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Halloween Brownies

It was Wednesday, October 27, 2021, and it was evening. Ashley was in the kitchen making some brownies while the house had Halloween decorations on the inside and outside.

Rebecca walked into the kitchen and saw what Ashley was doing. “What is all this stuff?” Rebecca asked.

“This is what I’m using to make Halloween-themed brownies to sell at Amore the day before Halloween.”

“Oh.”, she replied. “What’s the catch?”

“Catch?” she replied. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Ashley’s parents walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, Ashley.”, John spoke.

“How are those brownies coming along?” Donna asked.

“They’re coming along just great!” she spoke happily. “I love Halloween!”

John replied, “Well, we’re glad you’re making great progress. And since Ashley is using the kitchen, we’re all having takeout tonight.”

“What are we having for takeout tonight?” Rebecca asked.

“Domino’s.”, Donna replied.

Then after that, Amore went ahead and walked into the kitchen and saw Ashley doing something.

“Ash?” Amore spoke. “What in the heck are you making?”

Rebecca replied, “Ashley is making Halloween brownies to sell at the restaurant the day before Halloween. Also, we’re all having pizza from Domino’s tonight since Ashley is currently busy with the kitchen.”

Then after that, Lisa went ahead and walked into the kitchen and saw Ashley doing something.

“Hey, Lisa.”, Ashley spoke.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked her.

Amore replied, “She’s making Halloween brownies that will be sold at the restaurant the day before Halloween.”

Donna added, “Well, I’m gonna go ahead and order that pizza now.”

John added, “And I’m gonna go ahead and pass the time playing Candy Crush.”

Then both of Amore’s parents went ahead and exited the kitchen. Then it was just Amore and her three sisters that were inside the kitchen of Amore’s house.

Amore replied, “Okay, something smells fishy here. And I don’t even know what fish smells like.”

“Yeah, you’re not typically this nice.”, Rebecca added. “What are you up to?”

“I’ve decided to try and pull of an epic Halloween prank.” Ashley pulled something out of her pants pocket. “Check it out.” Ashley gave Amore something.

Then Amore went ahead and examined the item she got. “What in the world is Ex-Lax?” Amore replied.

“Amore, are you stupid or something?” Rebecca asked. “Use your brain and figure it out.”

Then Amore went ahead and gave the “Ex-Lax” back to her older sister.

“So, you’re gonna ruin everyone’s Halloween for no good reason at all?” Amore asked her.

Ashley replied, “It’s the day before Halloween. Therefore, everyone can still enjoy Halloween. These tablets are maximum strength sennosides. They are stimulant laxatives tablets I’m using for the brownies. This will have so many people running to the bathroom prematurely. And I want you three to help out.” “So, do you all want to help me ruin Halloween Eve for a bunch of random strangers?”

“This prank is wrong on so many different levels.”, Amore commented. “Sure, count me in.”

Rebecca replied, “Count me in too.”

“Me too.”, Lisa replied.

Rebecca replied, “But none of us know a single thing about making brownies.”

Ashley replied, “No worries. I’ll teach all of you how to make laxative brownies. Alright, let’s all go ahead and get started.”

Then the other three girls started helping Ashley make laxative Halloween brownies.


It was Thursday, October 28, 2021, and it was evening. Amore and Rebecca went into the living room.

“Alright, time to see who the braver one is when it comes to watching scary stuff on TV.”, Amore spoke.

“You’re on!” Rebecca exclaimed. “So, what are we watching tonight?”

“Supernatural. Unless you’re too chicken.” Then Amore began making chicken noises while pretending to be a chicken.

“Hey! I’m not chicken! I’m the braver sister!”

“There’s no way the younger sister is the braver one.”

“Just turn on the TV.”

“Okay. But as a disclaimer, I’m in no way responsible for any nightmares you’re gonna have.” Then Amore went ahead and turned on the TV. And Amore and Rebecca started watching Supernatural from the DVR (digital video recorder).

Later that night, Amore and Rebecca were still watching Supernatural from the DVR (digital video recorder). Then Ashley went ahead and came into the living room. “Hey, you two.”, Ashley spoke. “Why aren’t you in the kitchen helping me with the brownies?”

