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Brokenhearted, Part 1

It was Saturday, May 14, 2022, and it was in the afternoon. In the dining room of the Cooper household, Amore and Sam were sitting down at the dining room table while doing some homework. Meanwhile, Eric and Ashley were standing in the dining room while kissing each other. Eric and Ashley went ahead and continued kissing each other. And Amore and Sam went ahead and continued doing homework together. Then Eric and Ashley continued kissing some more. And Amore and Sam continued doing homework together some more.

Sam unhappily put her pencil down. “Can’t you two love birds go do that somewhere else?! We’re doing our homework over here for crying out loud!” Sam exclaimed.

“Then do it.”, Ashley replied. Eric and Ashley went ahead and continued kissing.

“I think what Sam is trying over here is that it’s not appropriate for you two to press lips while in someone else’s company.” “Can’t you go somewhere more private?”

“Shut up!” Ashley exclaimed. Eric and Ashley went ahead and continued kissing each other.

Eric stopped kissing Ashley and spoke. “I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later.” Eric went ahead and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Then Eric started exiting the living room.

Sam spoke, “I’ve said this a zillion times, and I’ll say it again. I honestly have no idea what that dude sees in you.”

Amore replied, “Maybe some guys are more attracted to bad girls than they are to good girls.”

“That’s because come guys are pretty stupid.”

“Do you two ever learn to shut up?”

“Hey, it looks like Eric forgot his phone.”

Ashley went ahead and saw the phone that was sitting on the dining room table. Then Ashley picked up the phone and looked at it. “Oh my gosh, you’re right. Eric did leave his phone by accident.”, Ashley told Amore.

“Maybe you should check his phone first. You know, to see if he opened his eyes yet to who you really are on the inside before he started cheating you.”, Sam insulted.

“Maybe you should shut your yap and do your homework like a good little girl.” “And besides, Eric would never cheat on me in a zillion years if there is such a number. We’re meant to be together for life.”

“What type of guy in their right mind would wanna spend the rest of their precious life with you?” Amore questioned.

“Okay, you know what I’m gonna do?” “I’m gonna make you two look so stupid right now by proving that Eric is not cheating on me.”

“And we wonder how are you gonna prove it.”, Sam wondered.

“I’ll prove it by going through his phone right now.” Ashley went ahead and turned-on Eric’s smartphone before she began exploring his device.

“Yeah, good luck with that.”, Sam commented.

Then Amore and Sam went ahead and continued doing their homework while sitting down at the dining room table. And Ashley continued exploring Eric’s smartphone.

“What?!” Ashley yelled.

“What happened?” Amore asked her.

“I can’t believe this! That no-good backstabbing jerk!” she shouted before setting the phone back down.

“Well, what do you know?” “Eric finally saw the light.”, Sam insulted again.

Amore got from where she was sitting and spoke. “Ash, what’s wrong?”

Eric entered the living room and spoke. “Hey, I just came by because I forgot my phone.” Eric looked at the phone. “Hey, there it is.”, he spoke with a smile.

“Don’t talk to me ever again, you jerk! I never wanna see you again! It’s officially over between us!” she yelled angrily. Then Ashley went ahead and angrily stormed out of the dining room.

“What in the heck was that all about?”

“Ash thinks you cheated on her. I think you better go talk to her.”, Amore thought.

“And don’t forget your phone. Again.”, Sam added.

Eric quickly got his phone and exited the dining room.


Later, Eric walked over to Ashley’s closed bedroom door and opened it.

“Leave me alone!” Ashley, sitting on her bed, was crying as tears ran down her face. She was using a Kleenex tissue to wipe her face.

Then Eric went ahead and closed the bedroom door. “Ash, what’s wrong?” “Just talk to me so I can fully understand what’s going on.”

Ashley stood up. “I think you know exactly what’s going on! I went through your phone and found you talking with another girl! You said you were planning to break up with me by next week to get with her!” she yelled.

“What?! I never said that!”

“Yes, you did! All the proof is in your phone!” she exclaimed. ’

“What?!” Eric started viewing his smartphone’s screen. “What?! No! Ash, you got it all wrong! I think my account has been hacked!”

“You’re a jerk and a liar! It’s nice to know that we’re finally through!”

“Ash, you can’t break up with me! I’m not the one who wrote all this garbage! I don’t even recall this conversation happening!”

