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Sleepover At Sam's Place

It was Saturday, April 30, 2022, and it was in the afternoon at Sam’s house. Sam was just sitting down on the living room couch while watching some TV and waiting for someone to arrive at the front door. Then Sam went ahead and picked up the remote from the living room couch and began changing channels to find something better for her to watch. And she continued changing channels with the remote on the living room TV. And she continued changing channels some more. Then the doorbell rang. Sam heard the ringing of the doorbell and set the remote down on the living room table. Then she got up from the living room couch and walked over to the front door. Sam looked out the front window. Then Sam went ahead and opened the front door before speaking.

“Hey, Amore.” Amore went ahead and walked into Sam’s house. Sam closed and locked the front door of the house. Amore took off her backpack before setting it down on the living room floor. “Well, I sure am glad you could make it on time for our first-ever sleepover. I think this just might be the most fun night we’ll have together in our entire friendship.”

“I know. I’m excited about tonight too.”, she spoke as she was taking off her shoes.

“So, how do you think we should spend our first-ever sleepover together?”

“I have no idea. The possibilities are endless.”, she spoke as she put her shoes in the front closet.

“Yeah, me neither. But I’m pretty sure tonight will not disappoint us at all.”

“What are you watching?”

“Oh, I wasn’t watching that channel. I was just changing channels to try and find something good to watch. But nothing good seems to be on right now.”

“Well, you wanna watch Disney Channel?”


Then Amore sat down, picked up the TV remote, and changed the TV to Disney Channel. Then Sam went ahead and sat down next to Amore. And both girls began watching Disney Channel together. Then Amore asked a question.

“So, do you know what your family is having for dinner tonight?”


“Cool!” Then both girls stopped talking and continued watching TV together. Both girls continued watching TV together. And both girls continued watching TV together some more. “And when you say pizza, are you talking about the kind of pizza from my dad’s restaurant or a different kind of pizza?”

“A different kind of pizza. We’re having Jet’s tonight.”

“Cool! I love Jet’s pizza. But not as much as I amore Amore pizza.”

“Well, maybe we both can have some pizza from Amore the next time we have a sleepover together.”


“Oh, and we’re also having dessert.”

“I amore dessert as well.”

“You shouldn’t be human if you don’t amore dessert.”

“And what’s going to be served for dessert?” “No! Wait! Hold that thought!” “Don’t tell me what’s for dessert. You and your family can just surprise me after we’re done having Jet’s.”


“This is gonna be the best night ever.”

Then Amore and Sam continued watching Disney Channel.


Later, it was Saturday night. The sky was completely dark outside. Meanwhile, Sam was in her lit bedroom while sitting down on her bed and using her smartphone. Then a flush was heard from a nearby toilet outside the bedroom. Then Amore came back into Sam’s bedroom.

“Okay, now that I’m back from using the restroom, what do you wanna do now?”

“How about we tell some spooky stories?”


“But first, some things need to be taken care of before that happens.” Sam went ahead and got up from her bed before walking over to the bedroom door. Sam closed and locked the bedroom door. Then Sam walked over to the bedroom closet. She opened the bedroom closet and got out a pair of flashlights. “Here, take this flashlight.” Sam gave Amore one of the flashlights. Then Sam turned off the bedroom light and her bedroom was dark again. Sam turned on her flashlight and sat down on the floor. “Now, all you have to do is turn on your flashlight and have a seat.” Amore turned on her flashlight and sat down on the floor near Sam. “Okay. Now, I’ll go first. Hold your flashlight under your chin.” Amore held her flashlight under her chin, which resulted in her face being shown in some light. Sam held her flashlight under her chin. “Once upon a time, there was a serial killer who lived inside a random house in suburban Detroit. But this man was no ordinary serial killer. This man was way worse than most serial killers. And his soul was nothing but pure evil. This story is so horrifying that you may never want to eat breakfast again.”

“Why would I never want to eat breakfast again?”