“I and Rebecca agreed to see which sister will be the braver one when it comes to seeing scary movies and TV shows on television. And I’m going to be the winner here since I’m three years older.”

“In your dreams!” Rebecca exclaimed.

“In your nightmares!” Amore exclaimed.

Ashley replied, “Well, whoever wins this little game of yours would be no match for me. I’m, like, the queen of bravery. Anyways, I’m gonna go head back into the kitchen. Have fun.” Then Ashley went ahead and left the living room.

“Oh, I’ll have my fun alright.”, Amore replied. “When I win.”

“In your nightmares.”, Rebecca replied.

Later that night, Amore and Rebecca were still watching Supernatural. And as the program continued, Rebecca started to get a little bit scared. Then she started getting more scared.

Rebecca tried her absolute best to be brave. Meanwhile, Amore still showed zero signs of being scared. Then Rebecca went ahead and closed her eyes when the program became very disturbing.

“You know, maybe I should go into the kitchen and help Ashley make some more of those prank brownies.”, Rebecca spoke.

“Don’t try and come up with an excuse to leave now. If you leave, you lose the game. Even if it’s for using the restroom. However, I’m sure all the fear inside you is gonna make you wet your pants before you hit the toilet.”

“You know what, on second thought, never mind. I’m sure Ashley has got everything under control.”

Moments later, Amore and Rebecca continued watching Supernatural. Then Rebecca went ahead and closed her eyes again. Then the program went ahead and went to a commercial break.

“Oh, thank God! A commercial break.”, Rebecca spoke relieved.

“What?” Amore asked her.

“Nothing! Nothing at all! I didn’t say anything!”

Moments later, the commercial break finally concluded, and it was time to get back to the show. After the commercial break, Amore and Rebecca continued watching Supernatural. The fear inside Rebecca was almost too much for her to handle. Then Rebecca eventually lost the game when she went ahead and ran to her room resulting from fear.

Amore saw Rebecca running to her room. “Yes!” Amore exclaimed with a fist pump, smile, and closed eyes. “I knew she was no match for a pre-teen.” Then Amore continued watching Supernatural.


It was Friday, October 29, 2021. Ashley, Amore, and Lisa were in the kitchen making more laxative Halloween brownies. Then Rebecca went ahead and walked into the kitchen.

“And hello there, Ms. Not Supposed to Be Scared of Anything.”, Amore spoke.

“Ha, ha, ha. Very funny.”, Rebecca replied.

“So, are you here to help us produce more brownies or run to your room again?” Amore asked her.

“I want a rematch!” Rebecca exclaimed.

“Okay, you’re on!” Amore replied. “Be prepared to get defeated twice!”

“Let’s go!” Rebecca replied.

“Not right now, Becca. I’m kind of busy right now.”, Amore replied. “Hey!” “There’s no school tomorrow.” “After I’m done doing this, we can stay up and watch some more spooky stuff in the wee hours.”

“But don’t we all have to get up tomorrow to sell the brownies at the restaurant?” Rebecca asked her.

“Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that.”, Amore replied. “Well, I say we start after dinner.”

“You’re on!” Rebecca replied.

“Great!” Amore replied. “Now, can you please come help us in causing some more Halloween mayhem?”

“Okay.”, Rebecca replied. Then Rebecca went ahead and continued to help the rest of her sisters make the brownies.

“So, does everyone have a costume picked out for Halloween yet?” Amore asked.

“Of course, we all know what we’re going to wear for Halloween.”, Ashley replied. “What about you?”

“Same. I’m dressing up as Wonder Woman this year.”, Amore replied.

“Just out of curiosity, why Wonder Woman?” Rebecca asked her.

“Because she’s like the greatest female superhero of all-time.”

“I’m dressing up as a witch.”, Ashley informed.

Rebecca added, “Also, Lisa is dressing up as Bat Woman. And I’m dressing up as Super Girl.”

“Yeah, dressing up for Halloween sure is fun.”, Amore added.

Then all four sisters went ahead and continued making laxative Halloween brownies.

“What about trick-or-treating?” Amore asked them. “Anyone in here going trick-or-treating on the 31st?”

Ashley replied, “You must be out of your mind if you think I’m going trick-or-treating this year. Trick-or-treating is for kids. Not teenagers. That’s why age 13 is the limit for me.”

