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Four Girls & One Lost Dog

It was Saturday, March 26, 2022, and it was in the Noon hour. In the living room of the Cooper household, Amore and her sisters were all sitting down on the living room couch and watching TV together. Amore’s mother walked into the living room and passed by the girls as they were still watching TV. Then Amore’s mother decided to turn around and ask a question.

“Don’t you girls ever think about spending some time outside for a change instead of being indoors all day?”

“No.”, Rebecca replied.

“Well, why don’t you all go outside and get some fresh air?” “Staying inside in front of an idiot box all day with no physical activity is not good for your health.”

“But what if we don’t wanna go outside?” Ashley asked Donna.

“I don’t care what you want. Just do what I say.”

Ashley got up and spoke. “Seriously?! You can’t just come out of the blue and tell is what we can and can’t do! Or how and how not to spend our Saturday! What gives you the right?!”

“I’m your mother. That gives me the right.”

Ashley added, “But that’s so not fair!”

Rebecca added, “Yeah, Mom, I agree with Ashley on this one. We don’t have school for two whole days.”

Amore included, “Plus, we all could be learning something new and interesting by staying inside and watching television. So, if you think about it, it’s kind of like we’re all at weekend school while weekday school is taking a break.”

“Look, I’m not asking for you to stop watching TV and staying inside for good. I’m just asking that you all start spending some more time outside for a change.”

“Yeah, well, our answer is no.”, Ashley disobeyed before sitting back down and resuming her TV watching with Amore, Rebecca, and Lisa.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to see what your father has to say about this.” Donna got on her smartphone and started calling her husband.

Later, John was put on speaker before he began speaking. “You should all do what your mother says and spend some more time out of the house.”

“But what gives her the right?!” Rebecca exclaimed.

“She’s your mother. That gives her the right. And I’m also telling you to go spend some more time outside instead of sitting around the house all day.”

“But what gives you the right?!” Rebecca asked him.

Donna told them, “You can all either spend some time outside or spend some time inside while grounded for the remainder of the month.”

Then Amore just sighed before obeying. “Okay, fine, we’re going!” Then Amore got up. And Ashley got up from the couch as well.

“I wonder why you’re not going outside and getting some more fresh air and physical activity.”, Ashley wondered.

Rebecca just sighed and spoke. “Come on, Lisa. Time to waste our time outside.” Then Rebecca got up from the living room couch. And Lisa went ahead and got up from the living room couch.

Donna added, “Oh, and don’t forget to bring the dog with you and come back home before dusk.” Donna stopped talking before exiting the living room.

Ashley repeated, “Oh, and don’t forget to bring the dog with you and come back home before dusk.”

“Alright, Max, looks like you’re a free golden retriever today.”, Rebecca spoke before opening Max’s crate to let Max out to roam freely.

“And what in the heck are we gonna do outside with an animal?” Amore questioned.

“Well, thank God we still have our phones to keep us occupied.”, Ashley commented.

“We could all take turns walking the dog.”, Rebecca suggested.

Amore told her, “Deal. Then after that, we can all try and think of something else to do before dusk arrives.”

Then Amore and her sisters continued preparing to head outside.


Later, Ashley was hanging out with her sisters outside while she was walking the dog. As far as how the weather was, it was a nice and sunny day with mostly clear skies. This made Rebecca talk about the weather. “Well, at least the weather is nice today.”

“I know. It’s really starting to look and feel like springtime.”, Amore commented.

“I prefer not to hear or talk about the weather if you don’t mind.”, Ashley informed before continuing to talk the dog and hang out with her sisters outside the house.

“What on Earth is a dusk? Is that some kind of duck?” Lisa asked them.

Ashley responded, “Yes, Lisa, a dusk is a type of duck who eats people and saves their delicious brains for dessert. And they can typically be spotted in suburban areas during the daytime hours and find little girls who ask stupid questions to be the most delicious.”

Amore told Lisa, “Don’t listen to anything this toxic waste has to say, Lisa. Dusk simply means sunset. And sunset is simply the time that The Sun will set and disappear from the sky resulting in nighttime. The opposite also happens with dawn, which is sunrise.”

“Did you just call me toxic waste?”

“Yes, I did. Because you were trying to scare our little sister while talking about a fictional animal. And she’s not even in kindergarten yet.”

“I don’t recall talking about Donald Duck or Daffy Duck.”