“Because the only way this serial killer murdered his victims was by making them eat wet cereal. But instead of using regular milk, or any other type of milk to make the cereal wet, this sick dude used bleach instead. And he kept killing and killing and killing innocent people. And he had some pretty sick fun doing it as well. Just watching the looks on the faces of his victims when they were about to die from bleach poisoning was simply priceless to him. Then, one morning came when he decided to have some cereal for breakfast. He meant to have some regular milk with his cereal. But instead, he accidentally poured the bleach that he used to kill his innocent victims into the cereal. Then he began eating the poisoned cereal. And once he was done, he ended up accidentally killing himself. And after he killed all those innocent people, the killer himself finally got what he deserved. A taste of his own cereal. Years later, the house became abandoned. And it has been abandoned ever since. People claim that cereal boxes can still be found on the kitchen floor of the abandoned house. But that theory still has yet to be proven. The end.”

“Great story, Sam. Now, it’s my turn to make this night feel a lot like Halloween. Once upon a time in a town far, far, away...”

Then Amore and Sam’s fun night went ahead and continued.


It was Sunday, May 1, 2022, and it was in the overnight hours. In Sam’s lit bedroom, Amore and Sam were both playing a game on their smartphones while sitting down on Sam’s bed. Then Amore spoke before getting up.

“Well, it’s past Midnight. I guess it’s about that time for the both of us to start heading off to bed.”

Sam got up. “Wait, just because it’s called a sleepover doesn’t mean we have to sleep.”

“Are you saying you want us to stay up all night instead?”

“Even better.” Sam went ahead and walked over to her bedroom window before opening it. “Let’s sneak out of here for a quick second and see if there are any actual abandoned houses in suburban Detroit.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard what I said.”

“But that’s totally insane! We could get killed! Or hurt! Or lost! Or caught! Or grounded! Or killed!”

“Come on, Amore, don’t be such a baby.”

“Don’t be such a baby?! Aren’t you worried at all that we might get kidnapped by a stranger or something?! Most people probably won’t be awake to save us!”

“We have absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ll bring our phones with us un case of an emergency. We’ll be fine. Just trust me on this one.”

“But why would you want us sneaking out late at night; just to look for some abandoned houses that we’ll probably never be able to find?” “We have the internet on our phones.” “Can’t you just look that kind of stuff up on Google or something?”

“I could. But since this is our first-ever sleepover, I want to make it as fun as we possibly can. Oh, and maybe we could start going inside as well just to explore that abandoned house once we find one.”

“I don’t know, Sam. This idea sounds like very bad news to me. And speaking of news, I don’t want us to end up on it if you know what I mean.”

“Nothing bad is gonna happen to us.” “Could you please stop worrying so much?” “And besides, you only live once. You only get to be a kid once. And you only get to be a pre-teen girl once.” “So, what do you say?” “Are you in or not?” Then Amore just went ahead and sighed. “Does that sigh mean yes?”

“No!” she exclaimed. “But yes, I’ll sneak out with you. But we better be back in your room before six in the morning.”

“Noted. Just trust me with this, Amore. I’m your BFF. Therefore, I would never make you do anything you might regret later. Now, come on. Let’s go find that abandoned house.” Sam went ahead and exited her house through her bedroom window. And Amore shook her head before doing the same thing.


Later, Amore and San went ahead and continued walking outside during the overnight hours to find an abandoned house in suburban Detroit, Michigan to explore. Then Sam spoke. “Hey, that house over there looks pretty abandoned. Let’s head inside.”

“Wait!” “What if there’s someone inside?”

“You worry too much.” “You know that?” “Anyways, let’s head inside and check it out.” Sam went ahead and walked up to the front of the abandoned house. Then Amore followed Sam. Amore and Sam were closer to the abandoned house. It looks pretty dark inside. We can use the flashlights from our phones to see.”

“Why didn’t you remember to bring the flashlights we had with us back at your place?” “Then we could’ve had some better light at our disposal.”

“I guess these will just have to do.” Sam went ahead and turned on her smartphone and turned on the built-in flashlight from her smartphone. Then Sam went inside. Amore turned on her smartphone and turned on the built-in flashlight from her smartphone as she was following Sam. Both girls walked around inside the house while exploring what was inside and what it looked like from the inside.

“Okay, well, this was fun? Now, can we head back home?”

“Not yet. Come on.” Sam went ahead and began walking away. And Amore started following Sam. Both girls entered another location of the suburban abandoned house. “I’m guessing that was the living room and this used to be the kitchen.”

“Oh, you mean just like the kitchen from the story about the serial murderer who killed his victims with Reese’s Puffs?”