“Teenagers are kids too.”, Rebecca commented.

Ashley replied, “Of course, teenagers are kids. However, there is a huge difference. Teenagers are kids turning into adults.”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Amore exclaimed. “Aren’t all kids supposed to turn into adults?”

“Wrong.”, Ashley replied. “Kids growing up only turn into older versions of themselves.”

“So, does that mean I’m turning into a teenager?” Rebecca asked her.

“Yep.”, Ashley replied.

Amore commented, “Well, I sure am going trick-or-treating this Halloween year just like I do every Halloween.”

“Yeah, me too.”, Rebecca replied.

“Me three!” Lisa exclaimed.

“Hey, excluding Ashley, how about the three of us all go trick-or-treating together this year?” Amore asked them.

“Great idea, Amore!” Rebecca exclaimed. We’re all usually trick-or-treating with our friends on Halloween. Maybe we should change it up this year.”

Amore replied, “Maybe I should bring my boyfriend too.” “And maybe I should bring my BFF. As far as my BFF goes, Halloween is one of Sam’s most favorite holidays on the calendar.”

“That’s fine with me too.”, Rebecca replied.

“What are you gonna be doing on Halloween, Ash?” Amore asked her.

“None of your beeswax. It’s my life. Go get your own life.”, Ashley replied.

“You know, Ash, there are nicer ways of answering questions.”, Amore replied.

Then more brownies were being produced by the sisters.


Later that Friday night, Amore and Rebecca were back in the living room.

“Okay, the previous winner gets to pick what to watch.”, Amore spoke.

“Deal.”, Rebecca replied.

Then Amore went ahead and turned on the TV and started looking for something to watch. “Okay, I guess we’re watching Saw tonight. Prepare to run away in defeat. Again.”, Amore commented. And the two sisters began watching the movie.

Later that evening, Rebecca was very afraid. Also, Rebecca was closing her eyes very frequently because of how scared she was at the time. Then Amore went ahead and started yawning and stretching. Amore did some more yawning and stretching. Then she stopped.

“Hey, I’m gonna go make some popcorn. You want any?” Amore asked her.

“Yeah, sure.”, Rebecca replied.

Then Amore went ahead and got up. And Amore went ahead and walked into the empty kitchen. Meanwhile, Rebecca continued watching the film and was just full of fear. Then as Rebecca went ahead and continued watching Saw, she eventually had enough.

Due to her fear, Rebecca went ahead and ran to her room again. Amore saw Rebecca running back to her room as she came back with the popcorn. Then Amore sat down smiling and set the popcorn down on the living room table. “Well, I guess that means more popcorn for me.”, Amore spoke with a smile. And Amore continued watching the movie and began eating some popcorn.


It was Saturday, October 30, 2021. In the wee hours of the morning, Rebecca was sleeping in her dark bedroom. “Ah!” Rebecca shouted after quickly waking up and sitting up on her bed.

“Oh, thank goodness it was just a nightmare.”, she told herself after feeling more relieved. Then Rebecca went ahead and stood up from her bed in the dark wearing her pajamas. And she went ahead and walked to her bedroom door and exited her bedroom.

She went ahead and looked around to see if anyone else was roaming around late at night. No one else was roaming around at the time. And Rebecca went ahead and began walking to the room where her parents slept.

Once she arrived at her parents’ bedroom door, she went ahead and saw that the door was slightly open. She went ahead and peeked inside that room and saw her Mom and Dad sleeping. Trying to be as quiet as possible, Rebecca went ahead and snuck inside that bedroom.

Rebecca walked over to her sleeping father. Rebecca went ahead and attempted to wake him up, “Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Wake up.”, Rebecca spoke lightly while trying to wake him up.

“Hmm?” John spoke after waking up. “Rebecca?” “What in the world are you doing in here?”

Then Donna went ahead and woke up. “Honey, who are you talking to?” Donna asked.

“I’m talking to Rebecca.”

“What?” Then Donna went ahead and saw Rebecca. “Rebecca?” “What are you doing in here?”

“I keep having these nightmares. They are very scary and disturbing.”

“Rebecca, whatever you have seen or heard in your sleep wasn’t real.”, John replied.