“Well, maybe if you stopped treating people like dirt, you might not get treated like dirt yourself. Toxic waste.”

“Look, I’m already angry at our parents for making me go outside. Don’t make me take my anger out on you.”

“Okay, this just in, I’m not afraid of your anger. Toxic waste.”

“For the last time, stop calling me that! This is your last warning, little girl! You’ve been warned!”

“T O X I C. W A S T E.” “And what does that spell?” “The person in charge of walking the dog as we speak.”

Then Ashley stopped walking and let go of Max’s leash. “Look here you little redhead loud mouth, you’re gonna take that back!”

“Or what?!”

“You’re the toxic waste, you little monkey! Not me!”

“Hey! Who are you calling a monkey?!”

Then Ashley and Amore went ahead and got into an angry and heated verbal argument with each other that had absolutely no signs of stopping or slowing down. Then Rebecca didn’t see Max before she spoke. “Hey, where’s Max?”

Then Ashley and Amore stopped arguing and didn’t see Max.

“Oh, no! This cannot be happening right now! We just lost Max!” Amore exclaimed.

“If our parents find out about this, we’ll all be grounded for the remainder of our childhoods!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Or we won’t be grounded for the remainder of our childhoods. All we have to do is find him.”, Rebecca told.

“But how?! We all have absolutely no idea where he ran off to! For all we can imagine, he probably swam off into Canada by now!” Ashley imagined.

Rebecca continued, “We all just have to think outside the box for a little while to try and figure out where could he possibly be. He probably didn’t run too far away.”

“Or we could all think like a dog. More specifically, a male golden retriever puppy.”, Amore reported.

“This is all your fault!” Ashley blamed.

“How on Earth is it my fault that Max is gone?!”

“Because you just couldn’t keep that big mouth of yours shut! You just had to keep calling me nothing but toxic waste! And now an animal’s life is in danger thanks to you!”

“That was after you tried to scare Lisa on purpose!”

“Well, at her age, how in the world is she supposed to know what the definition of dusk is?!”

“If our parents find about this, the only one who should be getting grounded for the rest of her childhood is the toxic waste with black hair!”

“And here you go again with not keeping your big mouth shut!”

“Hey, it’s my mouth and I can do whatever I want with it! It is a free country in case that stupid little brain of yours forgot!”

“You know what?! I don’t need to waste my time arguing with a fifth grader! We’ve all got to find Max before dusk arrives!”

“And who knows?” “Maybe we’ll all run into a huge dusk while we all try and find him.”

“Shut up!”

“No, you shut up!”

“I’ll shut up when I feel like it! It is a free country in case that stupid brain of yours forgot!”

“Now, both of you are starting to make me wanna move to Canada.”, Rebecca told them.

Then both sisters went ahead and started arguing again while Max was still a missing puppy.

“Alright, okay! That’s enough you two! Timeout!” Rebecca signaled a timeout. “Look, I’ve got the bag of dog treats with me. We all should just take one, split up, and try attracting him with the treats.”

“Deal.”, Ashley agreed.

“Count me in too.”, Amore instructed.

“And me three.”, Lisa finalized.

And just like that, Amore and her sisters began searching for Max.


Later, Lisa was searching for Max while walking and holding out a dog treat in her tiny little hand. “Max?! Max?! Max, where are you?! Come out, come out wherever you are! Max?! Max?!”


Meanwhile, Rebecca was searching for Max while walking and holding out a dog treat. “Max?! Max?! Max, where are you?! If you show yourself right now, you’ll get more snacks like the one I’m holding in my hand as we speak! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Max?! Max?! Max!” Rebecca went ahead and continued searching for Max while walking and holding out a dog treat. “Come on, Max! I know you are probably starving right now! I bet you probably haven’t eaten anything all day!” And Rebecca continued searching for Max.


Meanwhile, Amore was searching for Max while walking and holding out a dog treat. “Go outside, they said. Bring the dog with you, they said. Go get some fresh air, they said.” “Ugh!” “I think it would be better for all of us if we don’t have to go outside next weekend.” “Max! Max! Max! Max, where are you?! I’ve got a Scooby Snack for you if you come out and show yourself right now, mister! This is only a one-time limited offer! Even if you’re nowhere near me!” Amore went ahead and continued searching for Max while walking and holding out a dog treat. “Look, I know Ash is a terrible person to be around! If I was in your paws, I would’ve probably run away from her too! But you need to come back to the rest of your human family! It’s not safe for you out here! Max!”


