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A Birthday Fit For A BFF

It was Tuesday, November 2, 2021. John was sleeping in the master bedroom with Donna during the overnight hours. Amore went ahead and quietly opened the door of the master bedroom and snuck inside that room while wearing her pajamas. Amore walked over to her Dad and tried waking him up. “Dad. Dad. Dad wake up.”, she whispered.

“Hmmm?” he spoke after being woken up by Amore. “Amore, what are you doing in here?”

“I wanted to ask you for something very important.”

“At 3:00 in the morning?” “It’s so important that you couldn’t just wait until everyone is awake?” “What is it, Amore?”

“My BFF’s birthday lands on a Sunday this year. So, I and Sam thought that it would be cool to have her first-ever birthday party thrown at the restaurant next Sunday. There would be no customers around since Amore is closed on Sundays. And we could invite lots and lots of guests.”

“Why would you and Sam want to have a birthday party at a pizza restaurant? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to have a birthday party at her house or something?”

“It was Sam’s idea. Her favorite food is pizza and I’m her best friend. That’s why she told me to ask you if that idea was cool with you.”

“We’ll talk about it later, sweetie.”

“Okay. Good night.” Then after that conversation ended, Amore went ahead and exited the master bedroom. And as a result, John went back to sleep once again.


It was Tuesday evening. Amore was in her bedroom getting ready for bed while wearing her pajamas. Knocking was heard at Amore’s bedroom door. John began speaking. “Amore, do you have a minute?” “I wanna talk to you.”

“Okay, come in!”

John went ahead and walked into the bedroom and closed the bedroom door that was behind him.

“I thought about what you said early this morning about throwing a birthday party for Sam at my restaurant. And I’ve decided to go through with that plan.” “Just know that we only have four days to invite people and get everything set up at the restaurant. So, there’s no time to waste here.”

“I and Sam will try our absolute best to invite everyone we know.”

“Great!” “And I’ll do my part to make sure Sam has a wonderful birthday.”

“It should be wonderful. This is going to be her tenth birthday. She’ll finally be a tweenager just like me. And she’ll be in double digits just like me. Boy, I can’t wait for this birthday party to happen. I’m so excited.”

“Okay. Well, good night.” John went ahead and began leaving the bedroom. Then he turned back around. “Oh, and next time you wanna ask for something, please don’t disturb me in my sleep during the late-night hours unless it’s an emergency.”

“Got it, Dad. I’m sorry for waking you up at such a bad time.”

“Apology accepted. Good night, my little angel.”, he spoke with a smile. Then after that conversation ended, John went ahead and exited Amore’s bedroom. And closed the bedroom door.

“I should probably text the good news to Sam right now before I go to bed.”, she told herself. Then Amore got her smartphone, unlocked her smartphone, and began texting her best friend.


It was Sunday, November 7, 2021, and it was eleven in the morning. Amore and the rest of her family were inside the restaurant putting the finishing touches on the birthday party. Then Sam went ahead and walked into the pizza restaurant. And after that, she began speaking. “Hey, Amore.”

“Hey, Sam. Happy birthday.”, Amore spoke.

“Thanks.” “Wow, this looks like this is gonna be the coolest birthday party ever.”, she spoke as she looked around.

“I already know it is gonna be the coolest birthday party ever.”

Then Ashley went ahead and walked up to Amore and Sam.

“And who is this ugly-looking creature?” Ashley asked while Sam wasn’t ugly.

“Ugh!” “Did you have to bring this alien over to my party?” Sam asked Amore. “Why didn’t you just let her stay at home?”

“Yeah, Amore, why didn’t you just let me stay at home so I could sleep in today?” Ashley asked her.

“Look, I know you two always don’t get along.”, Amore responded.

“Always is an understatement.”, Sam added.

“But can’t you two get along for just one day?” Amore continued. “A birthday only comes once every 365. Then the both of you can become enemies again after her birthday is over.” “Deal?”

“No deal.”, Sam responded before walking away.

“Same here.”, Ashley responded before walking away.

Later, Sam went ahead and approached Rebecca and Lisa. “Hey, you two.”, Sam spoke. “Remember me?”

“Of course, we remember you. We see you like all the time. Happy birthday, Sam.”, Rebecca responded.

