20/20 Man

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Ashley Ward

It was Monday, September 14, 2020. Steve was in his bedroom playing Madden NFL 21 on his Sony PlayStation 4. He was playing and chatting with a male online buddy of his through his gaming headset.

“So, it’s not that long until the PlayStation 5 is released this upcoming holiday season.“, the online buddy said. “When are you getting it once it comes out?“, the online buddy asked. “Oh, my parents are gonna get me the new PS5 for Christmas.“, Steve said.

“Cool.“, the online buddy said. “What about the Xbox Series X?“, the online buddy asked. “Are you also getting that gaming console this Christmas?“, the online buddy asked.

“You know, I haven’t really thought about getting both next-gen consoles this December. I’ll have to ask my Mom and Dad to see what they think about adding the next Xbox console to their Christmas shopping list.“, Steve said. Justin appeared behind Steve while Steve was still playing Madden. “Steve.“, Justin said.

“Ah!“, Steve yelled before quickly looking behind him. “What just happened dude?“, the online friend said. “Uh, hold on for a quick second bro. I have some business to take care of.“, Steve said. Steve paused the game, put down his controller, stood up, and turned around to talk with Justin.

“What do you want?“, Steve asked. “There’s another supervillain on the loose.“, Justin said. “Okay. I guess I and my sister are back on the job. You can just send your angel buddies to cover for us.“, Steve said. “What’s this dude’s name?“, Steve asked.

“This supervillain is not a dude. Her name is Ashley Ward.“, Justin said. “Okay, why does she need to be stopped?“, Steve asked. “She’s been granted superpowers by the rogue angel that will allow her to be powerful enough to take over the entire planet once she gets enough human blood.“, Justin said.

“And how exactly is she getting and using the human blood?“, Steve asked. “She’s kidnapping innocent people, trapping them in her secret lab, and using a needle to transfer the blood out of them to her.“, Justin said. Amy came into Steve’s bedroom.

“Hey, Steve.“, Amy said. “Do you know the new password to the Wi-Fi?“, Amy asked. Amy noticed Justin was standing inside the bedroom.

“Hey, what are you doing here?“, Amy asked. “We’ve got another supervillain on the loose. I’ll tell you all about it later. We’ve got work to do.“, Steve said while getting his 20/20 Man costume out of his closet. “Alright, I’m going to go get my Radio Woman costume.“, Amy said. Amy left Steve’s bedroom.

A glow appeared where Steve was playing Madden. Another angel appeared in that same spot. That angel resumed the game with Steve’s online friend and pretended to be Steve.

Amy came back into Steve’s bedroom wearing her Radio Woman costume. “Alright, I’m all set. Let’s do this.“, Amy said. And with Steve and Amy fully ready to leave, Justin transported himself and the two siblings to another location within five seconds.


Steve, Amy, and Justin were in a different location. “Where are we?“, Amy asked. “We are at the supervillain’s secret location here in Ohio.“, Justin said.

“So, she’s in there?“, Steve asked. “Yes, exactly. Now, I’m guessing you two know what you need to do from here.“, Justin said. “Don’t worry, we’re both gonna teach her a valuable lesson about taking blood from innocent people.“, Amy said. “Good luck.“, Justin said.

Steve and Amy walked inside the secret location. The abandoned building was quiet and had no sign of anyone including the supervillain. “Looks like nobody’s home.“, Steve said.

“I can hear people moaning and complaining. The sound is coming from a lower level. Those stairs over there leads to a basement. Let’s move.“, Amy said. Steve and Amy went over to the stairs Amy was talking about and walked down to the basement. When Steve and Amy entered the basement, they saw a bunch of people strapped down to beds.

They were very weak from all the blood they lost to the supervillain. “So, this is where she keeps her hostages.“, Steve said. “What kind of sick person would do something like this?“, Amy asked.

“This sick person would.“, Ashley Ward said wearing a supervillain costume and face mask. “So, we finally meet for the first time.“, Steve said. “Don’t bother introducing yourselves. I already know who you two are. The rogue angel warned me about you.“, Ashley Ward said.

“So, you already know we’re both gonna shut down what you’ve got going on here?“, Amy asked. “Not a chance. You’ll have to go through me first.“, Ashley Ward said. “Okay, this is your last warning. Let these people go or you’ll be very sorry.“, Steve said.

