oh, okay.“, Steve said. Steve, Cody, and Matthew continued watching TV. “But maybe no one has to babysit us.“, Kevin said.

“What are you talking about? We’re kids. Someone has to babysit us.“, Steve said. “But maybe this time, we all make our own rules without any adults around. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?“, Kevin said. Steve looked at Kevin and stood up from the couch.

“I am thinking what you’re thinking.“, Steve said smiling. “Yeah, it’ll be fun. No one will know that we are home alone while we get to make the rules around here and not the grown-ups until Mom and Dad get back from the hospital.“, Kevin said. “Great. Now, the first rule, while we’re home alone, should be to turn off the TV and head to bed.“, Steve said.

“Wait a minute, why would you want to do that?“, Kevin asked. “Because we’re human and humans need sleep?“, Steve asked. “Forget sleep. We can stay up as late as we want to.“, Kevin said.

“On second thought, sleep is pretty overrated.“, Steve said. “So, what should be our new first rule while we’re in charge?“, Kevin asked. “Come on, follow me.“, Steve said.

Kevin started following Steve. Kevin and Steve were in the kitchen. Steve opened the refrigerator.

Steve pulled out a chocolate cake from the freezer. Then Steve pulled out some ice cream from the freezer. “Of course, why didn’t I think of this idea sooner?“, Kevin asked.

“We can all have dessert whenever we want to. And that includes late nights.“, Steve said. “Hey, you know what? Dessert for everyone.“, Kevin said. “Now, you’re talking. This should be fun.“, Steve said. Then the fun officially started for Kevin, Steve, Cody, and Matthew.


Moments later, Kevin Sr. and Anna were at the hospital. A female doctor arrived. “Okay, Anna, how are you feeling right now?“, the doctor asked.

“The contractions are closer together.“, Anna said. “How is she feeling? How is she feeling? How is she feeling? Seriously? What do you mean how is she feeling? She’s feeling like giving life. That’s what she’s feeling like.“, Kevin Sr. said. “I’m just doing my job, sir.“, the doctor said. “Yeah, well, you’re not doing a good enough job based on that last question.“, Kevin Sr. said.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’m gonna be there with you when the baby is born. And I’m not gonna let anything prevent that from happening. I’m not even gonna use the bathroom.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Do you have to use the bathroom right now?“, Anna asked. “I don’t even have to use the bathroom right now.“, Kevin Sr. said.

“Well, let’s go ahead and get you to a hospital room.“, the doctor said. “We’re gonna be heading right this way.“, the doctor said. Then Kevin Sr., Anna, and the doctor went away to where the birth was going to happen.


Back at Steve’s place, Steve and his brothers were all eating dessert and watching TV in the living room. “Man, how come we never get to be home alone more often?“, Cody asked. “Beats me. I want us to be home alone more often. I like being home alone.“, Matthew said.

“Hey, if we’ve learned anything from Home Alone, it’s that being home alone is the best feeling in the world.“, Steve said. “And what makes it even better is that we get to meet our new brother or sister once our parents come back home with the baby.“, Kevin said. “Hey, what about school?“, Steve asked.

“What about school?“, Kevin asked. “We probably shouldn’t stay up too late. We all still need our energy to learn today.“, Steve said. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. And Cody and Matthew probably need their sleep more than we need ours.“, Kevin said.

“I don’t think so. I’m staying up all night.“, Cody said. “Yeah, and so am I.“, Matthew said. “Okay, but you two are gonna eventually change your minds when you get tired enough.“, Kevin said.

“We’re not gonna get tired. We can sleep the next night.“, Cody said. “Yeah, what he said.“, Matthew said. “Well, let me just be the first here to say this. Best. Night. Ever.“, Steve said. Then the boys continued eating dessert and watching TV.


Later that morning, Cody and Matthew were sleeping on the living room couch while Kevin and Steve were sitting on the same couch watching TV. “Hey, I think they’re completely out. What do you think?“, Steve said. Kevin looked at Cody and Matthew as they were sleeping.

“Yep, they’re out like a light bulb.“, Kevin said. “Well, shouldn’t they be sleeping in their own beds?“, Steve asked. “What’s wrong with them sleeping here? At least they’ll both still be fully rested for school.“, Kevin said.

“But the living room couch is not a bed.“, Steve said. Kevin sighed. “Okay, fine. I’ll wake them up and tell them to sleep in their beds.“, Kevin said.