“You do know! You’re nothing but a selfish and evil jerk! I never want to see you again!”

Eric yelled, “Hey! Don’t get angry at me! Get angry at the jerk who hacked my account and made me look like I was cheating on you!”

“Well, it looks like you’ve finally got what you wanted! Because I’m officially through with you!”

“Ash, you can’t break up with me! I’m telling the truth!” he yelled angrily.

“Goodbye, Eric.” Ashley sat back down on her bed.

“Fine! I’m glad we’re over! It looks like I obviously can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t trust me anymore!”




Eric went ahead and opened the bedroom door before exiting the bedroom. And Eric angrily closed the bedroom door shut, which left Ashley crying some more in her bedroom.


Later, it was Saturday evening. At the dining room table of the Cooper household, every member of the Cooper household was present and ready to eat some dinner. Then John blessed the food. “Heavenly Father, we thank you for every single blessing that you have given us over the duration of our entire lives. And I, personally thank you, for my family, my successful business, and the greatest pizza on the entire planet. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.”

“Amen.”, the rest of the family spoke except Ashley.

“Ash, I think everyone is supposed to say amen.”

“Well, you thought wrong.”

“Ash, you sound upset.” “Is something wrong?” John questioned.

“No! Nothing’s wrong! I’m not upset! And I’m not hungry! Why can’t people just leave me alone!” she yelled angrily before getting up from her chair and storming out of the living room.

Then John was completely surprised by Ashley’s unusual mood. “Okay, can someone please explain to me what just happened while I was at work today?”

“Ash called it quits with Eric.”, Donna explained.

Rebecca added, “Yeah, and Mom should know. She could hear all of the yelling from a mile away. And so could I.”

“I’ll go talk to her.”, John spoke. John got up from the dining room chair and began exiting the living room.

“So, if the one person that didn’t say amen declines to eat, does that mean we can all eat now?” Rebecca questioned.

Later, John went ahead and walked over to Ashley’s closed bedroom door. He began knocking on Ashley’s door.

“Whoever it is, leave me alone!” she shouted angrily.

Then John opened the bedroom door. John walked inside the lit bedroom and closed the bedroom door. Then John walked over to Ashley’s bed and sat on it while hearing her cry under the cover. “You’re Mom just told me what happened with you and Eric. Ash, I’m sorry that you two broke up, but you still gotta eat.”

“I’d rather die of starvation!” she cried.

“Come on, Ash. You don’t really mean that.”

“Yes, I do!” she cried some more.

“You know, that kid really was a work of art. Took me a while to find out he’s been sneaking into your bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning. But since he’s matured a lot since then, I do have to admit, I am gonna miss him. But there are plenty of other cute and handsome boys out there who would probably love to be your boyfriend. Now, that may seem like hitting the jackpot. But all jokes aside, I do believe you will find another guy sooner rather than later. Then, before you know it, you’ll be over Eric in a heartbeat.” “Now, you wanna go ahead and tell me how you two broke up?”

“He cheated on me! That’s how we broke up!” she spoke unhappily. “I’d rather not talk about Eric for a while if you don’t mind!”

“Okay, well, I’m not gonna force you to eat if you don’t want to. But just know that you will eventually get over this and want to start eating again. Good night, Ash.”

Then John went ahead and got up from Ashley’s bed before leaving the bedroom.


It was Sunday, May 15, 2022, and it was in the wee hours of the morning. In Amore’s dark bedroom, Amore was lying down in her bed while she was sleeping like a newborn baby. Then a ladder went ahead and appeared in front of one of Amore’s bedroom windows. Then someone started climbing up the ladder as Amore continued sleeping on her bed. And Eric successfully made it to the top of the ladder. Then Eric quietly opened Amore’s bedroom window slowly and gently. Eric quietly snuck inside Amore’s bedroom. And Eric quietly went over to the bedroom light and turned it on. Then Eric quietly walked closer and closer to Amore who was still sleeping in her bed. And Amore continued sleeping like a baby in her bedroom. Eric saw some bottled water that was sitting next to Amore’s head on a side table. Eric picked up the bottled water and opened it. Then Eric went ahead and splashed the water on Amore’s face. And that last action woke up Amore. Amore’s eyes widened and Eric quickly covered her mouth as she was trying to scream very loudly.