Ashley Ward pushed her hands out and the two siblings were pushed back without the supervillain even touching them. Steve and Amy got back up off the ground. “Okay, you may have won the battle, but you’re gonna lose the war.“, Steve said.

Ashley Ward pushed her hands out and the two teenagers got pushed back again without the supervillain touching them. Steve and Amy got back up off the ground. “Looks like I won that battle too.“, Ashley Ward said.

Steve’s eyes glowed bright red. “Oh, did I make you mad. Sorry.“, Ashley Ward said. Steve shot red lasers out of his eyes. Ashley Ward pushed her hands out and stopped the lasers in their tracks.

The lasers disappeared. Ashley Ward used her hands to force the siblings back up the stairs and back outside the abandoned building without physical contact. Steve and Amy were lying outside on the ground.

Ashley Ward arrived at the front door. “Come by here again, and your blood is next.“, Ashley Ward said. Ashley Ward closed the front door.

Steve and Amy got up off the ground. “Now, what are we gonna do?“, Amy asked. “When I come up with something, I’ll let you know. Come on, let’s head back to Michigan.“, Steve said. The two siblings flew back to Southfield, Michigan.


It was Tuesday, September 15, 2020. In the daytime, Steve and Amy came back to the abandoned building in Ohio. They came back down to the basement where Ashley Ward and her victims were.

Ashley was seen using a needle to take blood from one of her victims. She injected herself with the blood using the needle. “Stop right there! Your days of taking innocent people’s blood are numbered.“, Steve said.

“Well, if it isn’t Super Man and Wonder Woman.“, Ashley said. “I guess you two came to save the day.“, Ashley said. “We put lots and lots of practice in. Now, we’re going to put you down.“, Amy said.

“Yeah?“, Ashley said. “Bring it.“, Ashley said. Ashley flew upstairs. Steve and Amy followed Ashley upstairs.

Steve started battling it out with Ashley while Amy was watching. Early on, it was a pretty even battle. Steve used a variety of superpowers from his eyes to try and take down Ashley.

Both showed no signs of slowing down or giving up. Ashley got knocked to the ground by one of Steve’s white lasers. Steve’s eyes glowed white as he got closer to Ashley.

“Well, what can I say?“, Ashley said. “I guess you won this battle and the war.“, Ashley said. “Now, you’re gonna get what you deserve when we take you to our angel boss. Then he’ll decide what to do with scumbags like you.“, Steve said with his eyes still glowing.

“Oh, trust me when I say that’s not happening anytime soon.“, Ashley said while still lying on the ground. Ashley used both of her hands to force Steve and Amy into a room in the basement without physical contact. Ashley used her superpowers to close the door of that room from the 1st floor of the building.

In the room, Steve and Amy were lying on the floor. They both got up off the ground and Steve tried opening the door. It wouldn’t open. Steve and Amy were locked inside.

“We’re locked inside!“, Steve said. Ashley walked up to the door of the room. “I’ll deal with you two later. I got some human blood to steal.“, Ashley said from outside the room.

Ashley left the building to go steal some more human blood. Steve used all his strength to open the door, but was unsuccessful. “Well, looks like we both screwed up again as superheroes.“, Amy said.

“No, this is all my fault. I should’ve trapped her in a laser cell when I had the chance, but I waited too long to do so.“, Steve said. “Well, you do make a great point there Steve. Timing is everything. If I were you, I would’ve done zero talking and just trapped her right there on the spot.“, Amy said. “We both should start thinking outside the box here to see what we both can do to get out of the mess we got ourselves in.“, Steve said. “Any ideas?“, Steve asked. “I’m working on it.“, Amy said.


After both siblings walked around in the room they were trapped in for about twenty minutes, Amy came up with an idea. “Hey, I thought of something.“, Amy said. “Shoot.“, Steve said.

“We could ask the people outside for any tips or advice on how we can get out of here and stop her.“, Amy said. “With all the blood she has stolen so far, I doubt any of them have the strength to talk.“, Steve said. “Hey, it’s worth a shot.“, Amy said.

Amy cleared her throat. “Uh, excuse me?“, Amy yelled. “Any of you folks got any tips or advice on how I and my brother can get out of here and stop her from taking any more blood?“, Amy asked.

Steve took a few steps forward. “All of you will be set free if you provide us with some helpful advice or something on getting out of this room.“, Steve said. “How do we all get our blood back?“, a random elderly woman said.

