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20/20 Man

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Sixteen-year-old Steve Hayes and his little sister are given superpowers by an angel to fight evil forces. Steve's eyes get a variety of superpowers including superhuman vision, telescopic vision, and the ability to see more than 10 million colors. Amy Hayes (the little sister) becomes Steve's sidekick after her ears receive a variety of superpowers as well. Together, they team up to become 20/20 Man and Radio Woman. Read now to follow the story of these two high school superheroes.

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Joseph Butler IV
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It was Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Steve Hayes was a sixteen-year-old high school junior. He was getting ready for the first day of eleventh grade, and so was his little sister.

Amy Hayes was the name of Steve’s little sister. She was fourteen years of age and getting ready for her first day of high school. The brother had a haircut similar to that of Dean Winchester’s (fictional TV character). Amy’s hairstyle was long and blonde.

Both siblings were eating breakfast right before school in the dining room of their Southfield, MI home. Their parents were also at the dining room table. Steven Hayes Sr. was sitting at the table reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. Karen Hayes was also having a cup of coffee.

“You know, they should make an ice cream version of Pop-Tarts. Just imagine, Pop-Tarts with ice cream inside instead of regular filling. It would be a great idea for a frozen treat.“, Steve said. “That’s a stupid idea.“, Amy said. Both siblings were having Pop-Tarts for breakfast to save time before school.

“No, it’s not. Shut up.“, Steve said. “You shut up.“, Amy said. “I’ll shut up when you shut up.“, Steve said. “I’ll shut up when they release ice cream Pop-Tarts which will never happen.“, Amy said. “It will happen.“, Steve said.

Then their Dad put an end to the playful arguing. “Hey, you two quit it. You’re both high school students now. You both should start acting more mature.“, Steven said. “And thank goodness for the invention of the internet. You two are gonna start the new school year online.“, Karen said. “Yeah, the Novel Coronavirus sure has impacted a lot of things in 2020 so far. And learning is no exception.“, Steven said.

“Yeah, it was weird taking classes online back in eighth grade. That was my first ever online experience with school.“, Amy said. “Yeah, it was kind of weird for me too. We both have never started a school year like this.“, Steve said. “And most importantly, sports is back.“, Steven said.

“Yeah, but the 2020 Summer Olympics are still postponed until next year.“, Steve said. “The Olympics can wait. Besides, the Winter and Summer Olympics only happen once every four years. They’re both rarer than the Super Bowl.“, Steven said. “For a second there, I thought that the world was going to end back when the COVID-19 pandemic started back in March.“, Amy said. “Yes, it certainly has been a strange year. It has also been a strange leap year as well.“, Karen said.

Then when the two siblings finished eating their breakfast, they were ready to go to school on the computer. “Well, time to log on to school.“, Steve said as he was leaving the dining room. “Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.“, Amy said as she was leaving the dining room. “Bye, you two. See you, kids, later”, Karen said. “You two have a wonderful virus-free first day of the new school year.“, Steven said.

“We will. Bye.“, Steve said. Then both teenagers left the dining room and went into their bedrooms to head to class remotely. “They both grew up so fast.“, Karen said. “Where has the time gone?“, Karen asked. “I know the time sure has flown by real fast. It’s September, and I still can’t believe we’re in a new decade.“, Steven said.


Later on that Tuesday, Steve and Amy were hanging out at a nearby playground close to where they both lived. The brother and sister were staying six feet away from strangers and wearing masks. They both sat down and started eating ice cream. Amy was done eating and started to say something.

“Steve, I really have to use the bathroom. I’m gonna be behind one of those bushes over there. Be right back.“, Amy said. Amy put her mask back on and went to go use it. Steve finished eating his ice cream.

Steve put his mask back on and started reading a superhero comic book. A man approached Steve shortly after Steve started reading. Steve looked up at the man.

“Hey, can I help you with something?“, Steve asked the man. Then the man put his hand on Steve’s forehead. Steve’s head started glowing, and Steve started to freak out.

“Hey, what in the world is going on?!“, Steve said. Then the glow got bigger and bigger until it quickly disappeared. The man took his hand off Steve’s forehead.

