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Days of the Week

It was Sunday, December 5, 2021, and it was in the morning. Amore walked into the living room fully dressed and ready for church. Amore’s Dad spoke to Amore after she went ahead and entered the living room. “Oh, we’re not going to church today, sweetheart.”, he said as he was tying his shoes.

“What? Why not?”

“I’m going to be working on a Sunday while the restaurant will be open for a new promo.”

“And may I ask what this promo is all about?”

“Well, I would call it more of a limited-time offer. Wait, scratch that, I would call it more of a one-week offer.”

“Just spill the beans already!”

“Oh, right. Sorry. As I was saying earlier, the restaurant is going to sell seven types of ice cream sundaes all week. And each sundae is named after each day of the week. Today, we’ll be selling chocolate chip sundaes. Then on Monday, it’s Strawberry Delight Mondaes. Tuesday will serve Blueberry Tuesdaes, Oreo Wednesdaes on Wednesday, iced coffee Thursdaes on Thursday, purple grape Fridaes on Friday, and vanilla Saturdaes on Saturday.”

“I think that’s a pretty cool limited-time offer. And by cool, I mean that both figuratively and literally.”

“Thanks. I came up with the idea myself. I hope this offer brings in more customers.”

“Yeah, I hope so too. Well, looks like I got up for nothing.”

“But on the bright side, you get to sleep in today.”

“Yeah, I guess that is pretty bright.”, she spoke with a smile. “So, when do you think we’ll get a chance to try out these new frozen desserts?”

“I and your Mom already discussed that. And we’ve both decided that, for dessert, it’ll be the seven sundaes I just mentioned earlier all week.”

“I’m starting to like this offer more and more. Looks like it’s gonna be a pretty awesome week ahead for us in the dessert department.”

“Yeah, but enough chit-chat for now. Time for me to go to work on what is usually my off day.” John got up and walked over to the front door. He went ahead and opened the front door. “Alright, I’ll be back home at about the same time I usually come home Monday through Saturday. I’ll talk to you later, Amore.” John closed the front door and left the house to go to work on a Sunday.

“I’ve got a pretty good feeling this is gonna be the best week ever.”, she told herself with a smile. Then Amore went ahead and went back to her bedroom.


It was Sunday afternoon. Amore was in her bedroom counting her allowance money. Amore stopped counting the money, left the dollar bills on her bed, and left the bedroom to go use the bathroom. In the hallway, Max saw Amore leave her bedroom. Max went into Amore’s bedroom. Max went ahead and jumped on Amore’s bed. Then the dog happily ripped up Amore’s hard-earned allowance money with his teeth. Moments later, Donna saw what was going on in Amore’s bedroom and walked inside. Donna gathered up the tiny bits of paper that were on the bedroom floor before speaking.

“Oh, no. Max, Amore is gonna flip when she sees what you just did in here.”

Amore walked back into her bedroom after using the bathroom. Donna spoke again.

“Amore, how much money did you leave on your bed?”

“I’m not sure, it was probably around twenty dollars.” “Why do you wanna know?”

“Because it looks like someone decided to come in here and rip it to shreds.”

Amore looked at the ripped-up money. “What?! My money! Why is it ripped to shreds?!” she exclaimed shockingly. Amore looked at Max. “You!” she spoke unhappily.

“Amore, you shouldn’t leave your bedroom door open now that we have a pet in the house. He could walk in and damage anything and everything inside.”

“Oh, and now you decide to tell me this?!” Amore exclaimed angrily. “Now, what am I supposed to do?! Do you have any idea how much junk food this money could’ve bought me, mister?! Okay, I’ve had just about enough of this! Ground him, Mom!”

“I’m not gonna ground him, Amore.”

“Well, spank him! Give him a timeout! Don’t feed him! Please, do something! Don’t just stand there!”

“I’m not punishing him because you should’ve known not to leave your door wide open when you’re not anywhere near your room.”

“So, what are you saying?! Are you deciding to punish me instead for being totally careless?!”

“If he invades your room again, then I’ll punish him. But for now, just remember to leave your bedroom door closed every time you leave.”

“Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! Ugh! It’s only Sunday and this already feels like the worst week ever!”

“But on the bright side, at least there will still be ice cream sundaes for dessert all week long.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”, she spoke with a smile. “Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Mom.”