“I don’t know. There should be some kind of blood bank or something you can find to replace the blood you lost. That’s not really the main focus right now.“, Amy said. “It should be. A lot of us lost a lot of blood. If this doesn’t end soon enough, some of us could die.“, a random man said. “We’re both working to end this nonsense as soon as possible. But you’ve all got to at least try and help us help you.“, Steve said.

“I’m not sure, but I think I saw a vent on the ceiling somewhere when she put you two in there.“, a random woman said. “You see any vents in here?“, Amy asked Steve. Steve searched the room for vents.

“There is a vent on the ceiling.“, Steve said. “Okay, thanks lady.“, Amy yelled. Amy turned back around and looked up at the vent on the ceiling.

“How in the heck do we get all the way up there?“, Amy asked. Steve produced a couple of blue lasers from his eyes. The blue lasers reached the vent and got it to open.

“Now, all we need to do is just fly up there. At least that’s one superpower that doesn’t involve our eyes or ears. Ladies first.“, Steve said. “Don’t mind if I do.“, Amy said. Amy flew up the vent. Steve followed Amy up the vent.

On the first floor of the abandoned building, a bright blue light came out of the vent. The vent opened. Steve and Amy flew up out of the vent and landed on the first floor.

“We’re finally free. Now, let’s get out there and stop her from causing more harm.“, Steve said. “Yeah, now innocent people’s lives are depending on us.“, Amy said. “It’s gonna be important for you to listen to her while we go out and search. Now, I know the maximum a normal human being can hear is 20 kHz. What’s the maximum for you?“, Steve said. “I’m not really sure. If I had to guess, I’d say 100 kHz. Let’s rock.“, Amy said. Then Steve and Amy started searching for the blood thief.


At a random abandoned house in Indiana, Steve and Amy entered the house. Amy thought Ashley Ward was in that house. After Steve and Amy were well inside the house, Ashley Ward walked behind them.

“You two just don’t quit.“, Ashley said “Do you?“, Ashley asked. Steve and Amy quickly turned back around.

“You wanna go?“, Steve asked. “Let’s go. You versus me. Right here. Right now.“, Steve said. “That’s cute. Kid, I’ll teach you a lesson they never got the chance to teach you back in school.“, Ashley said.

“You say you’re all that, but do you have the skills to back it up?“, Steve asked. “Bring it.“, Ashley said. Steve and Ashley got ready to fight.

Steve knocked Ashley down quickly with red lasers from his eyes. Steve walked closer to Ashley and his eyes started glowing bright red. “Do it, Steve! Trap her! Don’t wait any longer!“, Amy yelled.

Steve shot lasers from his eyes trying to create a laser trap. However, Ashley quickly got out of the way. Without physical contact again, Ashley used her hands to throw both siblings down into the basement.

Steve and Amy were lying down on the ground in the basement. “Now, you both stay here and be good little dogs until I come back.“, Ashley said. Ashley locked the basement door from the first floor of the house. Then Ashley left the house to go steal more human blood.

Steve and Amy got up off the floor. “Great, now we’ve got ourselves stuck again.“, Amy said. “Hey, no worries. All we have to do is-“, Steve said. “All we have to do is think outside the box. You’ve already said that dude.“, Amy interrupted.

“Well, who in the world would’ve known that this chick had a second secret location?“, Steve asked. “I think it could be pretty easy to find a way to escape a locked basement.“, Amy said. “Maybe there’s another vent around here somewhere.“, Steve said.

“I can’t listen to vents.“, Amy said. “Or can I?“, Amy asked. “Anyways, that’s a question for another day. Looking for vents is your specialty dude, so get to looking.“, Amy said. “I’m on it.“, Steve said. Steve started looking for vents along with any other possible method for escaping.

Moments later, it was nighttime. Amy was walking around in frustration while Steve was still searching for a way out. “Dude, I’m so bored out of my mind right now. We’ve been stuck down here for hours.“, Amy said. “Will we ever get out of here before she comes back?“, Amy asked.

“Also, is there a light switch down here?“, Amy asked. “I can’t see a thing.“, Amy said. “Luckily for us, I have night vision. With night vision, I have the ability to see in the dark no matter how dark it gets. I’ll use my night vision to find us a light switch.“, Steve said. “Yeah, you do that.“, Amy said. Steve activated his night vision and started searching the basement for a light switch.