“Hey, Cody. Hey, Matthew. Wake up. It’s time to sleep in your beds in your room.“, Kevin said. Cody and Matthew were still sleeping. “Hey, Cody! Hey, Matthew! Wake up! It’s time to stop sleeping on the couch and start sleeping on your beds!“, Kevin said a little louder.

“Man, they sure are sleeping heavy. I can’t wake them up.“, Kevin said. “Here, let me have a crack at it.“, Steve said. “Cody, Matthew, it’s time to wake up and start getting some shuteye in your room. Come on, let’s go you two.“, Steve said.

Cody and Matthew were still sleeping. “I said it’s time to wake up and sleep where you normally sleep! Come on, you two! Wake up!“, Steve said a little louder. Cody and Matthew were still sleeping.

“Hey, I’ve got it. We can get the dog to wake them up.“, Kevin said. “But how?“, Steve asked. “By having him lick their faces.“, Kevin said.

“I don’t think that’s gonna work.“, Steve said. “Why not?“, Kevin asked. “Because the dog is also sleeping.“, Steve said.

Kevin looked at the dog’s crate and saw Dexter sleeping. “I’ll be right back.“, Kevin said. Kevin got up from where he was sitting.

“Where are you going?“, Steve asked. “Into the kitchen.“, Kevin said. Kevin walked to the kitchen.

Moments later, Kevin came back into the living room with two cold glasses of kitchen water in his hands. Kevin walked over to Cody and Matthew as they both were still sleeping. Kevin splashed the water in their faces.

Cody and Matthew woke up. “What the-? Who just did that? What time is it?“, Matthew asked. “It’s time for you two to start sleeping in your own beds. Come on, you two. Let’s roll.“, Kevin said.

“Oh, our own beds. I completely forgot about that. Okay, that’s cool with us. Just give us five more minutes. Thanks.“, Cody said. “Yeah, thanks.“, Matthew said. Cody and Matthew started going back to sleep.

“Don’t make me splash you two with cold water again.“, Kevin said. “Alright, we’ll go back to our rooms! Geez! You could’ve had a little more patience.“, Cody said. Cody got up and walked to his bedroom.

“Come on, you little kindergartner. Don’t make me have to use ice.“, Kevin said. Matthew got up and walked away to his bedroom. “Well, that takes care of that.“, Kevin said.

“And we’ve got plenty of energy left. So, what do you want to do now?“, Steve said. “I don’t know. I’ll do whatever you want to do.“, Kevin said. “I have no clue what I want to do. Therefore, I’m leaving that decision up to you.“, Steve said.

The talking stopped. “TV.“, both boys said. Then Kevin and Steve continued watching TV.


Ariana was sleeping in her bedroom. Her cell phone started ringing. Ariana got woken up by the ringing.

Ariana picked up her phone to see who it was. “Hello?“, Ariana said tiredly. “Hey, it’s me.“, Steve said sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Oh, hey. What are you doing calling me at this kind of time?“, Ariana said. “I just wanted to tell you what’s been going on at my place during the past two weeks.“, Steve said. “What? Did you call me just for that? Goodbye.“, Ariana said.

“No, Ariana, wait! Don’t hang up! It’s important that I tell you this right now.“, Steve said. “Ugh, okay, fine. Shoot.“, Ariana said. “Well, for starters, our parents started making some changes around the house to try and make the upcoming kid’s life a little better. But it turned out the changes were too much. Then just last night, they changed their minds and everything was back to normal. Then all of a sudden, my Mom is about to bring a new member of the family tree into this world. Isn’t that insane?“, Steve said.

“Well, maybe the reason the baby decided to choose that time was that he or she finally got what he or she wanted. A normal life without any unnecessary changes. Then the baby was ready to fully experience that life.“, Ariana said. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. The changes that my parents made were terrible and so not necessary. We had Chinese food every night. And we were getting sicker and sicker of it as the days passed by. Then they wanted to change how we sleep.“, Steve said. “Yeah, I can totally relate to that part.“, Ariana said.

“They even changed what we watched on TV and the way they punished us. I’m so glad those days are finally over. So, how about your life? Is there anything that you’ve been wanting to get off your chest recently?“, Steve said. “No, nothing over here that I need to get off my chest.“, Ariana said. “Are you sure? You can talk to me about anything.“, Steve said.