“Dude, I don’t know who the heck you are, but you better get away from me before I call the cops!“, Steve said standing up. “I’m too powerful for the cops. Besides, I disabled 911 on your phone temporarily while granting you new superpowers.“, the man said. “New superpowers?! What are you talking about?! What in the heck did you do to me?!“, Steve said.

“I’m an angel assigned to give you superpowers to fight evil and wicked forces in this world.“, the angel said. “Yeah, right. I don’t believe that for one nanosecond.“, Steve said. “Okay, you don’t believe me? Fine. Let me prove it to you. Try looking real hard into the daytime sky.“, the angel said.

“Okay, but I’ll dial 911 if you can’t prove what you’re saying.“, Steve said. Then Steve stared real hard into the daytime sky. “Woah, I can see outer space! I can even see the stars! And it’s not even nighttime yet?! What in the world is going on?!“, Steve said.

“I granted you superpowers. However, I only granted those superpowers to your eyes. Now, your eyes have a variety of superpowers. Those powers include telescopic vision, infrared vision, microscopic vision, superhuman vision, and the ability to see more than 10 million colors which are the maximum number of colors a typical human being can perceive. And don’t worry, no Coronavirus here.“, the angel said. “Now do you believe me?“, the angel asked. Steve sighed. “Okay, I believe you. But why me? And why do my eyes only get superpowers?“, Steve said.

Amy came back from using it. “Hey, Steve. Who’s this dude?“, Amy said. Then the angel put his hand on Amy’s forehead. A bright glow started appearing on Amy’s forehead.

Then the glow got bigger and brighter until it quickly disappeared. The angel took his hand off of Amy’s forehead. “Woah, what in the heck just happened?“, Amy asked. “Who are you, dude?“, Amy asked.

“I’m an angel.“, the angel said. “An angel? If you’re really an angel, where are your wings?“, Amy said. “They’re right here. Both of your limited perceptions perceive me as human. However, I’m pretty much an angel. Even with the powers, you both are still unable to perceive me as an angel.“, the angel said.

“What superpowers did you give her?“, Steve asked. “I gave her ears a variety of superpowers. Those superpowers include superhuman hearing, telescopic hearing, and the ability to hear outside the normal 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency range a typical human can hear.“, the angel said. “Why don’t you go ahead and try it out for yourself?“, the angel said to Amy.

“How?“, Amy asked. “See that romantic couple way over there? For a normal human being, he/she wouldn’t be able to listen to the conversation they’re currently having all the way over here. However, you have the ability to clearly listen to what they’re saying to each other from this spot. And with their masks on. Go ahead and try it out for yourself.“, the angel said. “No problemo.“, Amy said.

Amy listened to the romantic couple’s conversation from the spot she was currently at. “Wow, now I can hear exactly what they’re saying as clear as a bell.“, Amy said. “What are they saying Amy?“, Steve asked. “Um, that’s not really important right now.“, the angel said.

“Well, you’ve got some more explaining to do. Why did you give our eyes and ears superpowers to fight evil?“, Steve said. “It was assigned to me upstairs. It’s your life’s purpose. It’s basically the reason you two were born. Therefore, now you two are officially superheroes.“, the angel said. “We are? Sweet. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero just like in comic books. Now, I’m the new Wonder Woman.“, Amy said.

“Yeah, but Wonder Woman is a name already taken. As superheroes, you will officially refer to yourselves as 20/20 Man and Radio Woman from now on.“, the angel said. “Awesome. I’ll go with that name.“, Steve said. “Yeah, Radio Woman sounds way better than Wonder Woman. “I’ll take it.“, Amy said.

“What you two need to do is create two new superhero costumes for yourselves. Then get started fighting evil forces in this world. I’ll send a few of my angel buddies to disguise themselves as you two while you’re out and about fighting crime.“, the angel said. “Now, it’s time for me to go.“, the angel said. Then a bright glow appeared, and Steve and Amy covered their eyes from the intense brightness. “Well, you heard the man. I mean angel. Let’s go.“, Amy said before walking away. Then Steve followed Amy.


It was Tuesday night. Back at the house, Steve was listening to music in the basement. Amy approached Steve.

Amy was holding two new superhero costumes, masks included, that she created herself. “Well, what do you think?“, Amy asked. “Do they at least look somewhat cool?“, Amy asked.