“You’re welcome, Amore.” Donna began leaving.


“I’m all ears.”

“What do you do when the dog chews up your cash?”

“Well, luckily, I’ve never had that experience before. I’m pretty sure the internet has a lot of information on what to do with mutilated cash.”

“Thanks, Mom!” “Maybe I’ll hop on the computer and look that up one of these days.”

“Well, I’m gonna be leaving now.”

“Oh, and while you’re leaving, make him leave too.”

“Your wish is my command.” “Come on, Max! Come here, boy! Come to Mommy!”

Max heard Donna and began following Donna as she was leaving the bedroom. Donna and Max completely left Amore’s bedroom. “Why in the world do dogs like destruction so much?” Amore asked herself as her Sunday continued.


It was Monday, December 6, 2021, and it was in the morning. Amore and Sam were sitting next to each other in class waiting to go on a school field trip while at school. Then Amore began talking to Sam.

“So, are you excited to go on this field trip today?”

“I sure am. I’ve never gone on a school field trip to a library before.”

“Yeah, me neither. It should be a lot of fun.” “Hey, did you hear about the latest limited-time offer going on right now at my Dad’s pizza restaurant?”

“I sure did. That’s why my Mom is taking me there to get Strawberry Delight Mondaes with our order after school.”

“We’re having those same ice cream sundaes all week at our place.”

“Cool!” Sam spoke with a smile.

“Okay, class. Time for everyone to head out and get on the school bus.”, the female teacher spoke.

Everyone in Amore’s class started leaving the classroom including herself.


Near the school bus, there was a line of kids who submitted their permission slips to go on the school field trip. Sam went ahead and submitted the permission slip and got on the bus. Amore walked up to the female bus driver and the bus driver spoke. “Do you have your permission slip?”

“I sure do. Hold on for just one second. It should be in my backpack somewhere.” Amore took her backpack off, put it on the ground, opened it up, and started searching for the permission slip. Amore continued searching for the permission slip. And she kept searching for the permission slip some more. “Sorry, I have a lot of stuff in here.” Amore kept searching. And Amore kept searching some more. “Wow, this sire is taking longer than I thought.”

“Come on, what’s taking so long?!” a random fat boy exclaimed.

“Alright, okay! Just hold your horses!”, Amore exclaimed. Amore kept searching for the permission slip. Then every kid that was in line began complaining. The teacher got up from her seat in the front.

“Amore, did you lose your permission slip?” the teacher asked her.

“Oh, no! I must’ve forgotten it at home!” she realized. “But I still had it signed, which means I can still go.” “Right?”

“I’m sorry, Amore, you can’t go without turning in a signed permission slip by a parent or legal guardian.”, the teacher told her.

“Well, I’ve got money? Will that work?”

“Now, Amore, you should know very well that this trip is absolutely free of charge. I’m sorry, but rules are rules.”

“Well, can I just get some extra time to call my Mom and have her send the slip over here?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. We are supposed to leave at a scheduled time. The trip can’t be postponed just because someone forgot his or her permission slip.”

“Come on, are we leaving or what?!” a random boy spoke. Then most of the kids on the school bus started complaining and the kids in line continued complaining.

Amore sighed. “Okay, fine! I guess I can’t go!” she spoke unhappily. “But what am I supposed to do now that I can’t go?!”

“Just head to the school principal’s office and he’ll tell you what to do.”, the teacher told her.

“And don’t worry, Amore, I’ll tell you all about it once this trip is all said and done!” Sam told Amore.

“Thanks, Sam. Well, I’m out. I’m really sorry, everyone.” Amore went ahead and exited the school bus before going to the school principal’s office.

“It’s about time! Can we go now?!” a random boy exclaimed.

Then Amore’s Monday continued.


Later, it was still Monday. After school in the afternoon, Amore opened the front door, walked inside the house, and stomped her feet to get rid of the snow that was under her feet. Amore closed the front door and put her coat up in the front closet. Amore took off her boots as well. Amore went ahead and walked to the living room couch and started taking a nap. Lisa walked into the living room and saw Amore lying there and napping. Then Lisa walked closer and closer to Amore.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked her.

Amore went ahead and opened her eyes. “I’m taking a nap.” “What does it look like I’m doing?”

