The 00's: Year Three

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Walking In An Autumn Wonderland

It was Friday, October 17, 2003, and it was evening. Kevin and Steve were playing video games together in their room on Steve’s Sony PlayStation 2. Matthew walked into their bedroom. And Matthew went ahead and stared at Kevin and Steve while they were playing.

“Hi.”, Matthew began.

“Oh, hey Matthew.”, Steve replied. “Hey, who invited the little dude into our room?”

“Not me.”, Kevin replied.

“I want to talk to you guys about something very important.”

“Okay, but can it wait?” Kevin asked him. “When you see these things in our hands, it means that we’re very busy and can’t talk right now.”

Then Steve and Kevin went ahead and continued playing. “But this can’t wait until later.”, Matthew informed. And Steve went ahead and paused the game.

“Okay, you got our attention.”, Steve spoke. “Now, what do you want?!”

“Well, you know how Christmas is two months away?”

“You came in our room without permission just to test our math skills?” Kevin asked him.

“No. It’s just that I’ve been getting very impatient waiting for Christmas to arrive. That’s why I want you two to ask Mom and Dad if it would be okay to put up the Christmas decorations a little early this year.”

“Dude, have you completely lost your Kindergarten mind?” Kevin asked him. “Christmas decorations in October is absolutely unheard of. No person or family in their right mind would do something so stupid and inappropriate.”

Steve added, “Yeah, that would be breaking tradition. Christmas decorations are supposed to be used during the Christmas season, which is November and December. But don’t worry, little fella, there are still a few more weeks left until the calendar turns the page to November.”

“But I still don’t want to wait that long.”

Steve added, “Okay, I’ll tell you what, Halloween is just a couple weeks away. We all could just celebrate Halloween the same way we typically celebrate Christmas. That way, it won’t feel like Christmas is so far away.” “So, what do you think about that idea?”

“I think that’s a great idea!” he exclaimed happily.

“But how are we gonna celebrate Halloween the same way we celebrate Christmas?” Kevin asked him. “Halloween and Christmas are two completely different holidays.”

“Simple.”, Steve explained. “We just do the same stuff we would normally do to celebrate Christmas if it were two weeks away. The only difference is that we do it Halloween-style.” “Now, do you get it?”

“Oh, now I see where you are going with this.”, Kevin realized. “Yeah, sure. That sounds like a cool idea to me.”

“So, what I and Kevin are gonna do is ask Mom and Dad if it’s okay for all of us to celebrate Halloween the same way we typically celebrate Christmas this year.”, Steve reported.

“Is that okay with you, Matthew?” Kevin asked him.

“Yes, it is. Thanks.”, Matthew responded before exiting the bedroom.

Kevin added, “Hey, if we’re gonna celebrate Halloween like it’s Christmas, I say we celebrate Thanksgiving like it’s New Year’s Day.”

“Yeah, but Matthew is waiting for Christmas to arrive. Not 2004. Come on Kev, let’s just go ahead and continue where we left off.”

Then Steve and Kevin went ahead and continued playing.


It was Saturday, October 18, 2003, and it was morning. Matthew went ahead and walked into the living room while still in his sleeping clothes (pajamas). Then he stopped to stretch and yawn.

Then Matthew went ahead and saw a Christmas tree with Halloween decorations on it instead of normal Christmas decorations. “What in the world?” Matthew asked himself. After that, Steve’s parents came into the living room in their sleeping clothes.

“Well, Matthew, what do you think?” Anna asked him.

Kevin Sr. added, “We got the message you sent to us through Kevin and Steve. And we think it’s a great idea to celebrate Halloween like Christmas.”

“So, we both decided to decorate our Christmas tree with Halloween decorations.”, Anna added.

“So, what do you think?” Kevin Sr. asked him.

“It’s beautiful!” Matthew exclaimed happily. “This has got to be the best October of my entire life!”

“Well, we’re both so glad to hear you say that.”, Anna commented.

Then Steve and Kevin went ahead and walked into the living room while still wearing their sleeping clothes.

“Wow, nice job with the tree.”, Steve complimented.