Meanwhile, Ashley was searching for Max while walking and holding out a dog treat. Then Ashley ended up meeting all her sisters at the same spot where all four girls lost the dog in the first place. “We still haven’t found Max yet!” Rebecca spoke unhappily.

“Now, what do we do?” Ashley asked them.

Then Sam walked up to Amore and her sisters before speaking. “Hey, Amore.” “Hey, idiot.”

“Trash bag.”

Amore told Sam, “Listen, we need your help. We all need your help. We were all walking our dog. I think you’ve probably heard of him by now. “Anyways, we ended up losing him by accident. That’s why we want you to help us find him and bring him back to safety before sunset.”

“If there were four of you and one of him, how did you all manage to lose him by accident?”

“Ash was walking him and being stupid. Again.”

“Well, I think that pretty much explains everything.”

“So, can you help us?”

“And how much will it cost?” Rebecca questioned.

“Sure, I can help you all find your lost house pet. And I don’t mind doing it for free.”

“Great!” Amore approved. “Now, here’s our new plan. Instead of splitting up, we all stick together this time to try and find him.”

“Sounds good to me.”, Sam approved.

“Sounds good to me too.”, Rebecca approved.

“And me three.”, Lisa approved.

“And me four.”, Ashley approved.

“Okay, now, let’s get this show on the road and find that puppy.”, Amore instructed.

Then, with Sam included, all five girls went ahead and began searching for Max.


Later, all five girls went ahead and continued searching for Max. “Max!” Rebecca shouted.

“Max!” Lisa shouted.

“Max!” Ashley shouted.

Amore shouted, “Come on, Max! If you’re just messing around with us on purpose, this isn’t funny anymore!”

Then the group of girls went ahead and accidentally ran into Jake.

“Hey, Amore. Hey, Sam.”, Jake spoke.

Sam exclaimed, “Jake!” “Thank God we ran into you by accident. We all need your help with finding Amore’s golden retriever.”

“We completely lost him thanks to my idiot big sister over here.”, Amore insulted. “We have absolutely no idea where he is and we need your help in finding him before sunset.”


“Thanks.”, Amore thanked. “Otherwise, we’re all probably gonna be grounded for the rest of our lives.”

“Ash is the one who should be grounded. Not the three of us. She’s the one that’s responsible for letting go of the leash in the first place.”, Rebecca blamed.

“No, Amore should be grounded for life for starting an argument with me for no good reason at all, which caused me to let go of the dog.”

“Hey, all this arguing is only gonna waste more and more time.”, Sam warned.

“Yeah, Sam’s right. We can argue with Ashley after we’re done searching for Max. Let’s roll, everyone.”, Sam’s BFF spoke.

“Eric?!” Ashley spoke after seeing Eric.

“Hey, Ash. I didn’t expect to run into you today.”

Amore rushed, “Yeah, look, we don’t have for any romantic chit-chat between you two amore birds. We lost our golden retriever thanks to your idiot girlfriend over here. We have to find him before sunset or all of us could be in some huge trouble with our parents. All we want is your help in finding him.”

“Okay, sure, I’ll come along and help out.”

Rebecca spoke. “Okay, now, we have seven people in total on this animal search and rescue mission. Let’s all try finding him and bringing him back home where he belongs.”

Then after all the chit-chatting, the search resumed as they all continued walking and looking for Max.


Later, all seven kids continued walking and searching for Max. After that, all seven of them went ahead and entered a random park. Then Rebecca just spoke. “Maybe he’s around here somewhere.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea.”, Eric told them. Eric went ahead and walked over to a random boy who was Amore’s age and talking with some of his friends (who were also Amore’s age). “Hey, kid!” Eric got the boy’s attention. “We all need your help with something. You see, my girlfriend and her family lost their house pet. So, I was wondering if you could help us out by looking for him and bringing him back home.”

“Okay, how much?” the boy asked Eric.

Eric just sighed. “Okay, fine.” Eric went ahead and reached into his pants pocket, pulled out his wallet, and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill. Then Eric closed the wallet and put the wallet back into his pants pocket. “How about twenty dollars? Now, do we have a deal?”

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

Eric gave the boy the twenty-dollar bill. Then the boy quickly ran as if he was Usain Bolt’s son. “Hey, come back here with my money you little thief!” he shouted angrily.

Ashley went over to Eric and asked a question. “What’s going on?”