“I wanna play hide and seek.”

“Not today, Lisa.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t feel like it. That’s why.”

“But why?”

“Because I forgot my permission slip and had to sit in a classroom full of third-graders all day while missing out on an awesome field trip to the library. And I feel terrible about it. That’s why.” “So, could you please leave me alone?” “Thanks.” Amore started falling asleep.

“But I really wanna play hide and seek.”

“I said no!” she exclaimed unhappily. Amore started going to sleep.

“Come on, just one game! Please?! Pretty please?! Pretty please with Strawberry Delight Mondaes on top?!”

“Listen, I’m older than you. Therefore, you can’t tell me what to do. So, I suggest you leave.”

“But why?”

“Because I said so! That’s why!”

“But why?”

“Because you’re gonna do anything I tell you to do if you know what’s good for you! Now, please go away, or else!” Amore began going to sleep.

“That’s not very nice!”

“I didn’t mean for it to be nice! Now, go! Get! Scram!” Amore started going back to sleep.

“I didn’t mean for it to be nice. Now, go. Get. Scram.”







“Are you copying me?!”

“Are you copying me?!”

“Stop it!”

“Stop it!”

“I mean it, Lisa! This isn’t funny! Stop copying me!”

“I mean it, Lisa. This isn’t funny. Stop copying me.”

“Stop it! Right now!”

“Stop it! Right now!”

Amore went ahead and sat on the couch. “Are you copying me just to irritate me?”

“Are you copying me just to irritate me?”

“Okay, fine. If that’s how you want things to be, go ahead and have it your way. I’ll just continue living my life while you make a complete fool of yourself.”

“Okay, fine. If that’s how you want things to be, go ahead and have it your way. I’ll just continue living my life while you make a complete fool of yourself.”

Then there was nothing but silence for a little while between Amore and Lisa.

Then Amore went ahead and thought of something clever. “I’m an idiot.”, Amore spoke with a smile.

“You’re an idiot.”, Lisa spoke with a smile.

Then Lisa wiped the smile off Amore’s pretty face. “Ugh! I hate you!” Amore spoke before storming out of the living room.

“Ugh. I hate you.” Lisa followed Amore.

“Don’t follow me!”

“Don’t follow me.”

“I said stop following me!”

“I said stop following me!”

Then Lisa went ahead and continued messing with Amore.


It was Tuesday, December 7, 2021, and it was in the evening. Amore was in her pajamas preparing her bed for her to sleep in it. Amore saw Rebecca walk by her bedroom. “Hey, Rebecca, can you come in here for a quick second?!” she asked her. Rebecca came into Amore’s bedroom.

Amore walked over to her bedroom door and closed it before talking to Rebecca. “Do you have any idea what causes bad luck?”

“No, I don’t.” “Why do you ask?”

“My luck hasn’t been going my way at all this past week. And I don’t know what’s been causing my bad luck in the first place.”

“Well, what has been going on this past week?”

“Well, the dog ripped up my allowance money on Sunday. Then on Monday, I forgot my permission slip to go on an awesome field trip to the library. Then later that Monday, Lisa begins copying everything I say after I didn’t want to play hide and seek with her. And she has been copying me all day ever since I got back home from school.”

“Wow, you’re right, that is a pretty messed up week if you ask me.”

“And I still have no clue what Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have in store for me. This week feels like the evil version of the Happy Days theme song.”

“Maybe it’s the ice cream sundaes offer at the restaurant that’s causing your bad luck.”

“Come on, don’t be ridiculous.” “How in the world could a one-week limited time offer at a pizza place be the cause for my bad luck?”

“Because you have the same name as a pizza place.”

“Hey, you know what, you just might be onto something. The only reasonable explanation for all my bad luck this week must be the ice cream sundaes offer. It’s an all-week offer, which seems to explain why these past three days have been nothing but trouble for me.”

“So, what are you gonna do? Stop the offer from continuing before the end of the week?”

“No. Instead, I’m just gonna try and have the best rest of the week I possibly can. And if I can’t, then there’s always next week.”

“Yeah, well, good luck with that. I’m going to bed now. Good luck on your Wednesday.” Rebecca went ahead and ended her conversation with Amore before exiting the bedroom and getting some sleep.

