The 00's: Year Three

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It was Sunday, November 16, 2003, and it was early in the afternoon. Kevin was browsing the internet on the computer at home in the living room. Also, he was on a kids-only website. Later, he got a new friend request on the website and read the request out loud.

“You received a friend request from RedWingsFan1992.” “Hey, that should’ve been my username!” “Oh well, I guess this kid deserves being friends with me for choosing what should’ve been my username.”

Kevin went ahead and accepted the friend request. Then Kevin was notified by the website that him and the other person are now friends. Later, Kevin received a request to join a private chat with the person who sent the friend request. Kevin accepted that request as well. Then he was in a private chat room with RedWingsFan1992. A message from RedWingsFan1992 appeared on the screen.



“So, how is your Sunday going so far?”

“It’s going okay so far.” “And you?”


“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“I’m a girl.”

“Okay, cool!” “I’m a boy.” “So, why did you decide to send me a friend request?”

“Because I thought you had a pretty sweet username, LionsFan1992.”

“I guess that’s one thing we both have in common. We both like at least one Detroit sports team.”

“I actually like all Detroit teams across all four major sports.”

“Hey, me too!” “That’s a second thing we both have in common.” “How old are you?”

“I was born in 1992. I’m eleven years old and I’m in sixth grade.”

“And so am I. That’s three things we both have in common.”

“So, I guess this means we both have a lot in common.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” “Do you come to this site often?”

“I come to this site a lot on the weekends.”

“You got any siblings?”

“I have three younger sisters with a fourth sibling on the way. I’m the oldest.”

“I have three younger brothers, have a fourth sibling on the way, and I’m the oldest.”

“Wow, is there anything about our lives that isn’t the same?”

“I know, right?!” “It’s insane. Please don’t tell me you have a female Shih Tzu dog and live in an apartment complex.”

“Guilty as charged. Send me to the slammer, officer.”

“LOL. You even have a great sense of humor just like me. No wonder we both ran into each other on the world wide web.”

“We should’ve run into each other years ago in-person.”

“Hey, instead of just being virtual friends, why don’t you and I become literal friends? Does that sound cool to you?” “And it’s totally okay if you say no.”

“I think that’s a terrific idea!” “Sure, we can be literal friends.”

“Great!” “Then I guess that means we’re officially literal friends.” “So, who’s your most favorite Red Wings player of all time?”

Then after that, the two sixth graders went ahead and continued chatting online.


It was Monday, November 17, 2003, and it was in the evening. In the living room of Steve’s place, Steve was sitting on the living room couch watching professional wrestling. Meanwhile, Kevin was also in the living room while on the computer.

“Dude, why aren’t you watching Raw tonight?” Steve asked him.

“Because I’ve made a new friend online and we both share so much in common.”

“Okay.” “So, does this mean your in-person friends aren’t enough for you anymore?” Steve joked. Steve went ahead and continued watching WWE Monday Night Raw. And Kevin went ahead and continued staying on the computer in the living room. “So, are you chatting with this person now?”

“Yeah.” “Do you have Monday Night Raw recording on the VCR?”

“I sure do.”

Kevin held two thumbs up at Steve and turned back around to face the computer screen again. After that, Kevin typed a message. “So, are you missing Raw tonight just like I am?”

“I sure am. My little sister has it recording on the VCR for me.”

“It’s the same over here with my little brother.”

“So, have you found out whether or not you’re having a brother or sister yet?”

“Nope, not yet.”

“Yeah, same here.”

“You know, you’re the best online boyfriend a girl could ever have.”

After that, when Kevin read the last message that was sent to him, his face was looked very shocked as his jaws fell to the floor. “I’m the best what?!” Kevin exclaimed out loud.

“Something wrong, Kev?”

“What?! Oh, no! Nothing is wrong over here!”

Then after that, Steve went ahead and resumed watching television. Kevin typed another message and sent that message. “Boyfriend? When did I become your boyfriend?”

“Yesterday, silly!” she typed thinking he was just joking. “We had so much in common that I decided to officially make you my boyfriend after we stopped talking. And before we started watching the Lions play.”

“Oh. Hey, hold that thought for just a quick second. Something just came up. BRB.”

“K. I’ll be right here waiting, my love.”