“They look perfect. Great job on the costumes. You know, you should really consider going to college to be a fashion designer in four years.“, Steve said. “Thanks. Now, let’s try them on.“, Amy said. Then Steve sat his smartphone and earbuds on where he was sitting and started putting on his superhero costume.

Once they both put on their costumes, they looked like real superheroes. Steve’s costume was mainly green with red lettering and red trim. Also, Steve’s costume read “20/20 Man” on the front at the chest area.

Amy’s costume was mainly black with red lettering and red trim. Also, Amy’s costume read “Radio Woman” on the front at the chest area. “Wow, we look so awesome right now.“, Amy said.

“We should take a photo of these costumes and post it to social media.“, Steve said. “Yeah, about that.“, Amy said. “Do you really think we should reveal to everyone we know that we’re superheroes now?“, Amy asked.

“You do make a great point. You know what, let’s just keep this superhero thing secret instead. And wear these masks at all times to hide our real identities.“, Steve said. “Yeah, great idea.“, Amy said. “So, now what?“, Steve asked.

“Now, I guess it’s time to go fight some crime.“, Amy said. “Or it could wait until tomorrow.“, Steve said. “It could wait until tomorrow?“, Amy said. “What?“, Steve asked.

“Dude, a bank could get robbed any minute now.“, Amy said. “Don’t you think this is something that shouldn’t wait until tomorrow?“, Amy asked. Then a bright light appeared. Steve and Amy covered their eyes from the insane brightness.

Then the brightness disappeared. “It can wait until tomorrow. You two will officially start fighting evil first thing tomorrow morning. Once you both wake up tomorrow morning, I will quickly transport you both to another location. Then, the two angels I talked about earlier today will disguise themselves as you. After that, we can all discuss what your first assignment is going to be. Also, try and stay COVID-19 negative.“, the angel said. “Deal?“, the angel asked.

“Deal.“, Steve said. “Excellent. See you, two kids, tomorrow.“, the angel said. Then a bright glow appeared. Steve and Amy covered their eyes again from the intense brightness.

“Ugh, why does he always have to come and leave like that?“, Amy said. “Is he trying to make me blind?“, Amy said. “I’m not the one with the eye powers.“, Amy said.

“Well, the good news is that we don’t have to fight evil until tomorrow morning.“, Steve said. “Guys, it’s dinnertime! Your Dad bought home Little Caesars!“, Karen yelled from the top of the basement stairs. “Now that good news just turned into great news.“, Amy said. The two siblings quickly took off their costumes and were back in their regular clothes. Then Steve and Amy hurried to and ran up the basement stairs.


It was Wednesday, September 9, 2020. In the morning, the angel was standing outside an abandoned building with the two siblings in Detroit, MI. The angel handed a piece of paper to Steve.

“This is a list of all the assignments you need to accomplish today.“, the angel said. “Alright. Don’t worry. We won’t let you down.“, Steve said. “Excellent. I’ll see you two later.“, the angel said.

Then Amy quickly said something as a bright glow started to appear. “Wait!“, Amy said. The glow disappeared.

“Can you please not come and go like that. If you don’t, you’re gonna have to give me Steve’s powers to cure my blindness.“, Amy said. “As you wish.“, the angel said. The angel snapped his finger and quickly disappeared.

“Alright, what’s our first assignment, Steve?“, Amy asked. “A good old-fashioned bank robbery.“, Steve said. “Let’s do this.“, Amy said.


Later that morning, the siblings arrived at the scene of a bank robbery that was taking place. Police surrounded a bank in Detroit, MI. Inside the bank, the criminal robbing the bank held a bunch of people hostage inside with a gun and loads of stolen cash.

“Well, they don’t say Detroit has a high crime rate just to say it.“, Amy said. “Let’s go take care of business.“, Steve said. The siblings started walking toward the bank.

Steve used his eyes to create a red laser shield to shield him and his younger sister from the cops knowing that the cops were gonna try and stop them from going inside. The siblings resumed walking to the bank. “Hey, hold it right there you two!“, a random male cop said. “Where do you kids think you’re going?“, the cop said.

The kids started moving toward the cop while surrounded by the shield. The cop was being stung by the shield and got out of the way. Then multiple cops went and tried to stop the two teenagers from going inside the bank.

Those cops also got stung by the shield and had to get out of the way. The two kids made it inside the bank where lots of people were being held hostage by the bank robber. “Alright, let these people go and put down the money or else.“, Steve said.