“Thanks.”, Sam spoke with a smile. Then Sam went ahead and walked over to somewhere else. Sam approached Amore’s parents. “Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. C.”

“Well, hello there Sam. And happy birthday.”, Donna spoke.

John added, “Happy birthday, Sam. Now, you’re in double digit years just like us adults. Congratulations.”

“Thanks a ton. Now that I’ve finally experienced ten years of life, a full decade seems like such a long time.”, Sam spoke before walking away. Sam walked back over to Amore. “Si, when are the rest of the guests arriving?”

“They should start arriving a little after Noon.”

“Sweet!” “I sure hope that there’s gonna be some awesome music playing to get this party started on the right foot.”

Then that conversation between Amore and Sam went ahead and ended.


In the afternoon, guests were there at the birthday party. There was music playing in the background. The song that was playing was Sit Next to Me by Foster the People. Everyone was having a great time as Amore was closed for business. However, there were lots of pizza boxes available for the guests to eat some pizza. Other food item typically sold by the restaurant during normal business hours were also being served at that party. Sam walked over to Amore as Amore was getting herself some fruit punch.

“This birthday party is like a dream come true! You and your family did such a great job today to make all of this a reality!” Sam exclaimed happily.

“Hey, don’t mention it. You deserve it after turning the big one and zero.”

Ashley walked over to the fruit punch bowl to get herself some punch.

“Hey!” “It’s the ugly-looking birthday girl, again!” Ashley insulted as she was getting some punch.

“For your information, I’m not ugly. In fact, I’m far from being ugly or ugly looking. I’m so sick and tired of you always calling me ugly.”, Sam responded. “Have you ever thought to yourself for at least one second that maybe you’re the ugly one?”

“No, never in a billion years.”, Ashley replied before drinking.

“You know, the best birthday present of all today would be for you to walk as far away from me as possible for the remainder of today.”, Sam commented.

“You can’t tell me what to do, you little dirt scraper! I’m a high school freshwoman! You haven’t even finished fourth grade yet!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Walk away from me right now. Or else.”

“Or else what?! I’m not afraid of you!”

“Please, go away.”

“No, what are you gonna do about it?!”

Then Eric went ahead and joined the conversation.

“Hey, ladies.”, he spoke with a smile.

“Eric?” Ashley asked him. “What are you doing here?” “Who invited you?”

“Amore invited me back when I snuck inside your bedroom and you had to use the bathroom.”

“What?!” Ashley exclaimed. “When was this?!”

“Last Wednesday in the overnight hours.”, Amore spoke.

“Ugh!” “I’m so tired of you always sneaking into my room!” “Don’t you know how to mind your own business?!”

“It looks like your boyfriend over there doesn’t know how to mind his own business since you secretly make out in there almost every late night.”, Amore responded.

“Ha!” “Good one, Amore!” Sam exclaimed.

“Come on, Eric. Let’s go ahead and enjoy the rest of this lame party.”, Ashley told him before she and Eric went ahead and walked away.

“Thanks for making her go away for me.”, Sam thanked.

“Hey, that’s what best friends are for.”, Amore spoke with a smile. Then that conversation went ahead and ended.

Later, Jake went ahead and walked up to Amore and Sam. “Hey, Amore. Hey, Sam.”, Jake spoke. Amore and Sam saw Jake.

“Hey, Jake.”, Amore spoke.

“Happy birthday, Sam. Here’s my birthday present.”, Jake continued as he gave a random box to Sam. Sam got the box.

“Thanks, Jake. I wonder what it is.”, Sam responded. Sam went ahead and peeked inside the box. “It’s a spider.”

“Correction, a pet spider.”, Jake corrected.

“Well, I guess this officially makes me a pet owner. Thanks.”, Sam thanked.

“You’re welcome. See you two, later.”, Jake responded before going ahead and walking away from Amore and Sam.

“I hate spiders.” “What am I supposed to do with this box?” Sam spoke.

“I don’t know. Maybe throw it away once you head back home?”

“Great idea!”

Sam went ahead and set the box down on a nearby table. Then the music at the birthday party stopped due to all the power going out. “Hey!” “Why did the music stop?!” Sam exclaimed.