Kevin added, “Yeah, this tree looks better with Halloween decorations than it does with Christmas decorations.”

Then Cody went ahead and walked into the living room while he was still wearing his sleeping clothes. And Cody saw the tree. “What on God’s green Earth happened to our Christmas tree?!” Cody exclaimed.

“Halloween. That’s what happened to it.”, Kevin replied.

“Matthew got a little impatient while waiting for Christmas to arrive. Abd by a little, I mean a lot. Therefore, we all decided to celebrate Halloween like it’s Christmas.”, Steve explained.

“And we’re all having pumpkin-flavored toaster pastries to go with our breakfast this morning.”, Anna informed.

“Wow!” Matthew exclaimed happily. “Can this day get any better?!”

“It can.”, Kevin Sr. continued. “Later today, this place will have Halloween decorations all around along with Halloween lights on the outside.”

“Now, if only there was a way for us to find something that could replace Christmas music.”, Steve commented.

“Maybe we all wait for a scary song to play on the radio.”, Kevin replied. “And there are music channels on the TV that might have some scary songs.”

“Nah, I’d rather just wait for something scary to be played on the radio.”, Steve responded.

“Speaking of the radio, I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on.”, Cody announced.

Then Cody went ahead and walked over to the living room radio. Cody turned on that radio. And Cody tuned into a random FM radio station.

Then Freaks Come Out at Night by Whodini was the song that went ahead and started playing on the living room radio.

“Yeah! Now, that’s more like it!” Kevin approved.

“Now, it’s starting to feel more like December in October.”, Steve added.

“I’m gonna go ahead and get breakfast ready. Merry Halloween, everyone.”, Anna spoke happily. Anna exited the living room and went into the kitchen. Then Kevin Sr. exited the living room.

“Man, this is so awesome!” Kevin exclaimed. “Who knew celebrating Halloween like it’s Christmas could be so fun?”

“Are we gonna do this every year?” Cody asked them. “Also, wouldn’t it make sense to celebrate Christmas like it’s Halloween in December as well?”

“Maybe.”, Steve replied. “But that’s a question for another month or year. Come on, let’s all watch some TV and wait for breakfast to be ready.” Then after that, all four brothers went ahead and started watching television in the living room.

Moments later, the clock advanced the time into Saturday evening. In the living room, Steve was helping Anna finish putting up the Halloween decorations. “I am so happy and excited that this will be our first-ever Halloween with our new family member.”, Steve commented.

“Yeah, I’m happy and excited too.”, Anna replied.

Then Steve and Anna went ahead and continued doing what they were doing.

“Mom, is it okay if I ask you something very important?”

“Of course. You can ask me anything no matter how important it is. What do you want to ask?”

“After the baby is born, is he or she gonna be our last sibling?”

“Yes, Steve, I’m afraid so. I and your father think that five kids are just about enough for this household. Plus, we do live in an apartment complex that’s definitely not a single-family home.”

Then they went ahead and continued putting up the final Halloween decorations.

“Well, I bet next Halloween is gonna be even more awesome after the baby is born. And I know that when I or any of my brothers have kids someday, that baby will be a wonderful uncle or aunt for our children.”

“I’m sure you’ll be an excellent father as well.” “And I predict that our new child will make the same request for a Christmas-like Halloween once he/she turns five.”

“And that would be in the year 2009. Am I right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Then they both were finally finished.

“Well, that’s the last of the decorations.”, Anna commented.

“Great!” Steve exclaimed. “So, I guess our work here is done. Now, I’m gonna go head back to my room.” Then Steve went ahead and went back to his bedroom.

“Okay, sweetie.”, Anna told Steve as he was walking away. Then Anna went ahead and stared at her belly. “You better be a girl this time.”, Anna told her unborn child.


It was Sunday, October 19, 2003, and it was in the afternoon. Steve and Kevin were in the living room watching TV. Then I went ahead and knocked on Steve’s door. Kevin got up and started walking over to the front door. “Who is it?!” Kevin asked me.

“It’s me!”

Kevin went ahead and opened the door. Then I came inside. And Kevin closed the front door.

“Hey, you two.”, I told them.