The bank robber bust out laughing. “Okay, I needed that laugh.“, the male bank robber said. “Hey, isn’t it a little early to be dressing up for Halloween?“, the bank robber said.

“Oh, trust me. You should be scared of us.“, Amy said. “No, you should be scared of me. You see, I’ve got this gun. And I’ve got another gun in my pants pocket as well. So, I suggest you go ahead and sit down with the rest of the hostages or you two will be very sorry.“, the bank robber said. Steve used his eyes to shoot a red laser at the gun and the gun dropped from the bank robber’s hand. “What the-?“, the bank robber said. Then the bank robber quickly pulled out his secondary gun and it got shot down by another one of Steve’s red lasers.

The bank robber pulled out another gun from his back pants pocket. That gun got shot down by another red laser. The bank robber pulled out another gun from his back pants pocket. That gun got shot down by another red laser.

The bank robber pulled out a gun from the bag of money he stole. It got shot down by another red laser. The bank robber had no weapons left.

“Who are you?“, the bank robber said. “We’re your worst nightmare.“, Amy said. Then Steve used his eyes to shoot multiple red lasers around the bank robber. This surrounded the robber in a red laser cage.

The robber tried to escape but was unsuccessful. “Ow, that really hurt!“, the bank robber said. “Alright, come on. You’re coming with us dude. It’s about time the cops put you in a jail cell where you belong.“, Steve said.

Steve created red laser handcuffs around the bank robber’s hands. Then Steve and Amy took the bank robber outside the bank to the police. Inside the bank, the hostages stood up and were amazed at what just took place.


It was Wednesday night. On a local 11 PM newscast, the top story being discussed was the two new superheroes. “Hello, and good evening everyone.“, the male news anchor said.

“Our top story of the day is something you’d find out of a superhero comic book.“, the other female news anchor said. “Two individuals who only go by the names 20/20 man and Radio Woman have been fighting all types of crime throughout this hump day. The individual who goes by the name 20/20 Man has been using his eyes to fight crime better than any cop imaginable. Radio Woman is 20/20 man’s sidekick who has been using her ears to track various crimes throughout the day. These two individuals have been doing things no human imaginable could pull off even in the COVID-19 pandemic. One of our reporters is on the scene where the two so-called superheroes saved a family from a burning house.“, the male news anchor said. Then Steven (Steve’s Dad) turned off the TV in the living room after seeing the newscast.

“Those two got to be aliens or something.“, Steven said. “How is it possible to shoot lasers from your eyes, make the lasers any color you want, and be stronger than any cop or other public authority?“, Steven asked. “I have absolutely no clue honey.“, Karen said sitting in the living room with Steven.

“Alright, we’re both going to bed.“, Steve said walking up the stairs behind his parents. “Good night Mom. Good night Dad.“, Amy said. “Okay. Good night you two.“, Karen said. “Hey, you two been watching the news lately?“, Steven asked. “Yeah, 20/20 Man, Radio Girl, lasers from eyes, we’re all caught up on everything. Good night.“, Steve said before going up the stairs with his sister to bed.


It was Thursday, September 10, 2020. It was morning, and the two teenagers were standing with the angel outside of the same abandoned building as yesterday. “Okay, what’s on our to-do list?“, Amy asked.

“You will be fighting crime all morning just like you did yesterday. However, you will be tasked with trying to defeat your first major supervillain.“, the angel said. “Okay, got it.“, Steve said. “Now, who is this supervillain anyway?“, Steve asked.

“His name is Gregory Wood. He’s a supervillain among a variety of other supervillains who were granted superpowers by a rogue angel. That rogue angel is my arch-nemesis. The supervillain I just mentioned earlier needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.“, the angel said. “What’s the deal with this Wood guy?“, Amy asked. “What makes him so bad?“, Amy asked.

“This supervillain is currently attempting to start a second wave of COVID-19 across the globe, so expect him to wear a mask. If successful, all humanity could be wiped out from the virus leaving only him and his secret society to take over the planet.“, the angel said. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that there will be no second wave of Coronavirus.“, Amy said. “Great, you will handle the crime going on in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. Then you will deal with Gregory Wood immediately after the clock hits Noon in the U.S. eastern time zone. Good luck.“, the angel said.