“Must you insult my ways, redhead child?” “Come on, let’s keep looking around.” Sam went ahead and began walking away to somewhere else. And Amore started following Sam. Then Amore and Sam walked closer and closer to some stairs. “I say we head up these stairs next.” “What do you think?”

“Looks like we’re going up.” Amore and Sam went ahead and began walking up the stairs. Then they both continued walking up the stairs. Then Amore and Sam were on the second floor of the abandoned house.

“Hey, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“It’s light. And it’s coming from a room.”

“But how can there be light coming from a room when an abandoned house should have zero electricity?” “I say we go check it out.”

“Sam, wait!” “I really don’t think that’s a smart idea. Someone might be in there.”

“Once again, we have our phones to dial 911 in case things go very badly. Now, let’s go ahead and check out that room.”

Then Amore and Sam went ahead and walked closer and closer and closer to the room where the light was coming from. Amore and Sam entered the room and saw multiple candles lit along with a group of four homeless men with huge beards. They were eating some food for survival. Then Amore asked a couple of questions.

“Okay, who are all you people? And what are you all doing in here?”

“We’re homeless.”, one of the men spoke.

“Oh, well, I guess that pretty much explains a lot.”

“What are you two kids doing in here?”

“Hey, don’t ask me. Blondie over here is the one who suggested that we explore some abandoned houses in the wee hours.”

“Well, while you two girls are in here, you want a bite of my sandwich?”

“Sure, why not?”, Sam accepted.

“What she, and I, meant to say was thanks. But no thanks.”

“How did you all end up becoming homeless?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Looks like several long stories to me.”, Amore commented.

“Do you all hang out often in here?”

“You could say that.”

“Wow, who knew that abandoned houses can actually be shelters for the homeless?” Sam questioned.

“And while we’re all on the subject of homelessness, you girls got any change we could use?”

Amore told them, “Sorry, we left all of our money back home. At both of our homes. Because we’re not homeless.”

“You ever think something like that will happen to us? You know, being homeless?” Sam asked Amore.

“I’m gonna start praying that it doesn’t.”

“Well, if you guys don’t want to give us the long story of how you all became homeless, how about the short story?”

“I lost my job.”


“Lack of affordable housing.”

“I was released from prison.”

“Wow, that’s so sad.”, Amore spoke sadly.

“So, for us to avoid becoming homeless, all we have to do is keep our jobs, keep being employed, find houses to live in that we can afford, and stay out of jail?”

“Pretty much.”

Sam told them, “Well, we’re just gonna go ahead and get out of here now. Good luck with trying to turn things around. And enjoy the rest of your night or morning or whatever.” Sam went ahead and left the candle-lit room.

“What she said.”

Then Amore and Sam were outside of the room.

“Okay, now I think it’s definitely time we start heading out of here.”, Amore thought.

“Alright, you little crybaby. Let’s head back home.”

Then both girls went ahead and began heading back to Sam’s house.

Later, Amore and Sam went ahead and walked up to the front door. And from the inside of the house, both girls saw that it started raining.

“It’s raining.” Amore stated the obvious.

“Do you think we’d be fine walking home in the rain without umbrellas?”

“Not at all!” “Our PJs could get wet. We could get wet. And our sleeping clothes could take an eternity to dry. That means we might have to explain to your parents why our pajamas are wet after dawn.”

“Maybe we could say that we both decided to try something new during our first sleepover together. Taking a shower with our pajamas on. They’ll probably buy it.”

“Then again, they probably won’t buy it. Look, let’s just stay inside for a little while longer until it looks completely okay to head back outside.”

“Fine with me.”


Then after Amore and Sam went ahead and stopped talking, it continued raining cats and dogs outside. And it continued raining cats and dogs outside some more. And it continued raining cats and dogs outside just a little while longer. Then Sam ended the silence between them.

“So, have you seen any good movies lately?”

“No, why?”

“Maybe we could both talk about something interesting while we’re both waiting for mother nature to cooperate.”

“Like what?” “I don’t know anything that we could possibly talk about right now.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“Hey, we could talk about the weather.”

“But we already just talked about the weather.”

“Well, on the bright side, at least those homeless guys are staying dry upstairs.”

“Well, you know what they always say. April showers bring May flowers.”

“But it’s already May. Last night was the last day of April. The calendar turned the page over to May once the clock hit Midnight.”

“Well, it’s still late at night.” “So, kind of April?”

