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Ashley's Stolen Night Light

It was Saturday, February 26, 2022, and it was shortly after Noon. Amore, Rebecca, and Lisa were all sitting in the living room while watching old reruns of Lizzie McGuire on the living room TV together. They all went ahead and continued watching Lizzie McGuire, and their Saturday afternoon was starting on the right foot. They kept watching Lizzie McGuire in the living room. Then they kept watching Lizzie McGuire in the living room some more. Then Ashley entered the living room, stood in front of the TV screen, folded her arms while in an unhappy mood, stopped her sisters from viewing the TV screen, and looked at her sisters.

“Could you please move?” Rebecca asked her.

And Ashley still didn’t move away from the TV screen.

Then Amore spoke. “She’s still not moving.”

Then Ashley walked over to the wall and unplugged the TV from the wall.

“Hey!” Lisa exclaimed.

Ashley stood in front of the TV again before speaking. “Okay, which one of you did it?”

“Did what?!” Rebecca asked with an attitude.

“I didn’t do anything.”, Lisa spoke.

“Ash, what on Earth are you talking about?!” Amore questioned.

“Oh, come on! Don’t play dumb with me! I know for sure one of you did it! Now, who did it?!”

Rebecca replied, “Look, we have no idea what you’re talking about! Now, could you please put the plug back into the wall and let us enjoy our weekend without you ruining it for the rest of us?! Thank you very much!”

Amore told Ashley, “You know, it would really help us out a lot if you could just be a little more specific. Now, back to your previous question.” “Did what?!”

“My night light just recently went missing in my bedroom. And I know one of you took it.” “Now, who took it?”

“If we’re being totally honest here, no one cares about your stupid little night light!” Rebecca spoke angrily.

“Oh, yeah? Well, you know what?” “I care. I have had that night light ever since I was two years old. It is arguably the most valuable material possession in my entire life.” “Now, how will I keep having different colors in my room every night before I go to bed?”

Rebecca counted her first four sentences with her fingers. “Look, no one cares that you have a night light that you’ve kept since freaking 2009! No one cares about the variety of colors it features! No one cares about how you, freaking, go to bed every night! No one cares that you’re a teenage girl who is still afraid of the dark! The only thing we care about right now is some good old-fashioned TV! So, what I suggest you do is find another night light, move on with your life, and leave us alone!”

“Okay, for your information, I’m not afraid of the dark.”

“Then why do you need a night light?” Lisa asked Ashley.

“Because it’s the one material possession I’ve kept for the longest time in my childhood. That’s why I still have it. And one of you took it. Look, we can do this all day. And I don’t care at all about your stupid shows.”

Amore got up and spoke. “Hey! Lizzie McGuire is not stupid! And at least she was a way better teenager than you turned out to be!”

“Hey, take it back!”

“No! Now, what are you gonna do about it?!”

“I know exactly what I’m gonna do about it. I’m gonna make each of your lives a living nightmare until one of you admits to taking it. And once I figure out who did it, the other two can be set free while I continue making the other one suffer for as long as I desire.” “Deal?”

Rebecca got up and spoke. “No deal!”

Amore added, “Yeah, no deal!”

“Okay, this is your last warning.” “Who took it? More specifically, who took the freaking night light that I amore so much?”

Then Rebecca went ahead and walked over to the wall. She put the plug back into the wall. Then she sat back down, picked up the TV remote, turned on the TV, and continued watching television with her sisters.

Ashley went ahead and walked over to the wall and unplugged the TV again. Ashley stood in front of her sisters. “I want everyone to go stand in a corner! Now!” Ashley ordered.

“What?! Are you actually giving us timeouts?!” Amore asked angrily.

“From now on, I run your lives until I find out who is the thief that stole my you know what.”

Rebecca got up and spoke. “You do not scare us. Not even a little bit. Therefore, we are not gonna bow down to you and become your slaves.” Then Ashley looked into Rebecca’s eyes. “Yes, ma’am!” Rebecca spoke while full of fear. Rebecca quickly walked over to a corner and stood there. Ashley saw Rebecca obey her order and took her eyes off her. Then Ashley looked at Amore and Lisa.

Amore sighed and spoke. “Alright, fine! I’m going!” Amore got up from the living room couch, walked over to a corner, and just stood there. Ashley saw Amore obey her and took her eyes off her as well. Then Ashley looked at Lisa.

Lisa got up from the living room couch, walked over to a corner, and just stood there.