John went ahead and began making an announcement to everyone that was there. “Attention, everyone. I’m sorry to inform everyone that this birthday party is experiencing a power outage right now. We will work as quickly as possible to find out the cause of this outage.” Then John finished making his announcement. And it seemed like the whole party was put on hold.

“A blackout?! On my birthday?! This can’t be happening right now! Not on my tenth birthday!”

“Sam, just calm down!” Amore exclaimed. “It’s probably just something minor that needs to be fixed with the electricity.”


Later, Amore’s parents were seen coming out of the basement of the restaurant. Amore and Sam walked over to John and Donna. “So, did you two figure out what the problem is?” Amore asked them.

“Yeah, high winds from outside are the reason why we’re all in the dark right now.”, John spoke.

“Well, at least we’re all not completely in the dark. There’s still daylight outside.”, Amore responded.

“But there’s no electricity!” Sam exclaimed. “And it’s gonna get dark real soon! It’s freaking November for crying out loud! My birthday is ruined!” Then Sam went ahead and sat down at a nearby table feeling very disappointed.

“Hey, don’t talk like that! Your birthday isn’t all the way ruined!” Amore told her.

“Yes, it is! We have no electricity, no music, no light, no fun, just nothingness! Worst birthday ever!”

“But it can still be the best birthday ever! I have an idea!” Amore informed.

“An idea for a power outage?!” Sam asked Amore.

“Of course. We just try and celebrate your birthday just like before the outage. The only difference is that we celebrate without electricity this time.”

“And how in the world are we gonna pull that off?!” Sam asked her.

“Anyway, we possibly can. And besides, we still have our phones even though they need to be charged eventually. We can still have music playing. And there could be all kinds of fun activities and games to come up with that doesn’t require the use of electricity. Come on, Sam, I believe we can do this.”

Then Sam went ahead and just sighed. “Alright, fine. I’ll go ahead with your plan.” “But what new ideas are we gonna be able to come up with?”

Ashley approached Amore and Sam. “You know, the reason the power went out in the first place was due to God himself punishing you for being so ugly.”

“Go away, Ashley!” Sam exclaimed.

Then Ashley went ahead and smiled and just walked away.

“Okay, let’s go ahead and start thinking.”, Amore told her.

“Let’s.”, Sam told her.

Then both girls went ahead and began thinking.


Later, all that thinking resulted in a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Amore’s family, Sam, and others gathered around in a circle on the floor. A bunch of tables and chairs were cleared to make room for the game. Then John began speaking.

“Okay, everyone! Today, we’re going to play a game that doesn’t require the use of electricity! And the name of this game is called Duck, Duck, Goose! Here’s how the game works!” “Someone starts as the goose! That ‘goose’ then goes around the circle patting the ‘ducks’ on their heads while saying duck! That ‘goose’ must eventually say goose when he or she chooses who they want to chase them around! If that potential goose doesn’t tag the original goose, that person officially becomes the new goose! And the cycle repeats! The last goose of the game is the loser, and the rest of the ducks are the winners!” “Now, ant questions before we all go ahead and get started?!”

A random boy went ahead and raised his hand.

“Yes.”, John responded.

“Are you sure that’s how the game is supposed to be played?”

“Don’t worry, young man! It’ll be our version of the game! Any more questions?!”

A random girl went ahead and raised her hand.

“Yes.”, John spoke.

“Those rules are gonna be hard to remember for me.”

“No worries, young lady! We’ll explain any of the rules again as we go along in case someone makes a mistake! Any more questions?!”

Rebecca went ahead and raised her hand. “Does no electricity mean that we’re all gonna have to eat cold pizza?”

John continued, “Now, we all shouldn’t worry about the power being out right now! The power should be on very shortly! Okay, enough talk about electricity! Let’s all go ahead and get this game up and running! Shall we?! I’ll start as the goose! Here we go, everyone!” John stopped talking and began walking around the circle, touching people’s heads, and saying “duck” multiple times. Then John went ahead and said “goose” when he touched Amore’s red hair. John quickly ran around the circle and Amore quickly got up and chased her father around the circle. Amore stopped chasing her father and was breathing heavily from the exhaustion of chasing her Dad.