The angel snapped his fingers and quickly disappeared. “Well, let’s rock and roll.“, Amy said. Then the siblings went off to go fight some crime before dealing with the supervillain.


In the afternoon, Steve and Amy arrived at another abandoned building in the motor city. They went inside and spotted Gregory Wood wearing a mask. “Well, looks like we finally meet for the first time.“, Gregory said.

“Your hopes of starting another Coronavirus wave are over. Surrender and admit defeat. Or else.“, Amy said. “Or else what? You’re gonna use your little superpowers on me. Trust me, I’m nothing like the regular bad guys out there that you’ve dealt with so far.“, Gregory said. “Last chance. Surrender or be dealt with.“, Steve said.

“I’m not surrendering.“, Gregory said. Then Steve used his eyes to create a red laser cage around the supervillain. After the supervillain was inside the cage, he got out of it as if he was walking through air.

“What the-?“, Steve said. Steve created another red laser cage surrounding the supervillain. The supervillain walked out of the cage.

Steve’s eyes turned red getting ready to create another red laser cage. The supervillain pushed both of his hands out toward the teenagers and they both quickly got thrown back outside of the abandoned building. “Sorry to tell you this, but your superpowers are powerless against me. You better enjoy your last days here on Earth while you still can. Soon, I and the rest of my team will rule the entire planet. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.“, Gregory said. The supervillain walked back inside the abandoned building and two guards that were at the front door closed the door. “We need to ask that angel for stronger superpowers.“, Steve said after he and his sister got up off the ground.


It was Friday, September 11, 2020, in the morning before school started. At a random location in Detroit, MI, the two teens were standing with the angel and were about to ask him for a favor. “Dude, the powers you gave us aren’t strong enough to take on this Wood guy.“, Amy said.

“Is it possible you could give us stronger superpowers?“, Steve asked. “Well, the good news is I can grant you stronger superpowers. However, the powers that I grant you can only go so far. The rogue angel I mentioned earlier granted Gregory Wood superpowers. That rogue angel is just as strong as me. Therefore, the strongest superpowers that I can grant to you should put you two and the supervillain on an even playing field.“, the angel said. “Great, so all you have to do is give us the strongest superpowers you can. Then we have a legitimate shot at stopping him.“, Amy said.

“Alright, you two get close together.“, the angel said. Then Steve and Amy stood real close to each other. The angel walked up to them.

The angel put both of his hands on their foreheads. A bright glow started appearing on both of their foreheads. The glow got more and more intense in brightness.

After the brightness reached its maximum, the glow from both foreheads disappeared. The angel took his hands off both of the teen’s foreheads. “Alright, that’s the strongest superpowers I just granted to you two. Now, you know what to do.“, the angel said.

Amy quickly said something before the angel snapped his finger and disappeared. “Wait!“, Amy said. “I and my brother never got to know your name.“, Amy said.

“I go by many names up in heaven. However, you can call me Justin. I find human first names very interesting and appealing.“, Justin said. “Alright, Justin.“, Amy said. “Now, your only assignment today is to stop Gregory Wood. Any other crime going on in Detroit or the suburbs is optional. I wish you the best of luck. Goodbye for now.“, Justin said.

Justin snapped his finger and quickly disappeared. “Well, looks like we’ve both got a villain and virus to stop.“, Steve said. “Let’s do this.“, Amy said. Then Steve and Amy flew off to deal with the supervillain.


Later on that Friday, Steve and Amy arrived at the abandoned building where Gregory Wood and his secret society resided. They went inside the building and spotted the supervillain. “Looks like you’re out of luck dude. Give up spreading Coronavirus or else.“, Steve said.

“Well, if it isn’t 20/20 Boy and Radio Girl.“, Gregory said. Then Gregory stood up. “If it’s a fight you two want, then bring it on.“, Gregory said.

“Gladly.“, Amy said. Steve’s eyes turned red while he and his sister were getting ready to battle the supervillain. Then the supervillain used his hands to create a green laser cell to trap Steve and Amy inside.

Amy tried getting out but was unsuccessful. “Ow, that’s hot!“, Amy said. Steve used the red lasers from his eyes to break free but had no luck.

Steve tried getting out and failed. “Ah! Man, that’s warm!“, Steve said. Then the supervillain used his superpowers to carry the laser cell.