“Now, while you all are being punished, I’ll just be over here watching TV and keeping a close eye on all three of you as well. And no one moves until I say so.” Ashley sat down on the living room couch, picked up the TV remote, and turned on the TV before she began watching it.

“But what if one of us has to use the bathroom?” Amore asked Ashley.

Ashley sighed and spoke. “Okay, fine, bathroom breaks are excluded from the punishment. However, I will time you each time one of you uses it.” Ashley continued watching TV. Ashley went ahead and changed the channel and tuned into the channel she wanted to watch. “Oh, and another unfriendly reminder, act as normal as possible if Mom or Dad arrives.” Ashley continued watching TV.

“Are we also allowed to hate your guts?” Lisa questioned.

“As much as you want.”, she spoke with an evil grin on her face.


Later, while Ashley’s sisters were still standing in multiple corners of the living room, Ashley walked into the living room. Ashley set down two Reese’s peanut butter cups on the living room table while the TV was on. “Okay, everyone can take a break for now. I’ve got a special treat in store for you.”

All three girls turned around.

“Cool!” Rebecca commented.

“Don’t mind if I do.”, Lisa added.

“Freeze!” Ashley’s sisters stopped at her command. “Now, there are only two Reese’s peanut butter cups. The one who stole the night light can end this right now and you can all resume your normal lives again. Plus, the other two who didn’t steal the night light can have the candy.”

Amore asked a question. “And what’s supposed to happen if you still don’t have your answer?”

“Well, then, I guess that means I have two peanut butter cups all to myself.” “Do I not? Now, to end this once and for all, who took it?”

“Well, it wasn’t me.”, Amore replied.

“It wasn’t me either.”, Rebecca added.

Ashley looked at Lisa.

“Hey, don’t look at me.”, Lisa added.

“Okay, let’s just go ahead and try this again.” “Who took it?” “If you care at all about your other two sisters, you’ll do the right thing and make the suffering stop for them. Whoever you are.” “Now, who took it?”

“It wasn’t me.”, Lisa told her.

“It also wasn’t me.”, Rebecca told her.

“And I have no problems at all with sleeping in the dark.”, Amore told her.

Then Ashley just sighed and looked down. Then she went ahead and looked back up after sighing. “Okay, I’m only gonna ask this one last time. And if I don’t get an answer, the candy is mine. Now, for the last freaking time.” “Who took my freaking night light?!” she asked angrily.

“It wasn’t me.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Okay, that’s it! Everyone, back in their corners! Now!”

Then Ashley’s sisters went ahead and walked back to their corners and just stood there with their faces facing the corners. Then Ashley changed the channel on the TV and began enjoying both peanut butter cups. Then Ashley started watching TV and eating candy at the same time. “Mmmm, this is so good!” she spoke with candy in her mouth. “Too bad for you though. Whoever took my night light is really wasting their time.”, she spoke while eating and watching TV.


Later, Ashley came into the living room with two bottles of water. Ashley went ahead and sat down before setting down the two bottles of water down on the living room table. Meanwhile, the TV was on before Ashley turned it off and spoke. “Okay, everyone, water break time.” “Who’s thirsty?” Then all three of Ashley’s sisters walked over to the water. “Freeze!” All three of Ashley’s sisters stopped at her command. “Didn’t any of you dum dums listen to what I just said?” “There are two bottles of water and three of you.”

“Here we go again.”, Lisa spoke unhappily.

“Now, here’s how it’s gonna go down. The person that confesses that they did it gets to end this whole situation once and for all. Now, sure, that person will still go thirsty and suffer thanks to me. However, that person will also be the one who does the selfless thing for both herself and her sisters by telling the truth.” “Now, who did it?”

“That’s not gonna work on us, Ash. We can get tap water from the kitchen or bathroom anytime we want.”, Amore explained.

“Yeah, but bottled water is so much better than tap water. “Also, I control your water privileges until one of you admits the crime that was committed.” “Now, who did it?”

“I didn’t do it.”

“I didn’t do it.”

“I didn’t do it.”

“Okay, fine, maybe this will change your mind.” Ashley got the water bottles and left the living room.

“Maybe what will change our minds?” Lisa asked herself.

Ashley came back into the living room with two bottles of cherry-flavored Pepsi. Ashley went ahead and sat down on the living room couch before setting down the drinks on the living room table. “Now, I’m pretty sure you can’t get Cherry Pepsi from the kitchen or bathroom. Now, I’m gonna ask this question for the one-millionth time.” “Who did it?!”