“Hey, I found one.“, Steve said. Steve turned the light switch on. The basement wasn’t in darkness anymore.

“Great, but now we still have to come up with a way to get out of here. I haven’t had dinner yet and I’m so hungry right now.“, Amy said sitting on a random chair. “Don’t worry, we’ll get some grub as soon as we find a way to escape this house.“, Steve said. “Or we may have to skip dinner. Right now, saving the world is more important than satisfying our hunger.“, Amy said. “Well, if we do get the chance to eat dinner tonight, is Wendy’s okay with you?“, Steve asked. “Yeah, sure, whatever.“, Amy said.

“By the way, do you still have your smartphone with you to keep track of the time?“, Amy asked. “I forgot mines back home.“, Amy said. “I’ve got my phone with me.“, Steve said.

“Hey! That’s it! Maybe we can call somebody for help.“, Amy said. “And reveal our identities to the authorities and the public?“, Steve asked. “Yeah, I don’t think so. Besides, I’ve got really bad reception down here.“, Steve said.

Moments later, the siblings were still stuck in the basement. Steve was walking back and forth still trying to come up with an escape plan. Amy was sitting on a random chair feeling very uncomfortable.

“Now, I have to use the restroom!“, Amy said. “There should be a restroom down here somewhere. I’ll go search for one.“, Steve said. “Hurry please! Or else, I’m going to wet myself and ruin my superhero costume.“, Amy said.

Steve was searching for a restroom in the basement but was unsuccessful. “Sorry, there are no restrooms to be found down here.“, Steve said. “So, what I supposed to do now?! Huh?!“, Amy said sounding frustrated.

“While I was searching for a restroom, I found an empty cup somewhere over there you can use.“, Steve said. “Okay, that’s fine. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bladder to empty. Turn around, Steve.“, Amy said. Steve faced the opposite direction of where his little sister was about to use it. Amy got up and used the restroom.

Amy finished using it. “Okay, you can turn back around now.“, Amy said. Steve turned back around.

“You know what we should do?“, Steve said. “We should start praying to Justin to help get us out of here.“, Steve said. “Isn’t this supposed to be our job to save the world from evil?“, Amy asked. “Yeah, but we can’t do that job being stuck in here. Come on, it’s worth a shot.“, Steve said. “Okay, but how do you pray to an angel?“, Amy asked.

“I’ll show you. Get down on your knees.“, Steve said as he got down on his knees. Amy walked over to Steve and kneeled down next to him. “Put your hands together like this and close your eyes.“, Steve said as he put his hands together and closed his eyes. Amy put her hands together and closed her eyes.

“Justin, it’s me and my sister asking for a tiny favor. You see, we’ve gotten ourselves in a little pickle here. The supervillain you instructed us to take down managed to lock us in the basement in one of her two hiding places. Right now, she’s continuing to take human blood from innocent people to dominate the planet. I and my sister was just wondering if you could help us out this one time by getting us out of here by any means necessary. We’d greatly appreciate it, and so would the entire globe. Thanks, and goodbye.“, Steve said. Steve stopped praying and stood up. Amy also stopped praying with Steve and stood up.

“So, how long does a prayer take to get from a human to an angel?“, Amy asked. “You know, I’m not really sure how to answer that question. If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say immediately.“, Steve said. “It better be immediately. If I have to spend one more minute in this ugly-looking basement, I’m going to scream.“, Amy said. “Let’s just wait here for a response from him. I’m confident he’ll come through for us.“, Steve said.

Moments later, a bright glow appeared in the basement where the two siblings were stuck. Both siblings covered their eyes from the intense brightness. The glow disappeared and Justin was standing inside the basement.

Steve and Amy noticed Justin was standing there. “Justin! You came back to rescue us!“, Amy said sounding very happy. Amy ran over to Justin and hugged him.

Amy stopped hugging Justin. “We’re so glad you’re back. Now, get us out of here so no more human blood gets used for the wrong purpose.“, Steve said. “Okay, but I’m only helping you out this one time. Next time something like this happens, I expect you two to handle your own business and clean up your own messes.“, Justin said.

“Are we clear?“, Justin asked. “Oh, we’re crystal clear.“, Steve said. “As clear as a mirror.“, Amy said.

Justin stuck his hand out. A bright glow filled the basement. Then the bright glow disappeared along with Justin, Steve, and Amy.