“I know, but it felt real. That’s the scary and disturbing part. Mom, Dad, can I sleep in here until it’s rime to get up?” “It will only be for one night.” “Please.” “Pretty please.” “Pretty please with sugar on top.”

Then John just sighed. “Alright, you can sleep with us. But after this, we both expect you to be a big girl and sleep in your own bed. Deal?”

“Deal.”, Rebecca spoke with a smile. Then Rebecca went ahead and got on the bed and got in between her mother and father on the bed.

“I’ll be right back. I have to use the restroom really quick.”, Donna spoke. Then Donna went ahead and got up from the bed to go use it.

John added, “Okay, try and get some rest Rebecca. The Halloween brownie sale at Amore is today. And I want all of you girls to be well-rested before then.”

“Okay. Good night, Dad. And tell my Mom I said good night.”

Then John went ahead and yawned and stretched heavily on the bed. “Yeah, sure, good night.”, John spoke in his tired voice. Then John went ahead and laid back down and fell asleep. And Rebecca went ahead and fell asleep after him.


Later that Saturday, John and his four daughters were already at the restaurant. There were Halloween decorations everywhere inside the restaurant. Also, Freaks Come Out at Night by Whodini was the song that was currently playing in the background.

Ashley, Amore, Rebecca, and Lisa were at a stand selling the laxative Halloween brownies to the customers of the restaurant. Also, money was being made from selling the brownies. “So, I was just wondering, how is all of this money gonna be split up between all of us?” Rebecca asked them.

“It’s easy.”, Ashley informed. “Everyone here gets a quarter of the total profits. That way, it’s a fair deal for everyone involved. I’ll just divide the total net profit by four when it’s all said and done to see how much money we all earned individually.”

“Oh, okay.”, Rebecca replied. “That sounds fair to me because I don’t know how to divide yet.”

“And how long will it take for these brownies to, you know, work?” Amore whispered to Ashley.

“They should all start running to the bathroom by the wee hours of tomorrow morning on Halloween.”, Ashley whispered.

“Cool!” Amore whispered with a smile.

Then Ashley and the rest of her sisters continued selling more laxative brownies.


It was Saturday evening, and all four daughters were back at home. Also, all four daughters were in the living room.

“Okay, Ms. Division.”, Rebecca told Ashley. “Where’s the money you promised us?”, she asked with her hand out.

Ashley began giving the appropriate earnings to each of her sisters. Ashley added, “Okay, I consider this day way more than a job well done. Pretty soon, lots and lots of people will be waking up in the middle of the overnight hours and start running to the toilet. And I don’t think I would’ve been able to pull off this prank without your help. So, I just wanna say, thank you.”

“You’re so welcome, Ash!” Amore exclaimed. “This has got to be the greatest Halloween weekend ever. Now, I think it’s about time for all of us to get ready for bed and rest up in time for Halloween Day.”

Then after the conversation between the girls ended, they all began getting ready for bed.


It was Sunday, October 31, 2021. And it was Halloween morning. John was walking around in the living room after getting off the phone with someone via his smartphone.

“Girls, can you all come here for a quick second?!” John yelled into the hallway.

Later, all the girls entered the living room while they were still in their pajamas.

“I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from some of my customers this morning. They are saying that they had to rush to the bathroom very prematurely early this morning.” “Did you girls put something in those brownies?”

“What?! Who?! Us?!” Rebecca asked him. “Of course not. We would never stoop to Ashley’s level.”

“Hey, take that back!” Ashley exclaimed.

“No.”, Rebecca replied.

“Well, I hope something like this doesn’t happen tomorrow as well.”, John added. “And why are you girls still in your PJs?” “It’s getting close to Noon. And you girls still haven’t gotten into your Halloween costumes yet.”

“Oh, no. He’s right.”, Amore realized. “We better go ahead and change into our Halloween costumes, fast.”

Then all four daughters began quickly getting ready to make the transition from their PJs to their Halloween costumes.

Donna went ahead and entered the living room. “Honey, why in the world was a box of laxatives sitting inside one of the kitchen drawers?” Donna asked him.

“What?” he replied.

Donna gave John the box of laxatives. And John went ahead and examined the box of laxatives. “I don’t remember buying these.”, he informed.

“And neither do I. And no one in this household has been constipated.”