Then after that, Kevin went ahead and put the computer to sleep. “Steve, you and I need to talk.” Then Kevin exited the living room.

Steve went ahead and got up. Then Steve exited the living room. Steve entered his shared bedroom where Kevin was sitting on his bed. “Alright, what’s going on?”, Steve asked him.

Kevin went ahead and got up, walked over to the bedroom door, and closed the bedroom door. Kevin walked back over to his bed to sit next to Steve and explain everything to him. “Okay, you remember the person that I’ve been telling you about that I’ve been chatting with online not too long ago?”

“Dude, it wasn’t even an hour ago that you told me about your new virtual friend if I’m not mistaken.”

“It turns out that she decided to make me her virtual boyfriend without my knowledge right after we both talked yesterday! You’ve got to help me out here, Steve! What do I do?! I never intended for her to be my online girlfriend! I’ve already got a girlfriend in real life!”

“Well, if you have one girlfriend in-person and one girlfriend online, you’re not really cheating because you still don’t have more than one girlfriend.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works, Steve.” “Aw, man! If Stacy finds out about this, our relationship will be over!”

“Okay, how about this?” “Just tell the online chick that there has been a huge misunderstanding and that you’re already taken. Piece of cake.”

“But I don’t want to hurt her feelings!”

“Well, I don’t know what else to tell you.”

“Yes, you do! Come on, Steve! My love life is in danger here!”

Then Steve went ahead and thought about it for just a little while longer before speaking. “Okay, I’ve got it!” “You could just juggle them both until it eventually blows up in your face.”

“But I don’t want the situation to eventually blow up in my face. But the rest of your idea sounds perfect. I’ll just go ahead and juggle both girls. But instead of waiting for it to blow up in my face, I’ll just wait until the online chick gets tired of me. Or gets locked in a romantic online relationship herself.”

“But how in the world are you gonna get this girl to be tired of you?”

“I could go on and on about politics.”

“And exactly how much do you know about politics?”

“I’m not sure. I just want to find any possible way to get this virtual relationship broken up without me having to hurt her feelings.”

“Okay. Well, good luck with that. Because it sounds like you’re really gonna need it.” Then Steve went ahead and began exiting the bedroom after that. And Steve completely left the bedroom.

Kevin sighed and began thinking of a solution in the shared bedroom.


It was Tuesday, November 18, 2003. I, Steve, and Kevin were in Steve and Kevin’s lit bedroom watching TV in the evening. Meanwhile, Steve’s parents were in a heated and angry verbal altercation with each other. In other words, Steve’s parents were arguing very loudly. The altercation was clearly heard from Steve and Kevin’s room. Steve’s parents were obviously angry at each other.

“Hey, Steve, what are your parents arguing about?” I asked him.

“I have no idea.”

“It’s the mood swings. A woman’s mood will be sort of off whenever she has another human being inside her stomach.”, Kevin added.

“A little off?” Steve asked him.

“Alright, okay. A lot off.”, Kevin corrected.

“Wow, so I guess this means that my Mom had a few loose screws herself when she had me in her stomach.”, I responded.

“I would be beyond surprised if she didn’t.”, Kevin responded.

“Okay, that’s it. I’m turning this thing off. I can’t watch TV if I can’t hear anything that’s going on.”, Steve commented. Steve got up before going ahead and turning off the TV.

“Good thinking, Steve. We both couldn’t hear anything that was going on too.”, Kevin replied.

After that, the argument went ahead and moved into the hallway. And Anna yelled angrily at Kevin Sr.

“Well, you know what?! If that’s how you feel, you can sleep on the couch tonight!”

Anna went ahead and entered the master bedroom before slamming the bedroom door shut out of anger.

“Fine! I don’t mind sleeping near the dog!”




Then the arguing between them ended. Kevin Sr. turned around and exited the hallway. Dexter began barking from inside his crate in the living room. And Dexter continued barking as Kevin Sr. entered the living room. Then Dexter went ahead and barked some more.

“This is the first time Dexter gets to experience Mom’s pregnancy mood swings.”, Steve explained to me.

“Poor dog.”, Kevin commented.

“Why do women get like that when they’re pregnant?” I asked them.