Justin, Steve, and Amy arrived at Fort Totten. “Where are we?“, Amy asked. “We’re in an abandoned park in New York City called Fort Totten.“, Justin said.

Ashley Ward arrived on the scene where Justin, Steve, and Amy were located. Justin, Steve, and Amy saw Ashley Ward. “Your little angle friend over there isn’t gonna stop me from kicking your buts, taking your blood, and kicking your angel friend’s but as well.“, Ashley said.

“You’re gonna stick around and help us take her down?“, Amy asked Justin. “Well, I’ve got nothing else important to do up in heaven. Sure.“, Justin said. “Awesome. Now, it’s two versus one.“, Steve said.

“Yeah, but the two of you are about the equivalent of one quarter compared to me and what I’ve got in store for you.“, Ashley said. “Bring it on!“, Justin said. “Oh, I’ll bring it on alright.“, Ashley said.

Justin and Steve teamed up and started battling Ashley. Ashley started battling Justin and Steve. It was a pretty even fight as it was taking place.

It was a battle of superpowers between the two sides of good and evil. Steve was using a variety of lasers in the fight while the angel was using a variety of his powers in the fight against Ashley Ward. After a while, the fight got intense.

The fight got so intense that it started becoming visually appealing if the battle was viewed on a TV show. The fight continued on for a few more minutes. Then Ashley Ward got knocked down by one of Steve’s lasers.

Steve quickly trapped Ashley in a laser cell. “Great job Steve!“, Justin said. “Now, we’ve finally got her.“, Steve said.

“Great job Steve. You didn’t waste any time trapping her this time.“, Amy said. “Well, timing is everything just like you said.“, Steve said. “So, what do we do with her now?“, Steve asked Justin.

“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with her. I guess you two are free to resume normal teenage life again. I’ll take it from here.“, Justin said. “Wait!“, Amy said. “What about the innocent people who’s blood got taken away from them?“, Amy asked.

“Amy is right. We should probably go get them first and restore their health.“, Steve said. “Alright, but we’re bringing Ashley with us. We shouldn’t leave her alone or else she might escape again.“, Justin said. Justin snapped his finger.

A bright white glow appeared. When the glow disappeared, Justin, Steve, Amy, and Ashley disappeared from their last location. Justin, Steve, Amy, and Ashley arrived at the location where the people Ashley kidnapped were still trapped.

With Justin’s powers, Justin freed all the individuals Ashley took blood from. Justin put both of his hands out. A bright glow appeared.

After the bright glow disappeared, all the people Ashley stole blood from got restored to normal health by Justin. “All of you are restored to normal health again. You are all free to go.“, Justin said. All the people Justin healed started leaving the location. Then everyone Justin healed left completely.

“So, I think that pretty much takes care of everything.“, Steve said. “Can we both go home now?“, Steve asked. “Sure, I think we all got everything pretty much covered here. You’re both free to head back home.“, Justin said.

“Finally. I can’t wait to get back home and start playing some Madden again.“, Steve said. “Thanks for helping us out when we really got stuck in a jam.“, Amy said. “Hey, you don’t have to thank me. That’s what friends are for.“, Justin said.

“Well, see you, kids, next time.“, Justin said. Justin snapped both of his fingers. After Justin snapped his fingers, Steve and Amy were immediately back at home in Steve’s bedroom.

“Well, it’s getting kind of late. I’m gonna go catch some Zs and get ready for school tomorrow morning on the computer. That is if I’m not busy fighting evil with you.“, Amy said. “What are you gonna be doing from this point forward?“, Amy asked. “I’m gonna play Madden for a few more hours. Then I’ll go to bed.“, Steve said.

“You might get too tired for school or out fighting crime, but hey, it’s your life. Good night.“, Amy said. Amy started leaving Steve’s bedroom. “Good night.“, Steve said.

After Amy left Steve’s bedroom, Steve saw that Madden NFL 21 was on its main menu screen on his PlayStation 4. Steve grabbed his PS4 controller and started an online Madden game with a random Madden opponent. Once the game found an online opponent, the gamer tag read 2020_Vision.

Once Steve saw that gamer tag, he quickly sent that player a friend request with a message reading “cool gamer tag”. The other player accepted the friend request and sent another message back reading “thanks”. Then Steve and 2020_Vision started playing.

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