“Hey, Jamal.”, Steve responded.

I and Kevin went ahead and sat down next to Steve. Then I noticed that something was off. Very off.

“Hey, why is your Christmas tree up and we’re still in October?” I asked them.

“Matthew was getting very impatient for Christmas to arrive.”, Kevin told me.

“So, we all decided to celebrate Halloween the same wat Christmas is normally celebrated just to make him happy and shut him up.”, Steve told me.

“Well, I think a Christmas tree sure is a great place to start.”, I told them.

“It’s not a Christmas tree. It’s a Halloween tree until the start of November.”, Kevin informed.

Steve added, “Yeah, instead of putting Christmas decorations on it, we used Halloween decorations instead.”

Then Dexter went ahead and walked into the living room wearing a Halloween-themed sweater.

“Well, Dexter sure does look pretty warm and comfortable with that Halloween-themed sweater.”, I commented.

“Yeah, it sure has been getting cold lately.”, Kevin reported.

“So, how else are you all gonna be celebrating Halloween Christmas-style?” I asked them.

“We don’t know yet, but we’ll probably come up with something very soon.”, Steve responded.

Then after that conversation ended, all three of us went ahead and watched some TV together.


It was Sunday, October 26, 2003. At Steve’s place in the wee hours of the morning, Steve’s parents were almost done putting the Halloween gifts under the tree in the living room. Matthew came into the living room after he heard some noises from outside his bedroom.

“Cool! Presents!” Matthew exclaimed happily. Matthew ran toward the presents. Then Kevin Sr. got in Matthew’s way.

“Hold up there, little fella. These presents are not to be opened until Halloween morning.”, Kevin Sr. told him.

“What are you doing up anyways?” Anna asked him.

“I heard noises from outside my room and that woke me up.”

“Well, we’re sorry for waking you up. You can go back to bed now, sweetie.”, Anna responded.

“Wait, if Christmas gifts are delivered by Santa Claus, who is supposed to deliver Halloween gifts?” Matthew asked his parents.

“Well, it’s all very simple.”, Kevin Sr. lied. “You see, some Christmas presents are given by family and friends while other Christmas presents are delivered by Santa himself. So, for Halloween, the same riles apply. However, Santa has a brother who is responsible for delivering the Halloween gifts.” “Now, does that answer your question?”

“I think so.” “But how come I never heard of Santa’s brother?” “And I thought Halloween gifts were just our thing?”

“Uh, a little help here honey?” Kevin Sr. asked her.

Anna added, “Well, we both called Santa Claus to help us with celebrating Halloween Xmas-style. And what he recommended to us is that we give presents on Halloween. Also, he said he was gonna call his brother who lives on the South Pole to deliver the additional Halloween presents that will be sent here early Halloween morning.” “Now, does that explain everything?”

“I guess.” “But what is his brother’s name?”

“His name is, uh, Sam.”, Kevin Sr. lied. “Yeah, his name is Samuel Claus. Or Sam Claus for short.”

Anna added, “And from this point moving forward, he’ll be watching you. Then he’s gonna determine whether you have been naughty or nice. Be nice and you get presents. But be naughty, and you’ll get a lump of Halloween coal in your Halloween stocking.”

“I guess you know what that means.”, Kevin Sr. commented.

“What does it mean?” Matthew asked them.

“It means that you better start doing what your Mom and Dad tell you to do and get back into bed.”, Anna continued.

“Well, I guess this means I better go back to bed.”, Matthew replied.

“Now, you’re thinking smart.”, Kevin Sr. responded.

Matthew turned around and turned back around.

“I just have one more question.”, Matthew informed.

“Okay, shoot.”, Kevin Sr. instructed.

“Is it okay if I leave out some milk and cookies for Sam before he arrives here on Halloween?”

“Sure, that won’t be a problem.”, Anna approved.

“Great!” Matthew exclaimed. “Now, I can go back to bed.” “Wow, I never knew Santa had a brother.”, Matthew told himself as he was heading back to his bedroom.

“Honey, did we honestly have to lie to him just to get him back into bed?” Anna asked him.