“Because a woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Therefore, her mood changes.”, Kevin explained to me.

“Yeah, but enough talk about this pregnancy thing. The arguing is finally over. Let’s all go ahead and start enjoying some TV again.”, Steve spoke. Steve went ahead and picked up the TV remote.

“Wait!” Kevin exclaimed. “Before you turn on the TV, I need to ask Jamal for some advice about something.”

“I’m all ears.”, I replied.

“There’s this girl that I met on a random website for kids. We shared many things in common. We were chatting too. Then after we stopped talking, she locked me into an online romantic relationship without my knowledge and permission.”

“Did you tell her you’re taken by another sixth-grader at school?” I asked him.

“No, I have not. I’m trying to find a way to end the online relationship without having to hurt her feelings.” “So, you got any ideas?”

“How about telling her the truth?” I asked him.

Steve added, “Yeah, Jamal is right. You know what they always say, honesty is the best policy.”

“Be honest with her?! Have you two completely lost your minds or something?!” “Everyone knows that the truth can hurt sometimes.”

“Well, maybe we both could tell Stacy what’s going on and she might know what to do to solve this problem.”, I spoke.

“If either of you tells Stacy what’s really going on, I’ll kill you.”, Kevin spoke.

“Then on second thought, never mind.”, I told him.

“Maybe you should try irritating her out of the relationship. I mean, come on, it can’t be that hard to irritate a girl. And Mom is an excellent example of that statement.”, Steve suggested.

“But that problem with that is RedWingsFan1992 isn’t pregnant.”, Kevin informed.

“That’s her username?!” I spoke back. “Wow, you two really do have a lot in common.”

“What’s the name of this website?” Steve asked him.

“It’s called”, Kevin answered him.

“I think what you meant to say was”, I reported.

“Nah, I had it right the first time.”

Then Steve spoke. “Well, you sure did teach me a valuable lesson. I’m never gonna talk to a chick online for as long as I and Ariana are together. She’d probably break up with me. Then kill me if she ever found out I had a secret online girlfriend.”

“You could say the exact same thing when it comes to me and Amanda.”

“Well, after I end this accidental online relationship, I’m also never talking to another girl on the internet for as long as I and Stacy are together. That’s why I’m gonna use this whole mess as a learning experience. That way, I’ll be less likely to make the same mistake again in the future.”

“Wow, who knew one of mankind’s greatest inventions of all-time could be used to get a boyfriend or girlfriend?” Steve asked himself.

“In my situation, one of mankind’s greatest inventions of all-time isn’t so great for me right now.”

“How about some TV to take your mind off of it?” Steve asked Kevin. Steve went ahead and picked up the TV remote. Steve used that TV remote to turn on the TV before he set the remote down again. Then after that conversation went ahead and ended, we were all back to watching TV with no arguing and no talk about romance.


It was Wednesday, November 19, 2021, and it was after school in the evening. I and the rest of the gang were down in the basement of the apartment complex. The original plan was for Two Seconds to Detroit (except for Jessica because she was absent) to start practicing until Kevin went ahead and started a conversation.

“To anyone who isn’t Jamal or Steve, listen up!” “There’s this girl that I met online this past Sunday who is in the same grade as I am. We went ahead and started chatting. Then we found out that we had a lot of things in common. And after we stopped chatting, we already decided to become friends. And nothing more. But then this girl decides to lock me into an online relationship without my say-so.” “Can you believe that?!”

Brad told Kevin, “I don’t know what in the world you’re complaining about. I’d absolutely love it if a random girl locked me into an online romantic relationship without my knowledge or say-so but go on.”

Kevin continued. “Anyways, as you probably already know by now, I’m taken by Stacy. All I want are your suggestions. Please suggest to me how to end the virtual relationship without hurting the online girl’s feelings.”

“I thought we came here to play music. Not offer relationship advice.”, Ariana spoke.

Then Nathan spoke. “Dude, why don’t you just get on the computer and tell this girl upfront that you’re already taken and don’t want a second relationship with her?”

Kevin told Nathan, “Being upfront and honest is the hurt feelings part, Nathan.”

“Okay, how about this?” Brad asked. “You irritate her enough for her to have to break up with you.”