“And what if it doesn’t stop raining until after six in the morning? Or after sunrise?” “We can’t risk having your parents find out what we’ve been up to.”

“I don’t think rain lasts that long.” “Does it?”

“Well, moving away from the weather, I just wanted to say thanks.”

“Thanks? For what?”

“You wanted to make this night slash morning very special since this is our first-ever sleepover together. And even though I think this trip has been incredibly stupid and dangerous, I do have to admit that I’ve had a lot of fun. And there’s no one else on the entire globe I would wanna do it with.”

“Hey, no need to thank me. That’s what BFFs are for. And you’re welcome, by the way.”

“What would I ever do without you?”

“I ask that same question every single day.”

“Well, while mother nature is keeping us stick in here, I say we both go ahead and explore the basement.”

“I like where that red head of yours is at. Let’s go.”

Amore nodded in agreement with Sam. Then Amore and Sam went ahead and walked over to the entrance of the basement and were heading down into the basement.

Later, Amore and Sam saw some light coming from the basement. And Sam asked a question. “More light?” “This night just keeps getting better and better.”

Amore and Sam were inside the basement. And what they saw were a group of teenagers kissing inside the basement. This made Amore want to ask a question. “What in the freaking world is going on in here?!”

Then Amore got the full attention of every teenager. “Hey, look, there’s the germ you call your big sister.”, Sam notified.

Amore saw Ashley. “Hey, shouldn’t you two be in bed right now?” Eric asked them.

“What on Earth are you two doing in here?!” Ashley exclaimed.

“What on Earth are you two doing in here?!”

“Isn’t it, obvious?” “Those two are going at it with their lips. And maybe even their tongues.”

“Shut it, monkey face!” Ashley insulted.

“Okay, you go first.” “Why are you here?” she asked her sister.

“What does it look like we’re doing here?!”

Sam reported, “Well, in other news, we’re just exploring our first-ever abandoned house during our first-ever sleepover together.”

“And it was her idea.”

“Well, I’ve got an idea, I’m gonna tell mom and dad what you two have been up to.”, Ashley threatened.

“For what?! We haven’t done anything to you!” Amore questioned.

“I just wanna make the blonde one suffer.”

“But I suffer as well! Come on, Ash! Don’t you care about your own family?!”

“I do not. Not even a little a bit.”

“Pure evil! That’s what you are!” Sam insulted.

“Now, why don’t you two do us all a favor and get out of here?” “We’re all kind of in the middle of something.”, Ashley informed.

“Oh, yeah?” “Well, if you tell mom and dad what we’ve been up to, I’ll tell mom and dad what you and Eric have been up to.”

“Check and mate!” Sam added.

Then Ashley just went ahead and sighed. “Fine, I won’t tell!”

“Fine, I won’t either.”




“Come on, Amore. Let’s get out of here and see if the rain has stopped yet.” Sam went ahead and began leaving the basement.

“Gladly.” Amore went ahead and began leaving the basement. Amore and Sam completely walked back up the basement stairs. “The rain stopped!”

“Great!” “Now, let’s get out of this dump.”

“Wait a minute!” “What if it rains again while we’re both walking back to your place?”

“Then I guess we have no choice left but to hurry.”

“Let’s run if we have to.”

Then both girls went ahead and quickly exited the abandoned house through the front door.


Later, Amore and Sam were walking back to Sam’s house. Then Amore spoke happily. “I am going to sleep so much better tonight knowing that we explored an abandoned house together on our first-ever sleepover.”

“Right?!” See, I told you this wasn’t gonna be such a bad idea after all.”

“Oh, and F.Y.I., let’s not do this again the next time we have a sleepover.”


Then Amore and Sam continued walking back to Sam’s place. Amore and Sam walked closer and closer to Sam’s house. And when Sam’s house was in sight, there were multiple police cars present around the house. Amore and Sam saw the police cars surrounding the house. And they saw Sam’s parents talking to one of the police officers (who was male). “They found out we snuck out! We’re gonna be grounded for ten lifetimes! What do we do now?!”

“I say we run away to Canada, change our names, and start our new lives as orphans before someone will eventually adopt us.”


Then Sam just went ahead and sighed. “Okay, fine!” “Well, it was fun while it lasted.”

Then Amore and Sam began walking back to Sam’s house. It didn’t turn out to be a happy ending for Amore and Sam. And everything was back to normal.

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