“Well, it looks like you’re just too quick for me. Okay, looks like I’m gonna be the goose this time.”, Amore spoke. John went ahead and sat down, and Amore started doing the same thing her Dad did around the circle earlier. Then after multiple ducks, Amore went ahead and made Ashley the eventual goose. As a result, Ashley quickly got up and began chasing Amore around the circle. And after a while of Ashley chasing Amore around the circle, Amore was just too fast for Ashley and that eventually made Ashley quit chasing Amore.

“Alright, okay! I guess I’m the new goose this time!” Ashley exclaimed.

Amore went ahead and sat down as Ashley went ahead and continued the game. Ashley took a very long time trying to decide who the next potential goose was going to be. And she continued consuming some more time. And she continued consuming even more time as Rebecca’s impatience began growing.

“Come on, Ash! We haven’t got all birthday! Just pick a goose already!” she exclaimed.

“Hey! Don’t tell me what to do!”

Then Ashley went ahead and continued the game as she called more and more ducks.

“Goose.”, Ashley spoke after touching Sam’s blonde hair.

Ashley began running around the circle. However, Sam just sat there and had absolutely zero interest in chasing Ashley.

“Sam, what’s wrong?” Amore asked her.

“Yeah, why aren’t you chasing Ashley?” Jake asked her.

“I’ll tell you why! Because she’s a total jerk and I don’t want to be anywhere near her! She irritates me so much! And she’s so selfish!”

“Kids. They have such a weird imagination. Am I right?” Ashley spoke.

“Well, Sam, we can all play something else if you don’t want to chase Ashley.”, Donna told her.

John added, “And let’s have these two far apart from each other as much as possible for the remainder of the day.” “Alright, everyone! Let’s all go ahead and play something else!”

After that, the game went ahead and ended. And everyone got up off the ground to disestablish the circle.

“Thanks for ruining the fun. Loser.”, Ashley told Sam before walking away.

“There’s absolutely no way in a million years you can convince me someone like her actually exists.”, Sam told Amore before walking away.

Later, John went ahead and got behind a microphone. “Okay, gather around everyone. It’s time for our birthday girl over here to start opening her birthday presents.” Then everyone did what John said by gathering around.

“Oh, no! I gave you your birthday present too early! I’m so sorry, Sam!” Jake told her.

“That’s okay, Jake. It’s no big deal. I accept your apology.”, Sam spoke with a smile.

Then Jake went ahead and walked away knowing everything was still cool with Sam.

“A spider is nowhere close to being considered a birthday present.”, Sam whispered to Amore.

“Okay, Sam, which present do you want to unwrap first?” Donna asked her.

Then Sam went ahead and began thinking. “That one!” she exclaimed as she pointed at a random present. Sam went ahead and got the present. “To Sam.” “From Ashley?”

“Hey, I thought you two hated each other’s guts?” Rebecca asked them.

“We do. This is a total surprise to me. Well, I wonder what it might be.”, Sam responded. Sam went ahead and unwrapped Ashley’s birthday present and opened the box. Sam looked inside the box. “Hey!” “There’s nothing in here!”

“Yes, there is. Air. Now you have more air to breathe.” “Happy birthday!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Do I look like I need extra air to you?!” Sam exclaimed angrily. “Thanks for nothing, jerk!”

“You’re more than welcome.”, Ashley spoke with a smile.

“Okay, on to my next gift!” Sam declared happily.

Sam went ahead and began choosing her next birthday present and picked up the gift she chose. “To Sam. From Amore.” “I sure hope it’s not air again.” Sam began opening her best friend’s birthday present. “A Hannah Montana phone case. I love it. Thanks, Amore.”, Sam spoke with a smile.

“Well, I know how much you love watching Hannah Montana.”, Amore responded.

“Okay, let’s see what’s next.”, Sam commented. She went ahead and got another birthday present. “To Sam. From John.”, she read out loud. “Well, this should be interesting. Let’s see what’s inside.” Sam opened John’s birthday present and ended up pulling out a coupon. “Ten percent off your next four orders at Amore.”, she read out loud.

“Pretty cool.” “Is it not?” John asked Sam. “You turn ten today, so I thought the ten percent discount would be appropriate here. Plus, you love pizza based on what Amore told me.”