“Yes, I’m sure.“, Ariana said. “Great, well, my parents are at the hospital right now as we speak to have the new brother or sister leave my Mom’s belly. Oh, and don’t tell anyone this part. We’re secretly home alone without any adult’s permission. We all can do anything that we want and there are no grown-ups here that will tell us that we can’t.“, Steve said. “Well, that’s a cool story. We’ll talk more about it today at school. Bye.“, Ariana said.

Ariana hung up. Steve heard that Ariana hung up. Steve sat his cell phone down on the living room table.

“Hey, the last one to fall asleep is a rotten egg.“, Kevin said sitting next to Steve. “You’re on.“, Steve said. “Yeah, I’m on now, but you’ll be off when you trip and fall into the wonderful world of slumberland.“, Kevin said. Kevin and Steve continued watching TV.


More time elapsed. At Steve’s place, Steve decided to call me. At my place, my cell phone was ringing.

I got woken up by the phone in my room and answered the call. “Hello?“, I asked tiredly. “Hey, it’s me.“, Steve said.

“Dude, why are you calling me at such a weird time?“, I asked. “I just wanted to let you know everything that has been going on over at my place for the past two weeks. Is that okay with you?“, Steve said. “Okay, I’m listening.“, I said.

“Two weeks ago, our parents started making some changes around the house to try and provide a better childhood for the upcoming baby. We’ve been eating Chinese food every day. Then the changes started to become unnecessary and were taking a turn for the worst. Then our parents changed their minds and decided to undo the changes. Then just after the changes are undone, the baby is ready to come out. Isn’t that insane?“, Steve said. “Sort of. Can I go back to bed now?“, I said. “What are you doing in bed?“, Steve asked.

“What do you think I’m doing? I was sleeping until you called me. Hey, what are you doing up?“, I said. “My Dad had to rush my Mom to the hospital overnight. They tried to get one of my older cousins over here to babysit but her car broke down on her way here. As a result, it’s just us four without any adults around.“, Steve said. “And do your parents know that you are all home alone?“, I asked.

“Our parents don’t have a clue that we’re home alone. We decided not to tell them what happened.“, Steve said. “So, the smart thing to do is to lose a lot of much-needed sleep?“, I asked. “Not all of it. Just some of it. We’re all gonna be asleep before school starts. And Cody and Matthew are already asleep.“, Steve said.

“Okay, well, I think I’m gonna go ahead and join Cody and Matthew unless you have anything else to tell me.“, I said. “Are you home alone?“, Steve asked. “What? What kind of a question is that? Of course, I’m not home alone.“, I said. “Oh, okay. Just checking.“, Steve said.

I hung up the phone. “Hello? Hello? Hey, Jamal, are you there?“, Steve asked. I went ahead and put my phone down before going back to sleep.

Steve put his phone down. “Dude, why are you bothering people late at night?“, Kevin asked. “Because I want to. That’s why. It’s a free country as long as I’m not hurting anyone.“, Steve said.

“But dude, making people lose sleep isn’t going to bring instant pleasure to anyone.“, Kevin said. “You know what, I think I’m gonna call some of my other friends.“, Steve said. Steve picked up his phone and started calling more people. “Okay, but be prepared to lose some friends.“, Kevin said. Then Kevin used the TV remote and continued watching TV.

After more time elapsed, Kevin and Steve were sleeping on the living room couch after they crashed and fell asleep by accident at the same time. And as they were sleeping, the TV was still on with no one watching it. Kevin and Steve continued sleeping until it was time for them to get up and get ready for school.


In the hospital room, Anna did some heavy breathing while lying down on a hospital bed. She continued doing more heavy breathing. She did some more heavy breathing. Then the heavy breathing slowed down. “Okay, that one’s over.“, the doctor said.

“You’re doing great, Anna. That was the toughest contraction so far.“, the doctor said. Kevin Sr. rushed back into the room. “Okay, I’m back from using the bathroom. Did I miss anything?“, Kevin Sr. said.

“Oh, honey, thank God you made it in time for the birth of our baby.“, Anna said. “I told you I was gonna be right there with you no matter what. And here I am.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Hold my hand.“, Anna said. Kevin Sr. held Anna’s hand.

“Alright, now, here comes another contraction. I need you to push this time. Are you ready? Take a deep breath...and push!“, the doctor said. Anna squeezed Kevin Sr.’s hand very tightly as she was pushing out her fifth child. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!“, Anna screamed.

“Aaaaaaaah!“, Kevin Sr. yelled in pain from Anna’s squeezing. “Man, you didn’t squeeze that tightly since Matthew was born.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Shut up!“, Anna yelled.