Kevin told Brad, “But I don’t know how to be irritating. Especially to females. I mean, come on, this is a chick magnet you’re talking to here.”

“Tell her you’re actually five years old.”, Amanda suggested.

“Tell her you’re actually three years old.”, Ariana added.

“Tell her you’re actually two years old.”, I recommended.

“Tell her you’re actually one year old.”, Steve replied.

Kevin spoke again. “Oh, I see. Now, you’re all just toying with me instead of trying to help me out.” “Well, you know what?” “Instead of asking for advice, I’ll just come up with a plan myself. Also, please do not tell Stacy about any of this. She’ll probably freak out if she finds out what’s going on.”

“Don’t worry, Kevin. Your secret is safe with us.”, Brad spoke.

“Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate it.”, Kevin responded.

“And that should be enough romance talk for now. Come on, everyone. Let’s all rock and roll.”, Steve spoke.

Then after that conversation went ahead and ended, Two Seconds to Detroit began getting ready to perform.


It was Thursday, November 20, 2003, and it was in the evening. At Steve’s place, Steve and his family were having dinner at the dining room table. As they all were eating, no one knew when Anna’s pregnancy-induced mood swings were going to go off again. Everyone went ahead and continued eating. Then everyone was finished with their dinner. Anna began speaking.

“Okay, everyone, who wants some dessert?” Anna asked them. Everyone else raised their hands (everyone that was human). “Okay, you all wait here. I’ll be right back.” Anna went ahead and left the dining room before going into the kitchen. Then a flying insect appeared and was flying in front of Cody’s face. Cody saw the insect flying around near his face. Cody began swatting at it with his hand. Then he used both of his hands. Then he kept swatting at it until he accidentally knocked over his glass of milk. That mils spilled all over the dining room table.

“Dude, what in the world is wrong with you?!” Steve asked him.

“It wasn’t my fault! A bug was flying around near my face and it wouldn’t leave me alone!”

Anna came back into the dining room and her jaws dropped. “Oh, no.” “Now, this family has wasted money on spilled milk!” Anna broke down in tears and started crying.

Kevin Sr. quickly got up and started comforting Anna. “No, no, no, sweetie! Cody was just trying to hit a bug and knocked over his glass of milk by accident! That’s all!” he spoke as he was comforting her.

“Now we have wasted milk that I have to clean up!” she cried as tears ran down her face.

Kevin Sr. comforted Anna some more. “Come on, don’t cry. We’ve got plenty of money to buy some more milk. Look, you don’t have to clean up the mess if you don’t want to.”, he spoke as he continued comforting her. “Steve, go get some paper towels and clean up the mess for your mother.”

Steve sighed and spoke. “Thanks a lot, Cody.” Steve got up from his chair. “Where are the paper towels?” he asked his Dad.

“In the kitchen.”, he spoke as he was still comforting Anna. Then Steve walked into the kitchen. “Hey, why don’t you go sit down on the living room couch and relax for a little while?” “I’ll go get the dessert. You just go ahead and relax for now.” Anna went into the living room to go relax as tears still came down her face. “Guys, if a bug ever gets in your face, swat it lightly. Don’t try hitting it like you’re in a heavyweight boxing match or something.” Then Kevin Sr. went ahead and entered the kitchen.

“Well, I guess that means Cody is gonna become an excellent boxer one day.”, Kevin joked.

Then after that, the evening went ahead and continued at Steve’s place.


It was Friday, November 21, 2003, and it was in the evening. Steve and Jessica were playing video games in Steve’s bedroom. Kevin was also in that room as he was lying on his bed while reading a magazine. Kevin stopped reading and put the magazine down somewhere on his bed. Kevin began sitting on his bed and started speaking. “Hey, could you two pause that game for a quick minute?” “I need to ask Jess for something.”

Jessica paused the game. “What’s up?” she asked him.

“There’s this girl I met online who is the same grade as me. Once we started chatting, we found out we have a lot of things in common. After a while, we decided to become friends. Then, out of nowhere, she decides to make me her virtual boyfriend without my knowledge or permission. Now, I’m stuck in an online romantic relationship that I didn’t want to be involved in from the start while in another romantic relationship with Stacy. Also, my girlfriend and virtual girlfriend don’t know anything about this.” “So, what advice would you give me in this situation to solve the problem once and for all?”