“Hey, it worked. Did it not?” Kevin Sr. asked her.

Then after that, Steve’s parents continued doing what they were previously doing and went off to bed themselves.


It was Monday, October 27, 2003, and it was evening. I, Amanda, Steve, and Ariana were all watching wrestling on the living room couch at Steve’s place.

“Hey, why is there a Christmas tree in the living room?” Ariana asked them.

Amanda added, “Yeah, I was gonna ask that same question. It’s still October.”

“Matthew was getting very impatient for Christmas to arrive.”, Steve explained. “Therefore, this family decided to celebrate Halloween Christmas-style.”

I added, “Oh, and F.Y.I., that’s not a Christmas tree. That’s a Halloween tree this month.”

“Well, are you two still down to go trick-or-treating with all of us?” Ariana asked them.

“Sure, I and Jamal still haven’t changed our plans for Halloween night.”, Steve responded.

“And I think trick-or-treating makes for a nice addition to a Christmas-style Halloween.”, I commented.

“I agree with that statement 110 percent. It combines Halloween tradition with Christmas tradition.”, Steve agreed.

“Maybe the rest of us should start doing the same thing at our houses before the month is over.”, I commented.

“Thanks, but no thanks.”, Ariana replied. “I prefer to celebrate holidays the old-fashioned way.”

“Yeah, me too.”, Amanda replied.

“Well, what about next year? Or in future years?” I asked them.

“Yeah, no.”, Ariana responded.

“What she said.”, Amanda responded.

“Boy, can this October get any better?” Steve asked happily.

Then after that, we all stopped talking and continued watching wrestling.

“You know what? It can.”, Ariana commented.

“How?” I asked her.

“A Halloween mistletoe.”, Ariana informed.

“Yeah, then I and Ariana can kiss under it. And you can do the same thing with your girlfriend, Jamal.”, Steve spoke.

“But how are we gonna make a Halloween mistletoe?” I asked them.

“I think I have just the solution to that problem. We all make a cutout mistletoe from paper and use an orange marker to color it.”, Amanda explained.

“I imagine something like that will take some time to create.”, Steve imagined.

“Well, we’re not gonna be pressing lips until one is made.”, Ariana told Steve.

“And the same thing goes for you and me.”, Amanda told me.

“What?! You expect us to make them?!” Steve exclaimed.

“Yeah, we never made a cutout paper mistletoe in our entire lives. What if they don’t come out right?” I asked them.

“It doesn’t matter how they look as long as it’s made. Or else, you won’t be able to kiss these lips again until 2005.”, Amanda spoke.

“What she said, Steve?” Ariana told him.

“2005?!” Steve exclaimed. “But I’ll go crazy! We’ll both go crazy!”

“Alright, fine! We’ll both make a mistletoe!” I exclaimed.

Steve sighed. “What he said.”, Steve replied.

“Hey, turns out we have more control over them than we previously thought.”, Ariana told Amanda with a smile. And Amanda smiled as well.


It was Tuesday, October 28, 2003, and it was evening. I, Steve, Nathan, and Brad were all sitting on the living room couch at watching TV at Steve’s place.

“Hey, what’s with the Christmas tree?” Nathan asked them.

“Yeah, we’re still in October.”, Brad added.

“Matthew got very impatient for Christmas to arrive. So, our family decided to celebrate Halloween Christmas-style.”, Steve explained.

“Also, we both kinda hate him for it right now.”, I added.

“And why is that?” Nathan asked us.

“Because we both told our girlfriends about this upcoming Christmas-style Halloween at my place. Now, they want us to make Halloween-style mistletoes before the month is over. Or else, no kissing until 2005. And we don’t know anything about making a paper mistletoe.”, Steve explained.

“Ouch.”, Brad commented.

“I know!” Steve exclaimed.

“Amanda and Ariana have more control over you two than a video game.”, Nathan informed figuratively.

“Luckily for you two, we both know a thing or two about making paper cutouts. I and Nathan can go ahead and show you two the ropes.”

“Even when it comes to making a mistletoe?” I asked them.