Moments later, Anna was lying in her hospital bed with the baby in her arms. “Well, honey, we did it. We finally did it.“, Anna said. “Yeah, now, we finally have five kids instead of four.“, Kevin Sr. said.

“And he looks so cute. He looks just about as handsome as our other boys.“, Anna said. “Yeah, they all got their good looks from you and me. It’s too bad that we didn’t get a girl. I would’ve loved for the boys to finally have a sister after all these years.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Well, we may not have a girl, but this little fella over here is gonna attract a lot of female attention when he gets older.“, Anna said smiling.

“Hey, we still haven’t decided what we want to name him yet.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Don’t worry, I think I have the perfect idea for a name.“, Anna said. “You do? Well, that’s great. What do you think we should name him?“, Kevin said.

“Let’s go ahead and name him Kyle.“, Anna said. “Okay, that’s not a bad name for a guy at all. But why did you choose that name?“, Kevin Sr. said. “Because it’s simple. And it starts with a k just like your name.“, Anna said.

“Hey, that’s smart. I like the way you think.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Hey, I didn’t earn a Master’s degree for nothing.“, Anna said. “And the first kid’s first name also starts with a k which means this is definitely our last kid.“, Kevin Sr. said.

“Can I hold him?“, Kevin Sr. asked. “Sure.“, Anna said. Anna handed the baby to Kevin Sr.

Kevin Sr. was holding the baby. “Hey, buddy. We’re your mommy and daddy. I think you’re gonna like your new home a ton. You’ve got four brothers and a household pet named Dexter. I sure hope you grow up to be as big, tall, strong, and athletic as me one day.“, Kevin Sr. said. Kevin Sr. handed the baby back to Anna.

“You know, he’s only been in the world for a little bit and I think he likes us already.“, Kevin Sr. said. “Well, if that’s the case, he’ll have no problem liking his other family members whether they are human or not. And I hope this one goes even farther than me in school and gets his doctorate.“, Anna said. “Yeah, I sure do love the sound of that. Dr. Kyle Sharp. I could live with being the father of a college professor.“, Kevin Sr. said.


It was Wednesday evening. The whole family was inside the master bedroom as Anna was lying on the bed holding the new baby. “Well, it’s too bad that we didn’t get a sister this time. But I’d be happy with another little brother.“, Kevin said.

“Hey, he’s got my blue eyes.“, Steve said. “We all have blue eyes, Steve.“, Kevin said. “What I meant to say was that he has my tone of blue.“, Steve said. “We all have the same tone of blue, Steve.“, Kevin said.

“Dexter, look, we’ve got a new family member in our household. Say hi, Dexter.“, Anna said. Dexter barked happily. “So, did everything run smoothly with you boys while your cousin was here?“, Kevin Sr. asked.

“Oh, everything ran very smoothly.“, Cody said. “Yeah, extremely smoothly.“, Matthew said. “So, now that we have one person added to this household, how many people are in here now?“, Steve asked.

“Seven. There are now seven people living in this household. Eight if you consider the dog as a person.“, Kevin said. “And he’s lucky too. He’s the only kid in here that gets to have his own room.“, Steve said. “Hey, I have a question.“, Matthew said.

“Okay, shoot.“, Kevin Sr. said. “What is the baby’s birthday?“, Matthew asked. “The baby’s birthday is May 5 which is today.“, Anna said.

“I hope we give Kyle the best 1st birthday party in the history of 1st birthday parties next year.“, Kevin said. “Well, I think it’s time we gave this kid his first-ever sponge bath.“, Kevin Sr. said. “I think he’s as ready for it as a sponge with his own TV show.“, Steve said.

“We’ll only allow one more question. And then no more questions for the remainder of the evening.“, Anna said. Matthew raised his hand. “What’s his name?“, Matthew asked.

“His name is Kyle.“, Kevin Sr. said. “I think that’s a pretty cool name for him.“, Cody said. “Well, since it’s already his birthday, let’s all sing happy birthday to him for the first time.“, Kevin said.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, Kevin.“, Anna said. “Okay, here we go. On the count of three. 1...2...3.“, Steve said. Then the singing started.

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear Kyle

Happy Birthday To You

After the song, everything turned out to be a happy ending for Steve and the rest of his household. The whole family moved on with their lives. And there were going to be some happy memories waiting for Kyle in the future.

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