“Just be upfront and honest about things. You should tell the online girl how you really feel and that you don’t want to be in a relationship with her. And you should also keep Stacy updated by letting her know about everything that’s currently going on, so she doesn’t get left in the dark.” she spoke.

Then Kevin went ahead and sighed before speaking. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I guess that’s exactly what I’ll have to do moving forward. I’ll just be upfront and honest about things to both of my girlfriends. Then I can finally end this virtual relationship for good and mt relationship with Stacy will finally be back to normal again.”

“Well, I sure am glad to hear that you’ve finally come to your senses.”, Steve told him.

“And after I’m through solving this romance issue, maybe I can figure out how NASA can successfully put a man on Mars.”, Kevin added.

“I’m glad I could help.”, Jessica told him as she resumed playing video games with Steve.

Then Kevin resumed lying on his bed and reading his magazine.


It was Saturday, November 22, 2003, and it was in the afternoon. Kevin was on the computer before he received another message from RedWingsFan1992. “Hi.”

Kevin began whispering to himself. “Okay, Kevin, you can do this. Just tell her that you just want to be nothing more than friends.” Then Kevin began typing. “Hey.”

“So, how is your Saturday going so far?”

“Oh, it’s going just like any other typical Saturday would.” “Look, I need to be upfront and honest with you about something. And please try not to get upset.”

“Why would I get upset?”

“Just try not to.” “Okay?”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Well, you see…”

Then knocking was heard at the front door of Steve’s place.

“Hold on, BRB.”


Kevin got up from his chair and walked over to the front door.

“Who is it?!” Kevin exclaimed.

“It’s me!” Stacy responded.

“Okay! Just wait right there! I gotta go take care of something!”

Kevin rushed back to the computer and sat back down. “I gotta go. Maybe we can talk again tomorrow when I have some more free time.” “Is that okay with you?”

“I’d love that. Okay, see you later, sugar pie.” RedWingsFan1992 typed “*blows multiple kisses*” and began going offline.

Kevin went offline as well and put the computer to sleep. Kevin got up, walked over to the front door, and opened the door for Stacy. “Hey.”, Kevin spoke.

“Hey, Kevin.” “So, you wanna hang out and spend some time together at the playground down the street?”

“Of course. Just let me get my jacket, shoes, and anything else I might need to stay warm.”

“Okay, I’ll be out here waiting for you.”

“Great!” “Hold on for just one quick second.” Kevin closed the front door. Then Kevin went ahead and started getting ready to head outside and hang out with his girlfriend at the nearby playground.


It was Sunday, November 23, 2003, and it was evening. I and Two Seconds to Detroit were down in the basement of the apartment complex. Then Jessica went ahead and asked Kevin a question. “Hey, Kevin, did you go ahead with my advice?”

“No, Jess, I did not.”

“Why not?” Jessica asked him.

“I just didn’t have the courage to be upfront and honest to them. I was afraid of hurting the online girl’s feelings again. And I was also afraid of Stacy dumping me. So, there you go. Hat pretty much sums up where my love life stands right now.”, he spoke unhappily.

“Hey, look on the bright side. You still have two girlfriends. I would kill to have more than one girlfriend.”, Brad spoke.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure you’ll soon find the courage to tell them the truth and move on with your life.”, Steve told him.

“But I don’t know when soon is. So, what I’m gonna do from now on is just keep them both until I figure out another strategy.”, Kevin informed.

“Okay, well, good luck with that.”, Amanda told Kevin.

“Thanks, Amanda. And thanks to everyone else for at least trying to help me fix the problem. Now that the weekend is almost over, I say we all rock and roll like there isn’t gonna be another Monday.”

“Alright, places, everyone!” Steve exclaimed.

Then everyone there, including me, started getting ready.

“Okay, everyone! And a 1, and a 2, and a 1, 2, 3, 4!” Steve told us.

Then Two Seconds to Detroit all went ahead and began performing the song titled Sour Girl that was made famous by Stone Temple Pilots. They all performed that song well as they were all performing. And I was busy recording the performance. And after all that, Kevin still had two girlfriends and still needed to do something about it as the band continued performing.

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