“Of course.”, Nathan responded. “All you have to do is recognize, and remember, what a mistletoe looks like and cutout a 2D or 3D paper version of one.”

“Thanks.”, Steve spoke happily.

“Yeah, don’t mention it.”, Brad responded.

“Oh, and that’s not a Christmas tree. This month, it’s a Halloween tree. That’s why it’s decorated with Halloween decorations instead of Christmas decorations.”, I explained.

“Also, my parents lied to Matthew and told him that Santa has a brother who delivers Halloween presents instead of Christmas presents just to get him to go back to bed in the late-night hours. And now, they both feel kinda bad for lying to a five-year-old.”

“Well, maybe they both should clear things up with him by telling him the truth.”, Brad commented.

“No, what I think they should do is just tell him the truth twenty years down the road. Then I’m sure my little brother will look back on it and laugh instead of cry for days.”

“So, when are you two gonna help us with the paper mistletoes?” I asked them.

“Tomorrow at school during recess.”, Nathan responded.

“Cool!” Steve exclaimed. “Tomorrow it is.”

“So, where is this imaginary brother supposed to be living?” Brad asked him.

“The opposite of the North Pole.”, Steve replied.

“Well, at least it’s still somewhere cold.”, Brad responded.

Then after that conversation ended, all of us went ahead and continued watching television.

It was Thursday, October 30, 2003, and it was evening. At Steve’s place, Steve and the rest of his family were in the living room. Matthew was in his sleeping clothes while writing a “thank you” note to Sam on the living room table.

“Okay, son, are you done writing your ‘thank you’ note to Sam yet?” Kevin Sr. asked him.

“Almost!” Matthew exclaimed.

Then Matthew went ahead and continued writing. And Matthew went ahead and finished writing. Matthew walked over to the milk and cookies that were sitting on an end table and put the note near the milk and cookies.

“I have been so good this October that Santa’s brother will have no choice but to give me extra Halloween presents.”, Matthew spoke with a smile.

“We’re very proud of you for being so good this October.”, Kevin Sr. told Matthew.

“Yeah, and now all that’s left to do is wait, which is the hardest part every time before Santa or Sam comes to town.”, Kevin commented.

“Mom, Dad, can we all celebrate Halloween like this every year?” Matthew asked them.

“Every year?” Anna asked him. “Yeah, I don’t know about that one.”

“I and your Mom will talk about it later.”, Kevin Sr. replied.

“Well, I guess this is finally it. One more day, and it will be another Halloween.”, Steve commented.

“It feels like forever since last Halloween.”, Cody added.

“Well, all it’s gonna take is for the clock to hit Midnight just one more time. Then it’ll be finally here.”, Kevin informed.

“I think we’ve all done such an awesome job celebrating Halloween like it’s Christmas that this month should be called Doctober. Because it’s, you know, October plus December.”, Steve commented.

“Dude, it kinda sounds like you’re saying doctor.”, Kevin responded.

“Well, whatever it sounds like, I still think it’s a pretty cool name for a month.”

Then after that, Kevin Sr. went ahead and yawned. “Well, I say it’s time we all hit the sack and start catching some Zs.”, Kevin Sr. spoke.

“Good night, you kids. This one included.”, Anna spoke while including her unborn baby.

“See you all in the morning.”, Kevin Sr. added.

Anna added, “And don’t stay up too late to see if Halloween reindeer really know how to fly.”

Then Steve’s parents stopped talking. And Steve’s parents went ahead and exited the living room and went off to bed.

“I’m the oldest, so I bet I can stay up longer than any of you can.”

“In your dreams, Kev.”, Steve responded. “Age is nothing but a number.”

“But the older you get, the longer you can go without sleep. Therefore, age isn’t nothing but a number this time.”, Kevin informed.

“But we’re only a couple of years apart.”, Steve reported. “Therefore, I’ll have you beat.”

“We’ll see about that.”, Kevin responded.

“No!” Matthew exclaimed. “We should all go to sleep as soon as possible. Sam sees us when we are sleeping and knows when we are awake. If he sees that we disobeyed Mom and Dad by staying up too late, he might change his mind and give all of us coal.”