“That kid just stole twenty bucks from me!”

Then Eric and Ashley went ahead and quickly ran after the boy to get Eric’s money back.

“Look, there’s Max!” Rebecca yelled while pointing at Max. Then everyone else saw Max. Then a smiling male golden retriever puppy went ahead and ran away from a group of kids that began chasing him. “Max! Wait! Come back!”

Meanwhile, the teenagers went ahead and continued quickly chasing after the boy who stole Eric’s money. “Come back here, you little thief!” Ashley ordered. Then the teenagers quickly continued chasing after the boy who stole Eric’s cheddar.

And all the kids continued chasing a golden retriever puppy and a thief. And Ashley continued chasing the thief even though, she, herself, has been a thief in the past multiple times. All of the chasing inside the park went ahead and continued and it seemed like all of the chasings within that park had no end in sight.

And no one got tired at all from all the running that they were doing. They all weren’t even a little bit tired. As a result, a lot of energy was burned that day. Because what Eric and Ashley were chasing was important to Eric. And who Amore, Sam, Rebecca, Lisa, and Jake chased was very important to Amore and her family.

Then the boy who stole the money ran onto a baseball field. And he accidentally tripped on home base and fell to the ground as a result. Then Eric and Ashley surrounded the thief. Max went ahead and ran onto the baseball field and finally stopped before smiling and panting. Then the group of kids that were chasing the dog eventually ended their search.

Amore told Max, “Max, thank God you’re okay!”

Rebecca told Max, “And don’t you ever run away from us like that again, mister! Do you hear me?!”

“Alright, kid, hand over the money!” Eric demanded.

Then the thief went ahead and got up from the ground. “Alright, fine! Here’s your stupid money!”

Eric got his money back. “Pleasure doing business with you, sir.” Eric put the money back in his pocket.

“We found Max!” Lisa told the teenagers.

“Finally!” “Now, we all don’t have to worry about possibly getting grounded until adulthood, our funerals, or the afterlife.”, Ashley spoke happily.

“Listen, Ash, I’m sorry for what I said about you earlier when I called you nothing but toxic waste with black hair. I do have to admit, I kinda am part of the reason Max went missing in the first place.”

“And I’m sorry for wrongfully telling Lisa what dusk means. So, I guess we both messed up pretty badly this time instead of just me messing up pretty badly.”

Sam spoke, “Well, now that all this is finally over and everything is forgiven, I’m gonna go ahead and head home now.”

“Yeah, what Sam said.”, Jake replied.

Eric added, “Also, I learned a very valuable lesson from this whole experience today. Never buy favors from a complete stranger.”

“Bye, everyone!” Sam spoke before Eric, Jake and herself all walked away from the rest of them.

“Well, I guess this means that we can all finally head back home now.”, Rebecca guessed happily.


Later, it was Saturday evening. Back at the Cooper household, Amore and her sisters came back home through the front door after spending some time outside. Ashley closed the front door and John was sitting on the living room couch while watching TV after coming home from work.

“So, did you girls all have fun spending sometime outside the house for a change?”

“Oh, yeah. We sure did. We enjoyed it very much.”, Rebecca lied.

“In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we are seriously considering doing it all over again next Saturday.”, Amore lied.

“And was Max being a good boy and behaving today?”

Ashley lied, “Oh, yeah. Max was a real doggie angel today. We’re also seriously considering bringing him with us outside again next Saturday.”

“And none of you ran into any problems today?”

“Nope. No problems at all.”, Amore lied again.

“Alright, well, I’m outta here. The TV is all yours if you want it. And your mother is in the kitchen fixing dinner as we speak. You girls should be eating very shortly.”

“Thanks for the info, Dad. We really appreciate it.”, Rebecca thanked.

Then John went ahead and began exiting the living room. Ashley walked over to the living room couch and sat down on it before changing the TV channel with the remote.

“Good idea, Ash. It seems like I haven’t been in front of a TV screen for about six eternities.”, Rebecca complimented before she sat down and watched some TV herself. Then Lisa sat down next to Rebecca and Ashley to watch some TV herself.

“And are we all really gonna do everything we said we were gonna do next weekend?” Amore asked.

“Sure, five lifetimes from now.”, Ashley declined.

“Just checking.” Amore went ahead and sat down next to her sisters to watch TV with them. Max was sitting next to the couch as well. And after all that, it turned out to be a nice happy ending for everyone involved.

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