“Shh! Shh! Shh! Amore, don’t worry! It’s just me!” he whispered. Eric took his hand off her lips.

Amore went ahead and got out of her bed. “Eric?! What on Earth are you doing in my bedroom?!”

“U need you to help me with something very important.”

“And it’s so important that you had to sneak into my bedroom, waste my water, and wake me up at such a bad time?! What do you want?!”

“I want you to try and convince Ashley to get back together with me.”

“And why on Earth would I do that?! I’m not the one who cheated!”

“I did not cheat. I think someone hacked into my Facebook account and tried to make me look like I was cheating just to break us up. And it worked.”

And how can I believe at all that what you’re saying is true?!”

“It is true!” “I mean, just think about for a quick second, Ashley is the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my entire life.” “Why would I, or any other guy for that matter, wanna possibly cheat on her?”

Then Amore just went ahead and sighed. “Okay, I believe you.”

“Cool!” “Now, I need you to help us get past this once and for all so we can be a happy romantic couple again.”

“Well, if you really want my help, you need to ask yourself this one question.” “Who, from your past, would wanna hack your Facebook account, make it look like you were cheating, and break you two up on purpose?”

Then Eric went ahead and thought about Amore’s question for a moment. And Eric suddenly realized something. “That’s it!”

“What’s it?!”

I think I know the answer to your question. Thanks for the assist.” Eric went ahead and quickly went to Amore’s bedroom window and quickly exited the bedroom through that window by climbing down the ladder stairs.

Amore went ahead and walked over to her bedroom window. “And you owe me some water!” she yelled out the window.

Then Amore closed the window and went back to bed.


Later, it was Sunday evening. Eric went ahead and walked up to Amore’s house. Then he stepped onto the front porch. He walked over to the doorbell and rang it. And as a result, the doorbell rang. And Eric did nothing but wait for someone to come and open the front door. Then the front door eventually opened and John appeared.

“Hey, Mr. Cooper.” “Is your daughter home?”

“Which daughter are you talking about?” “I’ve got four of them, so you’re gonna have to be a little more specific.” “Oh, I’m sorry, are you talking about the daughter whose heart your broke for no good reason at all?”

“Look, I know what you’re probably thinking right now. And you have every single right to hate my guts to the bone, but it’s not what you think.”

“It’s not?” “Because I think this conversation is over.” He tried closing the door and Ashley prevented that.

“It’s okay, Dad. I wanna hear what he has to say first.”

John just went ahead and sighed. Then John began walking away. And Ashley looked at Eric. “What do you want?”

“I think I know who hacked my Facebook account.”

“And how many times are you gonna stick with that lie?”

“Just hear me out for a second. It was Sherri Blake.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sherri Blake was the one who hacked my account. She’s been wanting me ever since sixth grade. But she was jealous because I was with you ever since sixth grade. Anyways, I think she must’ve hacked my account by correctly guessing what my password was.” “And those messages you saw were to a random female Facebook account with a made-up name and no profile picture. I think she made that account just to make it seem more like I was cheating.” “So, are we back together now?”

“Look, sixth grade was a very long time ago. I don’t know how or where you get these kinds of lies from, but I’ve now realized that you’re the worst liar to ever walk the face of the Earth. Have a nice life, Eric. And by nice, I mean the exact opposite.” Then Ashley went ahead and closed the front door on Eric.


It was Monday, May 16, 2022, and it was in the wee hours of the morning again. Amore was in her bedroom while lying on her bed and sleeping like a newborn baby in her dark bedroom. Then knocking was heard at Amore’s bedroom window. Amore went ahead and woke up due to all the knocking that was going on at her bedroom window.

Amore sighed tiredly. Then Amore just went ahead and got out of bed. Amore walked further and further away from her bed and closer to the bedroom window. Amore opened that window. Then Eric went ahead and entered the bedroom again.

Amore went ahead and walked over to her bedroom light and turned it on. “What do you want now?!”

“I need your help again.”

“Dude, when are you gonna just learn to face the music and move on?! I think your relationship with Ash is pretty much over.”

“But I have a plan that just might work if you hear me out for a quick second. Now, all I need you to do is go to the nearby park this weekend. You’ll have to approach some random teenage girls, if there are any, and ask them whether or not their name is Sherri Blake.”