“Matthew, I think it’s time you learn something very important about Samuel Claus.”, Steve told him.

“And what’s that?” Matthew asked him.

Then Steve thought about how disappointed Matthew would be if he told him the truth about Sam.

“Um, you know what? I lost my train of thought and completely forgot what I was gonna say. Anyways, let’s all head off to bed.”, Steve responded. “And not stay up too late!” Steve exclaimed at Kevin.

“Sounds good to me.”, Kevin agreed.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Cody exclaimed.

Then after that conversation ended, all the brothers went ahead and left the living room and went off to bed.

It was Friday, October 31, 2003, and it was Halloween night. At Steve’s place, Steve and his family were in the living room.

“Okay, I and your father are gonna spend the rest of our Halloween in our room. Each of you has dinner that will be in the refrigerator after you all come home from trick-or-treating. Kevin or Steve will be heating the food. Don’t stay up too late, don’t eat too much candy, and don’t go into any stranger’s house while you’re out. See you all later.”, Anna instructed.

“Okay.”, Steve responded. “Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.”

“And merry Halloween.”, Kevin added.

Then after that, Steve’s parents went ahead and exited the living room.

“Okay, our friends should be here any minute now. Then we can all head out.”, Steve informed.

“But why are all the Halloween gifts so cheaper than Christmas gifts?” Matthew asked them.

“Probably because there’s another holiday in late December that’s probably gonna have way more expensive gifts.”, Kevin told him.

Then a knock was heard at the front door and Steve walked over to the front door.

“Who is it?!”

“It’s me!” I exclaimed.

Then Steve went ahead and opened the door, and I came inside. Steve closed and locked the front door. “So, did everyone else arrive yet?” I asked them.

“Not yet. We’re still waiting.”, Kevin responded.

Then another knock was heard at the front door and Steve walked over to the front door.

“Who is it?!”

“It’s me and Brad!” Nathan exclaimed.

Then Steve went ahead and opened the door for Nathan and Brad. They both came in and Steve closed and locked the front door.

“Merry Halloween, everyone!” Brad exclaimed.

“Merry Halloween to you too.”, I told Brad.

“Did everyone make it yet?” Nathan asked us.

“Not yet. We’re still waiting for Amanda, Ariana, and Jess to arrive.”, Steve reported. Then another knock was heard at the front door. “Sounds like I spoke too soon.” Then Steve went ahead and walked over to the front door. “Who is it?!”

“It’s me, Ariana, and Amanda!” Jessica exclaimed.

Steve went ahead and opened the door for the females. Then all three girls came inside. And Steve closed and locked the front door.

“Hey, everyone!” Jessica exclaimed. “Nice costumes.”

“Thanks.”, Kevin responded.

“Hey, why is there a Christmas tree in the living room, and it’s Halloween?” Jessica asked us.

“It’s a very long story. Don’t ask until after Halloween.”, Cody informed.

“Hey, Amanda. I made that paper Halloween mistletoe you wanted.”, I told Amanda while holding out the mistletoe.

“And so, did I.”, Steve told Ariana while holding out his mistletoe. “Now, I think it’s about time we get paid for our hard work and effort.”

“Oh, yeah? Let me see that.”, Amanda instructed.

“Yeah, me too.”, Ariana instructed.

Then I and Steve went ahead and gave our girlfriends the paper mistletoes.

Both girlfriends held both mistletoes high in the air.

Then Amanda and I exchanged another brief kiss on the lips. And Ariana did the same thing with Steve. After that, Steve spoke.

“I love Christmas in October!” Steve declared happily.

“Come on, everyone! Let’s roll!” Amanda instructed.

Then all of us went ahead and started leaving to go trick-or-treating. Dexter was barking while in his crate and wearing his Halloween-themed sweater.

“Sorry, Dexter. You’re a dog. And dogs can’t go trick-or-treating. We’ll make sure you get your fair share of sweets when we get back. But no chocolate. Merry Halloween!” Steve told Dexter. Steve closed the door and went off to go trick-or-treating with the rest of us. Then Dexter sat there in his crate with a huge grin showing on his face while his tongue was out.

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