“As much as I love Pepsi, I’m still gonna say I didn’t do it.”, Rebecca reported.

“And as much as I amore cherry-flavored Pepsi, I’m still gonna say I didn’t do it.”, Amore informed.

Then Ashley looked at Lisa. “Lisa, listen to me very carefully. I’m still gonna love you if you did or did not take away a huge piece of my childhood. You do know that.” “Right?”

Lisa shook her head in agreement.

“Good.” “Now, did you or did you not take away my night light?” “All I wanna hear from you is a simple yes or no. And nothing else.” “Deal?”

Lisa shook her head in agreement.

“Great.” “Now, was it you? Yes, or no?”


“Are you sure?”


“Okay, but are you absolutely sure?” “I’m gonna find out who did it, eventually.” “Are you absolutely positive it wasn’t you?”


“Back to your punishment corners.”

Then all of Ashley’s sisters went ahead and went back to their corners. Ashley pulled out her smartphone from her pants pocket, turned it on, and began scrolling through her social media news feed. Then Ashley picked up one of the bottles of Pepsi, opened that bottle, and started drinking the soda. “Ah!” “Who knew power and authority could taste so sweet?” Then Ashley continued scrolling through her news feed.


Later, Ashley came back into the living room with some pieces of paper before instructing her sisters. “Okay, everyone, I’ve got a small task for you to do.” Ashley’s sisters turned around and left their corners.

“I wonder what kind of torture she has line up for us now?” Rebecca asked unhappily.

“Don’t worry, as I said before, it’s only a small task that all three of you have to get done if all three of you say you didn’t do it again. And if one of you comes out and tells the truth, none of you have to do it.”

“Do what?!” Amore spoke with an attitude.

“Hey, easy with the attitude, Ms. Redhead.” “Now, who did it?”

Amore asked Rebecca, “Well, Rebecca, were you the one that took her precious little night light?”

“No, I have not.” “Was it you, Lisa?” Then Lisa just shook her head in disagreement. “Well, then.” “Was it Ms. Redhead over here?”

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re all talking about. I would never do such a thing.”

Rebecca reported to Ashley, “Well, there you have it. None of us did it. Again. So, I guess it’s time for you to put this whole thing to bed, let us resume our regularly scheduled normal lives, and kiss a precious piece of your childhood goodbye.”

Amore insulted, “And instead of watching TV, we’re gonna watch you cry on your bed after having your little light at night taken away from you forever. Plus, that’ll be way better than TV.”

Rebecca continued reporting, “Just face it, Ash. You lost.”

“Wrong, all three of you have lost. That’s because I’m gonna have all of you do my homework.”

“What?! Do your homework?! Have you completely lost your freaking mind?! Amore questioned.

“No, but I’m pretty sure you lost all your freedom.”

Rebecca exclaimed, “But that’s just pure insanity! You can’t do this to us! We’re all not in high school! We’re all not even in middle school yet! And you want us to do your ninth-grade homework for you?! That’s the small task you were talking about?!”

“There should be no need to worry at all. You all should be smart enough to figure it out.”

“How on Earth could we possibly be smart enough to figure out some homework that a high school freshman like yourself should be doing?!” Amore told.

“I’m pretty sure you all will think of something.”

“Yeah, if we were all geniuses with IQs of 300!” Rebecca complained.

“Oh, and if you make me fail the assignment, I am making all of you do about ten million push-ups a day. No questions asked. Also, you only have a couple of days to get it done. Do not disappoint me. I’ll be in my room until one of you spills out the truth.” Ashley left the living room and went back into her bedroom.

Amore told her remaining sisters, “Alright, I’ve had just about enough of this nonsense! And we’re all gonna work together to finally put an end to it!”

“But how?” “She’s just too powerful.”, Rebecca pointed out.

Amore responded, “I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure one of us will come up with a plan sooner rather than later.” “Now, did anyone actually steal her night light?” “Be honest.”

“It wasn’t me.”, Rebecca replied. “And I’m totally being honest here. I’m not a thief and I’ve never stolen anything in my entire life.”

“I’m also being totally honest.”

Amore told them, “Well, I know for sure that it wasn’t me. And it doesn’t matter who took it. All that matters now is getting some payback once and for all.”

Rebecca agreed. “Yeah, she can’t just boss us around and tell us how to live our lives. Our parents are supposed to do that.” “Doesn’t she know that we’re still human beings who deserve to be treated with some respect?”