“I wonder how I can generate more good luck for tomorrow as well as for the remainder of the week.” “Maybe that answer will come to me after I wake up tomorrow morning.” Amore continued doing what she normally did before going to bed every night.


It was Wednesday, December 8, 2021, and it was in the morning. Amore and Ashley were at the dining room table eating waffles from a plate of waffles at the center of the dining room table. Meanwhile, Ashley was listening to heavy metal music on her headphones from her smartphone. Then there was only one waffle left. Both sisters stuck their forks into the same waffle. Both siblings went ahead and stared at each other. Then Ashley took off her headphones.

“Hey, Lego my Eggo.”, Amore spoke.

“No way, I stuck my fork in it first. Therefore, Lego my Eggo.”

“No, I stuck my fork in it a split second before you did.”

“Yeah, sure you did.” “My fork was clearly faster than your fork, so back off.”

“No, you back off.”

Ashley took her fork from out of the waffle. “Look, I’m not gonna do this with you all morning. Now, you have two options. Be a good little sister and give me my hard-earned waffle peacefully. Or be a bad little sister that I’ll make suffer one way or another.”

Amore went ahead and put the waffle on her plate and began eating it. “Mmmmm, this is so good!” Amore exclaimed with food in her mouth. Amore got the syrup, poured it on the waffle, and continued eating the waffle. “Mmmmm, it tastes so much better with syrup.”, she spoke with food in her mouth.

“Okay, fine, you’ve made your choice. And I’m so gonna make you pay. You won’t know where or when or how, but I’ll get you any way I possibly can. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Yeah, good luck with that.”, she spoke with more food in her mouth. “You know what this waffle needs?” “More syrup.” Amore used more syrup on the half-eaten waffle. Amore continued eating. “Mmmmm, delicious!” she told her with food in her mouth.

“Ashley shook her head and put her headphones back on. Rebecca came into the dining room.

“Dang it!” “I got here after all the waffles disappeared.” “Well, at least there are some Pop-Tarts in the refrigerator.” Rebecca went ahead and walked over to the refrigerator.

“Hey, maybe you should eat a Pop-Tart as well.”, Amore told Ashley.

“Shut up!” Ashley exclaimed. Then Amore went ahead and finished eating the waffle.


Later, it was Wednesday evening. Amore walked into her bedroom. A bucket of green slime was poured onto Amore and her red hair. Then, as a result, Amore was covered in green slime. Ashley walked over to Amore in the hallway.

“Ha! Got ya! Maybe next time you’ll learn not to steal people’s breakfast.”, Ashley told Amore before walking away.

Amore just stood there and had a very mean look on her face. “Mom! Dad!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.


It was Thursday, December 9, 2021, and it was in the evening. Amore went ahead and came out of the bathroom after using it. Then she began talking to herself as she was standing outside the bathroom.

“Well, Amore, your Thursday has been nothing but peachy so far. Just hang in there until Friday and your week won’t be all the way bad. Okay, here we go.” Amore began walking into her bedroom. Then Amore came into her bedroom. “Ugh!” “What in the world is that awful smell?!” she asked while fanning away the scent. Amore looked down and saw dog poop on the floor. “Aw, dang it! I forgot to close my bedroom door! Again! Now, there’s dog poop on my floor, which is making my room smell like an unclean toilet!” Amore sat down on her bed.

“I better get this mess up before the smell moves around the entire house. But on the bright side, at least I still got Friday and Saturday.” Amore got up to clean up the mess of the golden retriever puppy.


It was Friday, December 10, 2021, and it was morning. Ashley and Amore were eating waffles at the dining room table just like they were earlier in the chapter. Then on the last waffle, Ashley and Amore stuck their forks in it. Ashley went ahead and took off her headphones. Before speaking. “Come on, Amore, we’re not gonna do this again.” “Are we?”

“Yes, we are! Lego my Eggo!”

“In your dreams! What are you gonna do about it?!”

“What am I gonna do about it?! What am I gonna do about it?! I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do about it!” Then Amore went ahead and started thinking about what she was gonna do about it.

“Exactly. Nothing at all. Now, take your fork out of my property. Or else.”