“Where are you taking us?“, Amy asked. A random door opened, and the supervillain put the cell inside a room and closed the door of that room. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a virus to spread. Guards, you keep an eye on these two while I’m gone. Especially Eye Man.“, Gregory said.

The supervillain went off and left the abandoned building to go spread Coronavirus all across the globe. “Well, looks like we really screwed up this time.“, Amy said sitting on the ground inside the green laser cell. “No, we haven’t. We just need to think outside the box for a minute to see how we can get out of this cell and save the world.“, Steve said.

“But our powers are completely useless. We’re both just as powerless as before we were granted superpowers in the first place. The world is totally doomed.“, Amy said standing up off the ground. Steve stared at the cell for several seconds. “Hey, I’ve got an idea!“, Steve said.

“I’m all ears, and then some.“, Amy said. “Let’s both switch superpowers. I give you my eye powers. And you give me your ear powers.“, Steve said. “I don’t see how that’s going to work.“, Amy said.

“Well, our powers are just as powerful as the villain’s powers. If we try something totally new and different, there’s a good chance we could have an advantage and get out of this cell. Come on, it’s worth a shot.“, Steve said. Amy sighed. “Okay, fine.“, Amy said. “But how are we gonna transfer our powers?“, Amy asked.

“Any way we can. Hold out your hands.“, Steve said. Then Amy held out her hands. Steve held out his hands.

Steve and Amy were both holding hands together. They both closed their eyes. They both opened their eyes and stopped holding hands.

“Well, I guess it didn’t work.“, Steve said. “Wait a minute! I don’t hear the guards outside whispering anymore.“, Amy said. “Wait, they were whispering outside?“, Steve asked. “Hey, now I can hear them whispering!“, Steve said. Amy used her eyes to shoot a red laser horizontally across the green laser cell and the green laser cell disappeared.

“Hey, it worked!“, Amy said. “Great job Amy. Now, let’s switch our powers back and stop COVID-19.“, Steve said. Steve and Amy held their hands out. They held each other’s hands again and switched the powers.

They let go of each other’s hands. Steve used his eyes to cut the door of the room open with a blue laser this time. Steve opened the door.

Security immediately took notice and tried to stop Steve and Amy. However, they along with their weapons were powerless against 20/20 Man and Radio Woman, unlike the supervillain. Steve put every single security guard there inside a blue laser cell. Steve and Amy left the abandoned building. They went off to go look for the supervillain.


Gregory Wood was standing on the roof of the GM Renaissance Center wearing a mask. He was conducting multiple experiments to make COVID-19 harder, faster, better, and stronger. Steve and Amy flew to the Renaissance Center and landed on the roof where Gregory Wood was.

“Stop right there. I can hear a science experiment from a mile away.“, Amy said. “And she probably can literally.“, Steve said. “So, you found a way to escape. Okay. Now, let’s see what you got.“, Gregory said.

“You’re on.“, Steve said. Then Steve and got ready to team up and fight Gregory Wood. The battle began.

Steve used a variety of his powers to fight Gregory Wood. Gregory Wood did the same thing to fight Steve. It was a pretty even battle.

Then Gregory Wood produced a purple laser from his hands. That purple laser pushed Amy to the edge of the roof where she almost fell. “Amy!“, Steve yelled.

Amy was holding on to the edge of the roof with one hand and was having a hard time getting back on the roof. “So, you have special hearing abilities?“, Gregory said. “Well, hear this.“, Gregory said.

Then a loud noise came from Gregory Wood’s hands which were glowing a bright purple. Then before Wood was able to knock Amy off the Renaissance Center, Steve tackled him. Steve got up and his eyes glowed bright red while Wood was lying on the ground.

Gregory Wood quickly got up and flew away back to his secret location. “Steve!“, Amy yelled. Steve ran over to Amy and helped her get back onto the roof.

“Well, we finally did it! We won!“, Steve said. “Now, we don’t have to worry about a second COVID-19 wave anymore.“, Amy said. “As brother and sister, we sure do make a great team.“, Steve said.

“I totally agree.“, Amy said. “Together, our eyes and ears make the world a much safer place. Come on, let’s head back home and enjoy a normal life again.“, Steve said. Then they both flew back home to normal teenage life in a not so normal year.

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