“We’re gonna make her pay for this. Big time.”, Amore spoke.

“Yeah, until one of us comes up with a plan.”, Rebecca spoke before sitting down on the living room couch.

Then Amore came up with a brilliant idea. “Hey, I’ve got it!”

“Wait!” Lisa shouted. Lisa walked over to the living room couch and sat next to Rebecca. “We’re all ears.”

“This family has a golden retriever in the house. All we gotta do is let him out of his crate, drop the homework on the floor, and then he’ll start ripping it to shreds like there isn’t gonna be a doggy tomorrow. Then Ashley’s teacher will never believe her, and she will be so crushed and disappointed.”

“So, let me get this straight.”, Rebecca instructed. “Are you actually talking about the three of us ruining Ashley’s grades at school?”

“Exactly!” Amore repeated.

“Well, if this means improving her chances of working at Taco Bell. earning minimum wage, and still living with Mom and Dad after high school, sign me up.”, Rebecca agreed.

“Me too!” Lisa added.

“Great!” “Then I guess we finally have a plan in place.” Amore spoke happily.

“This is gonna feel so good once we pull it off. And I can’t wait to see the angry look on her face.”, Rebecca spoke while excited.

“But she’ll punish us even harder.”, Lisa spoke unhappily.

Amore replied, “True. That’s why we’re gonna tell Mom and Dad that she ripped it up on purpose and we saw her do it. They’ll have no choice but to believe us. Then she’ll be grounded for a very long time and be taught never to mess with us ever again.”

“Failing an assignment and getting grounded?! I’m loving this plan more and more!” Rebecca updated.

“Okay, now that we officially have a plan in place to take her down, all we have to do now is release Max.”, Amore updated. Amore went ahead and walked over to the homework, picked up all the homework, and dropped it all on the floor.

Lisa went ahead and got up from the living room couch, walked over to the golden retriever’s crate, and released Max. “Oops.”, Lisa commented.

Max went ahead and walked over to where all the homework was sitting and began ripping it to shreds. Max continued ripping it all to shreds. And he continually ripped all of Ashley’s homework to more shreds. “This is gonna be so hilarious.”, Rebecca spoke while smiling and watching.


Later, all females of the Cooper household were standing in the living room. “What?! But I didn’t do it! They’re totally lying!” Ashley yelled.

Donna yelled, “Oh, first you wanna blame the dog, and now you wanna blame your sisters?! What in the world has gotten into you?!”

“I’m telling the truth!”

“You’ve lied to me and your father too many times, Ash! What on Earth makes you think I’m gonna actually believe you when all the proof is right there on the floor as clear as daylight?!”

“Mom, please, you have to believe me!”

“You’re grounded for one week! No TV, no computer, no hanging out with your friends, and no hanging out with that boy!”


“I don’t care what his name is! Now, go find a broom or something and clean up this mess!” Donna exited the living room. Ashley saw Donna exit the living room. Then Ashley turned and saw her sisters who had huge grins on their faces while sitting on the living room couch. Then Ashley spoke.

“You all planned this whole thing to make me look like a total idiot!”

“Well, if we’re being completely honest here, you are a total idiot. And yes, we did.”, Rebecca insulted.

Amore added to that, “Now, you can’t punish us anymore since you’re the one that’s being punished for seven whole days. We’re all just giving you a little taste of all the horrible stuff you made us go through all afternoon.”

“We’re free!” Lisa exclaimed happily.

“I’m so gonna make you all pay for that one way or another.”

“There’s no way you can beat what we all just pulled off.”, Rebecca disrespected.

“And even after you’re grounded, you still won’t be able to beat what we all just accomplished.”, Amore disrespected.

“This isn’t over. Mark my words. I will get my revenge.”

“I thought you had some cleaning up to do?” Rebecca reminded.

“Boy, we all just can’t wait to watch you clean up all those pieces of paper with doggy drool all over them.” Amore reminded.

Ashley gave her sisters a mean look and stormed out of the living room to get the broom and dustpan.

“It’s gonna take her forever to sweep all of this up.”, Rebecca spoke with a smile.

“And now that justice is finally served, let’s all just sit back, relax, and enjoy our weekend before The Grinch came into the picture.” Amore spoke before she went ahead and picked up the TV remote, turned on the TV, changed the channel, and began watching TV with Rebecca and Lisa. And everything was finally restored back to normal.