“Thanks, Amore’s Dad!” she exclaimed happily. “I’ll try my best to remember to come here very shortly.” “Now, is my next birthday present electricity?”

“Sorry, Sam. The power still isn’t back on yet. I wish it was though. We all only get one tenth birthday in our entire lives. That’s why I really don’t want to ruin your tenth birthday.”, John told her.

“I completely understand. Thanks for at least trying to make my birthday the best birthday that it can be under unfortunate circumstances. Well, I guess it’s time to open more presents.”

“When are we gonna have some cake?!” Lisa exclaimed. “I’m starving over here!”

“Don’t worry, Lisa.”, Donna told her. “We’ll all start having some cake after the birthday girl blows out the candles that will be placed on the cake. Just be patient, sweetie.”

Lisa added, “Well, she better hurry up and blow out the candles already! I’m getting very impatient!” Then after that conversation ended, Sam went ahead and continued opening the remainder of her birthday presents.

Later, John got behind a microphone again to make another announcement. “Okay, everyone! It’s about that time for all of us to come together to dance to our birthday girl’s favorite song! The Cha-Cha Slide!” Then John went ahead and walked away from the microphone.

Amore got behind the microphone and placed her smartphone close to the microphone. She got on her phone and began playing Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper. She quickly rushed over to Sam to begin dancing as the song began playing. Then Amore and Sam kept dancing to the song as the song kept playing. Then Amore and Sam kept dancing to the song some more as the song kept playing some more.

Later, the music stopped. And all the dancing that Amore and Sam were doing stopped.

“Whew! Who knew you could get such a great workout from an ancient song?” Rebecca spoke.

“Hey, ancient or not, it’s still an awesome song to dance to.”, Sam responded. “Maybe we could both make an appearance on Dancing with The Stars eight years from now.”, Sam told Amore.

“Hey!” “Could you please blow out the candles already?! My belly is growling very loudly! And it’s not happy growling!” Lisa told Sam.

“Well, I guess it’s about time for me to blow out the candles. Come on.”, Sam told Amore before walking away. And after that, Amore went ahead and followed Sam.

“Hey, wait for me!” Lisa exclaimed as she followed Amore and Sam.

Later, it was in the evening. The sky was completely dark outside. The pizza restaurant was lit by non-birthday candles. And John went ahead and got behind a microphone and began speaking.

“Well, everyone. Here it is. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Time for the birthday girl to blow out the candles. Donna, could you please do the honors of bringing the birthday cake to the birthday girl?” Then Donna went ahead and brought the cake to the table where Amore and Sam were sitting. Donna set the cake down on the table. And after that, everyone began singing to Sam.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Samantha

Happy birthday to you

Then after the singing went ahead and ended, Sam blew out all her birthday candles with ease. Everyone else clapped their hands for Sam. Then Rebecca walked up to Sam. “So, what did you wish for?” Rebecca asked Sam.

“Rebecca, you should know that birthday wishes are supposed to be kept secret.”, Donna told her.

“Actually, I didn’t know that.”, Rebecca replied.

Then the power went ahead and came back on inside the pizza restaurant. The restaurant was lit by electricity again.

“Hey, the power is back!” Rebecca exclaimed.

John added, “Yeah, thanks to this remote. I forgot this restaurant had a generator to use in case the power goes out. I found this remote control earlier, which reminded me. And I used this thing to turn on the generator. Well, I guess this is at least one of the first places to have its power restored.”

“What?!” Amore asked John. “We went through all that time without electricity when there was a generator this entire time?!”

“Okay, Amore! I’m sorry!” John responded. “I’ll try to remember next time in case something like this happens on Sam’s eleventh birthday.”

Sam added, “Well, what’s most important here is that I had such a terrific birthday. I just wanna thank everyone so much for celebrating it with me. And you know, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all to do this again next year.”

“And maybe even the year after that.”, Amore included.

Then Lisa spoke. “Come on, people! She blew out the candles already! I want cake! And I want it now!”

“Well, you heard the lady. Let’s all dig in.”, Amore spoke with a smile. Then everyone started eating. And the birthday party continued with no significant issues at all. And after all that, Sam’s tenth birthday party at the pizza restaurant was a complete success.

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