“Oh, no.”, John realized out loud.

“What? What is it? Is something wrong?”

“This is proof that Ashley put laxatives in the brownies she was making. And she probably convinced the other girls to join her as well. I’m having another talk with them as soon as they are in their costumes.”

Then John set the box of laxatives down on the living room table and walked away.


Later that Halloween, John was standing in the living room after getting off the phone with another customer via his smartphone. “Girls, can you please come in here?! Again?!” John yelled into the hallway again. All four girls came into the living room wearing the costumes they said they were going to wear earlier in the chapter.

“Hey, Dad, what’s going on this time?” Ashley asked with a smile.

“This is what’s going on.”, he replied while holding up a box of laxatives.

“What?!” Amore exclaimed. “I thought you said you took all of the laxatives out of the kitchen once we were finished!”

“I thought I did!” Ashley exclaimed. “And not in front of the big guy, Amore!”

John set the box down on the living room table. “Is there something you girls are not telling me?”

Ashley sighed. “Okay, fine!” Ashley exclaimed. “I came up with the idea for a Halloween prank. I decided to put laxatives into a bunch of Halloween brownies and sell them to customers at the restaurant the day before Halloween. I wasn’t gonna tell you or Mom because I knew you two probably were not gonna let that happen. Also, I had my sisters join me in making this happen, but it’s totally not their fault. This is all my fault. Therefore, you should be grounding me on Halloween. Not them. And I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, you should be sorry.”, he replied. “I can’t believe you, Ash!”, he exclaimed. “What in all that is good in the world did my customers ever do to you?!” “Huh?!”

“So, does this mean the three of us aren’t grounded?” Rebecca asked with a smile.

“Ashley, you’re grounded.”, he replied. “And as far as the three of you go, starting on the first of November, you’re all grounded. We’ll discuss the duration of all your punishments later.”

Then John stopped talking and went ahead and exited the living room.

Amore added, “Well, at least we’ll all still be able to go trick-or-treating tonight.”

“Yeah, and I don’t care.”, Ashley replied before leaving the living room.


Later that day, it was the evening of Halloween 2021. And it was almost time for Amore to go trick-or-treating. As a result, John and Donna were standing in the living room while Donna was recording a video with her smartphone.

“Okay, everyone except Ashley, please come into the living room!” Donna exclaimed.

Then the three girls went ahead and came into the living room wearing their costumes.

“There are my three little female superheroes.”, John replied.

“Yep.”, Rebecca replied. “We’ve come to save the day from ghosts, goblins, and vampires.”

“I wonder what is taking Jake so long.”, Amore commented. “He should’ve been here by now.”

“Maybe he got stuck in traffic or something.”, John replied.

“Dad, he lives within walking distance.”, Amore replied. “Why on Earth would he need to use a car?” Then the doorbell went ahead and rang. “That better be him.” Amore looked outside and saw her boyfriend. Then Amore went ahead and went to the front door and opened it for Jake. “Hey, Jake. Come on in.” Then Jake entered the house. And Amore closed and locked the front door. Jake was wearing a mostly black costume for Halloween and trick-or-treating.

“And what in the world are you supposed to be? The Grim Reaper?” Rebecca asked him.

“Wrong.”, Jake replied. “I’m the dude from Scream.” Then Jake went ahead and put on the mask that completed the Halloween costume. “So, what do you girls think?” Jake asked them.

“I think you look all awesome and scary.”, Amore replied with a smile.

“Thanks.”, Jake replied. Then Jake went ahead and took off his mask.

“Okay, everyone! I think it’s about time we all get this Halloween train rolling!” Amore exclaimed.

“Wait!” Donna exclaimed. “Let me just take a few photos before you all head out.”

“Okay, but don’t take too long. We haven’t got all night.”, Rebecca replied.

Then Donna went ahead and got ready to take some photos of the kids.

“Alright, everyone!” Donna exclaimed. “Say candy!”

Everyone said the word they were all told to say, and Donna went ahead and took some photos.

“Alright, Mom. You got your photos.”, Amore informed. “Can we go now?”

“Yes, you can. You all have a wonderful and safe time out there.”, Donna replied.

John added, “And remember what we always tell you every year. No eating any candy that’s already open. And no going inside the houses of strangers.”