Later, it was Saturday evening. In the hallway, Amore came out of the bathroom after using it. Then Amore went ahead and walked over to her bedroom door. Amore turned the doorknob of her bedroom door, opened the bedroom door, and went inside the bedroom. Amore saw Ashley sitting on her bed while reading her personal diary. “Ash? Why are you in here?”

“Oh, I just wanted to hang out with my number one favorite sister. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“Is that my diary?”

“Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.”

Amore went ahead and looked at the diary and her jaws dropped in anger. “Hey, that is my diary!”

Ashley got up from the bed, walked over to the bedroom door, and closed it. “Look here you little redheaded demon girl, this diary is my property from now on. And there’s absolutely nothing you can say or do about it.”

“What?! No way! It’s my property! Give it back you thief!”

“Oh, and speaking of thieves, are you the one who stole my night light?”


“Well, then, I guess this thing stays with me for good.” Ashley walked over to Amore’s bed as Amore watched her.

“You have no right at all to be in my room and take my stuff!” she spoke angrily.

“And now you know how I feel. October 9, 2020.” Amore went ahead and quickly tried to get the diary from Ashley but failed miserably. Amore quickly tried to get the diary from Ashley multiple times. And she failed miserably during those multiple times. Ashley opened Amore Cooper’s diary again. “January 5, 2021.”

“Give it back!”

“May 8, 2021. Just another typical Saturday. And Jake, my ultimate knight in shining armor, stopped by to come hang out with me at my place.”

“Mom! Dad!”

Then Ashley went ahead and quickly threw the diary on her bed. Amore’s parents quickly entered the bedroom. “Ash? What on Earth are you doing in your sister’s room?” “I thought I grounded you earlier.”

“She stole my night light!”

“What?! No, I didn’t!”

“Yes, you did! I know you did!”

“That’s a total lie! She just tried to steal my diary and was reading it out loud!”

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Was not!”

“She found out that her night light was gone and kept punishing us for it to see if one of us took it!”


“Ugh! You’re the worst sister in the entire milky way galaxy!”

“Hey, you don’t have to take that tone with me!”

“I’ll take whatever tone I want with you!”

Then Ashley and Amore went ahead and began yelling at each other angrily. They continued yelling at each other. And they yelled at each other some more.

“Hey!” John yelled. Then all the screaming finally ended. “Now, I want you two to just calm down for one second and have a seat.” Then Ashley and Amore went ahead and sat down on Amore’s bed before John spoke. “Okay, now, I and your mother want to know everything that’s been happening from the very beginning to the very end. And I mean everything. No yelling, screaming, or arguing. Now, begin.”

Later, after everything was explained, John asked a question. “Are you talking about this night light?” He pulled the night light out of his pants pocket.

Ashley got up and finally got her night light back. “It’s about time I got my night light back!”

“So, where was it?” Amore asked them.

“I saw Max go in Ashley’s room last night and was licking her night light. So, I took it with me to have it cleaned and was going to give it back to her tonight.”

“See, Ash, all three of us were actually telling the truth. None of us took your dumb light. And have absolutely no interest in it at all.”

“Oh. Well, in that case, thanks. I guess.”, Ashley thanked.

“You’re welcome.”, John informed.

Donna continued, “And since we learned about what has been going on this whole time, I’m officially reversing Ashley’s punishment.”


Donna resumed, “And instead, we’re grounding all four of you for the remainder of this month for stooping to Ashley’s level. And for you, Ash, for being on the level you’re currently on.”

“That means no TV, no computer, and no hanging out with your friends. And that’s final.”, John concluded.

“Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies. Good night.”, Donna spoke before both parents exited the bedroom and closed the bedroom door.

Ashley sat on Amore’s bed and spoke. “Now, with the exception of school, I can’t see Eric until freaking March.”

Amore went ahead and sat down next to her before speaking. “Yeah, and the same thing applies for me and Jake. But hey, look on the literal bright side, at least you finally got your night light back.”

“Shut up!” Ashley went ahead and got up before storming out of Amore’s bedroom.

Amore went ahead and got up from her bed, walked over to her bedroom door, and looked outside. After she saw no one in the hallway, Amore closed her bedroom door. Then Amore walked over to her personal diary, picked it up, opened it, picked up a pencil, and began writing in her personal diary again (not speaking out loud). “February 26, 2022. I, Rebecca, and Lisa were just sitting on the couch while watching TV together in the living room. Then my evil big sis arrives, and all heck breaks loose.” And as Amore continued writing in her personal diary, everything was finally back to normal with a mostly happy ending for Amore Cooper and her sisters.

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