“Sherri what now?”

“That’s the girl I think wrongfully went into my account and set this whole thing up.”

“And how does she know you? Is she one of your ex-girlfriends or something?”

“Before sixth grade, yeah. Then I call it off and got together with Ashley.”

“Okay, I think that logic seems pretty fair.” “But what am I supposed to say when I run into the real Sherri Blake?”

“Ask her if she’s the one that hacked my account. And if she says yes, that’s instant proof right there that I did not cheat.”

“But how will you prove it to Ashley?” “She is nowhere close to believing you’re telling the truth right now.”

“All I wanna know is whether or not she’s the one that hacked it. Please, Amore. This is my amore life we’re talking about here.”

“You still owe some water.”

“And I’ll get you some water as soon as I can.”

“It’s a deal.” “Now, could you please get out of here?” “I need to keep resting up for school, which is today the last time I checked.” Then Eric went ahead and walked over to Amore’s bedroom window and began sneaking back out. Amore walked over to her bedroom window and closed that bedroom window. “I really gotta think about getting my windows nailed shut.” Then Amore went ahead and fell asleep again.


It was Saturday, May 21, 2022, and it was a sunny spring-like afternoon. At a nearby outdoor park, Amore and Sam were sitting at a bench. Meanwhile Jake was playing some football with some of his male friends. Then Sam spoke.

“I still don’t get why Eric still wants Ashley back. I say he should still run while he has the chance.”

“Is talking bad about Ashley all you ever do?”

“I can talk bad about other things.”

“I just don’t wanna see someone be so hurt over something they didn’t do. That’s why I agreed to help Eric restore his relationship with Ashley.”

“And because you don’t want anyone sneaking into your bedroom late at night.”

“Right. That too.”

“Well, do you see any teenage girls walking around?” “Because so far, I have yet to see any.”

“I haven’t seen any either.”

“Maybe Saturday is a very busy day for them.” “And staying on the subject, what would you do if Jake ever cheated on you?”

“Jake? Cheat on me?”

“I know it seems impossible, but it doesn’t hurt to consider all possibilities here.”

“That would never happen in a million trillion zillion years. Me and Jake will amore each other until the end of time.”

“If that statement is so true, why don’t you go ahead and search his backpack?”

“No way!” “I’m not gonna invade someone’s privacy like that.”

“But what if he’s cheating on you with multiple girls instead of just one?”

“I’m not searching his backpack, and that’s final.”

Then there was nothing but silence going on between Amore and Sam as Sam continued using her smartphone. And Amore used her smartphone as well. And Jake went ahead and continued playing some football with male friends.

Amore quickly set her phone down, got up, and went over to the backpack. Then she bent down and pulled out a blue composition book from the pack. Amore walked back over to her previous seat and sat back down.

“Whatever happened to I’m not searching his backpack and that’s final?”

“Stop making jokes, Sam. Just because my sister’s boyfriend got accused of cheating doesn’t make it likely that Jake cheated on me on purpose. This is only a one-time thing.” Amore went ahead and opened the composition book and began reading it. Then Amore continued reading it. Then Amore’s jaws just dropped.

“I assume what you’re doing with your jaws can’t be a good sign.”

“I can’t believe this! That no-good backstabbing jerk!”

“What no-good backstabbing jerk are we talking about?” Jake asked her.

Amore got up. “You! That’s who!” she shouted angrily.

“Me? What did I do?”

“I think you know exactly what you did! It’s over between us!” Amore angrily walked back over to her house.

Then Sam went ahead and looked back at Jake. “What was that all about?!” he exclaimed. Sam went ahead and gave Jake the composition book. Jake opened the composition book and began reading it. “What?! But I didn’t write any of this! This isn’t even my own handwriting!” “Then what was it doing in your backpack?”

“I have no idea! This isn’t even my composition book!”

“So, does that mean that’s not your backpack, those aren’t your clothes, and that’s not your own hair sitting on the top of your head?” Jake went ahead and quickly rushed over to his backpack to close it. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m gonna try and set things straight with Amore.”

And shortly after that, Jake carried his backpack and quickly exited the outdoor park to set things straight with Amore. And Sam went ahead and saw Jake do exactly that. And after all that, it was on to the next chapter.


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