“Noted.”, Amore informed. “Bye! And happy Halloween!” Amore exclaimed.

Jake put his mask back on and Amore unlocked and opened the front door. Then the kids went ahead and left the house. And Amore closed the front door from the outside.

“I hope yesterday will be the last time those girls follow Ashley’s footsteps.”, John commented. “One rotten daughter is bad enough.” Then John went ahead and exited the living room with Donna to their bedroom.

Later that Halloween night, all the trick-or-treaters came back to the house. Also, the porch light was on. Then Amore went ahead and rang the doorbell.

John came to the front door and looked outside. Then John went ahead and opened the front door for the trick-or-treaters. And the trick-or-treaters walked inside.

“Well, did you kids have fun tonight?” John asked.

“We sure did!” Amore exclaimed. “Best Halloween ever!”

“And I got an apple.”, Jake added.

“Well, I’m glad you kids had a wonderful time. Now, I’m off to bed. And remember, you girls are still grounded once the calendar turns the page to November.” Then John went ahead and exited the living room before going to bed.

“You’re gonna be grounded?” Jake asked. “What for?”

“It’s kind of a long story.”, Amore informed. “I’ll explain it all to you tomorrow at school.”

“Okay.”, Jake replied. “Well, I’m gonna go ahead and get going now. See you tomorrow, Amore.” Then Jake went ahead and walked to the front door and exited Amore’s house.

Amore went ahead and walked to the front door to close and lock it. Then Amore walked away from the front door. “Well, seems like we all hit the candy jackpot this year.”, Amore commented.

Rebecca added, “Yeah, we collected so much candy that I don’t care if I have to go to the dentist.”

Amore added, “Let’s all eat some candy for now and save the rest for later, so we don’t consume too much sugar in one night.”

“Deal.”, Rebecca replied. “I also think we should take the candy that we’ll save for after Halloween into our rooms. We’re still going to be grounded, but at least we’ll have something to keep us busy until we’re all free again.”

“Agreed.”, Amore replied with a smile.

“Well, what are we all waiting for?!” Rebecca asked happily. “Let’s all head into the kitchen and dig in!”

“Hold that thought.”, Amore replied. “I’ll join you all shortly. I gotta take care of something very important. You two go ahead.”

Then Rebecca and Lisa went ahead and entered the kitchen. And Amore went ahead and exited the living room. Later that night, went ahead and entered the hallway and arrived at Ashley’s room.

Amore quietly snuck inside Ashley’s room. And Ashley’s room was filled with dark green lighting. As a result, everything in the room looked dark green. Meanwhile, Ashley was lying on top of Eric as the two were making out (kissing) on Ashley’s bed.

“Boo!” Amore exclaimed.

“Ah!” Ashley exclaimed. Then Ashley quickly got off her boyfriend and stood on the ground. “You’ve got ten seconds to tell me why you’re in here or you won’t live to see Thanksgiving!”

“I just came in here to see if you wanted a Kit-Kat. That’s all.”, Amore informed.

“Okay.”, Ashley replied. Then Ashley got the Kit-Kat from Amore. “But why are you being so nice to me?” “I mean, I did get all of you grounded after Halloween.”

“Yes, you did. But no kid should go sugarless on Halloween. Teenagers included. Besides, we pulled off an awesome Halloween prank thanks to you. So, you deserve it.”

“Hey, what about me?” he asked while lying on the bed.

Amore reached into her Halloween basket, pulled out another Kit-Kat bar, and tossed it over to Eric. And Eric caught it successfully. “Sweet! Thanks!” Eric spoke with a smile.

“You’re welcome.”, Amore replied with a smile.

“Now, ca we please have our privacy back if you don’t mind?” Ashley asked her.

“Why? Are you two gonna start exchanging chocolate between your mouths?” Amore asked with a smile.

“Out!” Ashley exclaimed while pointing at the bedroom door.

“Okay, okay!” Amore exclaimed with a smile. “You don’t have to be all rude about it.”, she continued with a smile. Then Amore went ahead and left the bedroom, let Ashley and Eric continue making out, and joined Rebecca and Lisa in the kitchen to eat some candy. And after all that, except for being grounded, it turned out to be an awesome Halloween for Amore Cooper.

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