Amore took her fork out of the waffle. “Look here, little miss I’m a bad girl and I can have whatever I want, I’m not afraid of you1 Therefore, I’m not gonna bow down to you and turn myself into your slave! I’m stronger than that and deserve what’s rightfully mine! So, what I suggest you do is-!”

Ashley quickly began eating the waffle in front of Amore’s face. “Mmmmm, this is so good!” Ashley exclaimed with food in her mouth. Ashley continued eating. “Suggest I do what?’ she asked before eating more of it.

“Hey, that was mine!”

Ashley continued eating. “Finders keepers. Losers weepers.”, she spoke with more food in her mouth.

Rebecca went ahead and walked into the dining room before speaking. “You two are seriously fighting over a waffle?” “That’s even below Lisa’s mental age.” Rebecca went to get more Pop-Tarts.

“So, I guess this means your bad week continues.”, she spoke while still eating.

“Ugh! Why can’t next week just start already?!” Amore exclaimed unhappily.

Oh, and F.Y.I., if we ever come down to the last pancake, I’m taking that as well.”, Ashley told her.

“No, you won’t!”

“Keep dreaming, redhead.”

“Whatever! Even though you’re a teenager, I’m still not scared of you!”


“Ah!” Amore spoke while flinching.

“Liar.”, Ashley spoke. Ashley finished eating the waffle. “Well, I guess it’s about that time for me to head to school.” Ashley went ahead and got up and before leaving to go to school.

“I bet even school can’t fix that low IQ of hers.”, Amore told herself before the morning went ahead and continued.


It was Saturday, December 11, 2021, and it was in the afternoon. It was just another typical day at Amore (restaurant). Amore (girl) walked into the restaurant with a sad look on her face. She walked over to the register to get something to eat while she still had some allowance money.

“Ho, how may I take your order today?” a female cashier asked.

“One Vanilla Sarurdae. Please.”, Amore spoke.

The cashier went ahead and added that menu item to the total. “Okay, anything else?”

“Yeah. A medium soda. And that’ll be it.”

“Okay.” The cashier went ahead and added that menu item to the total.

“Hey, you look down.” “Is everything okay?”

“It’s just been a rough week for me. That’s all. I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Okay, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope next week turns out better for you. One Vanilla Saturdae and a soda coming right up.”

Then Amore went ahead and began waiting for her order. Later, Amore received what she asked for and paid for it. After that, Amore searched for somewhere to sit inside the pizza restaurant.

“Hey, Amore, over here!” Jake spoke while sitting at a random table. Amore went ahead and walked over to the table Jake was sitting at and sat down. “So, anything cool been happening in your life lately besides the ice cream sundaes?”

“Oh, nothing much. I guess you’re here for the Vanilla Saturdaes.”

“I sure am.” “Who knew sundaes could actually be named after other days of the week. And they taste great too.” “I know. We’ve had them all week at my house since my Dad pretty much runs this place.”

“Hey, you sound sad.” “You wanna talk to me about what’s making you sad?”

“I’ve had a terrible week. There has been a lot of bad luck for me ever since Sunday. And I think that the reason for all my bad luck this week is the sundaes offer because the timing just fits perfectly. I know, you must think I’m crazy or something.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy at all.” “I mean, who knows?” “Maybe certain things actually do trigger good luck or bad luck.”

“Yeah, you may be right. And if you are right, maybe there’s a future offer here that will be responsible for me winning the lottery.”

“But you’re not eighteen yet.”

“Okay, well, maybe it happens eight years from now.” “Who knows?”

“Oh, and F.Y.I., I’ve also had a pretty bad week as well.”

“You have?” “Oh, thank God!” “Now, I’m not the only one who has had a bad week. I guess that makes me feel a little better.”

“I also feel a little better knowing that we both have another thing in common.”

“Yeah, I was such a fool to let this week bring me down. But let’s hope that next week will be better for the both of us.”


“So, you wanna hang out at my place after we’re done enjoying our Saturday version of ice cream sundaes?”

“I’d love that. Then we can both be miserable together.”, Jake joked with a smile.

“Cool!” Amore exclaimed with a smile.

Then both lovers went ahead and continued enjoying their ice cream and soda while talking about other stuff. And after all that, Amore’s negative week turned out to end on a positive note. And after that week was history, Amore’s luck was back to normal the following week.

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